Huawei P40 Pro Plus vs OnePlus 8 Pro vs Galaxy Note 10 Plus Camera Test (After Updates)

published on August 3, 2020

What's up everybody this is danny and today i want to do something a little bit different with the camera comparison it's been one year with the galaxy note 10 plus so what i want to do is after all of the updates i want to see how it stacks up to some of the best

Cameras that are out there on the market right now so i'm going to compare it to the huawei p40 pro plus and the oneplus 8 pro so let me know what video looks better

What sounds better and what i'm going to do is i'm going to test it in every condition and i want to see how well the note 10 plus held up over one year

From a camera side let's go ahead and do this let's start with the daytime pictures if we're keeping it real pretty much all flagships today can take great pictures in daylight

All of these shots that you're seeing are in auto mode to make things fair with the scene optimizers and ai modes off but all three have pro modes so if you have the time to adjust and get that perfect shot you can

So you have a lot of flexibility with all three the dynamic range is great on all three cameras but there are some differences in white balance which you will see throughout the video that just has to do with the processing

All of that is going to be personal preference the colors the same thing you'll notice the sky rendition will be different between them there will be some variances in the

Color vibrancy but for the most part i don't think any would really complain about the image quality on any of these cameras if you're buying a note 10 plus today or if you're using one right now i wanted to do this test

To see if it really differs that much from the newer camera systems from other manufacturers the oneplus 8 pro and the huawei p40 pro plus are my two favorite cameras available right now

So here are some main differences that i noticed after taking a bunch of shots and comparing them the first main difference is the depth of field or background separation on a normal shot i'm not talking about portrait mode of

Any kind just a normal shot the note 10 plus has a smaller sensor than the p40 pro plus and the oneplus 8 pro so you will notice much deeper background separation more like you

Would see from a dslr or mirrorless camera and a lot of times i do like this for the artistic look and when these bigger sensors nail it like here on the p40 pro plus

It looks amazing but most of the time you will get issues from fringing and focus look at the edges here where on a smaller sensor like the note 10 plus more will be in focus with the sacrifice of a little bit of

Bokeh but in a lot of cases it looks nicer and especially with the minimum focusing distance if you get close there is a very narrow center of focus on these big sensors so this could be

Seen as a win or a loss it just depends on your preference the second difference is zoom this might be important to some and not to others the note 10 plus is limited to 2x

Optical zoom which is pretty normal in smartphones today but the p40 pro plus has up to 10 times optical zoom so it's impressive how far the reach is the oneplus 8 pro has a 3x zoom so it's

A little closer than the note 10 plus which i think is a great in-between but nowhere near the reach of the huawei so here's a great example from all the way across the lake with the p40 pro plus i can see exactly what they're

Doing with the 10x optical zoom and it's surprisingly clear and even with the 100 times zoom it doesn't look as messy as i thought it would be

This is really impressive of course if you want to stick to samsung the galaxy s20 ultra has extra zoom ability and the note 20 series will as well so subscribe for those comparisons coming up

The third thing is resolution the note 10 plus has a 12 megapixel camera but the p40 pro plus has a 50 megapixel main sensor and the oneplus has a 48 megapixel so when taken in higher resolution modes

You can really tell the difference when you zoom in you can see a lot more detail the building looks so much sharper from all the way across the lake this might not be a big deal but you can

Capture more detail with these other cameras but again the galaxy s20 ultra has a 100 megapixel stills so if you want this feature i'm sure the note 20 series will also have the same

Thing if this is important to you those are the three main things but i think most of you can agree how close the note 10 plus is to all of these cameras the tuning and software updates did good

Things for this camera the portrait mode or live focus mode also keeps up really well and all three have wide angle cameras and the samsung has one of the best for sure

Even though it's lower resolution than the other two cameras i think the note 10 plus does well and the front-facing camera still keeps up and while i don't think it's as good as the huawei p40 plus this front-facing

Camera one of the best out there i think it still looks good let me know what you think in terms of video all three can capture up to 4k 60 frames per second

I like the video on all three of them but there are some subtle differences but all nice the stabilization when walking is pretty similar on the three phones all doing a good job but i think the p40 pro plus might be

Slightly smoother but the note 10 plus isn't picking up the bounce as much as the other two are and the note 10 plus still has that awesome super steady mode to keep things very stable

In 1080p if you're doing a lot of action shots the oneplus also has this mode but the p40 pro plus does not here's a quick zoom test in video all the way across from the lake again one plus with the 3x zoom and the note

10 plus with the 2x zoom and you can see with the huawei here just killing it with the zoom ability it's absolutely impressive that you can see this much detail still with this level of zoom kudos to huawei

On this one when it comes to night time in moderate low light conditions the note 10 plus keeps up fairly well i think most people will see the difference that i show you not to be a big deal but after looking at a lot of

Images side by side here are some of the differences that i saw in low light first is just the overall processing and how the cameras handle harsher lighting and the balance of the entire shot you

Can see how the p40 pro plus is handling this light on the sign like a champ while the note still struggles and the oneplus is literally just crushing all of the shadows losing detail around the sign

Even under 10x zoom the huawei does a good job you can see this on the other shots like this water tower the clipping is evident on the harsher light but what's funny is that the oneplus

Does worse than the note 10 plus night mode helps to even things out more on this water tower but i would say from a single snap side of things no special modes the huawei captures the most detail

With the best balance look at the sign here on the p40 pro it does the best when you punch in you see that the noise level is also better on the huawei compared to the other two the three phones show

Different white balance and saturation renditions but when you punch in you can see that the detail is muddier on the note 10 plus look at the wood here and the note 10

Plus is the noisiest out of the three so that shows you the advantage of the larger sensors on these other two phones so this is what you will miss out on if you stick with the note 10 plus there are some anomalies looking here

Where the note actually does better with the neon sign but most of the shots the note performs slightly worse it's nothing terrible but you can see a difference the smaller sensor in a lot

Of scenarios overcompensates compromising balance it does capture a lot more cloud detail but the sign doesn't look great when you use the zoom you can see that the oneplus crushes the

Blacks again too aggressively in my opinion and the p40 pro plus has the better shot here the same processing happens in portrait mode as well

The samsung creates the brightest picture but clips the face while the huawei has the best balance the oneplus is too dramatic again but some actually might like this so let me know what you prefer

They all have nice background separation but i do love the roll off of the p40 pro plus it looks more natural also a lot of the shots you can see that the note 10 plus is slightly softer

Just look at how sharp the p40 plus is here but the downside of the p40 pro plus is that it tends to be heavy with the green pickup on artificial lighting so i would love to see that improved in future software updates

Here are some examples with and without night mode i usually don't use it because it's a little too dramatic for my liking people may hate me for this but i prefer the oneplus picture here

Even though it shows less cloud detail but all of them shift white balance when using night mode so a lot of times you will get just two totally different looking pictures huawei's auto mode is really impressive

Just look at how much more detail is captured here night mode really helps make a dramatic difference on the note 10 plus but the one plus nightscape doesn't make a huge difference at all in this

Scenario thank goodness all three of these cameras have night mode on the wide angle camera too that's the one thing that i don't like on the iphone because these wide angle

Night mode shots look amazing where night mode really wins is in the front-facing camera the note 10 plus has the same ability for selfies so it makes a huge difference when it comes to sharpness

And detail it for sure beats out the oneplus 8 pro for the front facing shots but the huawei p40 pro's front facing camera is damn good in low light but that front facing night mode is

Really good on the note 10 plus just look at that detail and sharpness better nighttime video is also something that you'll be missing out on if you stay with the note 10 plus i'm not saying that the note 10 video is

Terrible or anything but if you look close at the trees and the lighting the detail level is much better on the oneplus 8 pro and the huawei p40 pro plus when you get into a darker and more

Complicated scenario like this one you'll really see the noise in the sky on the note 10 plus it's pretty terrible and here is a stabilization test in lower light condition if you wanted to see that

If i had to call a winner here it's the oneplus it has the best details and noise level out of the three so in conclusion the note 10 plus keeps up really well in daylight besides a few minor things

But night time is where you're going to really gain if you upgrade to one of these newer phones or a newer samsung flagship in 2020 or 2021 some things are just processing and

Software related like their red color rendition the reds look washed out it's still like this on the s20 series so it's not the camera sensor so please improve that samsung in the future

So if you really need that improvement in low light that's when you might consider upgrading but if you're okay with what i showed you here then stick with your note 10 plus

Or buy a note 10 plus at a discount because it is still a fantastic phone and so are the other two phones that i showed here with it let me know what you think about this approach to

Camera comparisons and a revisit after one year this was a fun one subscribe for a lot more camera comparisons like this one hit that like button if you enjoyed it and i will see you in the next one


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