Huawei Mate 9 vs. Google Pixel XL: Is the Pixel worth it?

by birtanpublished on September 29, 2020

the Google pixel Excel crowned by many
including myself as the best Android
phone out right now the huawei mate 9 a
rather impressive device that's been
turning heads with its capabilities and
it's much lighter price tag now can the
mate nine give the pixel XL a run for
its money which is the better purchase
well let's go ahead and find out so
starting off with the screen the XL has
a super crisp 5.5 inch quad HD display
which I fell in love with instantly it
looks great it's also AMOLED so colors
are nice and punchy along with those
deep dark blacks on the main nine you're
looking at a larger 5.9 inch full HD IPS
LCD display you spec heads out there
probably just cringed a little right I
mean it's the year 2017 and we're
looking at a phone with a near 6 inch
screen at just 1080p this brings to mind
while weighs Nexus 6p that came out in
2015 and that had a quad HD display plus
it was cheaper but to be fair this
screen isn't terrible in fact it looks
really good it does have those black
outlines which was a bit of a turn-off
at first but I did get used to it and
overall the screen didn't bother me too
much while I was using them but when I
went back to the pixel it reminded me
why I enjoy its screen so much now of
course this could easily be considered
nitpicking and I guess it sort of
balances things out due to the battery
life that you'll be saving with a lower
res screen general consumers won't
really have to worry about display
quality all that much with these two
screens they're both great now moving on
to the hardware this is where they mate
9 really shiny for 600 bucks you're
getting an absolute beast of a device
this phone screams premium and it could
pass for a phone price in pixel XL and
iPhone 7 plus range and on top of all
that it just looks classy from the all
glass and aluminum build it's been
bezels to these sleek dual camera lenses
on the back I'm very impressed with what
while we did with the mate 9 that's what
the pixel well we know where this one's
going let's see one word everyone
associates with the pixels Hardware
boring yeah ok so it looks boring but
really you eventually forget about how
the phone looks because in the end is
how the phone works I haven't thought
twice about the pixel exhales looks in
quite a while
I only do that when I admire the marble
skin I have on it from debrand plus most
users are just going to slap a case on
the device anyway just note that both
are built very well with high quality
materials no cheapness in sight I am
pleased to see that both of these phones
still have headphone jacks as I still
find a need for them
maybe I'm behind or just being realistic
but it's here as you need it both
devices do have fingerprint readers on
the back they're quick and very accurate
but they mate 9 that scanner is
definitely the clear winner when it
comes to speed it's pretty much instant
whereas the one on the pixel takes its
time it's not a huge deal or anything
like that I mean it's a split second
difference I was just really impressed
with a single tap required to access my
phone now we're talking about how these
two phones work there really isn't too
much to talk about at this point in time
every flagship device itself to a
certain performance standard and both of
these phones go above and beyond that
standard handling everything extremely
well from bouncing in between
applications playing all sorts of games
watching videos basically everything you
can do on a phone these two handle them
without a sweat they're buttery smooth
there's pretty much no sign of lag
whatsoever and they're both quick and
super snappy I'm actually more impressed
with you mate 9 being as fast as it is
with how much cheaper it is compared to
the XL and it also seems a tad snappier
than the pixel 2 which is even more
impressive because of always emotion UI
skin slapped on top of Android 7 on new
gear speaking of the skin is really not
that bad in all honesty there are a few
pre-loaded applications scattered
throughout but it's nothing to really
complain about it's totally usable now
of course on the pixel you've got pure
untampered Android you get 7.1.1 to be
exact and Google's done a fantastic job
with the overall software experience
it's not perfect but it's definitely the
main selling point of the phone and it's
what keeps me coming back to the pixel
continuing on with user experience
this again is where the mate 9 shines
it's got a larger screen which makes
watching videos more enjoyable but not
only that it's got a much better
sounding set of speakers on the accel
we're stuck with one bottom firing
speaker doesn't sound bad
but it doesn't sound great either it's
acceptable though on the mate 9 however
we've got a bottom firing speaker and
the earpiece up top is used as a tiny
speaker as well you can definitely tell
a difference here music end videos just
sound fuller but while watching videos
and playing games make more enjoyable on
the mate 9 virtual reality experience
takes a hit due to its 1080p display
that is if you even care about VR either
way both are great for media consumption
now I know you want to know how teammate
9 camera or cameras stack up 2d pixels
without getting into too much detail no
pun intended the pixels got to mate 9
camera beeps period not to take anything
away from the mate nine it's got a very
solid set of cameras along with a bunch
of cool shooting mode I just wasn't
really impressed with what I got out of
it okay this is a $600 phone after all
and at that point you can say it's got a
great camera
seriously the camera on the main nine
names nothing to sneeze at but to put it
plainly if I had these two phones in my
pocket and wanted to take a picture I
would take the pixel out of my pocket
ten out of ten times pictures come out
clearer and sharper and overall they
just look nicer now there will be these
occasional instances where they make
nice pictures actually looks better than
the pencil pictures but that just
doesn't happen often enough they make
nine has a 12 megapixel main shooter
with an s 2.2 aperture and the pixel has
a 12 point three megapixel main shooter
with an S 2.0 aperture but there's no
getting around the fact that the pixel
has one of its Nazi badge camera on a
smartphone out there right now where I
can say that the Mait 9 has a bit of an
upper hand here is in the camera
software Pro Mode it's a mirror swipe
away which is great for those that need
quick access to manual controls there
are a large handful of shooting modes as
well as a wide aperture mode but at the
end of the day a dual camera system and
a large collection of shooting modes
won't be enough to save the mate 9 from
the pixel superior camera the cage is
the same for their respective selfie
cameras both standing at 8 megapixels
they take good quality shots but again
the results from the excel come out with
a more natural cleaner look whereas on
the 9 results appear washed out and
sometimes over target I also like how
you can switch between cameras with a
quick flip gesture on the pixel pretty
neat in my opinion as far as video goes
the story stays the same bowls are
capable of shooting 4k video and along
with that they bolts or electronic image
stabilization or EIS for short while
both do a great job of keeping things
nice and smooth again I gotta hand it to
the pixel on this one it almost appears
as if I'm flying this thing on a gimbal
now as far as battery-less goes things
balance out pretty nicely I get about 5
to 6 hours of screen on time with my
excel and I get a little less on you
mate 9 but safe to say that both are
able to make it through daily tasks both
mild and heavy quite easily normally
with the screen size this big you'd
expect about your life to take a bit of
a hit but as I mentioned before that
1080p resolution definitely plays a role
in saving battery life as well as back
to the mate 9 has a beefier four
thousand milliamp hour battery
compared to the XLS 34
about battery so as far as making it
through a day on a single charge there's
nothing to worry about here
so which device is the better Buy well
the baseline pixel XL starts at 769
which gives you 32 gigs of
non-expandable storage while the may 9
can be picked up for $5.99 and that'll
get you 64 gigabytes of expandable
storage yes mate 9 actually has a micro
SD card slot I was very happy to see
that it's great to have it on hand for
me personally it's pixel XL all the way
it has a sharper display I have salutely
love pure stock Android plus it has the
better set of cameras but guess what
this phone cost me nearly $1000 after
tax and all that for just $600 I could
get a phone with a near 6 inch screen
better sounding speakers expandable
storage and a nicer feeling more
attractive build and design so in all
honesty if you're looking for a phone
that checks the most of if not all of
the boxes for a phone in this price
range and even higher one whose only
downfalls when compared to more
expensive blacc ships appear to be the
screen resolution and the cameras then
get to mate 9 the only real cause for
hesitation when recommending this phone
besides the cameras would be the
software it's a no match for
unadulterated Android but if I'm
speaking the truth it's no slouch either
it's quick its usable and it's also
Android 7.0 not a lot of phones can say
that they're running this close to the
latest version of Android its overall
game 89 is a winner in my book
but the winner in my book is de pixel
excel the victory is by a fairly slim
margin I will admit which really shows
how good of a device and mate 9 truly is
I enjoy both devices a lot and while I
can easily recommend the pixel excel to
anyone those people also have to be
willing to shell out iphone money to get
that phone but would the May 9 that's
not the case
which makes it a more than easy
recommendation so which one do you guys
like better which one do you think is
the better Buy if you haven't gotten one
yet and are planning to which one are
you picking up let us know by dropping a
comment down below but anyway that does
it for the video I hope you guys enjoyed
it if you did feel free to hit that like
button subscribe to the Android police
channel if you haven't already that does
it for me I'll talk to you all in the
next video and thanks for watching

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