Huawei Watch GT – Smartwatch REVIEW

by birtanpublished on September 13, 2020

Hey everyone what is going on today I'm showing you this beautiful SmartWatch this thing is sexy it's sophisticated looking and everything about it and the outside looks absolutely great but how is it on the inside how are her feelings how about that personality that's what

I'll get into and see if this watch is worth it for you guys folks this is the Huawei watch GT the version I have here is the classic priced at $229 at the time this video as always I'll place my affiliate links

Down in that video description below click on my links for the most updated prices in real time you never know when these things might go on sale matter of fact I think the black sport model is at least cheaper right now so again check

Out those links as well as being transparent wow I did send us over for review but my assessment was not altered in any way I'll be going over both pros and cons I'm Jimmy with Jim's review room and I'm here to help you make that

Purchase decision welcome everyone to another video going over the physical features first I very much love the look and the feel of this watch you can beat a judge so

Comment down below but here are my three things that thing every consumer will appreciate now first up is durability and the quality of the materials the stainless steel casing has a dlc coating diamond like carbon coating making this

Very much scratch resistant now with some smart watches in the past the same amount of time testing herself I would have Nick's or scratches that would show up within let's say even a week this one doesn't full disclosure I've

Had this for about a month now but we'll see how long this will hold up but for a month it looks pretty darn promising now second the silicone strap itself is very very comfortable very much flexible on my wrist I haven't had any issues of

Irritation or rashes and the level look on the outside seems pretty good too the color matches my shoes I do love the look of that leather the stitching the little details that pieces everything together and if for some reason you

Don't like it similar to most if not all other smartwatches these days there is a tool at for you to swap out that van now the third physical aspect I love about the Huawei I'm finally at a fitness size that I'm absolutely happy

With I love my Samsung Galaxy watch but I will admit though it is a little bit bulky the Huawei comes in at ten point five millimeters and it's just the right size not too cumbersome to feel it against my sleeves when I wear long

Sleeves or when I do shoulder presses at home or maybe doing push-ups and my wrist or my hand is bent backwards like this it's not getting in the way it's not like you can see my muscles or anything like that but it's also not too

Thin to basically feel lackluster either the fitness on this Smart Watch is seriously what every SmartWatch should strive for when you're at this thickness this would be more appealing to mainstream or if anything the average

Consumer now getting into other standard features this has a 5 ATM water-resistant rating safe for splashes rain snow fresh water swimming and such we have the optical heartrate tracker on the back as well physically connected

Are used to charge to watch which I'm okay with I would prefer the convenes of a wireless charger but the pins do function fine and produce less heat which is the enemy of batteries now one of the biggest pros and cons on

The history of this channel here or so I think the battery life is phenomenal that's the good part while weighs climbing up to two weeks of typical performance that does include heart rate tracking on 24/7 and while we

Claims that's with ninety minutes of exercise per week now with my testing I'm a virgin about a week worth of battery life give or take a day or two depending if I'm more active on certain weeks or not but compared to the

Competition that's still seriously good Samsung in the amazing Apple watch for my test we're averaging four to five days of normal use take away a day or two maybe two if you're going all out with GPS and heart rate tracking and

Such but with the Huawei experiencing five to eight days that's impressive especially considering they watch gt's price points now here's the con well the reasons how huawei achieved such amazing battery life is

The development in their use of their own operating system it's called light OS know many huawei software is running leaner less bloatware maybe their system is that much better optimized but with a new OS to help with a battery life there

Comes limitations because the OS is just simply soo so new now for the Huawei watch GT there are no third-party apps and keep in mind this watch is focused on health so we can't install oddly Strava RunKeeper and map my run all

Three apps that I personally use and the data from huawei health cannot be exported to those tabs either at least at the time this video to be fair the while we watch GT is priced lower than the flagship watches out there but there

Are clearly non flagship smartwatches that offers more than it wast GT even last year's Huawei SmartWatch had more but again it wasn't running light OS and it doesn't have the same banner life either

Now one feature though I loved on the older Huawei watch since I briefly touched based on it the budget issues Zen watch – also from back in the that I reviewed – even the flagship competitors today I can't take phone

Calls on this I can't take phone calls right from my wrist I don't get NFC either to make credit card payments with my wrist unless I would love to leave my phone behind when I'm working out and have music stored on my watch

Connect my Bluetooth earphones or headphones to it and then go for a run leaving that phone behind that's not possible now there's sport oriented watch so everything I've mentioned so far are

Those limitations a deal breaker for you let us know in the comment section below like I've said before your comments do help others coming in and trying to decide if this is for them or not but moving out here take a look at the

Screen and then continuing with my experiences the screen is great though it's big 1.3 inch AMOLED display a resolution of 454 by 454 which is on the higher end samsung only has 360 by 360 tick watch a great budget brand with

Comparable prices have a resolution of 400 by 400 it's also bright in sunlight it's easy to read and due to the high resolution I don't see any pixelation now with the experience on the right side the top button brings up all your

Included apps like I said a lot of health features and you can rewind this video if I went a little too fast for you now tapping on the button again brings you back to your home screen button on the bottom right here triggers

Your workout profiles and tracking parameters now taking a look here running since it is the most popular sport or activity that most people do there is GPS built-in also GLONASS and Galileo with all three every time I'm

Attempting to personally connect it is fast here and the tracking is accurate to know right now I'm in of course an office building medical steel and concrete and there's what two more floors above me so it might have a

Little bit of trouble in real time but also you get real-time heart rate tracking once you start the activity you have this color band up here that indicates your heart rate zone which I absolutely love in turn I can't tell if

I'm pushing myself too hard or not also there's pace distance and time are of course shown as well now pulling the screen up you have your step count cadence total calories burned another swipe

Shows how many feet climbed your current elevation and neck swipe shows your heart rate in real time unless this is really cool here your trailing average pace are you going slower or faster than your average with a very cool animation

In play so for the moments that you're running and tracking what is displayed I'll be honest with you I think it's great it's everything that I need and it's all the data that I want while running making this one excellent

Running companion app or running companion watch but like I said again I wish there's built-in music with Bluetooth for my earphones simply sticking with other apps would have been tremendously helped maybe in version 2.0

Now let's get back to the main screen here and going through some of the smart features now from the home screen you can hold it down you can hold down that watch face and select from a variety of others that Huawei provides to you now

Keep in mind there are no third-party apps which means there are no other watch now faces available until why wait updates their operating system like I said at times video there is a huge limitation some of them look good some

Of them look ok it really honestly depends on your preference here now from the main screen swiping down shows your Do Not Disturb feature find your phone and settings pretty straightforward going back to that main home page here

Swiping up instead shows all of your notifications now I can't clear out just one notification unfortunately I have to scroll all the way down whoops sorry about that scroll all the way down here and then click clear all to get rid of

Them now while in notifications you also notice I can't respond to any one of them there's no text to speech you can't scribble text out here and no old-fashioned typing on the screen to respond to those text messages messenger

And email that's again available on other competitors last but not least going back to the home screen here and now swiping right you have your heart rate monitoring which has been accurate for a SmartWatch from my experience I

Just wish there was just more data such as my last 5 days may be an option to see what's considered as fat burning versus cardiovascular it's good data if you want to see what your day is looking like but looking at some history on the

Watch itself I would think would make it but more interactive useful and practical swiping for the weather is also available but unlikely competitors with more mainstream operating systems I wish I could see what the next five days

Are maybe the hourly reports to see when it will rain in my area we simply don't get that now besides weather the last screen shows a ring of colors representing steps active minutes and the amount of

Time I've been sitting very similar to the apples health display on their Smart Watch other than that what's been offered in y ways like OS the speed and functionality has been good with minor legs and hiccups here when I first

Tested the watch after a week that lag or stutter has been gone for the most part I don't think I've noticed it anymore it was really subtle now I do wear this to sleep and it's been as accurate as my Fitbit that I also wear

My right wrist here down to the minute at a time so it's reassuring that these two devices are confirming my sleep is pretty accurate or it's reading pretty accurate with each other now I do very much battery the segmentation of light

Sleep versus deep sleep versus REM sleep very similar to fitbit's and the breakdown as you can see I'm a very very light sleeper now you do have the ability to set up a vibrating alarm through the app itself the watch does

Vibrate when I receive notifications and also of course a vibrating alarm to wake me up in the morning I'll will admit though it's on me very much lighter and and keep in mind I am a light sleeper so it does wake me up that is but I think

For most people it might not work also and to supplement that as well when I receive notifications probably a moderate amount of time I do miss the vibration altogether I just don't sense it or feel it on my wrist so

In the end here in the Huawei watch GT nailed some areas down gracefully the fitness in wash display the battery life the Bell quality and the look as well it's all on par and again the thinness on this thing is a huge seller for me

But the lack of experience of what a SmartWatch should be the interconnect ability the function we've clearly seen available on older models that actually uses Google's operating system it's been amazing with those smartwatches and I

Feel like now we're missing out in my personal humble opinion this feels more like a fitness or a high-end activity tracker masking itself as a SmartWatch I love why away smartwatches from the

Past but man be light OS it's holding me back so much so that's it folks be sure to subscribe and turn on those notifications since I'm testing attending gear to get to a million subs fired mo G's down below I have the

Bhosle buds coming up in some sound bars coming through so be on Lookout I'm Jimmy with Jim's review and I'm here to help you make that purchase decision see you guys later bye

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