Easy methods to trim your hair at dwelling – fast information for males

published on July 2, 2020

hi guys thank you very much for tuning

in on this episode of slick hair TV to

the abroad my assistant Sarah she's also

my fiance and we're expecting a little

one number two the reason why I brought

Sarah to this episode is because even

though it's corona times and most salons

are closed at barber shops as well that

doesn't mean that you have to stay on

groom's so Sarah will be my head

trimming my pitches because after all

it's the small details around your whole

hairstyle that makes it looks pretty

super awesome and I'll do my best

just a disclaimer I'm not a hairdresser

so this is just to show what what you

can do with removing your corn seeding

with at home let's get to it

I'll take the camera and take a look at

my neck it needs to be groomed a little

bit looks a little bit like a caveman

and also around the neck join we have to

we have to do something with that all

right well I have to take my shirt off

there's no nasty going on here it's just

meeting shirt off to avoid hair in in

the scratching in the neck it's not

nothing worse


okay so I'm just making sure not to

shove off too much I'm just going around

the edges here and then I'll leave the

rest for the professionals Constance

Alonso wrote Megan so already I think

this is a much better look than before

alright so I'm just gonna trim around

the ears as well


this is not supposed to be a


that's reminding thing like that it's

just making sure it looks realistic

yes I'm just gonna see if I can just

take a little bit of the link with the

corner there we go


hey it's pretty good I think we need to

do something about this is the jawline

that's not good


there we go and now it's time to trim

the brows yes make sure not to ruin the

shape of the brow so definitely we don't

do too much on the top of the brow go

from beneath that'll make the eye look

I'll do this because unibrow is just

never a good look so let's get rid of

that being the only one who could pull

that off was Frida Kahlo but let's just

remove the ones in the middle here and

if you don't have a tweeze learn I think

you should go get one it's actually very

handy to have one so I used my trimmer

to remove it but it's not the best

solution you have to tweeze it out I

mean that's definitely a possibility I'm

not gonna do that you get red spots when

you use the tweezer so don't do it five

minutes before going to the grocery

store I need tip you can always put on

some cold stuff this is an ice cube and

we'll take away the red redness were way


don't forget your nose here there you go

perfect thank you very much for watching

this episode I hope you could use the

tips and tricks yes just because it's

Kurama doesn't mean you have to look

like a cake man stay safe out there stay

in Dorne as much as you can and stay

positive yeah see you guys



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