Huawei P30 Pro vs Galaxy S10 Plus Camera Test Comparison

by birtanpublished on September 10, 2020

What's up guys it's a few on super-safe TV and welcome to another super staff style camera comparison this time between the Huawei p30 bro and the samsung galaxy s 10 plus you guys know the drill will be checking out all aspects of the cameras front rear facing

Low-light video audio everything look out for the audio icon you'll know which device do you it is coming from recurrent using the front-facing camera is now with the s10 plus you do have up to 4k recording from the front-facing

Camera so we are a 4k on the s10 plus we're at 1080p on the Huawei P 30 Pro and before we did the stabilization test we are going to switch to 1080p from the s10 plus as well just to make things fair right well we are at 1080p from

Both front-facing cameras so that way the stabilization test will be fair so just walking right now nice day for a change how oh let's go ahead and right we've moved on to the rear facing cameras on both devices we are filming

At 4k 30 frames a second it's taking a look around okay now just testing out stabilization at 4k just walking let's go ahead and run okay now we're testing out the

Stabilization at 1080p usually things are better at 1080p walk once again and now arrived another thing we can test while we're on video is the optical zoom so we've got up to two times optical zoom on the STM plus where we've got

Five times optical zoom on the P very Pro so you can carry super super close last thing we'll try on the video is the ultra wide so let's see how stable both of these are when were using the ultra wide for video man that crow is super

Loud anyway so let's just go ahead and run while we're using the ultra wide let's not be able to focus on the s10 plus that dual pixel is so so fast same test on the pizza a pro and it's definitely not as fast as the SN plus as

You can see so that was the video now before we move on to images having a quick look at what we're working with here for the front facing cameras the PETA approach does have a much higher resolution but the

S10 plus has a wider aperture and it also has a secondary camera which is gonna help with depth information now for the rear facing cameras we have similar setups in the sense that we have an ultra-wide a primary as well as a

Telephoto but the sn+ has two times optical zoom whereas the p30 probe has five times optical zoom and the Peetha a pro also has a time-of-flight sensor which should help with depth information now if you want to customize the look of

Your sm+ or your p30 pearl then definitely check out our channel sponsor D brand they've got a huge selection of skins for smartphones laptops tablets you name it and I'll be leaving a link to them in the description below one

Thing to mention is that all images and video have been taken on automatic I haven't tweeted any settings and that's to keep things as far as possible getting straight to the images we're not gonna start off with selfies because

Some of you guys getting worried about that selfies will be a little bit later on we're signing up for the rear facing cameras so using the primary rear facing cameras on both devices both doing a very very good job overall slight

Differences in color but no major deal now let's test out the zoom so two times on the sm+ and then we've got five times on the p30 Pro and you can just see a massive massive difference although I would say that the shadow is a little

Bit more crushed when you do use the zoom camera on the PFA a pro compared to that on the sn+ which has maintained more details in those shadows now if we digitally zoom five times on the s10 plus just to kind of do a

Side-by-side comparison you can see that because the p30 Pro as expected its optical it's a lot sharper the people April also has ten times hybrid zoom that's where it uses both optical and digital zoom and if we try to replicate

Ten times a digital zoom on the s10 plus once again you can see here that the p30 Pro is doing so much better you can read all of the text here on this Monument now another outdoor shot both doing good here I'd say the s10 plus is a little

Bit sharper and the Blues are definitely more vibrant now I'd say that the actual scene was somewhere in between these two but both are doing good nevertheless once again let's test out that zoom and a huge difference the p30 Pro you can

Get in so much closer thanks to that five times optical zoom with the ten times hybrid zoom once again additionally zoom ten times on the SN Plus just to kind of replicate it as close as possible and

The p30 pro so much sharper very very good in terms of zoom now an image of some flowers both doing really good here the pita a pro is pulling out more details from the shadows from where I can see and one thing to mention is that

I have been using 10 megapixels on the pizza a pro because that is the default setting and that is the setting that it's gonna get the best results at but you can use 14 megapixels if you want and if you do switch to 40 megapixels

You can see that the image does look quite different and that's because the HDR is not working as well on 14 megapixels as it was on 10 megapixels so those shadows are not as brightened as they were on the 10 megapixel version

And if we go in 100% you can see that we can crop in so much further on the 40 megapixel sensor of the Peetha April although as mentioned I do normally shoot at 10 megapixels because that is where you're gonna get the best results

Overall right now a lot of you guys will know that one of my favorite features on smartphone cameras is an ultra wide and both of these have an ultra wide camera which I absolutely love so here is a regular shot both doing a good job and

Are you ready for it boom look at that ultra wide is so so awesome but there's something that you noticed right away in this image and that is that the s 10 plus is actually even wider compared to the P 30 Pro and

That is something I do like you can get more into your shot another example here this wall of graffiti this was the furthest back I could get because there was a road behind me and I didn't want to die and

Here once again at the sm+ from the exact same position you're getting so much more into your shot so for ultra wide I do prefer the s 10 Plus now I know you guys have been waiting for some low-light tests and here is the Space

Center in low light and the P 30 Pro a brighter image overall this is at normal settings so just automatic now if we do use Huawei's night mode this is where it takes multiple shots over a few seconds you can see that you've got an even

Brighter image you can see more details in the background here as well it's something that I definitely do like and another low-light shots once again the pizza a pro is brighter you can see there's more detail in the

Background as well this is that auto now if we do use the night mode it's a much brighter image we can see so much more detail in the background but it's not as sharp now because it's taking a long exposure one thing you do have to bear

In mind is that if there's any movement in your shot or if your hand isn't as steady as possible then the image isn't going to be as sharp as if you take it on automatic so here you can see that although the image is a lot brighter

It's not as sharp now a low-light image indoors and this is where the PFA a pro that's ready yellow on blue sensor compared to the red green and blue sensor on the sm+ is really shining here you've got a much much brighter image

And a much better low-light image this is the automatic and if we do use night mode it's a little bit brighter but once again because of that longer exposure the image is not as sharp and I was trying to keep it as still as possible

But I'm assuming because these subjects are so close any sort of little vibrations are being magnified and you can see that the image is not as sharp as if you shot it on automatic and personally I do prefer the shot at

Automatic I guess the night mode will be useful if you're taking a landscape or something like that at night now let's look at portrait mode so this is where it's gonna blend the background at the time of flight sensor should really help

Here and in these shots I think both are doing a really really good job if you look at the blur it's also a gradual blur so it's not just the same blur all across if you look towards the floor area the bricks are more InFocus

Compared to when you go further back to that building so I'd say both of these are really good now this is an interesting image because we do have a lot of light coming from the background and here I do prefer the image on the

Sn+ and that's because if you look towards the background the sm+ hasn't maintained those details in the background whereas the p30 Pro has blown those outs and this is something that I didn't notice here's another image of

The London Eye in the background because there was a lot of light in the background and we were in the shade the p30 Pro has struggled to evenly expose the background as well as the foreground the sm+

Is definitely doing a much better even job here now moving our selfies we've pushed these back for all the selfie haters anyway the first image here both doing a really good job the p30 probe is wider now that's because we're using the

Default mode on the sm+ but there is an option to go wider and if we do that then the angles are a lot more similar so we will be shooting all of the selfies at this wide-angle mode just so we have comparable results and

Here I think both doing a really really good job we've got great dynamic range you can see that we can see all of those details in the background where the clouds are and the trees the PETA April does seem sharper however and that is

Thanks to that massive 32 megapixels resolution that we have on the p30 Pro and if you do go in 100% you can see that we can get so much more detail we can crop in so much further on the p30 Pro compared to the sm plus I'm not sure

If you'd want to crop in this close to my face and see all my imperfections but anyway now if we use the portrait mode from the front-facing camera this is where things get interesting because it looks like we lose that dynamic range on

The p30 Pro and you can see that the background is now blown out compared to the sn+ and this is something that I noticed quite a bit when you are using portrait mode then the p30 Pro does tend to blow out the highlights the edge

Detection on the paper a pro is also not as good as the sn+ if you look towards my sunglasses some errors here also towards my jacket whereas the sn+ thanks to that additional depth sensor is doing a much better job another portrait shot

And once again we do have these similarities the p30 Pro not doing a great job in terms of edge detection my ears blurred as well as the edge of my sunglasses whereas the sm+ is doing a much better job

Finally some low-light selfies and the sn+ is definitely brighter here this seems to be thanks to that wider aperture but if we do use the front-facing flash I now do prefer the p30 Pro image which has better

Maintained the colors and it's also sharper the sn+ has brighten up the image but it's definite ords the yellow side and it has washed out a little bit and it's not as sharp and then we have it guys that is the super soft style

Camera comparison between the Huawei p30 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S 10 plus in terms of my opinions I'd say for the front-facing camera I would have to give the overall went to the s 10 plus although the p30 pro was sharper thanks

To high resolution the sn+ did perform better in portrait mode for the edge detection it had better dynamic range and also in video you do have the option of 4k so it was sharper in video for the

Rear facing cameras when it comes to zoom and low-light the wind definitely has to go to the p30 Pro that five times optical as well as that ten times hybrid zoom is insane is the best zoom that I've tested on any smartphone camera and

That super spectrum camera where one way are using red yellow and blue instead of red green and blue does seem to have paid off because low-light images even on auto do look very very good and this may just be the new low-light champ

You've also got night mode which works really well for landscapes and things once again do bear in mind that if there is any movement of your hands and not steady then these images won't be as sharp but it's really nice to have that

Option I wish there was something like this on the sn+ but unfortunately we do not have this but I did prefer the ultra wide camera on the s10 plus it's actually wider compared to the p30 Pro for video although both were good I

Would have to give the overall went to the s10 a plus the footage from the primary camera as well as the ultra wide was more stable you've got better autofocus you've got a better slow motion and you've also got the option of

HDR 10 plus as well as 4k up to 60 frames a second you can only go for K up to 30 frames a second on the p30 pro now I couldn't really demonstrate HDR 10 + or 4k 60 frames a second in this video because this video is not in HDR 10 +

And it's at 4k 30 frames a second but it's nice to have those additional options on the s10 + so if you're somebody who likes taking a lot of video then I'd say that the S Center + is the better overall option that's what I

Think anyway what do you guys think definitely drop me a comment below and let me know your thoughts if you only see lots of images from lots of different devices that do give me a follow on Instagram I'm a super staff

And if you haven't already then be sure to subscribe to this channel because we'll have lots more super-sad style videos coming out I hope you enjoyed this video and found it useful if you did then do it that thumbs up on for me

Thanks watching this Apple super soft TV I'll see you next time

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