HTC One M9: Unboxing & Review

by birtanpublished on April 1, 2021

What's up guys Mike here the Detroit Borg with a look at the new HTC One m9 which is kind of an evolution of the very popular m8 from last year so the m9 aims to fix some of the weaknesses of the m8 while retaining the beautiful all-metal design now the new m9 is powered by the new snapdragon 810 which is an octa-core processor which combines two quad-core swolen clocked at 1.5 the other clocked at two gigahertz which also gets us the adrenal 430 GPU we got three gigs of ram and 32 gigs of internal storage but we do have a micro SD card slot here which supports 128 gig cards now the camera also makes a big

Leap here we go from the four ultra pixel camera to a twenty point seven megapixel rear facing camera still with no optical image stabilization but of course you get 4k video recording and a lot more resolution than the for ultra pixels we had last year but we haven't lost the ultra pixel camera entirely that is now on the front of the phone which is not your front facing camera which is good for 1080p video at 30 frames per second now the m9 retains the excellent 5-inch 1080p display from the m8 same resolution here with a pixel density of 441 so it's a nice bright

Vivid display one of my favorite features from the MA and returning once again are the front-facing HTC boomsound stereo speakers which made the m8 one of the best sounding phones you could buy and I'm really excited to test it out with a new m9 now I wanna give a big shout out to 20 mobile comm hook me up once again with this device for an early review I get a lot of my devices from them so if you want to check them out go to 28 mobile comm alright first thing we need to do here is crack into our packaging here I'm just gonna remove the plastics or around the net so I'm going

To slice the plastic back here a little back alright so let's go ahead and lift the lid here inside is our HTC One m9 very familiar packaging to the previous generation so we can go ahead and lift it up here now this is the silver and gold color so if you want silver comes with this kind of gold finish on the front and along the side here and silver on the back so let's go and peel off this plastic here and there we go very nice looking right away you can see that nice milled sort of a polished look to the metal here looks really nice more like jewelry

Here you can see it that nice glossy smooth finish to the gold trim along the side of course we're gonna take a close look at that in just a minute now let's take a look at our contents here so we have our USB wall adapter here pull this out you'll see the ECC branding so we get a pretty standard ACC wand after no rapid charging here we also get our USB charging cable just USB 2.0 no USB see here we also get a set of ACC's in-ear style headphones with a remote control and microphone built right in of course they do give us these replacement ear tips so you can find the

Right size and of course we have a standard array of paperwork from a Quick Start Guide to our warranty statement and the sim ejection tool we also have a set of IMEI and serial number stickers alright so let's take a look at our design here so once again we have a five inch phone and it's not terribly compact you see we have fairly large bezels at the top and bottom so they haven't really shrunk it down the phone they're lost since the m8 in fact it's slightly thicker but it is slightly short and we're going to compare this to the previous generation later in this video

So at the top we have our four ultra pixel camera or 4 megapixels effectively 4 mega pixels of resolution but ultra pixel basically means that you get better low-light performance because the pixel sizes and the sensor are larger we also have our ambient light sensor and proximity sensor right next to it and then we have our speaker grille which also hides an LED notification light down below we have the other front-facing stereo speaker which also hides the mouthpiece and the microphones you can see that we do not have off screen Android keys even though we have

Room for them you can see they're all on screen take a look at the back once again we have these antenna insulators at the top and bottom which is a signature from the HTC One m8 you can see we have one of the microphone sort of hidden in there we have our new 20.7 megapixel rear-facing camera which is again a huge spec bump from the for ultra pixel camera on the back and of course we will test this out later in this review and then we have our dual tone LED flash down below we'll find our slightly off-center micro USB 2.0 port as well as our headphone jack now we do

Have an FM radio in here so if you connect a pair of headphones of those will act as your antenna now once again that the top of the phone will find an IR transmitter which allows you to control your AV equipment and of course an app is included with the software now on the right side you'll find your sleep wake power button which has been repositioned from the top to the right side here toward the center which makes it a little more reachable a little more easier to operate than before but it does place it in close proximity to the vine controls just above it but it does

Have a unique texture so you should be able to feel the difference but you will unintentionally operate these at some point until you get used to it we also have our micro SD card slot here so this does support 120 gigs and you can eject this with the included sim ejection tool and on the left side you'll find the nano SIM tray now for the most part the m9 and m8 look very similar most of the differences are in subtle details so for example with the m9 the entire front bezel is actually metal that wasn't the story with the previous generation kind of had

This textured plastic which resembled the metal finish of the surrounding body but wasn't metal so this time you have a little more metal on the new m9 versus the m8 the m8 also has this nice metal chamfered edge so the edge of the phone feels a little smoother a little more continuous than the new m9 which kinda has this overlapping metal design which looks a little more like jewelry but the edges feel a little rougher a little box here than the previous generation but then again also makes it a little more grip a ball a little less slippery than the m8 now another big change here is

The camera Hardware on the back obviously they've eliminated the depth camera from the m8 and they've added a much larger 20.7 megapixel module here so you can the protruding camera lens which is surrounded by a metal bezel as opposed to the flush design of the m8 now once again along the top you have this plastic trim piece which houses the IR window now this also used to house the sleep/wake power button at the top that has been repositioned on the side of the new phone now along the right side once again we have our micro SD card slot but the buttons have changed

Quite a bit here instead of a volume rocker we have to individual volume controls we also have our sleep/wake power button right below that so again a pretty big design change here again to be a little more ergonomic than the previous generation now not much has changed on the bottom here both the headphone jack and the USB port are in the same place and on the left side the micro sim has been replaced by a nano SIM so the tray has shrunk it down a bit now in terms of dimensions the new m9 is about 2 millimeters shorter than before 1 millimeter

Narrower but it is slightly thicker nine point six millimeters at versus nine point four millimeters but this slightly thicker phone does accommodate a larger band we go from 2600 milliamp hours to 28 40 another new phone is slightly lighter than before we go from 160 grams to 157 grams alright so let's take a look at our user interface so once again this is Android 5.0 or lollipop in his skin by HTC with HTC Sense 7 so you can see on the lockscreen we actually get all the comes from your home screen on your lock screen so you can quickly access these

Apps right from the lock screen just swipe up to unlock them takes you right to the app here so that's very handy so if you want to modify what appears on your lock screen just modify what appears here on your dock now the other thing here is that you can double tap the screen to put it to sleep or double tap to wake it up again that's on the lock screen now the home screen layout is pretty familiar to HTC Sense so you can swipe all the way to the right to get to blinkfeed blinkfeed basically aggregates all your social media feeds like Instagram Facebook Twitter Google+

And that sort of thing all your newsfeed so you can modify what feeds in here your calendar events and other things will just kind of populate here so if you take some photographs they'll actually appear in your in the suppling feed as well and if you want to modify it just swipe again to the right here so you can see whether you wanna just see all your highlights which is everything in chronological order or I can select specific sites such as ala blog here or I can select specific amps if I just want to see my Twitter messages so this will populate with all

My Twitter messages and I can scroll through it and I can tap on them to launch right into that app now I can add many things to my playing for you here so for example if I want to add business stories here I can select specific websites to feed into blinkfeed or I can just like business highlights and it will populate all the popular stories from those feeds you can also see I can select specific apps here so for example I can feed my Google+ LinkedIn and quite a few others but then I actually find playing free kind of addicting I spend a lot of time here kind of reading through

These new stories so for example if I'm a tap on it takes me right to it instead of having to dig from app to app to file all these new stories it's all in one place and I think it's a pretty powerful utility now in terms of this home screen you can pinch in and out to see all your available home screens and edit them so you can see I can select this as the main home screen I can also select this and delete it if I want so if I want to remove this I cancel that gets rid of blinkfeed where I can re-edit so if you don't want blinkfeed at all that's one way of

Getting rid of it also within that editor you can drag and drop your widgets or your apps or additional shortcuts or you can just search for whatever you want now I can also rearrange these but as you can see here blinkfeed always has to be on the left side bring it down to our drop down notification shade you can see it's pretty close to stock here so pretty standard stuff and then you can bring up your quick setting toggles which are quite a bit different here so of course ECC has added quite a bit here and the way you use them is a

Little different here so for example with Wi-Fi you can just toggle Wi-Fi on and off if you want you could turn back on or you can tap these three dots here to bring it to the Settings panel for Wi-Fi so that's one away quickly access ena but of course you can also just happen hold to do the same thing now there is a lot going on here and this is highly customizable so you get this little editor in the upper right corner which allows you to rearrange those toggles or add additional toggles here so you can see there's quite a few others like screen shot mode you can hog

On GPS if you want auto syncing screen timeout sync all also have NFC which you can talk about enough yes it does have NFC built in it does not have wireless charging built in and then you have glove mode glove on this kind of interesting because it increases sensitivity of the display so you can actually operate the phone with the gloved hand now we have a flashlight here and the flashlight actually turns on both LEDs that that's interesting to you so with both LEDs you get more of a normal warm light as opposed to that

Kind of blue bright LED light we also have HTC connect so this will scan for wireless devices nearby that this can connect to such as DLNA equipment so if I am an AV receiver I could connect to and broadcast my media to that receiver or if I have a TV a smart TV like Samsung Smart TV in my room downstairs I can actually connect to this and broadcast the display and audio wirelessly to that display that works out pretty nicely now I can drag and drop any one of these up to your quick settings but you are limited to twelve so one will have to be

Bumped out of the way so for example if I want my flashlight here at the bump-out hotspot take a look at the airport here you basically scroll through it and you can arrange it either by custom alphabetically or most recent with custom exif folder in here so you can folder your apps and your in fact many of these already came folder by default but if you want to folder them what you have to do is select rearrange apps here because if you drag and drop them they'll actually a bump yalla be afterward and drag it to the home screen so now I can rearrange them here so I

Can create new folders if I want or I can uninstall it or I can hide the app from view entirely so again a really nice quick editor you can also hide or on the hide app so for apps you can't uninstall or don't want to uninstall you can just hide them from view and then restore them if you want we can also go to manage apps which just takes you to the app manager we're all familiar with you have so you can see how much system resources are being used right now so it's kind of nice to have this all in one location we can also change the grid size of the after were here so you can

Go with 4 by 5 which is here by default or 3 by 4 to get a little more space now in terms of these Android of course we have home back and our recent apps now recent apps access to views here you have these three pages of cards if you want this is familiar to previous HTC devices now you're limited to three pages here but you can change this if you go to settings and change the layout to card view and then you have that traditional card view that we're all familiar with from stock Android now within grid View just tap the apps you want to bring forward and

You can swipe up to dismiss them now one of the really interesting features here on the main home screen is this little widget called HTC Sense home so will homily aggregates your apps depending on your GPS location and your activity so for example one that meant home it determines that while YouTube is most likely used the YouTube studio for managing my content the Play Store my calendar music that sort of thing all of that is here you can also see all my recently downloaded apps right here which again that's very useful now I can select your different location here so

You can see what you might use when you're out and about it's obviously navigation maybe your calendar maybe the car app and that sort of thing here and then if you're at work and of course work is where I live so it's basically the same thing but this will automatically change an update depending on your activity and how you use the app so it's actually kind of useful now pressing leave on keys along the side get you to your controls for independent controlling the value for your ringtones your music and video your alarms as well as your notifications

Which you can independent roll here so if you don't want to mute your notifications accidentally when you turn down your ringtone you can prevent that right here now I can also see that we have our Do Not Disturb features here as well which is familiar from stock Android so we can limit our notifications to priority which you can modify under settings and you can limit its duration from 15 minutes all the way up to 8 hours again close to stock Android here or you can receive no notifications and also limit that by time now if you press and hold the power

Button along the side we can actually launch into kid mode which is kind of a safe environment with age-appropriate games and educational apps that restricts access to other parts of the phone it's actually an app called zoodles and then you can actually build a profile for this user so for example I'm just going to go with so here you can add a picture and you can specify the age so that this will load eight specific apps or age appropriate apps and then when you're done I have to do is press and hold the power button again to exit kids mode

Green arrow to play more games and they'll have to enter in their birth year so if they're not old enough to know that they won't know to do this click ok there you go next up let's take a look at our Settings panel here and it is searchable so you just want to search for things like display just start typing it in and then you can jump right to your display settings that's it kinda digging through here to find them now understandings we have lots of personalization options so you can highly customized your experience on this phone so one of them

Is the ability to change the homescreen long term so of course you have the standard and then you have easy mode which is kind of like the grandma mode here simplifies the user interface you can add your contacts you have your major apps on the front and then you have all your apps which you can cycle through again very simplified interface is designed to be extra simple for certain type of users now you can modify this navigation bar so you can rearrange the ones that you've included or you can add additional ones so for example I can rearrange this here and I can add this

Turn off screen toggle as well some others now you're limited to force you have to pick four no more than that so for example if I have this turn off screen icon I cannot just flick the screen off like so that will tap to wake it up again and then swipe down like if I want to lock it there you go so that's kind of a handy utility to have now you cannot turn off the back home or recent apps buns but of course you can turn off these other buns and select something else so for example if you want your notification panel there you go now you

Can just bring out your notification panel without swiping now we also have all to rotate notifications hide the navigation bar and quick settings now if you want to maximize your screen real estate you can quickly hide the navigation bar so when you bring up an app here it actually uses the entire screen and only takes up the space when you need it now of course we can also change our wallpaper our ringtones are alarm style font sizes keyboard colors and stuff like that but more powerful is the theme so we can completely change out the theme here this actually takes

Us to the specific at this themes app so we can download the additional themes here so for example if we just want this theme we can download it so it gives us an icon pack a color scheme audio pack everything like that you can see exactly what people think of this theme so now if I apply this theme this will completely refresh the device so now you can see I have a different lockscreen wallpaper a different homescreen wallpaper a different color scheme and font style and s or thing now if I want to go back to one of my other themes here I can go to my themes here

Go to HTC default click yes and we're back to normal but you can completely customize this theme experience so you can change the wallpapers you can change the icons if you want a different icon pack here you can see all the ones that are available so if you like a specific theme but not the icons you can select different icons here so for example if I select this icon pack right there kind of a monotone theme you can download that store is it for you and we can click apply so now you can see the main system icons have been updated but of course that's not Universal we also have

Sounds here so we have a library of sounds to pick from here so if you want to preview them just tap on them and we have lots of funds to pick from here so if you're a big fan of the fonts and want the exact right one for you you probably can find it in here now in addition to our themes we can also independently control the accent colors here so we have default and we have a quite a few of us we can pick from and as you can see when you pick them and automatically it updates the color scheme here so changes everything from the drop down shade to the home screen

Now alternatively you can just create your own theme here just go the plus sign start building your own theme starting with the wallpaper so we can choose any wallpaper you can choose an image from your photo gallery so let's go and do that so we can select a filter for our wallpaper and let's go with this one and click Next and now we have to crop it for the wallpaper so let's go and zoom in right here click done next up we have to pick a theme here so whatever image you pick for your wallpaper it actually influences the coloring of that theme so the theme

Includes the icon pack the sounds and fonts and you can get a preview of what each pack includes here just by swiping through it so if you want something a little more monotone here like this one let's go and click that one and click next and then you can name it we're just gonna go of theme too so there we go you can see my previous designs you can see already done this one before so if we click that click apply this will apply it to the system so now if you go to the home screen you can see the icon packs and everything had been updated for this new theme now you can also customize

Your themes using the HTC theme maker on the website so if you go to the theme CCC comm you can actually log in with your Google account or your Facebook account sync all your themes together and then create new ones and this is a little more powerful than the software that's on the phone so if you really want to customize your phone this is the best way to go and also other options is the ability to transfer your information from month onto this phone so for example if you have an HTC Android phone you can use quick transfer or you can do a full

Transfer you can also transfer from another Android phone or you can use an iPhone so for example you can log in with your iCloud account to use your iCloud backup or your iTunes backup to transfer your information to this device and that will transfer your contacts calendars bookmarks tax messages photos and more from iCloud now under displays and gestures you'll find something called motion launch gestures many of these are off by default but we're going to go through all of them here now if you don't know what each one of these does or how it works you get these

Little tutorials that'll explain how they work but let's go through them one by one now these work on the lock screen when the device is turned off so of course we have the double tap to wake up the device double tap to put it back to sleep you can also swipe down to launch into a voice dialer you can swipe to the left to launch run into your home screen you can swipe up to directly unlock the device and you can bypass the unlock code if you prefer you can also swipe to the right to launch rental blinkfeed now if you rotate the font to a horizontal

Position and press and hold the vine key this will launch the camera app we also have our media gesture here which you can toggle on and off so if you're within an app such as YouTube here if you use a three finger gesture to swipe up you can actually cast this to a wise device like a Samsung Smart TV or any other device that you can wirelessly connect you to broadcast media now in terms of audio we have HTC boomsound with Dolby audio and you have a quick toggle here for music mode with internal speakers or theater mode with internal speakers so this is best for movies this

Is best for listening to music now in terms of storage this phone has 32 gigs internally in the system takes up about 10 gigs of that so you have about 22 gigs left for photos and apps and that sort of thing of course with 4k video recording that takes up quite a bit more space here so already I've used up almost about 2 gigs for photos and video but of course you also have a microSD card slot which you can manage here as well number power we have lots of power saving options here so we have the standard power saver and then we have extreme power saving mode and of course

We have all of our battery used information unfortunately well it doesn't tell us is the display time so total display time this unfortunately will not tell you in terms of power saving we have the standard power saving mode which will die back CPU performance the display brightness turnoff operation let's save power and turn off data connections when you're not using it so if you turn them on that'll save power using the standard measures but with extreme power saving mode you can turn this on or you can change when this automatically turns on so right now it's

Set to 10% so once the battery drops down to 10% this automatically kicks in but of course you can modify that so let's go and turn this on the show you exactly what happens but basically this completely changes the launcher so we have a very simplified launcher a very dark display turns off most of the background color so the display is mostly dim and then it also minimizes what apps are included here so very simplified interface it's kind of a limp home mode it's really meant to extend the battery life to its maximum or retaining critical function now take a

Look at the camera software again pretty familiar still if you tap anywhere on the scene to adjust the exposure and focus you can tap and hold to lock exposure and focus and tap anywhere again to release it of course you can pinch in and out to zoom snap your photograph and tap the hole for continuous photograph it's not terribly fast here and then you can pick the photograph you want as your best shot now as you can see it takes photographs pretty quickly and focuses pretty quickly at least if it has plenty of light here now we can also swipe between

Our camera mode so we can go to the selfie camera we can swipe back to the go to main camera go back to panorama go back to bokeh and some other modes you can add here so we can go right to our grid here to see our available modes here so we can add additional modes so we have photobooth and split capture those are the only two modes I haven't added here and then we can also modify them just by tapping and holding on them so we can delete them like so or rearrange them we can also mainly control our ISO settings our exposure values our white balance as well as more

Options so here we can change our resolution we can change the self-timer that's our thing now can also begin recording our video here and I can pinch in and out to zoom right now I'm recording in 4k so I lose the ability to snap photographs at the same time this also does not feature continuous autofocus in so you do have to tap the scene to focus now you can see I also have a countdown timer here you're limited to 6 minutes for a 4k video recording that may be to save on storage space because 4k takes a lot of space or to save on battery life and performance

Because it does warm up when you're using 4k and of course does that through the battery now this trollin takes its selfie camera pretty seriously here so we have lots of options including this little beauty face Slyder that will actually kind of soften the details on your face to make it look a little more flaring and as you can see it's actually tracking your face in real time so of course it can adjust just that part of the seam to soften the face not soften the entire image you can also enable a timer here so when you release

The shutter you get a little countdown so give you a little time to pose for the image and then you can modify the image using the editor now in terms of camera quality this is definitely not one of the better cameras out there in terms of daylight conditions it does a fairly decent job the images are pretty sharp and clear does a pretty good job finding focus quickly and snapping the photographs quickly but the exposure tends to be all over the place has a really hard time finding the right exposure for the scene tends to underexpose or overexpose and the color

Reproduction and tones tend to be a little washed out and the little on the orange side now this camera is especially poor at low-light performance it has a really hard time finding focus and when it snaps photographs it does a lot of processing so there's a lot of color noise a lot of distortion and a lot of the smoothness so a lot of detail is lost even though we have lots of resolution to work with now we do have a dual tone flash which is used to a pretty good effect here so it produces very natural light and it does a nice job illuminating a dark scene now in

Terms of video quality again we have 4k video resolution but it does not feature continuous on the focusing and it's not stabilized and it's very noticeable here so it's really hard to get smooth handheld footage out of this camera so a lot of 4k cameras require optical image stabilization and that has been included on a lot of high-end phones but this phone unfortunate features know sort of stabilization whatsoever and it produces pretty shaky results hey guys Mike Harry the detorri Borg with a look at the front-facing camera of the new HTC One m9 which is now using the ultra pixel

Sensor that was on the back of the m8 and that's an excellent camera good wide angle lens great exposure great color compensation or color reproduction and great microphones I get great audio pickup from this camera so this is definitely one of the better front-facing cameras I've used to date so this is 1080p at 30 frames per second you can see the exposure does bounce around from seeing the scene but it does a pretty smooth job compensating so generally speaking definitely one of the better front-facing cameras you can buy on the

Smartphone today next up let's take a listen to the front-facing stereo speakers and they have improved slightly from the previous generation so let's compare them what's up guys mic here the Detroit Board with a look at the second generation Chromebook pixel which is once again designed by Google and sold through the Google Play Store and remains kind of a showcase piece for the Chrome OS because it's pretty high-end hardware with a pretty high-end price tag although it is a bit cheaper now nothing what's up guys Mike here the Detroit Board with a look at the second

Generation Chromebook pixel which is once again designed by Google and sold through the Google Play Store and remains kind of a showcase piece for the chrome OS because it's pretty high-end hardware with a pretty high-end price tag although it is a bit cheaper now now the differences are pretty hard to distinguish here but the new one sound a bit louder a bit four and a bit more clearer than the previous generation although they're pretty close and they both sound excellent take a look at our Geekbench three scores again huge gains have been made from the previous

Generation again we go from a quad-core Snapdragon 801 to a octa-core Snapdragon 810 so actually huge gains especially on the multi-core score now in terms of battery life this is actually a little hard for me to communicate just because your mileage will vary typically what I like to do is just take a look at on screen time but unfortunately the software doesn't let you see strict on screen time but I'm able to get at least 16 to 20 hours out of this phone on a single charge with no problem that's using it pretty heavily especially during my review period here so I'm

Pretty impressed overall by the battery life but it tends to be unpredictable so for example if you're recording 4k video you will zap the battery really quickly and heat it up but that's pretty typical for 4k video now in terms of system performance this is actually very close to the stock Android experience is really quick and smooth and the East DC cents skin has been well optimized for performance there is really no perceptible lag or frame dropping or stuttering or stalling or pausing or anything this film is really quick and definitely with that

Snapdragon 810 processor 3 gigs of RAM there is plenty of room to spare with this device now one issue with the Snapdragon 810 processor is heating and indeed this film does heat up noticeably under certain circumstances although it tends to be a little unpredictable and a little random we're recording 4k video if you're doing anything that's kind of system intensive like gaming or anything like that you will definitely heat up this phone and it becomes very noticeable now using an external temperature the hottest I've seen this phone get is about 105 106

Degrees but most of the time it's around 100 or 101 degrees under heavy load but a lot of times this phone can feel completely normal completely cool to touch under normal use but again it tends to be fairly unpredictable so in conclusion even though the m9 is all new it pretty much retains many of the strengths and weaknesses of the previous generation without really changing any of them so we still have great hardware great display great audio and great system performance with a lightweight and highly optimized skin but unfortunately the camera system is

Still pretty weak although the front-facing camera is pretty excellent so if you're a fan of the HTC One m9 for its design and like the m8 there's no reason not to consider the m9 I think the camera may improve with software updates in time and you still have a lot more resolution that work with even though low-light performance has definitely suffered with the new camera so that's going to do for me in this video thanks for watching and I'll see you again in the next one

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