Huawei Mate X Complete Walkthrough: A Folding Screen on the Outside is Better?

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

I finally got some time albeit very
limited time with the new Huawei mate X
you know the other folding phone during
a press trip to China to visit Huawei
and learn more about them an executive
in the room took out the made X and told
the roomful of press that we could all
film it and take photos of it but that
they needed it back in about an hour
have you ever seen American football
we're like somebody fumbles the ball and
everyone just piles on top of it yeah
kind of like that Brutus we managed to
be civil enough and we all had a little
bit time and filmed and took photos etc
and I figured I would try in that
limited amount of time to do a complete
walkthrough for you guys now if you're
not familiar and blue walk through those
channels where I try to go through every
single feature I possibly can on new
device so that you guys are better
prepared should you eventually be in the
market to actually go buy it know what
that said there's a lot to go through so
let's get started with the hardware now
firstly I mean it folds we have an 8
inch o le d– 2200 by 24 80 display when
folded out giving us an odd 8 by 7.1
aspect ratio so you know almost square
and when folded back we have a front six
point six inch 19 point 5 by 9 aspect
ratio screen that does at least cover
the majority of the display it makes it
look almost similar in size and shape to
say a wall way p30 pro you open the
screen by clicking this a small button
under the camera on the back to unlock
it this button by the way we were told
is being redesigned to be flatter
so it doesn't accidentally get pressed
whenever the phone is laying on a desk
and is most likely going to look similar
to the one that the CEO was spawned with
having not too long ago something else
that's a benefit of the outward bending
screen besides just having a normal
looking modern phone on the front which
is great is the fact that it also has a
six point three eight inch rear screen
with a 25 by nine aspect ratio and a 24
80 by eight 92 resolution now most the
time this fear screen is off by default
but in some situations like when taking
a photo you can turn around the show the
person in the photo the image you're
taking and of course you can also use it
for selfies too since there are no other
cameras on the made X besides the ones
on the rear now service do you think
that Huawei does at least have an option
of maybe creating other use cases that
this back screen could be used for in
the future but we'll see now even though
this was
a pre-production unit it seems pretty
snappy to me and this software when
folding and unfolding worked as well as
one would expect the maid ex only comes
in one color interstellar blue but
considering most of the time you just
see screen on it it's sort of not that
important I guess moving around the
device really quick we have a
fingerprint sensor that doubles as a
power button on the right side of the
phone as well as a volume rocker above
that on the Left we have the vent screen
obviously but it's interesting to note
that it does turn off this edge up to
where the p30 pro screen edge basically
would be at the top we have our dual SIM
tray that also supports a nano memory
which is Huawei's proprietary memory
format that fits in the size of a nano
SIM slot which apparently you can buy on
some Chinese websites but I have yet to
see a working one in person personally
but let me know if you guys have on the
bottom we have our sole speaker which
sounds like this but just keep in mind
that again this is a pre-release model

and next to that we have our USB C port
that is a USB 3.1 gen2 Huawei's 55 watt
charging that's supposedly get the 4500
milliamp battery inside from 0 to 85% in
about 30 minutes it is interesting to
see a 4,500 milliamp battery in here
only 300 milliamps more than the p30 Pro
and with a much larger screen but since
the p30 Pro is still one of the longest
lasting phones I've used I'll give them
the benefit of the doubt for now and as
usual we'll test that further in a
real-world test that I'll do on the
phone whenever it comes out and if I get
one subscribe inter notifications next
towards subscribe to be notified when
that and other videos go live on the
channel there is no headphone jack but
Huawei does list the USB C port as a
Type C ear jack which is just funny
inside of ice it's listed as running a
Kirin 980 chipset but since it's being
reported to not come out until maybe
November it might even run whatever the
newer chipset is Karen 990 maybe
whenever that's released now that is
paired with eight gigs of RAM and 512
gigs of storage we also have bluetooth
5.0 Wi-Fi 802 dot 11 AC Qualcomm optics
HD bluetooth streaming L DAC and Hwa
audio and as you can tell by this little
logo the device will come with 5g
support for the camera on the back
we have a slightly similar setup to the
Huawei P 30 pro I'll be it with
different aperture levels and focal
lengths for some of the cameras we have
a standard 40 megapixel 27 millimeter
equivalent F 1.8 aperture instead of the
F 1.6 on the p30 Pro then as phase
detection autofocus we have an 8
megapixel F 2.4 aperture instead of the
F 3.4 on the p30 Pro 56 millimeter
equivalent telephoto which is a 2 time
zoom instead of the 5 times on the p30
Pro by the way and a 16 megapixel
instead of the 20 megapixel on the p30
Pro F 2.2 aperture 17 millimeter
equivalent instead of the 16 millimeter
equivalent on the p30 Pro wide-angle
lens and lastly we the same time of
flight depth-sensing camera as the P 30
problem now regardless the photos we
were able to quickly take in the room on
the pre-release software definitely
remind me of shots from the P 3 Pro in
terms of quality and the colorscience
which makes a lot of sense
one cool difference that I already
mentioned briefly is that you can use
any of these cameras as your selfie
camera since we can use the bent back of
the screen as a viewfinder now in terms
of software it's running the same emui
as the P 30 Pro which will probably be
10 whenever that launches and so I won't
go into that too in-depth since it's not
really new the only things I noticed
that were unique to the made axe in the
limited time that I had it is that
selfie camera ability that I already
mentioned and even though they use both
sides of the display as a split screen
now I didn't seem to be able to do more
than two windows like the fold cam but
again all of this is pre-release
software so who knows the device is
again now rumored for September or even
November and will cost about 2,300 euros
or the equivalent of about two thousand
five hundred and fifty US dollars thing
is though that it will most likely
launch first in China and then
subsequent markets after but the u.s. is
looking like a very unlikely market to
get one of course also we're being told
that it will be in limited supply when
it does launch scimitar the galaxy folds
so getting your hands on one will not
only be expensive but quite difficult in
all likelihood now I will do my best to
try to get my hands on one of these
whether it's to borrow it for review or
maybe even I might try to buy it from
China we'll see how that goes but then
when I do I will do more videos on it
and try to do like a real
test where I'll try to you know actually
test it out and give you guys an opinion
on it otherwise if you're not already
please subscribe to the channel to be
notified whenever those videos and other
ones go live one thing I can say at
least from the very limited time that I
had with the device
it feels good like I bent it back and I
was I was almost like scared cuz I was
sturdy enough that I thought I was
actually like doing like bending it in a
way that wasn't supposed to but it's
just a very like solid hinge I felt the
same way about the fold honestly like I
think with these devices being at the
price point that they are they're kind
of a showpiece for these companies to
show off what they can do including the
folding screen etc etc they may not be
the most practical at the price point
but they do I think at least between
these two devices that I've got a chance
to use they do a good job of making them
feel like premium devices I can't wait
to try this out hopefully I'll get a
chance to and even to retry out the fold
stay tuned again for more videos on both
of those whenever that might happen
otherwise though as always thanks for

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