Huawei P30 Pro EXTREME Day in the Life.

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

the p30 pro is back and it has she got
him better since launch the furnace had
updates to improve image quality add new
features and even increased efficiency
so while we asked me if I'd film an
extreme at day in the life of this
updated phone but with the twist thing
it's gonna span pretty much two full
days and so as well as using the phone
to showcase some of the new features
we're gonna try and do it all on one
charge I had about an hour to kill
before the car came and before I knew it
we were off and let me just tell you
this stuff we're about to do on this
trip is stuff I never thought I would do
it is genuinely crazy and so to do this
we're headed from England all the way to
now that journey itself is about three
to three-and-a-half hours and so I spent
about an hour in total on the phone
itself doing a combination of some
really bad chess and then taking photos
and videos on the phones camera some of
which are seeing here we also stopped
off on the way a bit before we started
again used the p30 Pro for about ten
minutes of navigation and also played
around with the new and improved
fingerprint scanner both the speed and
the reliability are now better it wasn't
long before we lost the ability to
actually pronounce the places we were
entering and so we knew we were close to
Wales now there are three massive
activities we're about to do on this
trip and each of them is gonna show you
some feature of the p30 pro that you
might not have seen before and so before
the first one we arrived in what seems
like a pretty empty Welsh slate quarry
or something they call subterranean at
trampolining you head down underground
into these pretty chilly pretty dark
looking caves where pretty much the
first thing I did being the massive
camera nerd that I am is sat down and
took a night mode photo this is also
funnily enough one of those areas where
the finish on the back of the phone just
completely comes to life the trampoline
park itself is pretty surreal
is this massive hollowed out cavern with
Nets all over the place that you start
to bounce on and it does not feel safe
for the first five minutes but when you
get used to it
incredible genuinely just before we got
out of there the cave walls themselves
were just asking to be photographed
using the super macro mode I managed to
get this photo of a single water drop
about to fall from the ceiling
I was feeling pretty proud of myself at
this point up until I realized that I
have the entire imprint of the net I
just fallen on on the back of my shirt
okay so that entire setup was completely
surreal but as far as low-light goes we
can actually get lower than that and
just before we do we're all here in
beautiful Wales let's go for a bit of a
walk so whilst we're waiting for it to
get dark so we could head to event
number two we took a bit of a walk
we found this nice little waterfall yet
another slate quarry and it was all
happening whilst the Sun was slowly
setting in the background kind of
beautiful now one of the other things
that's massively improved in this phone
since launch is a are measure so you
might know the phone has its own
dedicated time-of-flight sensor it uses
that to accurately map out the distances
between real-world objects and I
remember this not being my favorite
feature at launch but it works far
better now so for this second activity
this second crazy experience to actually
work we need it to be dark and so just
to sort of stall some time we find this
really nice little bar slash pub place
that's near where we need to go and the
view from there is incredible
in fact I she took one of my favourite
smartphone photos ever standing at this
spot I give it a quick edit in Lightroom
and it looked even better but little did
I realize I was about to capture
something way better as the light starts
to dip we headed to our second location
we're gonna go to something called a
dark sky reserve a specific designated
area where artificial light pollution is
pretty much non-existent and on the way
I was on Lightroom just editing a few of
the photos we've taken earlier all right
so we've reached the dark sky reserve
now and this place is so quiet you can
pretty much whisper and people can hear
you clearly it's still a little bit
light to see the dark sky and the stars
and stuff properly so it's basically
gonna set up camp for a couple of hours
play around with the phone and the
camera and then get to work on that okay
all I want to say is just listen to this
place it's one of the most serene things
I've ever experienced pretty much the
only thing you can hear is just the
gentle sound of water
it was completely breathtaking but we
did have one problem
all right so it's already 10:00 p.m. and
it is nowhere near dark enough to do any
kind of night sky shooting so we're just
gonna basically camp out for a couple
more hours and hopefully we'll see some
kind of storage in the sky and sure
enough eventually it did start to get
dark and in fact so dark because
remember there are no artificial lights
around here though I managed to trip and
fall down a hill Oh mate all good though
and what happens next
completely made up for it so you've
probably heard of night nodes the p30
Pro takes incredible shots in the dark
but set your phone up on a tripod and
open up something called star trails
mode and you can take it to the next
all right so we just got one shot of the
stars and I am blown away I can't show
it to you it is one most impressive
things I've ever seen in my life
so we left the phone to capture for
around about eight minutes and in this
time because the earth is moving slowly
on its axis the phone captures the
relative movement of the stars for a
point of reference this is what the
Galaxy S 10 shot looked like using the
phone's night mode we're talking a level
of darkness where you can barely see
meters in front of you anyways this is
what the p30 Pro managed to capture and
let me tell you this was such a surreal
moment nobody could believe what came
out of this camera
after a little edit on Lightroom the
result went from what our incredible
jaw-dropping to just completely
unprecedented we thought maybe if you
zoom in you'll be able to spot some
obvious notable flaw in it but that just
wasn't the case and this right here is
my best edited version of both these
shots on the left is the p30 Pro on the
right is the s10 5g and here's the thing
that one wasn't even my favorite we
managed to take two more shots while we
were here this one which captures a
little bit more of the color in the sky
especially with a bit of editing to draw
it out and then for this one which we
just stuck the phone facing directly
upwards no interference just the phone
to the sky and if we zoom in and you
look closely you can actually see the
points we're shooting stars have come
and crossed the paths of the static
stars the whole thing was such a blur
and before I knew we were back
again the next morning alright so start
of day two and even though the phone was
on all night it hasn't lost a lot of
battery which is probably a good thing
because we're just under fake descent
right now I had a pretty sizable
breakfast but trust me when I say I was
gonna need it today and just before we
headed to extreme activity number three
we couldn't leave without at least
seeing the famous pebble beaches of
London no in Wales we gave the super
slow-motion video another stab with this
clip right here of me attempting to skim
a rock anyways it wasn't long before we
were at the third activity which is
actually world's fastest zipline through
you might have guessed a Welsh slate
quarry okay so we're at the zip line and
it looks like we've got one tear over
here kind of baby levels applying but
then the one I'm gonna be going on it's
round about there so yeah it's gonna be
good all pretty terrifying stuff and of
course it wasn't long before we were
right at the top with I got to say a
pretty incredible view
they didn't suddenly allow me to mount a
p30 pro onto my forehead but we did
manage to get some footage using dual
view from the waiting area where we
managed to get the 5 x zoom on one side
and then the wide-angle zoom on the
other side the way back was a pretty
long one and battery life was running
out as it was so I kept the usage light
I did a little bit of editing of some of
my favorite shots and a little bit of
social media as well when I got back one
of the first things I saw was the
amazing sight of my cat trying to figure
out what on earth a robot vacuum cleaner
was doing in its territory I opened up
the send anywhere application in order
to transfer the 10 gigs or so of footage
that had got on the phone to my laptop
so I could start editing this video and
that I got to say did take quite a
significant toll on the phone's battery
and so by the time it reached about 9:40
p.m. the phone was just about to go so I
got a quick look at some of the battery
usage stats over this period it's been
on medium power saving for this trip and
there's doesn't even one of the
contributing factors for how an earth
we've managed to get to last to extreme
at days of use what an insane trip


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