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by birtanpublished on September 9, 2020

what's going on everybody we are live on the air talking about free Bitcoin during his name businesses make options for you so I'll make sure you

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JJ was going out good to see Pegasus lovely it's finally getting you know we cool is not a 20 degrees blazing so it's nice

Or is that so hard we were traveling yesterday

palm trees waiting for the summer nowhere to go

we were traveling

But we did yeah so if you want something to hold on so now define it first but here I am Kisame little your palm tree is waiting for the summer no there's nowhere to go

system one

Live from the USA hoping you get paid every day this is the boasts a Bitcoin the crystal of crypto is your boy BK and if you don't like me you must not like money thank you for joining me everybody Thursday September 26th and we are live

On the air you know I'm saying got the setup jumping off hopefully is looking good for you we got some new subscribers let me jump in on those guys real quick we do our little nuts I believe and let's see what subscribers

We have since our last episode how's everybody doing today of you in the chat you know let me know what's going on if the sound is right let's see Alexandru Young's in is in the building mr. John Barry

Myesha it looks like and AP so shout out to the people you know I'm saying that join the money team in the last 24 hours you know we've literally can be doing this without you guys so this is a message of the people for the people by

The people and we end it in man and that's what it is so what are we talking about today let's jump right into it ain't nothing to it but to do it let's go ahead and make this money right today we're looking at how to get free

Bitcoins man you know some cash money some USD we converted in the BTC cuz that doll ain't never done nothing for me and we keep this thing on wheels and keep on rolling I got three ways I must show you how to win some free money in

The market today up to $1,000 it's very easy very simple all it takes is your participation engagement you know I try to keep this conversation entertaining and lighting in an amazing educational informant you know and that's what we do

So if you appreciate this video go ahead smash that like button I appreciate you let's jump right into it this is one way you can win some free Bitcoin I'm giving away 50 bucks every month out of my pocket just to try to give back

Essentially right Bitcoin changed my life and I'm trying to help it change as many other people's as possible let's get this frame right I like I was like kind of out of scope right now oh we work with that for now

That's better cool right so first way is to literally share this video right this is our live on the air giveaway um I don't have a link for our video hold on here we go

Right that's one way I pick a winner every month I was gonna do it every Friday but instead of doing a smaller amount I probably just do like one or two winners a month probably $50 each so that's the first way this is the number

One Bitcoin group in the world hashtag one Bitcoin as 50 you know I'm saying easy dollars for you in addition to that crypto comm has multiple promotions going on right now to which they are giving away some serious money right so

About two weeks ago I actually know almost a month ago I made this little reviews is going through their application card and their platform I actually have one of the cars hold on I'd rather get my wallet out you know

I'm saying so I actually have a crypto that come MCO Visa this thing has got some cash money on it it's got some Bitcoin on it it's pretty cool this is one of the first cards I think in the world one of the best plastic products

In the world for using money in real time on the blockchain and you can literally convert it on app it notifies you it's taken it gives you rewards cash bag all this you know pretty cool stuff so I made a video walking through how to

Register for it and get set up you can actually click the link in the description that's another $50 right there right you click that link in the description or jump over to pulse of Bitcoin comm and click on business

Partners and this is actually a feature partnership that I have click that green card and that's going to take you into this page right here put your email address in register download the app once you get your visa comes in

Then you will be credited $50 as well right so they're giving away a lot of money as I said I think this is one of the best products in the world in this space on the blockchain point-of-sale consumption like this is what you want

For mainstream adoption and it's here right now and they so know they paying you to use it you know and so that's a very very easy way you put your email in download the app register do everything take out what is it

Kyc all that good stuff and they'll send you your card and you will have 50 dollars on their credit it from crypto calm BAM that's two of them you know I'm saying we got one mo we ain't done yet if you all know about now I'm on Twitter right doesn't make sure let's make sure Twi TT er everybody in the chat right now do me a favor hit that thumbs up button after you hit that thumbs up button shout your country out

Yes city let me know where in the world you are coming from we bout to wrap this thing up man I just wanted to get on and show you people how to make some money and the bear market compliments of crypto that comment you always truly

Bolts of Bitcoin at boss a Bitcoin own Twitter you know I'm saying about 10,000 of them things my people behind me but yeah twitter twitter crypto calm has this promotion where they're literally giving away a

Thousand dollars twice a week crazy young saying crazy all you got to do is retweet it you download the app gets a little a little pin number referral code where it go where you go I already took it off this little

Referral code right there after you download the app and register you'll get your own little PIN number called number go back to Twitter follow crypto comm retweet it hashtag time for Plan B and put your

Little referral code in there tag three yo homies and somebody's going to win dollars twice a week it was only like 50 people this last time you had a 2% chance of winning a grant on Wednesday right this guy did you on crypto

Congratulations to today's winner you want crypto you just won $1,000 it's time for Plan B man let's plan a beat Bitcoin right plan a is out the door plan a ain't got King bobblehead on TV talking crazy they got auto auto auto

Paid suits the corporate salaries enough that you you've got to wear it tight you literally hanging yourself for a corporation what's a corporation a dead entity it's a corporation it's not living it's just a piece of paper just a

Piece of paper is just an idea you know then so this is real equity in a real space with a real product they give it away real money to real people you know and I I told you I was making a honey about a hundred twenty thousand a

Year killing please I thought it would half and I was going like tags is I bought I remember they gave me my signing bonus I bought a damn playground for the state of California somewhere some little kid got a playground on me

Before I even got paid I looked at my check I said where'd it go y'all told me thirty thousand what is this huh so yeah these are these are a few promotions that's happening right now and the easiest way you can make money

In the market no joke is to use the boss method this is something I designed I developed along with 25,000 other people and it works it's making real-deal money in the market if you want to learn more jump on to boss of Bitcoin dot-com

And check out the crypto trading tools and resources we have trade and view right there on the right hand side one of the top published authors on their Facebook BAM you already know what time it is twenty thousand of my people

Coming together to help each other stay in power denim profit in the market and man down here we do we have two products and services available to profit package top seven coins every seven days swing trade like

A boss and then in addition to that boss alert messages this is my VIP trading group got some of the best crypto charters and traders in the world and that group along with some whales in the making

You know I'm saying we ain't gonna ain't sharks me just whales and a makin you know everyday building a little bit building a little bit right so that's what time it is that's what we're doing I'm also making a course after I jump on

This video I'm gonna be a streamline of some content for that together stay tuned it's a lot coming you know I'm saying I know it sucks when Bitcoin drops below 8,000 drops below 10,000 you bought at 18,000 you ain't learn to

Swing trade like that half your life savings gone it sucks right but you hear right and that's energy money is energy currency is energy it's literally the current of the seed the motion in the ocean so no more we understand water

More we understand energy the more we can manifest somebody's currency back to us how do we do that first of all we connect ourselves with other like-minded individuals ie 20k in the Facebook group second of all we appreciate recognize

And utilize products that are contributing to the benefit of society and not the detriment getting their equity on the blockchain empowering people through promotions through community through continuity and most

Importantly through a product that works if the boss button method didn't work I wouldn't be here point-blank period I would be in a cubicle somewhere turning out 40 hours a week but I built something that works that the world

Appreciates so they bought me out of my cubicle now I'm sitting in front of this desk right now talking to you right and that's all that we have this is literally the beginning of the transition of the greatest

Transformation of wealth in the history of humanity big money is coming on the blockchain and they letting you get it right now for 8 grand a pop Bitcoin running $8,100 right no no no don't buy it just yet

I look at boss Smith and put it on a 77 minute and bang when that sudden going over 77 that wait all that money come and pays you yeah I'm saying if it ain't paying it ain't standing it right now

Bitcoin is not making you more dollars so keep your dollars on the sidelines until the boss Memphis is my BAM jump on in ride the next wave up like a boss right let's see who we got in the chat let me

Pop this thing bag of you if you rock it with me if you'd have been through 15 minutes emotions and waves that's why I got all that water in in the beginning of the episode people people like BK what does this foot is it's water young

Z it's the world it's the earth this energy is currency that's what we manifesting before you even come on you don't even know Young's and we manifest and a lot on this in so what's going on where my people that were my people that

Mr. Cory mad good to see you good to see you um then put it on this a so I'm looking at looking at the check right here flow Rob in the building Miami was going on San Diego my man spliff star got his Monaco card already rolling boss

Walking on the west coast Fausto from Coconut Creek Jason blanks are on the river where the current of the water flows woke right you understand what it is if you don't know just go listen to my good friend Jordan Maxwell he talks

About what does a bank a bank is on a river it directs the current of the energy like it is literally reconnecting a stream back to the ocean a reservoir so it all goes back to what is this financial advice t-bone I tell you what

I'll tell you what it is it's a brother from Cleveland Ohio who got couple lettuce behind his name Kellogg look that one up if you don't know it already University of Notre Dame MBA lift that one up if you don't know

It already and he is on here speaking into the microphone why is he doing it because he has a freedom of speech so if you interpret these words as finance financial advice you just exercise your freedom of expression don't be a slave

T-bone think outside the box step outside the reality of the confines of the constructs of a piece of paper that legally systematically defines who they want you to be and think I'm a person what am i doing I'm talking right now

Granite I got these endorsement certain cases those cases and you know I'm saying in fact indoctrinations and all of this crap but then today I'm speaking into a microphone t-bone what are you doing you listen it what do you want to

Do with that that's your choice so I advise you to make your own decisions Bay Area tea blades are walking what's going on JJ no money preciate it good to see you J maxwell Sivan Bomar yes the Ennis tannic family is here in the

Building conscious boat you know I'm saying is on the rise and it's a beautiful thing with that being said everybody ain't got enough for you is that time of the day signing out balls boy BK no matter where you stayed

Brazil debate califo not yet all the way back out food jerk money good night good more than any good day thank you for listening thank you for your time if you haven't done it already smash that thumbs up button for me do

That for me you appreciate my till we meet again stay crafty go B's like a boss

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