How To Turn Your Adversity Into Opportunity

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

I don't want you to just watch and learn
from me and not take action

so it's just two short questions first
do we have to you say most important
skill sale in the cellar solid so is it
selling in general because there's the
future difference between selling
something you really believe in and just
selling something to make a profit you
know yes the wholesaling concept it is
selling ideally you want certain you
believe in yeah but it's also the skill
of selling so it's like a car is a car
you want to drive drive drive what's
your dream what's a dream Lamborghini
right that's your ideal car but if you
learn how to drive can you try by the
car yeah it's developing that driving
skill first so then when the Lamborghini
comes you know how to drive from the
beginning maybe drive a little Honda it
kind of sucks but it's you have to learn
how to drive right then when you get the
Lamborghini you're like okay this is
more typical to drive but I can handle
it because I already have years of
driving experience
so that's selling that's obviously that
was one and then the other
so this is what what is your advice for
businessmen and you know intrapreneurs
that faced some difficulties that you
know are completely unrelated to see
your skills and your human example
example it was really hard for me to
come to Canada because month literally
one month before me coming my mom
diagnosed cancer so it was so hard
coming and then last week last summer I
came back to Colombia I just the
holidays and I told my mom you know what
if you want house a for you and it
doesn't matter it and she got really mad
and whatever and I mean it's been really
hard month and that's not something
related to like any skills or any you
know but every night I wake out like
really heartbroken or whatever and then
I'm like you know what I have to
continue have to continue but you know
sometimes it's harder than other times
what is your advice to overcome those
kind of

it's those emotional personal problems
happen to all of us including me you
would and you would see that as you grow
this would not be the first time it's
not the last time and things will
actually get more difficult because the
truth is good things happen like bad
things happen to good people
so I always say I tell all the young
people your adversity is your greatest
advantage so if you're think of these
experiences is a way to kind of train
your emotional muscles
it's like wonder Jim yeah it's like okay
it's very unfortunate and it happens but
what has that taught you tell me what
I've said what has the experience taught
Lots give me an example it's made
it's maybe more resistant to some other
emotions that I used to give so much
importance before and now what your
thought is very important it's actually
not that compared to your mom so you're
mature your relationship with your mom
it's better
as funds fortunate that is in Emilia
better man givin me a better man Hill
and then it that would transfer to your
business and you will always get
something out of it most of the time
think about when my mum and dad got
divorced it was devastating to me
when my dad went bankrupt wouldn't you
say that's an unfortunate thing but the
question I have for you thinking about
my story would I be wearing today if
death didn't happen so it turns out to
be the greatest thing to ever happen to
that might they actually went bankrupt
so that it forced me to be independent
independent he forced me to be
self-reliant so looking back it's a
great thing it's not a without that
there will be no deadlock today same
thing without that there would be no you
today and then more things would happen
and you would
Thank You Man welcome

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