Huawei P40 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max camera comparison

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

the OAP 40 pro is the new kid on the
camera block and it's eager to fight in
the never-ending camera wars with an
imposing new camera system that consists
of a gigantic sensor for the main camera
as well as a periscope lens that allows
it to zoom far and away we took the
opportunity to compare it against two of
the finest phones on the market the
Samsung Galaxy S 20 ultra and the FOI
found 11 pro max so let's take a look at
the photos one of the main advantages
the YP 40 pro has is that periscope lens
that allows you to get a clean shot even
when you zoom far away that's exactly
what we did here and we indeed see that
the P 40 pro does an excellent job at 10
times zoom it captures an image that is
practically free of noise and one that
looks good at that we notice a few minor
issues mostly the photo is a bit
underexposed and detail was a bit
smudged but overall good job the Galaxy
S 20 ultra does well to but noise is
clearly more visible than the iPhone
though it clearly doesn't belong in the
same category as the other tool
it lacks a periscope lens and you can
tell by the grainy image jumping next to
five times zoom level the Yop 40 pro
shows class the photograph just looks
the s 20 ultra seems to be just slightly
behind it has a bit less internal in
terms of detail the iPhone is again
clearly not in the same league the phone
will capture it has a bunch of noise and
grain and this is the one we are least
likely to share and here's the way this
scene looked when seen with the main
camera on each of the phones
zooming ten times is actually quite a
lot the p40 Pro can go all the way to 50
times zoom and the ultra can go to a
hundred times zoom but we found the
quality just terrible when you go over
30 times zoom and those are not photos
you want to share with anyone
now one more example of the way photos
look at 10 times zoom interestingly this
time the Huawei has captured an
overexposed image as it seems to be
struggling a bit with nailing the right
exposure keep in mind that we had an
early unit provided by Huawei and the
company may update the camera the galaxy
s 20 ultra has a lot more in terms of
color and appeal but again
it's no match for the Poway in terms of
result detail the iPhone is just a
blurry mess at 10 times zoom ever wants
to match the other two in the zoom game
it will need to have the ante at five
times zoom you get a well detailed and
clean image from the p40 pro but it
loses points for the overexposed look as
everything basically appears washed out
the galaxy s 20 ultra has captured the
best photo here with a good amount of
color contrast and overall appeal the
iPhone is still no match for the others
at this five times zoom level let's also
take a look at two times zoom and you
immediately noticed that the dedicated
two times telephoto lens on the iPhone
elevates it to the number one position
here the other phones use digital zoom
all the way into the periscope lens
kicks in at exactly four point seven
times zone for the p40 Pro and it's four
times zoom for the s20 ultra the iPhone
captures more detail the image has very
nicely balanced colors that look
realistic and appealing and this is how
the same scene looked when shot with the
main camera and all the phones okay we
have seen that the p40 pro leads the way
with the zoom camera but what about this
main camera don't want that you're
likely to be using most of the time you
will immediately notice some things that
will repeat in the coming images as well
the exposure is way too bright colors
are a bit on the pale side with the
yellow tonality is way over exaggerated
in detail is also on the soft side on
the POW a p40 pro but at least it's not
as artificially over sharpened as on the
galaxy s2 an ultra now speaking of the
s20 ultra it has the strongest most
vibrant colors these are not realistic
finalities damage you see he's larger
than life and weight to live it his if
it was already edited some people may
like this effect but we find it a bit
extreme the iPhone on this part captures
balanced photos with pleasing colors in
detail that is neither too soft nor too
harsh something strange happened without
us noticing when we switch to using the
ultra wide camera on the 40/40 Pro
automatically change the aspect ratio to
a different one sixteen by nine for a
narrower photo we did not expect that
that's why the photos here if you're a
bit different and you won't be surprised
by the images and the colors the walk
before the probe continues the trend
with Bleeker colors in a slightly
overexposed look it's a specific look
that some may like but objectively it
lines the dynamic range and the depth of
color from the other two in this next
we'll travel 400 of the beach is one
final confirmation the boy before he
pretends to capture will detailed photos
with a specific look to them as colors
are slightly washed out and not as
saturated the galaxy again captures a
punchy photo and finally the iPhone
strikes a kind of a balance between
these two next this photo was captured
at dusk but it doesn't look like that
because all of the phones will do an
excellent job and are able to deal with
the low-light and still get a bright and
good looking image there are a few minor
differences but they're really
insignificant and we would say that all
three the similarly great job in this
case it's a draw in this next photo you
see some trends starting to emerge the
galaxy for example captures the darkest
photo at night while the other two
phones are able to get a lot more light
in the frame and look a bit better as
night falls and light gets extremely
scarce we get a good opportunity to see
how these phones perform in extreme
conditions we use the automatic settings
here on all the phones and the p40 Pro
is clearly the one that captured the
most light and the brightest photo he's
done a great job and we like that image
gathered to capture a darker image
especially the galaxy where the shadows
are very dark there's barely any detail
in them using the although settings
again in this next scene we see that the
Huawei captures the most light in this
capture as well the iPhone is a bit
behind in terms of amount of light but
it also retains a bit of that orange
tint it looks a bit strange not quite
accurate and true to life
finally the galaxy captures the darkest
image again that lacks details in the
shadows and the other tools seem to do a
better job in this next shot there are
some clear differences while the Huawei
p40 Pro has cap
the most of the sulfa at the bottom of
the image scholars are very bleak and
could use a lift the galaxy seems to
capture more balanced image while the
iPhone capture is a very contrasted
photo it catches the eye it's a task
between the galaxy and the iPhone in
this round with a slight advantage for
the iPhone for this next photo we
manually enabled the night mode on all
of the phones to see whether it would
make a difference this is not something
that we would do for every image Huawei
and the Samsung devices take a very long
time to capture a photo when using the
night mode manually and waiting so long
for every shot it's definitely not
convenient still you do get a brighter
photo with more detail if you have the
patience to wait we also finally
captured the selfie at dusk to get an
idea of how the front camera would do
and the selfie from the Huawei actually
stands out from the rest it's got more
detail and looks sharper while the
Samsung in the iPhone look a bit blurry
and not as clean the colors on the
Galaxy are also bleak and not
particularly exciting while the iPhone
does a better job with warmer more
pleasing tonalities in the shot but
would still just this one in favor of
the Huawei with all of this it's time to
wrap up is the Huawei p40 pro the new
smartphone camera King that we've all
been waiting for
now it's an absolutely stellar phone if
you care about it cool ability to zoom
in far in a way it captures more detail
than the more expensive s20 ultra with
this periscope camera which is an
achievement worth mentioning it's got
that large sensor also this provides
plentiful detail let me just look clean
even at night one area where we wish
well we would improve the photos is the
colorscience is it me just often come
out overexposed and with colors that
look a bit bleak and washed out now the
Galaxy S 20 ultra might have lost the
zoom battle by a tiny bit but it's still
great camera that stands out with those
strong saturated colors finally the
iPhone the most conservative camera in
this comparison loses badly when it
comes to the zoom battle but if you take
just its main camera that you will be
using most of the time it's an
incredibly good performer captures well
balanced photos with a great amount of
detail and colors that are dynamic and
just look beautiful so which one is your
favorite let me know in the comments my
name is Vic this is for narita thanks
watching this and I will see you in the
next one

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