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by birtanpublished on August 21, 2020

Hey guys Anton the tech chap and this is the new 20 2008 meat book X Pro a big thank you to Y way for sending this over as I've been keen to have a proper play with us since I first got hands on earlier this year so the X Pro is the flagship of the mate book series and it

Starts at 1400 pounds here in the UK so with this 2020 model always gone with a more if it ain't broke don't fix that approach the biggest upgrade is we now get Intel's latest 10th gem processors we also get a more advanced form of

Huawei share which now includes multi collaboration where you can essentially use your Huawei or on a phone on the laptop plus there's a fancy new emerald green color along with the regular mystic silver and the Space Gray which I

Have here so a new processor improved while we share and a new color that's about it for 2020 but honestly that's no bad thing at all this is still a stunning laptop and one of my absolute favorites to use now I've got the top

Spec model here which will set you back 1700 pounds but for that we get an i7 10 510 you an nvidia geforce MX 250 graphics chip plus 16 gigs ram and one terabyte of SSD storage so it offers some impressive performance given just

How thin and light this is you can even get away with a bit of light gaming but we'll come back to that in a second then there's a design and we get this all aluminium unibody which weighs just 1.33 kilograms which you think is about 2.93

Pounds and it's just fourteen point six millimeters thick so that's pretty impressive for a 14 inch laptop build quality is top-notch and little things like being able to open it with one finger or the

Lack of flakes and the keyboard of the screen it definitely looks and feels like a premium laptop plus we get this huge precision touchpad a well spaced backlit keyboard which while fairly shallow still feels great to type on

Plus a solid range of ports including a headphone jack to USB C's one of which is Thunderball 3 and a USB a port which you don't see very often on these kind of laptops and if that's not enough you also get this guy bundled in the boxes

USBC adapter which gives you another USB a USB see vga and also a full size HDMI I wish more companies would bundle good adapters like this in the box we also get a fingerprint reader that's built into the power button

It supports Windows hello and so with just one press it'll power on and log you in and we also get quad speakers with Dolby Atmos support which I say often the best sound quality you can get on a laptop this

Size then we have this guy the little recessed webcam which is on the function row at the top of the keyboard their quality is actually pretty good but of course in that position if I'll say just looking at the screen and typing notes

Then you can see the top of my fingers and my nose a little bit so well it's a nice design for the you know security-conscious of you so you have to put tape over your webcam in this crazy world of coronavirus and lockdowns where

You know video calls and web conferencing is a lot more important I think personally going forward maybe on the next year's model I wouldn't mind seeing it on the top bezel but it's a nifty design as for the screen we get a

3 by 2 aspect ratio on the 13.9 if display which means it's a little taller and squarer than your typical 16 by 9 but personally i much prefer it the extra vertical space makes websites and programs feel a lot more comfortable to

Use but the flip side is we get slightly bigger letterboxing when watching videos and movies so the X Pro comes with a 3,000 by 2,000 resolution also known as 3k and that's the same as the surface book 3 from Microsoft for example and it

Works out at 260 pixels per inch for context the Apple MacBook Pro 13 gives us 227 PPI so I think this is a really good balance between being sharper than Full HD but not quite the battery draining overkill the 4k is on a screen

This size and it's also a touch screen which comes in handy and you can always buy Huawei styles pen for more precise digital drawing and in terms of color I measured 98% srgb 75% Adobe RGB and 75% DCI p3 so it's not the most color

Accurate screen but it's good enough for most of us and I'd still happily edit a video or photo on it and if you want a professional where color accuracy is really important then I just suggest outputting from the Thunderball 3 port

To a professionally calibrated external monitor now I want to switch gears just for a second because I think one of the most underrated features of the Maybrick X Pro is the fact that we get the GeForce MX 250 graphics chip instead of

The usual integrated chip you get with the processor well though I must say it's a little bit disappointing that for the second year in a row we're getting the MX 250 rather than and videos brand new MX 350 but

That could be a conscious decision from Huawei to balance performance with battery life but let me show you what it means to have an MX 250 because over here I've got the Dell XPS 13 and 9300 which is the latest model and it comes

With an i7 10th gem processor which also includes their fastest iris plus graphics in Geekbench 5 the Maybrick X Pro was 50% faster in the OpenCL benchmark and while there's no competition in the CUDA benchmark as the

Iris plus doesn't support it but the extra horsepower of the MX 250 combined with much better driver support for games through the GeForce experience app well at 1080p with medium settings the main book averaged 45 FPS in Rainbow six

Siege versus just 36 on the Dells so that's a 25% boost and then in for Knight same settings 59 FPS on the me book 50 on the Dell so that's 18 percent faster now the mx2 50 didn't make a significant difference in my Premiere

Pro for Kate export tests though it was just two and a half percent faster but every little helps and across the board the MX 250 is faster than the Intel graphics so performance in the X Pro is impressive but I did notice a little bit

Of throttling and it does get quite hot under heavy load I measured the processor peaking at a hundred degrees Celsius it's not uncommon for this form factor with more powerful components but on the inside you can see we only have

One fan and even with Huawei shark fin technology to improve air flow I think with the MX 250 as well a second fan would have been good to see on the outside I measured a peak of 46 Celsius towards the top of the keyboard which is

Quite hot actually but again this is only when you really push it one slight criticism I do have with this when it comes to the hardware is the fact that we're still getting slower and older ddr3 ram 21 33 megahertz most high-end

Premium 2020 ultrabooks will come with faster ddr4 I gave Apple a bit of a hard time for this because we get that same slow ram in the base macbook pro 13 where is the more expensive 10th gen one comes with the fast around so it would

Have been nice to see did he offer four on this it doesn't make a massive difference in real life but it probably is the slowest component of the maple KX program possibly therefore bottlenecks that

A bit sir perhaps next year will be good to see ddr4 but despite this the ex-pro still feels incredibly responsive and there's plenty of power on tap for pretty much everything you need from moderate photo and video editing and

Even like gaming plus with 512 gigs of storage and the base model there's never any shortage of space as for battery life we get a 56 one hour battery and one hour of YouTube at 50% brightness used 14% so my experience with normal

Used using Wi-Fi I got around 7 1/2 hours of battery from a book which is very good given the spec in the high res screen and while it does depend on your usage it should get you through a full working day one more trip over here

Because I forgot I've been using the supercharger this is the 65 watt supercharger that comes bundled with the maple cakes Pro and it'll top this up from dead to about 50% in just 40 minutes although a full charge takes

About two and a half hours so that is a little bit longer but because this is using Huawei supercharge technology you can then plug it into a compatible Huawei phone and you'll get super fast charging with this as well so it means

You only have to carry one charger with you when you go on your travels which is handy and finally in terms of productivity one of the Maples unique features is while we share and so if you do have a huawei phone running emui 10.1

Or later or an honor phone running magic UI 3.1 or later you can use the new full multi collaboration functionality just tap your phone and a laptop to connect and then as well as being able to quickly transfer files between them you

Can now get a pop-out window on a desktop with a full phone screen you can use the keyboard and touchpad to control it you get access to Android apps while running Windows and you can drag and drop files between them it's pretty cool

Assuming you have a huawei or on a phone so far so good then but no laptop is perfect and there are few little things that I wouldn't mind seeing improved perhaps on the next version of this firstly we're still getting Wi-Fi 5

There's no Wi-Fi 6 and here which is a bit of a shame also as I mentioned it would have been good to get that newer MX 350 graphics chip from Nvidia although as I say that could be a decision around balancing battery life

And performance and actually bearing in mind the fairly hot temperatures that we recorded from this it probably isn't a good idea to put something even more powerful in here unless of course they can improve the airflow or even

So maybe just add a second fan it would also be nice to see ddr4 Ram in here and also well subjective personally I wouldn't mind having the webcam on the top rather than down here because as I say well it's good for privacy it's not

The best position but altogether the maple cakes Pro is a great thin inline laptop there's not a whole lot new hair but the upgrade to 10th gen is good to see I think most of us will be best off with the base i5 model for 1400 pounds

You can't pay 300 more for the i7 if you want and also there is a cheaper version in some regions I think in Europe that don't actually come with the MX 250 chip you're getting Intel you HD graphics but I think for me at least one of some

Points of this is that extra graphics performance when it comes to games and graphically demanding apps or do you reckon would you be tempted to buy a new X Pro or perhaps even one of the meat book D Series which I covered recently

And I'll put little cards up so you can check those out afterwards let me know what you think in the may book in the comments below and I've also put links if you do want to check this out or find out more thank you so much for watching

Guys and if you do want to see more from me then don't forget to hit that little subscribe button down below and hopefully I'll see you next time right here on the tech chat

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