How To Use Chickpeas For Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Or Dessert

published on July 2, 2020

– Hey, everybody, what's up?

My name is Merle and today
I'm gonna be showing you

all kinds of cool ways
that you can use chickpeas

Maybe you call them garbanzo beans,

maybe you call them chickpeas,

whatever they are, they're great

And today I'm gonna show you

how you can eat them for
breakfast, lunch and dinner

Make sure you save the chickpea water

for four final recipe

which will be a really delicious dessert

Let's get cookin'

For our first recipe,

I'm gonna make chickpea breakfast hash

and it's pretty quick and easy

It's a great way to get
a ton of nutrients in

and a ton of different vegetables in

first thing in the morning

You pretty much can customize

with whatever vegetables you wanna use

and it's delicious

I'm gonna start by dicing
up the old sweet potato

This is a big boy (groans)

Slice this up into these
nice, little diced pieces

And it doesn't just have
to be sweet potatoes,

it doesn't have to be
sweet potatoes at all

I choose sweet potatoes

'cause they're so dense with nutrients

and so for me they're
kind of a no-brainer

If you wanna use white potatoes

or you wanna omit the sweet potatoes,

or you wanna use both, do it

Do whatever is gonna make you happy

Then I'm gonna slice up my mushrooms

I like 'em in bigger pieces

and it tends to be good for roasting

Then I've got half an onion here,

I'm gonna slice that up nicely

So if you haven't yet,
you can preset your oven

to about 425 degrees Fahrenheit

And then lastly, we've got our peppers

This one looks like a cute little face

Chickpeas are the best

I chose red, green and yellow peppers

That is purely aesthetic,

it's only because I want it
to look pretty when I'm done

Oh my gosh, this baking sheet
looks so beautiful right now

And that's about all the prep
work you have to do for this

So not too bad, and again,

if you just wanna do mushrooms and onion,

or you just wanna do
sweet potato and pepper,

you can do whatever you want,

whatever suits your
morning and suits your mood

or your palate

Okay, and then of course
the last thing to do

is to add our chickpeas

They're so nutrient dense,

they're like the superheroes of cooking

Especially for people that
are vegan or vegetarian

because they do tend to
fill out some of the things

we aren't getting from animal products

Iron, folate, zinc, B
vitamins, phosphorus,

just to name a few

I've got some olive oil

and a little paprika to
give it a little zip

And then we've got some
garlic powder, yum

Some salt

Then, if you're like me and
you like everything spicy,

you can add some red
pepper flakes on there


I like it hot

Let's keep going and one more

And one more

Okay (chuckles)

Now is the fun part, we're
gonna mix it all together

It smells incredible

One really easy rule of
thumb when it comes to eating

and making sure you're
getting enough nutrition

is just more color

The more color you have, the
more nutrients you're getting

So clearly, just based on looking at this,

you're gettin' a lotta good stuff

So now I'm gonna pop this in the oven

and I'm gonna let it bake
for about 20 minutes,

I'm gonna stir it about halfway through

Then you're just going to turn the oven

up to 475 or 500 degrees Fahrenheit

and let that roast for
just about 8 to 10 minutes

You can skip this step if you want,

depends on how roasty toasty

you want your veggies to come out

For the chickpea hash, I'm
going to make a dressing

that's like a sriracha tahini sauce

You don't have to use
this if you don't want to,

you can use whatever dressing you like

As I've said previously,

this recipe is totally,
totally customizable

To make the sriracha tahini sauce,

you're gonna use three
tablespoons of tahini,

three tablespoons of water,

you can juice about 1/2 of a lemon,

some salt, some pepper,
and then sriracha to taste

if you wanna make it a
little spicier for yourself

And then, mix that all together

If you need more sauce, you
can also double this recipe

and then save some for later

It stores really well in the
fridge for a couple days

Okay, all this is done, now
it's just time to try it



Mm, mm, mm, mm

We have flavor from the sweet potatoes

and the peppers and the onion

What a great way to start your day

I already feel like
very healthy and alive

Ooh, my chickpea just
jumped right off my plate

Where did you go?

Okay, let's move on to the next meal

For our lunch option,

we're gonna be making
this really delicious,

Buffalo chickpea sandwich
with a vegan ranch dressing

It's actually a lot more
simple than you'd think

Let's make this chickpea mix

We're gonna add in our chickpeas,

our vegan Buffalo sauce,

make sure you check that
your Buffalo sauce is vegan,

because a lot of Buffalo
sauces will use anchovies

Your vegan mayonnaise,
garlic powder, onion powder,

salt and pepper

And then, we're gonna
mix that up very nicely

and that's it

It's really pretty straightforward

This recipe doesn't have
to take a long time,

especially if you have your
own vegan ranch already made

What a great arm work here, huh?

Whoo, mama

Now, let's just make our
vegan ranch dressing

So all you need is about 3/4
of a cup of vegan mayonnaise

1 1/2 tablespoons of some unsweetened,

non-dairy milk of your choice

I'm using oat milk, just
'cause that's my favorite

1 1/2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar,

1/2 a teaspoon of lemon juice,

one teaspoon of garlic powder,

1/2 teaspoon of onion powder,

1/8 a teaspoon of paprika,

1/4 teaspoon of salt

and 1/8 of a teaspoon of pepper

And then you can sprinkle in
some fresh chopped-up parsley

and 1/2 a teaspoon of some fresh dill

If you don't have fresh
dill you can also use dried,

it's not the end of the world

And mix it up

Okay, so we've got our
buffalo chickpea mixture

and our vegan ranch dressing,

and now it's just time to
assemble so we can eat

You can put whatever you want in yours,

I'm gonna be using some
onion, some tomato,

some arugula-spinach mix

and lots and lots of that ranch dressing

All right, here we are

You know what I need right now?

This is like a game day meal

I'm gonna get a beer

Whoo, yeah,

that feels better

Now I can properly assess this
buffalo chickpea sandwich

I did it for you, you're welcome

(joyful music)

(moans) Oh my god, it's so good

Mm, mm, mm, mm, mm

You need to make this

You need to make this yesterday

Wow, I love my job (chuckles)

So for dinner, we're gonna
switch it up a little bit

and we're gonna make
a one-pot vegan curry

It's really easy, minimal cleanup,

all the things we know and love

This curry is super filling

and it also can last you all week

This recipe is great because
it's done all in one pot

The first thing you wanna
do is heat up your olive oil

over about a medium-high heat

Then, we're gonna add some onion

and we're gonna cook that

until the onions become
a little bit translucent

and they start to brown

It should only take about
three to five minutes

Then you wanna add your garlic,
your ginger, your jalapeno

If you want it a little spicier,

add some more jalapeno seeds

You're gonna do that for
about three to four minutes

until the garlic is fragrant
and the jalapeno is tender

Now, we're gonna add our seasoning

We wanna add our garam
masala, our turmeric,

our salt and our pepper,
and continue to cook that

for like one to two minutes, mix it up

Then we add our tomatoes,
our chickpeas and our water

And you wanna stir that really nicely,

make sure that with your spoon

you're scraping any brown bits
off the bottom of the pan,

those are flavor filled
and we definitely want

to incorporate that into this recipe

So as the tomatoes are breaking down,

the mixture should take on

more of like a thick-stew sort of texture

and you can add more water if you need

and then you wanna just
bring everything to a simmer

and cover it up with a lid

and then just let that
cook for about 15 minutes

while you stir it every once in a while

You can do a little dance
while you're waiting,

sing a song, make a little love

Then you're gonna remove the heat

and reduce the heat to low,

and just mix in some lemon juice

If you wanna put in it
some chopped cilantro,

now would be the time to do that

Cilantro makes me wanna
jump out of a window

so I'm not going to do that,

but this would be the time if you love it

Okay, and then you're done

So you can serve it
over your rice of choice

and enjoy with a side
of naan if you'd like,

and it's really that easy

(lively music)

Yum, delicious

Really good and you could also
make the same thing with tofu

if you don't wanna use chickpeas,

if you want a different protein,

but the chickpeas really
lend themselves to this

and kinda like meat it up a little bit

Super easy to make in the first place,

super easy to meal prep ahead of time

A win-win

Okay, so now you've seen
how to use chickpeas

for breakfast, lunch and dinner

So with some of that
chickpea water you saved up,

this is how you can use them for dessert

So the water you find
in a can of chickpeas

is called aquafaba

I know it smells funky
but just give it a chance

because when you whip
it up with a hand mixer,

it actually turns into

this really wonderful meringue-type thing

It'll take on any flavor
that you add to it

so don't get freaked out by the smell

I promise you it will taste
chocolaty and delicious

So you're gonna beat the
aquafaba until stiff peaks form

Then you're just gonna gently
fold in your melted chocolate,

your sugar and your vanilla

I use dark chocolate 'cause
that's inherently vegan

but you can use any vegan
chocolate that you want

Be careful that you don't
overmix once you fold those in,

'cause you don't want it to deflate

Then you can just distribute
your mousse into three cups

and chill them for at least
three hours or overnight

and garnish with some fresh strawberries

or a fruit of your choice

And go ahead and enjoy it,

kick back, relax, you've earned it

(playful music)

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