How to Tile Over a Heated Floor

by birtanpublished on September 22, 2020

Welcome to home renovation DIY the YouTube channel that specializes in helping homeowners do renovation projects and get professional results today we are talking about tile installation but specifically installing tile directly to plywood substructure so

Stay tuned we're gonna give you all the tips and tricks you need so that you can have a successful tile install one of the most popular DIY projects that people have in their home is to do

Their flooring now today we're specifically talking about doing tile work and today we're in a bathroom with a heated floor but all the information I'm going to give you today is gonna be good for tiling direct bond on plywood

Anywhere in your home remember there are lots of systems out there for underlays and membranes and everything else but the majority I would say 90% of all new home construction has done with tile direct bond to the plywood and the

Products that they're being used today have a thin set cement that haven't added a minute that acts like an adhesive so that's made possible but that being said it's not a problem to install tile directly on plywood that

Problem has been solved we have the technology and the products that we're going to be using to do that what we do need to know when you're gonna be installing your tile especially in a bathroom is nothing is ever square we

Were just taking a look at this a minute ago I have a 16 inch drywall t-square here flood up against the wall and over on the other end of the tub I am a 16 and 3/4 of an inch that means over 4 feet my room is 3/4

Minutes out of square that is crazy so we have plans of putting in a tile floor with a tile baseboard which means my tile needs to run right up to the drywall so I can't follow along the line on the tub so I actually have to

Anticipate where I'm gonna finish and then start describing all of my stone to cut them back so that I can finish without a huge gap it's a little frustrating but we'll get it done now we're not teaching you all of the tile

Tips and tricks today but we are going to show you how to get a good direct bond and the secret of course is right here the one thing that nobody ever does when they tile and that is wipe down the floor now the adhesive that we're using

In our cement works really well with clean wood but it doesn't work well with is wood that's got drywall dust or dirt or other oils on it so before you get started make sure you wipe down the area the sponge handi wipe it as you go okay

It's okay if the floor is damp while you're tiling and then all you have to remember about direct bond is to use the right cement so while you're here we're – I'll show you how to install the tile okay now I'm not all tile and not all

Cement is made equal there are specific regulations that have been outlined and guidelines around the world for successful installation and traditionally everybody thinks that there's only one way to do it but tile

Is beginning so big that we have to have a couple of secrets we're going to share that's a really nice event we are working with an electric heating cable system and we've installed the table in the same direction as we want the length

Of our tile to go I doing that for a reason so we can actually set our trowel over top of the cable and create these really awesome half-inch grooves okay and the reason we want such a very pronounced green is because we're

Actually setting above a heating cable without using a floor leveling system now when you do that you want to do a tile setter process called back butter and that's just really simple get some ink on the back of the tile and then

Clean it up it's kind of like buttering toast all right no in this situation because this part of the tile is around the heat register I'm gonna leave a lot extra cement there and I'm going to lay my tile in we want to pull away from the

Tub about an eighth of an inch okay and like I said because we're gonna use a tile baseboard right up against the wall here we go we want to collapse the ridges right there like that okay this

Kind of system can be really really messy so one of the benefits that we're gonna have advantage of using today is a tile leveling system and it is basically just clips and wedges there's a bunch of them out there but today we're going to

Use the perfect level master T lock system they sent me a sample so we're going to show you how well or how not well that works it's my first time using this product so we're going to give it a shot and give a bit of a product review

While we're at so this is a it's just a 1/8 inch thick wedge system right and it comes designed for the thickness of the stone on the label ours is actually 1/2 inch so we're in our parameters that's good and we got

The whole kit so we got the handle assembly for tightening everything up a pile of wedges a pilot clip throw my lord Wow Wow yeah that'll do a couple of floors who will we kill and this is

Fantastic this is a little bin so you can the wedges you save right every time you take the system apart the wedges are good for reusing so it's nice to have a container for that that is awesome so when you're installing your heating

System just clean away from the tile put your lemon clip underneath is that easy ok now we're going with a half offset which means I'm gonna have a grip line here so I have a tile that starts on each side of that grid line and then I'm

Gonna want one over here as well that's it that's set up and ready to go for the next tile now you'll see that this is a lot easier to have more cement than not enough ok working with eating heating elements

Just make sure that you're setting your grooves overtop of the wire so it's nice and comfortable of course you got a back butter we set that in ok and this is just a lot of the same thing over and over again right so we're going 1/2

Offset get your clips on each side of those tiles that's what I want nice and thick there okay now we're gonna just square this out yeah set it and then we'll use this tool it caused all that compression

That's what gets rid of the lipid that's brilliant okay I know this might not be a big issue but if you're a contractor watching this video try to keep your tiles clean when the clients come home and they see all the cement on the tile

There's a certain fraction of them that will freak out it's not a good look and I know that it will wipe off the next morning just fine but take the time to work clean and your clients will respect you work a lot more now this system is a

Little bit different than the other video we did with the heating table we used the self leveler in that video and the reason for that was because the complexity of the tile installation that one had large and small and little

Mosaic pieces to install so by using the floor leveler and allowed me to go with a much thinner amount of cement and have a lot more control over my tile installation so I didn't have some meant using everywhere in this situation

Because of such a large format tile I can install the heating cable and the tile at the same time using this half-inch thick trowel line that way I can save time and money and have this all done in one step in a few hours

Instead of taking two days try to put your spacers not where the wire is and you can't put it anywhere where your track is all right you don't wanna add height to the floor by doing that as you go put in all your clips and

Tighten them down and make sure you're collapsing your ridges and pushing all of their joints tight you know we couldn't use a tie clip system here on this particular joint because that's right where my track is so what I want

To do is just make sure that these two tiles are as flush as possible without lipid and I am really happy with the way that's turning out and then just to keep my gap consistent put my spacer inside down I'll keep my grid line very

Consistent okay okay and the next day when this is all set it's really easy to clean it you can just use a sponge once you've taken the clips out it's amazing a that's a factory edge enigma tile and it's not square get what you pay for

Votes these folks are doing this bathroom on a budget and there's such they're buying stone that doesn't have the greatest reputation for coming square the way we're gonna finish this room off because the doors on my left

Side is I am going to have this next tile come in and it finishes at about 23 around here okay so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to take my half size tile measures in at eleven and five-eighths so I have eleven of five eighths and

Then from the grout line to the wall I'm going to measure I'm gonna add those two numbers together that'll get me this tile okay and then I'll keep working from right to left instead of left to right that way I'm finishing in front of

The door instead of working into a back corner over here and not being able to get that nice and level on square and measure properly so if I work from right to left I'll actually have a lot more success here you can see that from the

Door if I'm inside the room on my knees I can work here but if this is all tile first I can't so that's what we're gonna do we just use the grout line as our measuring tool that'll keep everything square and we'll keep all of our lines

Lined up and then you know a few more cuts and we'll be done well first of all thanks for the perfect level tile master guys this is a good system so if you have available in the area I would suggest buying it simple durable and

Like every other clip system it does the job so very good there if you like this kind of content and information then hit the like button subscribe to the channel if you haven't done it yet don't forget to hit the notification bell so you see

Every video that we make for the rest of eternity and if you want to see how this project turns out make sure you watch the end of the video there's gonna be a link to our project video it's called reality renovation click the video to

See how this project turned them

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