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by birtanpublished on September 3, 2020

Hey guys Anton the tech chat but I've been using the new Huawei p40 pro for the past couple of weeks and I've had loads of questions from you guys on Twitter and Instagram asking about the app situation how good are the cameras do I have any tips so when were we

Reached out asking if they could sponsor a video I thought this would be a great opportunity to give you guys my experiences so far while also giving you a few tips on how to get the most out of it so by now you've probably seen a

Whole bunch of videos on the p40 pro but I just want to start by emphasizing how much I really appreciate the design of this thing now I know that the pill shaped hole punch cutout is a little bit on the chunky side and we'll come back

To that in a second but the frost silver model I have here with this matte glass finish looks awesome and there's not a smudge your fingerprint in sight I also love the fact that with this overflow design where the glass screen curves

Over all four edges which apparently is inspired by the surface tension of water in a full glass that the screen itself doesn't actually curb that much it's mainly just a glass and I know a lot of people prefer flat displays as there's

Less risk of accidentally pressing it with your hand so we're kind of getting the best of both worlds here the hole punch I must admit was a little bit distracting at first but you do quickly forget about it and in fact when

Watching video it's usually covered up anyway and in games my thumb is over the top of it so it's not really a big deal but the advantage is that along with the theta 2 megapixel selfie camera we also get infrared sensor which I'm so glad

They included because I tend to rely on face unlocking although we do also have an optical fingerprint reader but with most phones when it gets dark it takes forever to recognize you or has to blast the screen brightness up this works

Instantly in any condition my only feedback is that I wish it had stereo speakers we just have this single one at the bottom which does sound good but unless you're wearing headphones when you save it or watching games watching

Games playing games or watching videos it can sum them sound a little bit one-sided as for the AAP speaker well you can't actually see it because under the screen it's using an acoustic display which

Actually vibrates to give you the sound for calls it does sound good but unfortunately you can't use it for anything else so the P Foley Pro has a whole bunch of upgrades from the Karen 995 G chip the Refresh design the camera

Op grades but I think one of the first things you'll notice is this new much smooth at 90 Hertz refresh rate it just makes everything feel faster and together with the AMOLED panel HDR 10 support and P 3 color display may

Actually gave it an A+ which is their highest score it's a beautiful screen now on paper 90 Hertz and a full HD plus resolution isn't exactly flagship there were other phones out there with 120 Hertz even more 44 Hertz

And of course quad HD plus resolutions but you know what I think while we have made the right choice said they've balanced sharpness smoothness and also battery life and paired with the 42 hundred million power cell over the past

Couple of weeks I've been averaging about eight hours of screen on time now to be fair real world use is a little bit different right now under lockdown but I'm still watching YouTube videos listening to Spotify playing your

Game and spending far too much time on socials and chatting to friends online so for example at 8:30 a.m. we're a hundred percent by 2:00 p.m. it's on about 83% and then at around 10:00 p.m. it's still on 37% and that's after a

Pretty intensive day of testing Huawei phones whatever you may think of them consistently offer fantastic battery life and it gets better over time as the AI learns your usage patterns and then along with the 40 watts super charging

Which will get you from 0 to 80 percent in just half an hour 27 watt fast wireless charging although it's not the superfast 40 watts on the Pro Plus model and also now we get twice as fast seven and a half walk reverse wireless

Charging for topping up other devices so you've got a lot of options so far so good then but what about the app situation what's it actually like to live with well the truth is it is a different experience but if you come

Into this with an open mind and you're willing to try different versions of apps and you use a couple of workarounds I've got most of the apps that I want as I mentioned in my unboxing video the first thing you want to do when setting

This up is clone the apps from your old phone this is one of the best ways to get most of your current apps onto the p40 Pro you can do from any Android or iPhone just download the phone clone app it doesn't transfer everything though

But it is a good start next step is to checkout huawei's app gallery and they've got some pretty big apps in there already for Microsoft Office Outlook and Amazon shopping to snapchat tic toc and games like asphalt

9 in World of Tanks but while we investigate developers to bring their apps over so there is a lot of potential here but it will take time right now Wally's official recommendation is to use the app gallery

And phone clone to get the apps you want but of course there are third-party app stores out there that can help plug the gap of any apps that you can't otherwise find and in many cases you can actually download the apps directly from the

Company's website so as I say I have most of the apps that I want but there are a few missing like uber lyft Netflix and YouTube for the latter two though I found the best way is actually just creating a web shortcut on the home

Screen it's not as well optimized as a dedicated app but it works pretty well the thing is by buying this phone you are sort of investing in the Huawei ecosystem so life is much easier if you're happy to adopt their apps all the

Essentials you'd expect on a regular phone or here from video and music to podcasts and finners I actually really like their fitness app and I've been using a lot to keep track of my home workouts it's not just the apps either

While Waze emui 10.1 software is generally really nice to use we've got built in dark mode dynamic wallpapers you can put apps in pop-out windows for multitasking or even use air gestures if your hands are dirty while cooking and

Trying to read a recipe they've even added their own voice assistant called Celia I'm speaking of the Huawei ecosystem if you've got one their meat book laptops you can't see check my reviews of this latest mate book d15

Which i post a few weeks ago you can simply tap the p40 pro to pair them and then use huawei share to transfer files or even a new multi collab feature where you can effectively use your phone on the laptop it's pretty nifty so yes

There's definitely a transition moving to the p40 pro but if you're willing to give it a chance I think you'll find it's better than you expected alright so enough about apps let's talk about that camera these are the specs

But the headline is the new much bigger 50 megapixel ryb sensor just a quick thought before we start talking about camera stuff because in the crazy world that we live in you can see my hometown's high street completely

Deserted because people are doing the right thing and staying at home but I tend to go for an hour walk a day as part of my one daily dose of allowed exercise and so I'm just bringing the ferns with me and taking

Some photos along the way going out to Cameron compares this is not essential but I'm just tying it in with some exercise so yes stay safe guys as for selfie video what we can now shoot in 4k sixty previously it was

Limited to 1080 so a nice boost in resolution we also now get autofocus for the first time on huawei flagship which well hopefully that's demonstrating it but yeah it's pretty good and along with the three microphones built in hopefully

You can hear me reasonably well the wind noises have been picked up too much and also as the sun's beating down on me it's dealing with the bright highlights at once and the shadows of the other reasonably well so this is 4k 30 video

From the where camera and it's kind of crazy what a ghost-town everywhere has become although obviously it's good that people are staying at home so video quality is good and it's using AIS and OAS for video stabilization well you can

Still see some cheddar for my footsteps and along with a five times optical telephoto lens an ultra wide lens and a time of flight dead sensor the p4u pro offers an incredible camera setup now for me I usually turn their beauty

Enhancement off but I leave the AI master enable that it optimizes the photo based on scene and object recognition so these are a few shots I've taken over the past week and you can see that zooming in even up to ten

Times is very impressive although the 50 times digital zoom maybe pushes it a bit too far but the p40 Pro really stands out in low-light in fact well has a dedicated night mode for longer exposure I only

Really use this when it was completely dark most of the time the standard photo mode did a great job in low-light and I think one of the best and definitely less talked about upgrades is the improved white balance sensor the people

He probed managed to offer realistic colors even in difficult lighting and then around the front we have a 32 megapixel selfie camera it also uses the new IR sensor to help with depth for more realistic portrait shots so far

I've been really impressed with a P fully pros camera but there's so much to talk about here I want to save that for a proper deep dive video why go into more detail although I do just want to show you this it's straight out of the

P40 Pro no edits no night mode and not even a tripod I'm just holding this I'm ridiculously Press by how good the moon looks in these shots so it's been a fun couple of weeks of using the p40 Pro so far and

Well has been a challenge in some respects it's also been a bit of a wake up call that maybe we shouldn't all be so dependent on Google's suite of apps who's to say that they're the best ones I mean in China the Middle East in many

Parts of Asia their home screens and app drawers would look totally different to ours but I feel like I've got a good halfway house here I've got pretty much all the apps that I want and I'm also using some new ones it's exciting to see

A proper challenger to the App Store on the Play Store so I'm gonna keep using this for a while and I've also teamed up with Huawei to offer you guys an exclusive discount so you can get 129 pounds at 99 off the p40 Pro and free

Buds 3 bundle just follow the link in the description and use the code a tech chap the tech chap would have made more sense but there you go a tech chap like there's more than one of me but what do you make of the p40 Pro would you be

Tempted to buy it let me know in the comments below thank you so much for watching guys give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed the video and hit that subscribe button below if you want to see more from me and I'll see you next time right

Here on the tech Jo

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