How to Wrench Like You’re Godzilla Without Breaking a Nail

by birtanpublished on August 23, 2020

So tell me on a scale of one to duckface how powerful does that make you feel hi I'm Ashley and you're watching brains mobile one I Drive a Mazda 3 every time I Drive my car every time I turn to the left my passenger side front tire likes to shake

Really bad it's really scary feel like I'm gonna die sometimes so today we're here to fix the ball joint and control arm this is the ball joint that failed we're gonna pull the wheel off to get to the ball joint so do you spend a lot of

Time pulling wheels off the cars so what do you think of the Milwaukee fuel yeah this is a life saver how much do you weigh by the way 110 110 how hard was it to take those lug nuts off I hold the nut and you can just let it

Back out as you're slowly that's not easy to do good job know better how hard is this so far has it been pretty easy compared to what you thought is important this is a lot easier than here you go well good do keep some pressure

Against okay there you go we've got the bolt out of the ball doing part and we've also pulled the bolts from the backside bushing but we still have this one to go with a lot of control arms you have to remove the

Stabilizer link and basically why this part does is it stabilizes the car if you get an owner off the freeway at high speed on a curve but this one instead of attaching to the control arm attaches to the upper control arm which in this case

Is a McPherson strut we don't have to worry about that and it makes this job a whole lot easier because if you've done these you know that they get pretty rusted you can be a little difficult so the only other thing we need to do is

Pry this apart pry this out and get this bolt out the challenges that this one poses is that it's right next to the AC compressor next step we need to get a 19 millimeter inch and get that bolt worked loose how in the world are you gonna get

That giant bolt loose well a fit on it No we'll need another trick let's see what we can come up with flip it around the other way because it's got to be exact yep it has to be exactly in line if

You're a little bit to one side or the other side or it'll slip around here it'll slip around but if you have it right in the middle and it's in work but you have to stay centered so what we're doing is we're making the wrench longer

So go ahead and lean into that let's get your safety glasses back on first – safety first lean into it like I was telling her if you have a wrench break it's gonna go in the same plane of rotation as your wrenches are so if

You're a little bit to the left or right of that then it gives you some safety so let's see your biceps let's uh let's flex it up here for a minute that's intimidating so but you handled that like a champ

That was one a problem that was a pretty rusted bolt you can see that that's been in there since 2006 nobody's touched it and you handled it like a champ good job all right let's do another tool we're gonna showcase some stuff for you guys

So that you know all the fun tricks and all the fun tools so we're using a gear Linda has the switch on it it's beveled on one end and it's a combination or spanner on the other for this one you just keep cranking on it until you get

There the hard part is breaking it free we already dipped out yeah so now we're just turning about again the link for all the tools if you click on the link it doesn't cost you anything extra it

Saves you time to find exactly what we're talking about it gives us a little bit of kickback this pennies per order but when people do it it adds up so we appreciate your support so we have a little bit of conflict here between the

Wrench and the AC line so we're just gonna spin it back in by hand or with the wrench until we can get the wrench out and then we'll spin out the rest by hand the nice thing about wrenches with a switch is you can switch directions so

If you backed up into a corner or paint yourself into a corner with a pipe or something like that you can still get it off where the unidirectional ones that you flipped around you wouldn't be able to do that who discovered the problem

You or me you did a good job once you get it out so far you can turn it by hand and we're gonna see how far we can get it if we can get it to get past that that's great otherwise we'll need to do some other things so we're gonna try

Lowering the subframe go ahead down just a little bit and make sure I've got four or five threads in it and that way I can't fall we already have another bolt here it's why I didn't helicopter supervise out this is really rusted

Because it's in the wheel well where all the splashing and puddles happen with the tire so we're gonna try pulling the guard off when you're into a car every cars a little bit different and there's always a way to get it done so we're

Just gonna try to pull the cover off and see if that gives us access that we need get this out since the cover sticks out to me this happened fast there's one on the back side nailed it and then that should just pull down like that and it's

Been through the dealership quieting process because it's got rubber on both sides of it apparently it made some noise everybody hits these on speed bumps and curbs and stuff and then they vibrate

And make noise sometimes they'll break the compressor and you get elite not the best design to put the compressor to that low on the engine below the oil pan or extreme Mosta why not if you've ever seen me take apart any kind of ball

Joint or tie rod in you've probably seen me do this knocking on it breaks the rust in that little bit of shock make all the difference to help things to want to come undone this has so much play in the bottom part of the ball

Joint though that it's still stuck in there let's spray it let's see if we can get a little with transmission for the do loosen it up alright so I'm gonna come around from the backside pry bar action on make it wider if I were me

What would I do everybody comes to me when there's problems like this so we've turned the wheel so that we get a little bit better access to the opening you can see that there's a split there what we're trying

To do we've already banged on this we're gonna have to clean that out with the drill bit we're trying to do that to spread out a little bit so Ashley has a chisel in one hand and we look at the side of the profile of it's not sharp

It's not a cutting chisel it's just kind of to spread with so you can see how she is expertly bracing the chisel against the control arm and just kind of knocking it in there Ashley's got the big old ibis we'll put a link in the

Description for that too it's just an indexing pry bar and we let that soak and I wrapped on it pretty hard I cheated a little bit we're gonna have Ashley eye on that and we'll see what happens

So I expected you just kind of let go there you go play you see how that ball joint separates right there first and then the rest of it pulls out you see from the top used to be in the top here and it just kind of slipped to the

Bottom there what our goal is is because all of this is undone and this is undone sometimes you can cheat a little bit and get the angle to change to where you can get the bolt out did you think where we're gonna get it or not

We got it so how did we get that we used we used cat we used a lot of luck we use chemicals we use some transmission fluid because it's got cleaners in it and we use that guy right there pop that little hammer work the dents demonstrate that

But sometimes you have to try different things if you our first thing that we tried was just hitting it from the side with the hammer and probably not the bottom line is if something isn't working try something new you got to

Keep trying different things they say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results so change it up be creative what we're doing we can't get the bolt to go any

Further without hitting the air conditioning lines well we can do you almost have a straight shot to make this come down that way so that's what we're kind of doing all right go ahead and give that a Yank and see we've got our

Bolt in there we did some penetrating oil and then just wiggle and pull wiggle and pull that's right give it a good yank down toward you did you know you could do that did you just do that was that totally just here it

Came undone and then I stuck it back we had to do it over again for the shot but you good good job with the old let's do her one of the best parts about Steel as it is malleable pull back we look in there and that

Looks like the bullet will pass just fine this part here sticking out a little bit so we're gonna file that flat so that we can get it good torque set on that one of the nice things here is you've seen

In recent videos where we've got stuck bolts that are stuck in the bushings we've had to cut them out a lot of the newer control arms are starting to come with bolts so we love that we're gonna take this bolt go ahead and spin off and

See if that will fit in there is that gonna fit we're gonna need to step up to a bigger drill bit huh we're really banged on that and by we so you can see the drill bit won't fit all the way through go ahead and pull that out so

That's just the back end that's how I test for size and fit you don't want to do everything all in one go if you have a drill index or something like that where you can step it up and go in little increments it makes the job way

Easier step 2 I just want a bump that you keep that thing spinning all right so we're almost making it but we do need to clean it out just a little bit more if we were to hit that with the impact gun it would probably just cruise

Through and get where it needs to be so we're gonna work a little cleaner than that we're gonna clean it with a drill one process of getting this to come undone we caused a little bit of damage there's a burr on the top here a little

Bit here we did a test with the new Milwaukee fuel angle grinder this is the four and a half inch and it's been used for the first time it's got a d wall flap discs those are my favorite sorry Milwaukee I love you but do you

Want makes a good flat disc anyway we're gonna clean this up a little bit we're gonna have Ashley go to work with it angle grinders are one of the most dangerous tools in the shop but when you put a computer on it you love and this

Is this exciting these things really tame it down so you don't have that ignition torque when it spins up go ahead and show them the initial spin up and when it stops it doesn't jerk the other way so we're you ever used one of

Those before yes yes all right so I maintain a good grip on it we've got a guard on this I'm gonna do it I'm gonna leave the guard on this one but we're gonna have you just clean up this face and then on the top

Right here all right let's see what happens let's have you do a little bit from this side can you feel the little bump on the top there

Now one doesn't really have to go but it's fun full time looks good was that as terrifying as I made it out baby not at all huh it's amazing what they've done with

These new tools sweet good job all right what's next what's next this has a nicer paint job than your whole card oh I know you know you guys are like racing stripes going on there some like speed lines it looks like a you know like on

Comic books when they're showing that something's action-packed yeah all right so the way that it came out last is that we angled it with the bolts that's the first thing we want to do but before we do that we're gonna put a little

Silicone paste and that just makes things go a little smoother so we're gonna take a little silicon paste you have a loop of Champions we're gonna do the outside so that it can make the corner and we're gonna do the inside so

That the rusty old bolt that we're gonna be reusing primarily because it's trapped so that I can get in through there and then do the other side also it's a big part huh I'll heal I'll manage sweet and then I

Would do you wouldn't have to do this but I'd do a little bit on these and that will just help prevent rust and help that to get into place since we're gonna be wrestling that go ahead and then also on the part that was so rusted

Before because this is rested enough it's not gonna want to take the new part in normally I don't do this but it's been a little bit hard and we're trying to come up with things that make things easier if you are half half what I weigh

well the whole point is girls can do this too right so yep so these are the tricks of the trade that help to make that easier very nice all right go fight win let's see if you

Can get that thing stabbed up in there are you nervous so this is extra you want to get rid of that now yes uh-huh that's just to protect it during shipping do you want another glove let's do that alright so

As you may recall this bolt won't clear because it's hitting against an AC compressor so what we did is it angled it up here and then get it to stab there and then once it's to that point you just kind of twist and wiggle that no

It's about yay you don't want to come so far that you block it on the other side go ahead and lift up a little bit on your right side but just about today go ahead and rotate that in push hard you watch this bolt back here

This is what you do you got to make sure that it gets below the line yeah the AC doesn't work on this car do so but we don't want to damage anything that we don't have to look at the plastic out of the way for filming you

Just want to get that to rotate to where it gets up into the spot where it lives so this side needs to go up make that go higher make it go higher and then what that does is it makes the bolt go lower that's right I just want to get that

Bolt to go in it's a relaxing just a little the struggle is real have a little get your hat it happens so go ahead and rotate that up like that then pull this one that way there you go that's why we put the silicone on

There's a lot of friction right so then these just need to go up over the thing here this is the subframe for the engine and transmission you just about by hand I'm just gonna give you a hammer job so go ahead and give that the old fashioned

Love-tap which means to hit passionately if you have to think angry thoughts that's part of the game the soft side usually works best for that is it going lots of follow-through lean into it so yeah it's freaking good in it so that

Is close enough that we might be able to get the bolt to go in so let's see if we can get this to start threads and once that's in then we can stab the steering knuckle together all good so what I do with a with opening like that is I'll

Pushing into it and then turn it at the same time and remember if those threads are not engaged you're not going anywhere so you got to make sure that you get them started and then you don't have to

Push in so hard I'm gonna lean on this just a little bit while you do that try to pull it back like just grab it with your fingers see if it'll pull back so we don't have any threads started yet yeah as we said

This struggle is real it can be really frustrating if you're cranking on it for a long time and it's not going anywhere so we just test it a little bit and wiggle and push and do what you can to get a thread started that's a hard part

Once it's in and you can just keep cranking with your inch anyway we're just pulling back and forth on the arm itself like it's a pry bar here's a trick you can take a big fat screwdriver stick it in there you don't want to

Stick it in so far that it's in the threads but you can kind of put it in there and pry from the inside don't worry about this one for a minute and just worry about that once a prion this side and get this one so that it's happy

Alright so you just got to rotate this so that gets the nuts over the top button it's easy to tell whose hand is here now I think it helps if you have the right size but I think with nails it makes a little difficult to so just get

Some spin going on with that looking good so we're having really hard time getting this to line up and if it won't line up and you'll line something else up then often times finding that angle makes the other angle happen

Perfect alright so now I'll circle back to this guy getting the steering knuckle out of the way and having this be in this position that might just even go by hand so we're gonna see if it'll just thread

In now that we've got the other bolts in and most likely it will but if it doesn't and we'll work on torquing it and twisting it a little bit with a pry bar what I like to do I like a plush really hard did you hear that did you

See what they did so I put I put my hand on it just kind of shove it at the same time I'm turning it and oftentimes that'll get it to get over we just went back you just came back out I need to maintain that a little bit

Nice leaning into it just using my body weight fortunately I just had some really delicious pulled pork and I've got a couple extra pounds on me for making a hip shout out to Jeff wolves is amazing with a smoker you've seen Jeff

On the channel we did the CV axle video on this back to you so how did I overcome that just pop quiz how do I did yep pressure shove it while you turn there so how much of this job have you done

And how much have I done some of the hard things but by and large she's done most of this getting things where they need to be so when you're installing a control arm it can affect the ride height so you want to match whatever

These are but because these are worn they're gonna hang down this is already clocked to a certain position but normally you want the wheels on the ground on an alignment rack by the time you tighten this one but what we're

Gonna do is leave it in this kind of position about right here so that matches the other one and then we're gonna tighten that all the way if you have this down when you tighten this you just got a free lift

Get half inch lift on the right side only so that's what we want right but when you're tightening a bushing like this you got to remember that it's only gripping the inside and then the rubber works like a spring so you want to get

That angle where you want it before you tighten that one so you see this is tapered along the top the better you can cover that with silicone the easier your life is for the couple seconds that you're putting it in okay so we want to

Put it in from this side and have it stick out the other let's see if that will fit through we've done a lot to being the crap out of that and then we did a lot to make it happy I was nice it's a good fit look at those

Fingernails now you just need some high heels and then you'll be able to reach everything all good get a 15 when we get a new magazine or it can be another size sage advice I didn't come up with it but

I just run with it okay ready you're looking good downside about the electric ones is that they're amazing the ogre Doug the air compressor ones have like a rotary air hammer that's like ogre ww2

The good it sounds different it's kind of a romance with the it's like typewriter noises you kind of get to like I'm I suppose alright normal about one more time I said might just hold I think so

So we got a double check first so yep we've got those to do so it's easy to forget because you get the drama you get the thrill and the challenge of rusted stuff you get swinging hammers and it's easy to forget that's what I was like to

Take a minute and double check it's a good habit for aspiring mechanics you got it you're learning awesome good job and it's just right it just goes though doesn't it so tell me on a scale of one to duckface how powerful does that make

You feel have you ever done this before let's give it a go see what happens let's push oh you did it yeah let me just press uh-huh you can hold that with two hands now if you like let's aim it down just a little bit the more straight

It is the better it gets the grease in the ball joint instead of everywhere else you want to watch the boot the blue part and if it starts to inflate a little bit you're done if you go too far it can blow those rings off and then

Water can get in there you go and you don't want or you want the blue thing to inflate a little bit yep you just want to see it move a little bit if it's moving in this out boot then you're good okay you're good yep just springy a

Little you know it's like a water balloon or something as a little little something-something inside that's right they put the air-conditioning compressor in the most vulnerable part of the whole

Car because it's so cheap and easy to fix oh wait no that's expensive and a water vapor why did they do that I don't know because monster that's why that helps absorb the speed bumps you know you're having a good time when you can't

Remember oh yeah I did I did I remember try to get it really straight up and down and you get the best result there you go good if you go too long and hard you can

Snap them off good perfect Hey found it no hesitation that's a good feeling isn't it so the dollar value of what you just did today what do you think that is 300 so would you rather pay 300 bucks or would you rather do it you just agreed

100% all right should we put your wheel back on yep let's do it so is there anything important we should remember when we put those on and tighten them down star pattern so if you ever put a pickle with a lot of pickle jar and it's

Crooked and it feels tight but it'll leak everywhere if you turn it sideways these are the same way but instead of spilled pickle juice it is spill car parts and occupants know like if the wheel comes off

Sounds exciting so anyway if you put the bottom one in first you'll notice at the bottom part you see where it an optimist holding it on that's the part that wants to kick you out so I always put the bottom one

On first and then they don't have to babysit anymore alright so we've got the bottom one in first and then the other ones it doesn't matter at this point but when you tighten them down you want to make sure that you go in the star

Pattern it's just basically is opposite so it tightens on flat that's good we're gonna go back to the first two that you do so which one did you do first touch it and then second and now cool and then we go back and repeat how many huh see

If that moves a little tell me if it's not much a little bit cool so this one second one probably won't move at all nice so then we'll go to the ground and we'll tighten them by hand just to make sure we're tightening it by hand we'd

Like to start at the bottom just out of habit because you tighten the bottom and things don't move as much and then you just go the opposites and you'll notice that she's got it out to the right and high like a champ so that you can use

All 110 pounds eat your heart out girls to tighten your water nuts down and you'll notice you have star pattern we have a quick study among us and her name's Ashley quick study trust me the internet will abuse you

Just fine you don't even have to say mean things they'll do it for ya is so convenient trying to fix a roasted or cheered on I would cheer you on I think it's great all the more power so what happens if the sockets not on all the

Way and you lean into it with all your weight facedown that could be bad so just make sure that your wiggle out make sure it's in all the way it's not it's not moving on its own even when you didn't want it to what do you like to

Have in steering you like to have a lot of play or rock-solid satisfying wait till you drive this is cool so the steering system one of the reasons why we jumped on this today is the steering system is the most important safety

System on your car everybody says brake so if you ask them what's the most important system on your car it is not the brakes if the brakes go out you have an emergency brake so you got redundancy but you can also aim for something cheap

You can aim for a bush you can aim uphill you can aim for mud or a runaway truck lane but when it comes to steering if your steering comes undone you have no directional control you have no choice what you hit your car just

Goes for it and it's not something that you'll expect anything done so if you want to spend money on the car I always say the best place to spend money you think I'm gonna say steering I'm not its tires because tires are the first part

Of your steering system your steering systems no good if you can't translate that to the ground to your tires so well have you a lesson – yeah I fixed my car my sit up the ball joint and the exterior lower control life I didn't

Remember it the first one I did either so no worries so what advice would you give to somebody if they're thinking about fixing their car they're not sure should they just tackle it on their own should they phone a friend

What are some of the things that we did that made this job easier the stuff that helps make the silicone right what about fasteners that require a lot of muscle that you were able to tackle how did we get around that there's two

Things that we did it's leverage is a big one money just buy expensive machine bite by Milwaukee field stuff right there you go well that was fun nice job Kaunda subscribe and ring the bell for brands mobile one

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