How to Succeed on YouTube in 2020 [Understanding The Algorithm & Optimizing Your Channel]

by birtanpublished on August 25, 2020

Hey guys welcome back to the channel in this video I want to talk about succeeding on YouTube in 2020 and I kinda want to break this down in two separate parts for this video and starting on YouTube you know we talked about how it's not too late to start in

2020 we talked about some things that you can do to help start off your growth in this video I want to give you a blanket just to generalise no matter how big your channel is what you can do to improve your growth in 2020 these are

Observations that Nate and I have been making in the past couple months really we did a lot of deep diving analysis into YouTube looking at our analytics looking at other analytics talking to other Creators and this is a list that

We came up with for the best ways to improve your growth in 2020 so the two parts I want to talk about the first one is this generalized channel success and this is just generalized tips not necessarily algorithm specific but just

Ways that you can really grow and just catapult your channel into the next year and then part two I really want to talk about some algorithm specific things so how you can make each specific video perform better on YouTube through you

Know some of these different tricks right here what you need to focus on where you should really be optimizing your videos in terms of length and like quality and standing and in frequency and stuff like that so definitely a lot

To talk about in this video I want to start off though like I said with channel success now the first one that I think is really important you hear this all the time and I have to say in this video content is king so number one your

Content needs to be really high quality you need to focus on it you need to be original you need to be unique you need to be interesting you can't just go out there and just put out content that's kind of junky or looks like a home video

Or isn't really fully thought out or has incorrect information you really want to make sure that this is going out like every video you put out you want to ask yourself is it okay if this gets 5 million views because honestly it might

And if you say well 5 million people there was that one part that's not correct maybe you should go back and fix it and then that should drive you to go back and fix the things that are wrong which will ultimately help you grow your

Channel faster and don't be ashamed of making videos and never publishing them I have dozens of videos that I've made uploaded then watch them I didn't release them me I just uploaded them as like private videos I watched

Him again I thought you know what I could do better than that this is not this is not for me so I took them down and I'd never released them number two is to collaborate now this could be in or outside of videos now as

YouTube is getting larger and larger there is a massive audience and it's really hard for you to reach as you know everybody obviously you can't reach everybody but it's really even hard to reach many people in your own space so

There could be like if I'm a tech review channel and then somebody else has another tech review channel reviewing very similar stuff to me we might have some small overlap in our subscribers but for the most part a lot of people

Don't know the other channel exists so me collaborating with another creator in a relatively similar area could benefit both channels really greatly this is something I've done in the past I did this in 2019 but not just in videos this

Is also really important outside of videos where you can meet up with other creators and just kind of talk about what works for them in the specific area so everybody should be doing their own research diving into your analytics and

Figuring out what does and does not work so meeting up with other people that also do this and are working hard in your field you can really benefit both of you when you're bouncing ideas off each other and figuring out what really

Does work for your content niche and you know we say this all the time and just a reminder it is not a zero-sum game YouTube is something that if I'm succeeding somebody else is making similar videos I want them to succeed

Really badly like I I'm fully vested in their best interest there because if they succeed I succeed we succeed together because if they have a video that gets 10 million views and I have a similar video even though we're

Different channels mine might get recommended against them which means that you know a rising tide lifts all boats I could do well as well if my friend or other you know creator in the similar area is also doing well that

Brings us to number three which is running tests now I think it's really really important that you're running tests all the time to just learn as much as possible about your platform about what you're doing about your audience

And just everything like that so this could be something that example what I did in 2019 a recent test actually just like two months ago was I test it out you know is it better or worse to run mid rolls does it decrease your watch

Time does it decrease your views and then changing different things on the thumbnail I add the logo do people recognize my brand if I add you know bigger text or even no text at all does that increase

The click-through ratio so you want to do different tests where you have actual like professional proper experiments going on or you have a control group and you really just follow the full scientific method there to just make

Sure that whatever you're doing is a proper experiment you can have an A to B comparison and really determine you know if one variable helps you or hurts you which can obviously increase your growth on YouTube

Number four then goes to that one is studying your analytics doing a deep dive on what works and what doesn't work for your channel is part of this but the other part is actually doing an audit of other channels so it's very easy to

Maybe watch other channels to get ideas for videos or maybe just not watch other channels at all and focus on yourself but if you are able to look at other videos objectively and think about what are they doing what was their best video

Why was it their best and what did they do differently from me do they have a different intro do they have more music in there do they have a different kind of thumbnail and then bring that back to number 3 or run an experiment on that

With your own channel and don't copy people obviously but you can say like hey maybe if they have background music maybe I can try that right so trying different things in that sense will definitely help you as well and that

Brings us into number five then which is to set goals operate efficiently so really trying to make systems and make everything don't waste your time on email too much don't waste your time on Instagram too much or watching too much

On YouTube create a good balance create a good system that you are being effective but you're also growing very quickly you're spending an equal amount of time on like research and development so like discovering what works as well

As you know creating new content interacting with your audience create a good balance and just operate more like a business and less like somebody just filming videos in their basement for fun right because when you're operating more

Like a business you're looking at things in a more logical way to figure out what is going to optimize your growth so that brings us into Part B which i think is very interesting this is stuff that we have observed and other Creators that

We've been talking to also observed about to the YouTube algorithm so what works and what doesn't work today and moving forward in 2020 how is the YouTube algorithm really trending so the first thing is the video length no way

Back in day two three minute videos were the biggest thing on YouTube and then gradually moved up to five minute videos then maybe like the casein ice that area was like the eight minute video so

2016-2017 people putting out eight minute videos everyday really thrived on YouTube but now if you start looking at what they are they're getting a little bit longer so people are moving away from television watching and people are

Moving towards watching things online so YouTube is a great medium for people to you know consume media and because of that people are used to you're getting some TV viewers moving into YouTube I'll show you where I'm going with this and

They want to watch kind of longer content they want to be clicking they don't want to click through videos non-stop so right now something around thirteen minutes seems to be the optimal video length and you'll see people like

Mr. beast doing this and a lot of the really big really successful youtubers are starting to use longer content now this also depends on category as well if you're talking about maybe like a tutorial for example I've seen videos

That are an hour and a half long and do they perform extremely well so don't think that you should be stuck on an eight-minute video like that you know try to copy what Casey nice that did a couple years ago because it worked

Really well then but now longer content seems to be what the algorithm is kind of preferring a little bit number two this one should be pretty obvious you really shouldn't be streaming too much any more streams generally seem to hurt

Your channel more than help them they get fewer views and they it's something that YouTube you know they put it out there it seems like there's a little bit half-baked it wasn't really what they actually wanted I think and then now it

Doesn't really work so well doll so I wouldn't be surprised if it even got rid of streaming eventually but streaming doesn't really seem to be the optimal way to present media on YouTube now on the flip side something that you can

Utilize that I've been experimenting with and I think it works really well now is actually creating posts so in between your videos if you post two videos a week maybe throw out one post just you know a poll or you just come

Kind of message to your audience and get them to engage and maybe it's not a video you know obviously it's a post but maybe it's gonna provide other value maybe you give them a good picture maybe you something funny maybe it's something

You know just a discussion with them and it's a good way to interact with your audience engage in a little bit more discussion and become a little bit more personal and better friends with your audience number three tags really

Don't mean anything anymore so in the new bata studio you'll see that they kind of moved it down into like advanced settings and even above there it says you don't really need tags they're good for like misspelling this is what they

Said which means tags are no longer the way that YouTube is going to identify your video instead they're gonna use their own you know they're gonna listen to your video and figure out what you're saying

So like text or voice to text right there to figure out what it is what the script is in your video and they're also going to look at your title and your description so you really want to focus a little bit more effort for you know 20

2008 for your tags really don't even worry about those and focus more on your description to really fill that out make it as you know import it significant as possible don't just have links to like your camera gear but actually include

What the video is about talk about things you know you utilize that almost as like a blog post because the more you can write there and the more relevant information you put there with specific keywords the better your video is there

Or more likely your video is to rank number four then is bold yet sort of simple thumbnails now in the past we might have seen some people hire like graphic designers or just make these really gaudy like just over-the-top

Thumbnails and people make like weird faces they I don't know why everyone does this everyone thinks they need to make a really weird face and their thumbnail and then so they make this weird face they have a whole bunch of

Like dollar signs behind them crazy green and red stuff going all over the place and then some text that's like bright yellow and it's honestly just really hard to look at and those videos generally don't do as well now as maybe

They did a couple of years ago now YouTube is trending towards or at least the people watching YouTube are really clicking more on the simpler thumbnail so just like a just sometimes just a picture with no words at all sometimes a

Picture with two or three words sometimes a picture with just a big number on it you know so you want something a little bit simpler and again this can vary from one you know from one niche to the next but for the most part

Having just a simple well taken photo you know a really good photo with some simple text right there seems to be the best performing thumbnail in my opinion across many different categories number five is actually a little bit more about

The type of content you're creating so they're moving a little bit away from the controversial or even funny like bullying type stuff is what they call so they they had a recent update where they're pushing people away from

Bullying as they say and I put quotes around that some of it actually was like bullying some of it was just kind of funny stuff that maybe some people might consider bullying but regardless moving towards the safer content that anybody

Can advertise on is really what YouTube is looking to do to you know it attract more advertisers and really increase their revenue your revenue and just the platform as a whole so doing this it really means that you want to be

Focusing a little bit more on making you know friendlier things nicer things and when I say not controversial things this is an older one obviously you can't go out there and start talking about any kind of hate speech or anything like

Very violent or mean because you're gonna get demonetised anyway so now it's just a little bit more emphasis on emphasis on that where they want everyone to be a little bit nicer on the platform number six the big three things

That YouTube really cares about when they're looking at your video so what are the big three things that are going to make you rank higher on YouTube or even just get shown out to more and more viewers and just have a sort of viral

Video now the first one is your thumbnail so the click-through ratio is going to be extremely important to click-through rate of how many people see your thumbnail versus how many people click and depending on if you're

Ranking in search or browse or trending or whatever you want this number to be obviously as high as possible if you can get it up to 7 10 15 percent or even higher then you know the higher it is the better your video is going to do

Because YouTube says wow this is interesting people like this and along with thumbnail the second thing that they really care about is the title so title and thumbnail go hand-in-hand for your click-through rate when people see

That they click on it they say that's really interesting YouTube registers that is hey people are interested in this video we should show it to more people and maybe more people be interested and the second thing then is

Your watch time so you want to make sure that you have a really captivating intro you want to have a really good beginning of your video obviously the whole video should be good but really focus on the beginning get a really good hook in

There number seven is the frequency of uploading back in the day like I said Casey nice that era it was really really popular to have daily uploads and obviously Casey nice I had extremely high quality videos which is why his

Videos performed so well his channel just blew up in that year but a lot of other people perform very well without even really high quality content just by uploading so frequently so YouTube did

Reward the frequent uploads the daily uploads or like you know every other day uploads they rewarded that and people grew more quickly but now what the algorithm seems to be trending towards is again you have to think about what

They're doing here so people are moving away from television onto YouTube so YouTube's growing in that sense they're growing in advertisers they want better higher-quality content and they don't really care as much about how frequently

You upload so number one thing to focus on kind of goes back to number one in this entire video content is king you need to have the best quality content you possibly can this doesn't necessarily mean buying the absolute

Best camera but it does mean talking about the best quality just the content itself not necessarily the lighting and everything that comes second and it's still extremely important but you want to make sure that you have great ideas

Well thought-out well executed well edited and of course then the next step like I said having a decent camera at ecent lighting decent background you want to make sure that overall your content is as good as you can possibly

Make it so don't compromise quality for quantity anymore this is something that you really need to focus on when you're trying to grow in 20 20 or 20 21 whenever you're trying to grow guys

These are my tips these are what I discovered learned and talked to other people about so Nate and I have both been talking about this with other creators and it seems to be a pretty common agreement in the community that

These are things that really you should be focusing on in 2020 so if you're growing your channel guys comment down below let me know what your channels about what you're doing to grow it and as always guys Happy New Year thank you

All for watching I'll see you next time

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