How Trump could demolish Biden’s campaign: Lewandowski | FOX News Rundown

published on July 9, 2020

Hi I'm Kristen Goodwin on this episodethe Fox News rundown the presidentialelection is less than four months awaywith presumptive Democratic nominee JoeBiden's reported polling lead theirspeculation President Trump could shakeup his campaign leadership former Trump

Campaign manager now Trump 2020 campaignsenior adviser Corey Lewandowski weighsin on this theory and discusses how there-election team plans to catch up inkey battleground states also Congress'spaycheck protection program facing

Scrutiny yet again following revelationscountry clubs and ventures backed bybillionaires benefited from coronavirusrelief loans Wall Street Journalassociate editor and Fox Newscontributor John bussy shares his

Thoughts on this controversy and thelikelihood of another stimulus plan pluscommentary from author and syndicatedcolumnist Cal Thomas the Fox Newsrundown is a Daily News podcast where wetake a deeper look at the stories

Important to you you can subscribe onyour favorite podcast player by going toFoxNews podcasts dot-comI'm Martha McCallum I'm Bill Hemmer i'mshannon bream and this is the fox newsrundown

Wednesday July 8th 2020 I'm Dave Anthonywith Joe Biden leading in many pollsthere's been speculation president Trumpcould shake up his campaigns leadershipwhat I do you think you'll see somechange this campaign I think you'll see

Some additions because the campaign isabout addition not subtraction it'sabout adding more professional to theorganization so that you have surroundsound advocacy so that you have morethought not left at Lisa Brady

The kovat surge around the country couldlead to another financial lifeline fromWashington then again it might not itcould be a more fractious debate withthe White House in Congress over whatneeds to be done first deal with the

Virus or just spend more money and I'mKel Thomas I've got the final word onthe fox news rundownas the coronavirus surges in many stateswith record new US cases latelyPresident Trump has been pushing back

Saying it's harmless to most people youlook at deaths are way down from thishorrible China virus and he wantsschools to reopen this fall everybodywants it the moms wanted the dads wantedthe kids want it it's time to do it he's

Focused a lot on the economic recoveryfrom the shutdowns that put us in arecession the president has boasted of abetter third quarter which were in nowand an even better fourth quarter whichwe will be in on election day in

November but many polls have himtrailing Joe Biden his Democraticchallenger it's so reminiscent to 2016were at this point in the election cyclemost public polls showed that HillaryClinton had a nine-point advantage over

Donald Trump in national polling CoreyLewandowski was the Trump campaignmanager for part of 2016now back as a senior advisor in 2020 inmy opinion and I know something aboutthis stuff national polling doesn't

Matter what does matterother battleground states states likeOhio and Pennsylvania Wisconsin MichiganNorth Carolina Florida in a number ofthose places Donald Trump isn't in asgood of a position if not a better

Position at this point in the campaignthan he was in 2016 now I know itdoesn't fit the narrative but if you goask any reasonable Democrat if theythink that Joe Biden has a chance to winin the state of Ohio there is no

Reasonable person's going to say yes thesame is also true for Iowa we've takenthose states basically off the electoralmap which allows us to focus on theadditional battleground states veryimportant for our strategy for 2020

However there have been a lot of storiesthat his electoral map is shrinking youmentioned some of the states that youthink are good for the president Arizonais a state that's said to be possiblyleaning toward Joe Biden North Carolina

Georgia's considered being play nowpolls have shown Joe Biden in the leadin Floridasome people think Texas is in play andthat Wisconsin and Michigan andPennsylvania all states the president

Won in 2016 arein jeopardy do you agree with thatanalysis that has been out there latelywell I don't let me just tell you whyyou know I keep hearing this now for 25years that the Democrats have taken back

Texas the last time a Democrat won inthe state of Texas statewide now notmissing vital district but statewide wasbefore george w bush was electedgovernor look North Carolina not onlydid Mitt Romney carry that state when he

Ran against Barack Obama Donald Trumpwon that state it is a state that is ahuge military presence with Fort Braggthere Camp Lejeuneit's a place where you know it has a bigmilitary population and this president

Has done enormous things for our men andwomen who wear the uniform every day andthose that have retired so we sawsuccess in North Carolina as it relatesto Arizona absolute battleground statewe've got a competitive US Senate race

There but we've got a great team on theground there and we're going to win andmap also should indicate that stateslike Minnesota all of a sudden have comeinto play my home state of New Hampshirewhere Donald Trump did not carry that

State by a tally of 2,700 votes is nowin play again for Donald Trump and he'llbe in New Hampshire on Saturday night sowe have opportunities in 2020 which wedidn't have in 2016 all right let's getto the rally in New Hampshire it'll be

In Portsmouth it'll be outside there'sbeen more purging and recommending nowby the Trump campaign for people who goto wear masks I think it's an issue ofpersonal responsibilitythis is an outdoor rally in Portsmouth

New Hampshire it's going to take placeat 8 o'clock at night it's going to beon an airport facility which meansairplane hangar some people will be insome people will be out actually on therunway or the tarmac as it's commonly

Referred to there in the area so there'splenty of room for social distancing ifpeople want to do that if people wantthe precaution of wearing a maskby all means they should do that peopleneed to have personal responsibility

Here and that includes good sanitationwhich is good hand-washing take care ofyourself if you have any symptoms wedon't wantyou arriving if you are in a demographicwhere you have the possibility of

Becoming ill or you are more susceptibleto it we don't want to interacting withother people and unlike the Tulsa rallyyou know you're not going to see peoplein a confined location in an indoorarena so that's also going to help us

The virus has been surging in some ofthese different a lot of states not NewHampshire but a lot of other states likeFlorida where the president's nominationspeech will be a lot of the conventionpublic events will be in Jacksonville

Next month there's some concern aboutthat indoor space are you worried thatthat might not happen the wayRepublicans had hoped it would happen inJacksonville well I think the world ofcoronavirus has changed everyone's

Outlook on what things used to be andwhere they are today I think we are in aposition where people are much morecognizant of who they're interactingwith the handshaking the hugging all ofthose things the close proximity to

Other people look I believe that everyprecaution should be taken and will benecessary you know the RepublicanNational Committee is working verydiligently to make sure that beforepeople even arrive at the arena so

Either at their hotels or ontransportation in everyone will betested for kovat 19 but I think we'regonna have an amazing convention whenthe president goes and accepts hisnomination from our party to be

Reelected as a once again the 45thpresident dates going back to 2016 inJune of that year the Trump campaignmade a change in Corey Lewandowski wasout as manager chairman Paul Manaforttook over in that in August

Kellyanne Conway now counselor to thepresident became campaign manager in2020Brad Parr scale has that job there havebeen reports at times the president orothers close to him have been unhappy

With par scale but he is still themanager even after some personnelchanges you know III Scrabble with thepresident of South Dakota to attend thatrally on the 3rd of July we didn't talkabout Brad at all but I do think you'll

See some changes at the campaign I thinkyou'll see some additions because thecampaign is about addition notsubtraction it's about adding moreprofessionals to the organization sothat you have surround sound

Advocacy so that you have more thoughtsnot less and I think what you continueto seem you've started to see thisalready at the campaign is the additionof more people either in senior advisorroles or people who are spending time

With the president and so I think that'svery very important you know I don't seeI don't foresee Brad going anywhere onthe campaign but I do think that Bradrecognizes the fact that more voicescoming in and giving more candid open

And honest discussion about ways thatthe campaign should be moving forward isvery important and he has been very veryopen to that me as a senior advisor youknow I have unlimited access to Brad Iparticipate in a series of very senior

Calls where we discuss strategy andideas and objectives and so look he'svery open to that and I think you'll seemore of that as the campaign continueshere over the next four months Joe Bidenhas long given President Trump an F for

His coronavirus response and thepresumed Democratic presidential nomineecalls him divisive amid all the racialturmoil in the past few weeks Biden saysif he's elected he will transform thecountry maybe change them to give them

Marginalized and demonized the isolatedthe oppressed a full share of theAmerican Dream that was in the formervice president's fourth of July messagewe hold these truths to be self-evidentthat all men are created we've never

Lived up to it Jefferson himself didn'the held slaves women were excluded butonce proposed it was an ideashouldn't be constrained a statue ofThomas Jefferson is among those torndown the past two weeks President Trump

Is called those protesters anarchistsand his fourth of July weekend messagewas different we will never allow anangry mob to tear down our statues eraseour history indoctrinate our children ortrample on our freedoms he keeps calling

For law and order when it comes to theright to protestnobody is opposed to that there is aproper way to do thatthere are traditionally permits that areissued for these things and large

Gatherings have happened in our countrysince the Boston Tea Party but thisnotion that people can just go and takethe protest into their own hands anddestroy federal pieces of property isnot one that our country supports and

You know the people who are mostinsulted by this by and large of thewomen the suburban women who want thesafety and security for their family andthat's what the president standing upfor the people who believe that it is

Their right to be able to walk down thestreet and not have to live in fear toknow that they have a business that willnot be destroyed because someone isprotesting over something and thisnotion that we're tearing down statues

Now of people like Abraham Lincolnsomeone who obviously freed the slaves Ithink what we have is a small group ofpeople who don't understand theirhistory who are doing this just todestroy property and the president is

Going to stand with the law and orderpeople of this country a hundred percentof the time where do you think Joe Bidenis most vulnerable as we get into thefall we have the debates of course whatdo you think the president is going to

Go after most well look I think it'svery clear that in Joe Biden's 44 yearsin elective office in Washington DC hedoesn't have a signature piece oflegislation that he can talk aboutbecause the one piece of legislation

That he did champion which was thecriminal justice packagedisproportionately impacted AfricanAmerican men by putting them in jail fora longer period of time than anybodyelse and Joe doesn't want to talk about

That Joe doesn't want to talk about thefact that he gave the eulogy at RobertByrd's funeral a member of the Klu KluxKlan Joe doesn't want to talk about thefact that his mentor when he went intothe USN

1973 with senator eastland ofMississippi who was known as the voiceof the white South Joe doesn't want totalk about his racist past but that'sokay that's okay because the Americanpeople have seen what Donald Trump has

Been able to do for the african-americancommunity and minority communitieswhether it's empowerment zones whetherit is the lowest unemployment rate everrecorded in in the african-americancommunity our Hispanic community whether

It is criminal justice reform you knowDonald Trump is completely agnostic tothe color of a person's skin and JoeBiden can't say the same in hislegislative record is one that clearlyindicates he has not supported the

African-american community in his 44years in public service and that needsto be reminded to some people there area lot of people that call thepresident's and even some electedofficials call the president a racist or

A white supremacist it's such an easything to do right it's so easy to throwterms around to say things like you'reracist or you're a misogynist or you'rexenophobic but his record is verydifferent Barack Obama had the

Opportunity in eight years to do all ofthe things that President Trump has beenable to do in the first three yearswhether that's criminal justice reformwhether it's the empowerment zoneswhether it is commuting a number of

Individuals or pardoning individuals whoare wrongfully in prison for what was atthe time very minor crimes I think ofAlice Johnson who was serving a lifesentence for drug trafficking and DonaldTrump freed her not Barack Obama do you

Think Democrats are overconfident wellaren't they always you know it's alwaysamazing you know I do think that thetruth is they've got a good Senate mapthis cycle is the converse of what wehad two years ago so they may have some

Opportunities to pick up some seats inthe United States Senate but they alwaysoverplay their hands but they don'trepresent the values of the Americanpeople which is law and order smallergovernment lower taxes less regulation

And being proud to be Americans and it'ssad to say that the Democratic Party nolonger holds those ideals to beimportant but it is something that istruthful corey lewandowskigood to talk to you again thank you very

Much for joining us thank you mypleasurethis is Cal Thomas with your FoxNewscommentarycoming up many businesses especiallysmall businesses were hoping for a

Summer of recovery but coronavirusdoesn't careTexas chopping 10,000 cases in a singleday California also hitting a new dailyrecord and hospitals and over two dozenFlorida counties reaching full capacity

In intensive care units President Trumpsays what's not being reported is adecline in the us mortality rate inthat his response has saved millions oflives as the administration focuses onreopening not reclosing there is a safe

Way to reopen the economy and we'regoing to do that carefullythat was Treasury secretary Steveminutia after Thursday's employmentreport for June showing a secondstraight month of job gains and he often

Praises the popular paycheck protectionprogram intended for small businessesthough some not so small operationsended up getting loans some of themreturning the money later even banstapping into the flow because of

Canceled or postponed tours big nameslike the Eagles and Pearl Jam theprogram initially approved just a fewweeks after shutdowns began in March 1over whelming support in Congress thepresumption was well shut down it's

Gonna be a few weeks maybe a couple ofmonths john bussy is an associate editorof The Wall Street Journal and a FoxNews contributor and if we keep as manysmall businesses the same to smallbusinesses thriving and able to keep

People on their payroll and able to paytheir grants and pay you know for foodthat that would be a way also ofsustaining the economy but what happenswith these these kinds of programsparticularly when the restrictions on

Them are kind of unclear is that youhave you have everybody belly up to thetrough and in this case a lot of bigcompanies big law firms big hedge fundsbig real estate companies you know thethe personal businesses of some Congress

People everybody kind of rushed the doorthey weren't sure how long the crisiswas going to last and there was you knowessentialfree cash at hand this was money that ifyou if you've met certain minimal

Criteria you kept people on the payrolleventually it would become a grant sopeople went for it and as a result adisproportionate amount of the money getended up going to larger entities notnecessarily any small business but

Bigger companies there's also beenpeople with ties to political leaderswho are among the loan recipients acompany that Jared Kushner used to own acompany that has speaker Pelosi'shusband invested in you know how does

That make the small business owner whodoesn't have those connections feeltrampled I would imagine you know thethe lawyer and the law firm rather thelaw firm of that represented helpedrepresent President Trump during the

Moller investigation and did work forhim before he became president this wasone of the entities that got a PPP loanas well as a lot of other law firms youknow sometimes these are partners whoare earning north of a million dollars

Apiece that's not small business in thetraditional sense of what the averageAmerican would think of his smallbusiness you know the local diner thelocal nail salon the barber the drycleaner you know this small grocery

Store you know in your neighborhood so alot of the money ended up sort of goingto bigger entities you could argue thatthat had a positive impact because itdid help people stay employed but thelarger entities were meant to have other

Means of getting cash this program wasfor those companies who didn't haveready access to a revolving line ofcredit at a bank or to shareholders orto you know other entities that couldkick in cash to keep them going this was

Meant to be a lifeline to those smallbusinesses that recent surge that we'rehaving around the country to raises morequestions because what happens now thatsome businesses are having to close asecond time for instance in Florida

Where they're telling bars to shut backdown againif those workers are furloughed a secondtime how does that affect the existingloanincluding you know the rules for having

The loan be forgiven look the theunfortunate mismanagement of the healthcrisis the fact that we have no nationalplan we don't have national testing andand contact tracing and isolationprograms it's all left up to this to the

State in this kind of cacophony ofdifferent programs some are openingtheir schools some are not some areproviding data some are not and you havethis surge of cases leaves you to theconclusion that one that will have to be

Additional stimulus Congress has alreadybeen active on that front but that thisis going to damage the very businessesthat the PPP program were meant waswhat's meant to save those those smallbusinesses if they have to close again

And some are already having to close aregoing to get crushed by this they'regonna fight they're gonna have to notjust furlough but layoff people and thefunds that are forthcoming the next timemay simply not be enough to keep them

Going the House passed another reliefbill in May the heroes Act but unlikethe previous cares Act it passed mainlyalong party lines and the three trilliondollar effort stalled in the Senatewhere Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

Has been leading a Republicanwait-and-see approach to furtherstimulus efforts even he's now signalingit may be time we may well do that andif we do it we'll do it in July and Ican tell you for sure that if we do

Another bill it will have liabilityprotections in it but that's one ofseveral ideas that does not appear tohave much bipartisan support after themay unemployment report proved fairlypositive and after there was this uptick

In economic activity of the UnitedStates as cases were trending down inparticularly hard-hit states like NewJersey in New York there was a bit ofoptimism on the Republican side and inthe White House in kind of wandering

Cheese do we need to really spend asmuch as the Congress is asking us tospend on another round well that wasthat was before what's happened to Texasand Florida and Arizona and Oklahoma andCalifornia where there's been a

Resurgence of the coronavirus it neverwent away now the debate is going to beover okay well how much do we need tospend to keep these companies afloat andwill that actually be enough if there'sno end in sight if we haven't somehow

Found a way to vanquish or at a minimumtame the virus are we going to beconstantly having to re-up trillions andtrillions more to keep the cut as theeconomy stimulated I think that theconclusions going to come around –

You've got to do a better job ofmanaging containment of the virus beforeyou can even begin to think of any endto stimulating the economy I'vedefinitely heard Democrats make theargument that there hasn't been enough

You know national leadership on this buton the other hand do things like theproblems with the paycheck protectionprogram and even the problems at thestate level with the unemploymentinsurance system and big delays for some

People in getting those checks in thefirst placedo those kind of problems you know runcounter to the traditional Democraticpush for more and bigger governmentrunning things because it doesn't always

Work out so wellthat's right whenever you push thismoney much money out the door as quicklyas it was pushed you're gonna have lotsof problems that we're seeing that rightnow the argument that will be made is

Yes that's true but it was it was a fireextinguisher on a blazing fire and itneeded to happen fast it needed tohappen in an expansive way that doesn'treally make you feel too satisfied as ataxpayer though when you're seeing large

Multi you know million dollar entitiesget this money and even Lisa groups thatare against big business the Ayn RandInstitute you know whose founder was nota not not fond of big a big governmentrather of government sort of a dead hand

Ofbeing involved with business seek outthese funds and so there's there's a lotof irony in this and there's a lot ofwaste and there's a lot of misdirectionof the money all that said I think the

Argument against doing nothing is thatyou would have had a much worsecircumstance for individuals who didneed to pay their rent and companies whohave been able to at a minimum keep thelights on and sustain themselves through

The last four months but the comingmonths are a whole different story itcould be a it could be a more fractiousdebate with the White House in Congressover what needs to be done first dealwith the virus or just spend more money

In the midst of all of this PresidentTrump is following through on his threatto withdraw from the World HealthOrganization which he's criticized alongwith China for the response to theinitial coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan

Are you seeing any evidence that this issomething the American public is payingattention to at all or is you knowworried about the virus really justswallowing everything else well I thinkit's probably the latter people are most

Interested in their day to day life andwhether or not their kids are gonna beable to go back to school and the fallwhether it's safe for them whetherthey've got a job whether it's safe togo back to that job get on the subway

Get to work what's going to be happeningat work you know if I'm X you know ageam I going to be exposing myself to theCovayou know at work and the WHI way off inGeneva is kind of not on their radar

Screen the president's decision towithdraw the United States is a resultof his feeling that the w-h-omisinformed the United States about theseverity of the outbreak in China heblames China for the same not inform in

The United Stateshe believes blames the w-h-o he blamesindividual state governors particularlyin democratic states for not doingenough about the corona virus there's alot of blaming done by

The president but the truth of thematter is that he was getting plenty ofintelligence separate from the w-h-othrough the National Security Counciland other health authorities you knowway back at the beginning of the year

And the president delayed you knowtalked the virus down said that it wasgoing away said it would go away heatingin the spring you know got warmI mean you've you've heard heard allthis so the blame the whu-oh I think is

Kind of a non-starter it serves apurpose it's not perfect but it serves apurpose and it's in the health interestand in the self-interest of the UnitedStates citizen to be a part of thatinternet national organization we've

Essentially given them a a one-yearnotice of withdrawal so it'll beinteresting to see what happens withthat john bussy Fox News contributor andassociate editor of The Wall StreetJournal thanks very much for your time

My pleasuredid you hear the news now you can withinstant updates from Fox News for AmazonAlexa Jessie Alexa plain news from Foxin Fox News it's the latest when youneed it on demand from Fox News and

Amazon Alexa Raiden review the Fox newsrundown on Apple podcasts or whereveryou listen it's time for your Fox Newscommentary what's on your mind what didwe think what happened once boundarieswere destroyed the chaos plaguing the

Country today was inevitable after truthstandards and self-control were all butignored by many in our society thatgreat philosopher the late MarilynMonroe was ahead of her time when shesaid quote when I was five I think

That's when I started wanting to be anactress I love to play I didn't like theworld around me because it was kind ofgrim but I loved to play house it waslike you can make your own boundariesunquote making one's own boundaries has

Led us to this momenttruth has become subjective the USConstitution some judges claim is nowopen to interpretation as we witness wina Supreme Court majority six to threeagain

Legislated from the bench when theyredefine sex in the 1964 Civil RightsAct as meaning not simply gender as inmale and female but sexual identity asin gay and transgender after the courts2015 ruling in favor of same-sex

Marriage it was five to four polygamousgroup said they'd be next to demandequal treatment what's to stop themwhat if morals and laws evolve andconformity to the spirit of the age andopinion Falls is what matters most

Statues and paintings that offends somebut not others are being torn down ordefaced perhaps the frieze over the USSupreme Court building should also beremoved it shows many law givers lookingto Moses who is at the center holding

The Ten Commandments those are no longerconsidered relevant in today's Americaso maybe they should be chiseled awaychurch-state separation you know In GodWe Trust is embedded on walls and theHouse and Senate and on our money

Clearly that's no longer objectivelytrue soperhaps we should remove that sayinghearings could be held so people whoclaim we continue to trust in God canpresent evidence we still do

Valedictorians sports trophies and insome cases grades have been abandonedbecause some who were not as talented ordidn't work as hard to achieve honormight feel badso we dumbed down and make everyone

Equalsupporting mediocrity as the highestobjective this is what socialism doesthose who deny any standard and thenappeal to the rest of us based on astandard of their own making can't have

It both ways though they're trying thelead evangelist and scholar RaviZacharias observed quote pleasurewithout God without the sacredboundaries will actually leave you emptyer than before and this is biblical

Truth this is experiential truth theloneliest people in the world areamongst the wealthiest and most famouswho found no boundaries within which tolivethat is a fact I've seen again and again

Unquote as the psalmist wrote long agowhen the foundations are being destroyedwhat can the righteous do I'm Cal Thomasyou've been listening to the box newsrundown and stay up to date bysubscribing to this podcast at FoxNews

Podcasts calm and for up-to-the-minutenews go to Fox newscomit's the Perino and steyr Walt I'll tellyou what podcast Dana Perino of the fiveand Fox News political editor Christinaall dissect the ins and outs of national

Politics subscribed and listen now bygoing to fox news podcasts dot job lovefox news click the subscribe button toget more of the news and opinion youtrust and click the fox news rundownplaylist for the latest episodes

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