How to STOP Losing Girls in Math & Finance

published on August 2, 2020

America loses girls in math and finance as early as h7 and that's not because girls are not good at it it's truly heartbreaking to find out the reasons why girls lose interest in STEM careers basic math and finance so early on so if you have a daughter if you have

A friend who has a daughter if you have family who have daughters please watch this video till the end and share it with all of your friends and family who have daughters my guest today is Maura Cunningham she's the founder and CEO of

The nonprofit organization rock the street Wall Street which is a financial investment literacy program designed to spark high school and girls interest in pursuing finance careers she spent 25 plus years in the financial

Industry as one of the few women in the room and that's why she was eager to turn her attention to getting more girls interested in their financial independence and exploring jobs and finance

In this episode of the Ambassador Movement we compare the differences between the Iranian and the American culture when it comes to math and finance and why 60% of my classmates in computer science class in Iran were

Girls while in Western societies like in Japan and in the us I have been the only girl in the room so we get really deep down to the reasons why this is happening in the US and most importantly how we can put a stop to this disability

That haunts our daughters throughout their lives in so many years not just their careers we are going to hear in the intro and while we do that please head over to the comments section and tell me when did you have the money talk

With your daughter we're gonna come in the intro and let's go I'm super excited to have you here on the invest Eva movement I've been getting your rock the street Wall Street emails for I don't know even how long and I was always

Curious like what is it what is look like I knew he has something to do with women and finance and then I had my team like please just reach out us it feels like she has the same mission as I do and if she does we'd have to get her on

And it turns out that you absolutely do and we were just chit-chatting a little bit before the interview right now and we have some things like we have some shared interest in the background but what brings us today here and you are

Telling me how do we lose women or girls in America to math early on and that is super curious for me as well first of all I wanted to welcome you thank you for joining us I'm very happy to be here thank you and I'm so more I just wanted

To get into it because I grew up in Iran and I studied electrical engineering in Japan and the funny thing is I actually consider myself sucking at math I'm not that good at math and what I'm talking about math I'm not good at like you know

Obvious electrical engineering math but that didn't really stop me from studying Electrical Engineering when I was in Iran I'm super curious to see how is America different than Iran because in Iran I did six months of electrical

Engineering of computer science in college in Iran before I went to Japan and 60% of my classmates four girls but when I went to Japan I was the only girl in my class for the whole six years it was such a

Shock to me and then I came to America I thought from the movies in Hollywood I had a different picture from America I thought America is a land of equality and I thought well like women have so much power here

I came here when I wall street and again I was the only girl in the team and I'm like what is happening over here so I was and I had never gone to school here I have a 2 year old now and I want to know what to expect like what is it why

Are girls not into math or finance or any of these STEM careers for that matter in your opinion well thank you again for allowing me to visit with you today on this really important subject and you've had quite an experience from

What you've told me with regard to the different cultures kind of like night and day particularly women are concerned so I'm happy to elaborate on that but let me let me start off with telling you what with what rock the street Wall

Street is about so Rock the street Wall Street is a financial literacy program designed to spark the interest of high school girls into careers of finance so we have two missions so the first mission is financial literacy and the

Reason for that is because two out of three women stated they know little to nothing about finance nor financial products so that is almost seventy percent of American women's State they know little to nothing the second

Mission is to get more of us into the industry as you already said yourself there you were the only woman on the team likewise I was always the only producing female in my office and also on my team so you know fast-forward that

Was true 30 plus years ago and fast-forward to your generation obviously it's still true so I my thinking is that a lot of this has to do with what's called math anxiety that girls have in our society and so and it

Is uniquely an American and Western European problem as I mentioned before we started taping this particular interview we lose girls and math as early as age 9 and in some studies earlier than that so it starts very

Early so if you wanted to follow the life of a girl in the United States in math it would look something like this she has set of parents female obviously well well she had parents and in a typical

Family setting they would have a male and a female mom and dad and if mom and dad have stereotypical roles then it is highly likely that they will impose stereotypical roles on their children as well so that starts very early even

Through pre-k they're going to be giving the girl more pink and the boy of course more blue and those kinds of things things I'm gonna be setting her up for more nurturing things in him for more let's say science and math pursuits so

Then she gets to the student or the child gets to kindergarden and into what we call elementary school and over 90 percent of the teachers in the United States are female so of the 90 percent female elementary school teachers very

Few if any of them have any certification math whatsoever so this is not got nada knock on teachers I haven't married to a former middle school director I have many teachers in my family but the reality here in the

United States is that very very few of the elementary school teachers of which 90% are women have any certification in math as a result when the teacher goes to what we call the white board black or a smart board the teacher has what's

Called math anxiety and that math anxiety carries to the girls in the classroom but not the boys in the classroom and the University of Chicago has 12 year along with Juvenal Studies on this and they slice and dice to each

In every way and so when the girls see this they begin to think that it's optimally acceptable excuse me that it's societally acceptable for them to opt out of math you will even hear the teachers sometimes say I hate math I

Don't like math and so it just continues there's pervasive stereotyping that girls can't do math quote unquote and so they then go into middle school and then and middle school they are hearing it among each other so the girls are

Telling each other well you know girls can't do math and so we don't have to do math and that kind of thing so it again becomes pervasive in the culture that the girls we think that they can't do math or that they're not

Expected to do maths and then you get to high school and in high school we've actually heard comments with it in some of our cult it's some of our classrooms we have heard the girls say well our boyfriends will or our husbands will

Handle the finances I mean so that's where it goes and so as a result of this math phobia and math anxiety all the way starting from when they are very very young to high school and then again into college the girls have already opted out

Of finance and economics because first of all I think that we don't necessarily belong there and that they don't see us so with regard to stem professions science technology engineering and math of which we are the em in math the

Number one reason why they don't choose stem studies nor professions is they don't see women in those professions in popular culture you will hardly ever see a woman in finance or any of the stem professions for that matter and then the

Number two is in whether or not choosing stem professions is because they don't see their girlfriend's choosing those professions nor studies so with rock the street Wall Street we're overcoming that in that we have cohorts of girls in each

Of our schools of which we will be in 34 high schools this coming fall across about 18 US cities we have number one they will see women in the profession because 100 percent of our instructors are female financial professionals and

Number two who they will see their own friends beginning to study and like finance and economics and choosing those majors and minors as they go to college so we're overcoming those two those two obstacles as to why they're not going

Into the profession so that should give you some idea Kiana of the life of a girl in the united states with regard to math that is so fascinating and now i can i am understanding why and actually I do have a question for you before you

I kind of explain how it is in Iran yeah but what level of math are we talking about like people when women say I can't do math are we talking about like two plus two is four or we talk about like integral and like different she'll like

What what level of math are we talking about because I actually don't know what is taught in American high schools so here's here's the what we're doing in the United States in our classes we are lifting the veil as it were on the fact

That finance isn't anything more than first-year algebra exactly exactly look that's what I tell my guys like this is like they can literally pull out your smart phone and do it it's like not I don't understand what's the big deals

Like I go to women like hey like let's do this no no no I I'm not a math but some like what math like what exactly exactly there's just this societal issue again it's Western European countries and

America you don't have this problem in China Russia nor Eastern European countries easily enough and apparently in Iran so I would love to hear your side of what how you grew up in Iran on this yeah so the basically what it and

By the way we saying that Russia and China are ahead of us is kind of it's alarming because we are under attack basically on so many levels but yeah so basically when it comes to Iran I always heard that even when I was in Iran that

The level of math taught at schools in Iran is much more advanced than bad I the US I always heard that because we obviously after the Revolution a lot of people migrated from Iran to America all my family were in America and people my

Age who went to America and came I mean came here like let's say at ninth grade or whatever they were way ahead from their peers in the US and in the school one other thing maybe is because I don't know so I kind of

Whenever saying it girls don't see their peers going to math math kinda is sexy I think anyone like it is like it kinda is oh and also so another thing is that the high school all the schools are gender separated so boys girls girls like I did

Not grow up with guys in my class to begin with and our math teachers were women in boys schools the math teachers went where men is like completely segregated and therefore like for me to be and I was very competitive to always

Even though I'm not again my best superpower is not math but because I was competitive I always tried to be the top of the class even at math so I would just like cram like like Drive myself crazy

In order to be top of the class even when it came to math which really really I struggle with but again the level of math and I'm talking about we're talking about like you know integral differential like things that people

Apparently learn here in college that's true yeah and the matter of the fact that what gets people in them and women in America is so intimidated by the math and I'm not trying to put people down it really isn't it's just that I understand

How if you have a block in your mind that oh my god this is not for me it's that much harder to actually get into it and tackle it if you already have this mindset that oh this is not gonna work out for me because math is not for me

Even without knowing how easy it may or may not be right I'm so I think these are some of the factors maybe having boys girls girls girls schools separated had a had to do with it and the fact that we did have female role models as

Our teachers and engineering and math is considered sexist oh it's interesting because um you know how dr is a status the status in America like dr something engineer is a status in Iran so my God is an engineer says

Engineer Daniel I am engineer Daniele so it's a status interesting so I think it has a lot to do with all of these things that people consider cool as opposed to anything to do with how hard math is and as a matter of fact I actually just

Checked her up on Google as you were talking about we know women are statistically actually a lot of women are better than their male peers in math so one Iranian woman she was the youngest Iranian math genius and I

Believe she passed away in 2017 maryam me Musa Musa honey she is the first female to ever get the fields medals bloom and there are these awards for method I can't even pronounce and she got it and she's a woman and she was

Iranian and of course I feel like if she had grown up in America she probably would not have gone down this path and she would not have become the first female but in wrong because girls just go through down down that path they just

Become successful it's not that your onions are smarter I know you're not being you've had so many brilliant women in America but they're just have this mental cultural it's a cultural bloc totally a cultural block and again it

Really does start very very early one of the things I focus on the teenage girls and the reason I try even though we may lose some of them age 9 we rekindle their interest in math by announcing in the classroom you know or asking them in

The classroom can you do first your algebra and they'll say oh yeah we got that and so we're like okay well then you you can have a brilliant career in finance and oh by the way you can manage your own portfolio and you will you can

You know be the you you can have you know reign dominion over your own finances and so you know it's a complete revelation that it's only a first-year algebra because their impression of Wall Street

Again and again and again what we here because we polled our students all the time is it's you know men yelling trading floor right but that's all I've seen yeah that's all you know they don't understand that we do

Much more than that there is some truth to that although the trading pits are from yesterday now and they're just for show really and but but what they don't see and this is a huge disconnect in the

Industry in terms of recruiting women I'll give you a perfect example I was sitting having dinner at Middle Tennessee State University which is in Murfreesboro Tennessee and I'm seated next to a gentleman who is the head of

Eastern religions for the University and he comes from Tibet and his daughter went to the University of Chicago which is considered one of the most math prestigious schools in the United States and so he as the head of Eastern

Religions and he's a Buddhist by the way I asked about what he did and then he asked about mine what I was doing and so I mentioned course Rock the street and he said well I want to tell you about my daughter he

Said you know she's studying and is up there at the University of Chicago and she was majoring in finance and all of Wall Street is courting her to come to Wall Street and he said however the only thing that they keep talking about is

How much money she's going to make not that there's anything wrong with that okay but it's the only thing they kept throwing at her if instead you know number one she's a Buddhist okay you have to appeal to some higher

Motivations than just the money okay and so if they had said to her you can change the face of a city by going into City finances you can change the state of the federal government by working in some trig function of Treasury

And if they had appealed to her on a higher moral value rather than just the money they might have gotten her but instead what happened is she said I'm out if this is what Wall Street is about in that they're just keep telling me how

Much money I'm gonna make and why I need to come to their firm versus what my you know what what I can give back I'm out so she stayed in academia at the University of Chicago that's just one story of many many stories that I've

Heard in terms of women getting turned off to Wall Street which is the other end of this my thesis on this with regard to whether a fewer women in addition to the math phobia and math anxiety that we have in the society it's

Also a function of how Wall Street recruits to women I think there's a huge disconnect in how they recruits them what we are telling the girls our students is we help people you know number one pay for a mortgage a house

Save for their children's college education save for their own retirement create dreams for them you know when we help them build the budgets for those dreams and so they don't know that when we meet them they have absolutely no

Clue of that today again just think it's this you know men yelling routine and so we said no there's so many elements to finance in on Wall Street you know whether it's a portfolio manager whether it's a treasure in a corporate Treasury

Position and by the way we are all about finance it doesn't have to necessarily be Wall Street I put Wall Street in the name because the research also shows that no one is speaking to the girls about investing

Your your typical daughter in the United States if you have a daughter or a son you will find that the father will speak to the son about finances you will find two that no one neither father nor mother are speaking through their

Daughters about finances and I said this has to end this has got to end we've got to get into more of an investment headset with these kids and let them know that they can do this you just show them how to invest and so again as I

Said earlier we're lifting the veil on the fact it's nothing more than first-year algebra with regard to the math itself and then investing is very you know there's an approach you can take and

Analysis you can make and you know it's a function of what you see around you too you know you see Amazon all the time you see FedEx planes all the time you know you see Clorox being bought now during the pandemic and you know all

Those kinds of things in fact where the stocks were studying includes some of the ones I've mentioned because of the pandemic and we're going to be studying the effect of the pandemic on the stock market and also the particular stocks

Yes so that's what I tell my students too investing is more about understanding psychology and market psychology than math it's like what's happening right now how can i if you're good at shopping I tell my students

You're gonna be good honey miss thing because you're gonna look for cheap stuff okay good for sales right exactly this is absolutely brilliant and he's just giving me so much rage over you know they like hearing the things that

You were just selling like oh man this this I cannot believe this is still happening in 2020 United States no I know and you know here's further evidence of this when I went to college we won't say how many years ago over

Twenty five years ago well L of our 25 and I was the only girl in my math class my business math class the only one there was 35 guys and me so fast-forward to one of my staff members Ashley Leftwich Ashley went to the University

Of Georgia and she was a good math student at her high school here in Nashville Tennessee and so she gets to the University of Georgia where there are forty thousand students forty thousand students she is the only female

In her calculus class out of 40 and and 40 men in her class forty men in her so that's a whole generation that's passed and we're still have this problem and it's like the silent killer in the United States that no one is speaking

About you age it turned me off to be honest with you and I'm sorry that I just it brings back memories that when I went to Japan I was the only girl in my class it was like it's suddenly all of a

Sudden became intimidating and like what am I doing here right right what did you do so how did you handle that I quit engineering I mean there's a combination so I honestly don't know if

I would have quit now that I listen to you I always thought that there was a combination of things engineering class I was the only girl and the classes were taught in Japanese so I was learning Japanese and engineering at the same

Time so it was double the blow but then I got to 2008 I actually randomly shorted the dollar yen pair I didn't even know what I was doing and I made 10,000 bucks and like oh my god this is awesome so I got good for you it's

Pretty good I got to the finance side of things and again when I went to Wall Street it became just so political that I quit Wall Street ooh and I started in bestia because so if for me it happened very fast I wanted to hear your story

Like why did you choose math like out of all people because it is for you for me it was just again my dad is an engineer I'm gonna be coming to you it's kind of like everybody else is becoming to yourselves gonna become engineer for you

It must have just taken a lot of consideration and cut lahat why did you choose choose your path um I didn't study math I study economics so let me make that clear so I was a news hound I loved the news growing up in New York

City and I was absolutely fascinated there used to be a show on called Wall Street week with Louis Rukeyser I found it absolutely fast I loved politics and I loved the news and so on on Wall Street we lose fruit

Crows would have these guests that would come in from all over the country mostly Wall Streeters though who would talk about economic policy political policy social policy and it was the key to the mysteries for me it was absolutely the

Key to the mystery that's how it's connected that's how money flows and that's how you change policies and that's how you change culture and that's how you change societies by funding

Initiatives and you know or innovation if it's in the private sector and I was like oh my gosh that's the key to the mysteries economics and finance and so I thought I want to do that that's what I want to do they could talk and talk and

Talk added nauseam about any topic I mean it was phenomenal that they could keep talking the depth and breadth of everything that they could talk about about these issues not only here in the

United States but globally of how things were were happening you know whether it's a revolution or it's the FOMC or its state taxes income taxes or school board issues or you know our innovation and the business in the private sector

Or what was happening the oil stocks at the time which was the big thing back then and so I just thought they're so informed they have a deep knowledge and a vast knowledge of things and I thought

That's what I want to do and so I did so I found economics and loved it and then went right to Wall Street and there again I was pumped every day you know walking up into the office and ultimately onto the trading floor and I

Loved it I mean I will say I was always typically the only producing female that were certainly the support staff was female it was still like you know the Mad Men TV show and it was just very exciting I always loved it you know and

Then of course knowing what I could do what I could do for families you know ultimately I worked you know the trading of course and then and that was fascinating and then I worked with families where we hope to have a huge

Impact on multi-generational planning so what did you learn from your time on Wall Street that actually influences your decision to found Rockland Street Wall Street so I started to rock the street Wall Street I was fortunate

Enough to retire in Oh nine and then I started to trade my own account at trade options I still trade options but of three years after doing that I thought there had to be more to life than this so I said okay I've gotta

Do something else than this so I went back to school and I got my master's thesis in civic leadership and my excuse me my masters in civic leadership my thesis was on girls in math and how we lose that age now in the United States

And so I always knew that I wanted to bring more women to Wall Street simply because quite frankly was a little lonesome being always the the one and only and then going to conferences where you know that the 800 minutes a

Conference and maybe if you're lucky maybe 20 women it was always the same 20 women and I do think I would have had even more fun I had a lot of fun but even more fun and just being collegial with more women you know it gets tiring

To be the only women all the time woman all the time and so I was fortunate enough that I did grow up with three older brothers so it was never intimidating to me I had very sharp elbows which we had to have on Wall

Street for sure and I think you still do today but I think so so so I wanted to start something where you know I have very dear friends who are you know very bright women professionals all who absolutely just will not really give

Enough time to learn finance and will just say you know I just don't do math you know or I can't handle my finances and I'm like oh my gosh you're so bright you can do this but they just give up to it because that's the culture and so I

Said I gotta do something about this so I knew in working with my clients that I needed to reach them at a much younger age to stop that that mentality right to stop that mentality and catch it right there at the moment that they are

Deciding you know number one if they're going to go to college and number two what they're going to major a minor in because again our our girls our students have absolutely no idea about the profession whatsoever and so we are

Opening that door to them in a big big way that's so amazing and it's actually let me ask you this cuz I'm targeting the moms I'm targeting the minds and showing them how they can take control of their financial future cuz my thing

Is women again the things that you said I've seen that women say hey my husband is gonna handle my finances guess what the average age of widowhood in the us is 5956 it's it's something like that it's now I didn't Hey yeah and well

Women live longer and then when her husband dies and guess even even even Kobe Bryant he just died and his wife I actually don't know I know that they have a lot of financial advisors are they do they have her best interest how

Involved was she in the process of their finances like imagine being morning and in having to suddenly being thrown at all these pile of finances so that is my thing how to take control of your financial features so that I don't have

To put it on your husband's but of course having a two-year-old daughter myself I'm scared that she may fall into the American tradition I'm hoping not because my husband is an engineer I am doing this but I don't know what school

Is gonna do to her right and so what exactly did you go to all high schools you have a curriculum there how exactly does it work like do you work with which high schools you work with so 100% of our schools are public schools and there

Are co-ed public schools and so a program there are three components to the program it's a year-long program by the way so we're not a one-and-done very often you'll find that corporate CSR put social responsibility programs will

Often roll out the red carpet for an evening event and then they close they roll it back up and then they're done they've spent $40,000 on one event that's client-facing saying they've done something for diversity and

Inclusion and that's it and a lot of the women are fed up with that and that's why they're very pleased with our program and that it's a year-long program and we have cohorts of girls which I'll talk about later but so

There's three components to the year-long program the first two happened to fall and the third happens in the spring so the first component is a series of five classroom sessions that are led by one hundred percent female

Financial professionals okay we insist on that simply because more often than not financial literacy in the United States is often taught by the football coach or the drama teacher or the substitute teacher who have little to no

Knowledge about finance and in fact over eighty percent of the teachers self-report I'm going to say that again over 80 percent self-report that they do not feel competent enough to teach financial literacy so imagine that

Imagine if you have eighty percent of the teachers going into a classroom to teach history but say they have no they feel no competency in teaching history or English for that matter so here it is you have over eighty percent of the

United States teachers self reporting that they do not feel competent enough to teach financial literacy this is part of the problem we have in the society and so if that's the case we've got to change something about that and so

That's the plea that we're making to corporate America particularly at the investment firms who are our sponsors and we say look this isn't going to change on its own there has to be an intervention and so we have armies of

Women thankfully through our corporate sponsors who go into these classrooms now and we're plug-and-play as I mentioned earlier we'll be in 18 cities this coming fall so we have the five classroom sessions and so it's a and

These are all hands on financial projects by the way that we do and each set of our curriculum will have three different sets of curriculum and each each through each set of curriculum they're keep meeting janella

We turn the tables on the girls immediately and they become a financial advisor for janela immediately so we reverse the roles which is kind of fun so there's these three sets of curriculum that we

Do for the first five weeks but only did one set for each cohort after the five weeks we then go on what's called a field trip and the field trip is to the corporate sponsors offices and the reason we do that is because we want the

Girls to see women and authority so again we're overcoming this obstacle that they don't see women in finance they don't see women in stem so the only people that they will meet on that field trip are women in authority and so

They'll meet women who do with math who were very comfortable with math and so forth and so it's really really a popping for the girls because many of our students are first generation American first-generation college-bound

Who have never seen women in authority and so I'll give you a perfect example we were working with a school down in Dallas Texas and it was the children of migrant workers and so we went to a corporate sponsor office and so they had

The foresight knowing the demographic of the students because their volunteers had been at the school working with our program and so they met the students over the five-week period they all day long those girls who were the children

Of migrant workers met nothing but women who spoke Spanglish so Spanish and English and were women of authority so it was really eye-popping for these girls you should have seen their eyes alone and just oh my gosh and you know

On top of that the sponsor had the the really again the four sites is to ask the question this one question how many of you sitting in front of us today translate from English to Spanish for your parents everyone's hand went up so

They said we want you we want you because we need more translators for our clients down in all of Latin America and so they were like wow somebody actually wants me to so it was you know just these really moving events that are

Created through through our relationships with our corporate sponsors that may not happen otherwise if they didn't have a program like this so what any event that's the field trip then we have the girls sign up again

With us if they want to join us for the mentoring component which is in the spring so in the spring we'll have the girls who are really interested in business and finance and economics and so those girls roughly this year we had

About 70 percent of our students sign up which we're very proud of usually it's about 50 percent so we're doing something where it's going up and so during those sessions we will work with the girls on their resume we'll give

Them access to LinkedIn and in terms of if they're 16 or older we'll get them up on LinkedIn we'll have them connect with me I have over you know so many 5,000 or 6,000 connections in the business that if they link with

Me they can immediately get access to and you know we get them we do we provide social capital to the girls again thinking 69 percent of our girls are coming from minority families 44 percent are coming from low-income

Households that never would have had this kind of exposure to these professionals before so we create this social capital that they never would have had before where we're creating job shadowing

Opportunities summer internship opportunities and so forth so it's really it's really very uplifting and I am a big advocate for stem professions that you already know I'm a perfect example of that

I my father came from Ireland and my mother as well my father had about a third grade education and my mom about a sixth grade education I'm the only one of my five siblings to graduate from college and I do believe that stem

Professions lives people out of poverty in one generation and I'm a perfect example of that and so I carry that within me and I can preach that to the girls because you're looking at one that is so powerful and what better than

Having a role model to see it's possible because that immediately just knocks down that mental challenge or that that the blockage that you have it oh I can't do this hey look at this she can do it this is super amazing and I have one

Last question for you why isn't financial literacy humanitary in the United States in high school in your opinion that's an excellent question I don't know the answers to why it's not

Required I know that they're trying to do more about that however only 4% of families low-income families children of low-income families bar required to take a financial literacy class only 4% okay you will find in the higher

Socio-economic schools that they are required but in the lower economic it's only 4% i we don't know the answer that you know that's a great question it's a my guess is it's going to be because again the math issue that they're just

Don't want to handle it if you go into education most of the teachers don't want to do finance you know they don't want to unless you go of course to a business school that's completely different but by then you've lost the

Girls already that's why they're not you won't find them in finance classes nor calculus nor economics classes as much you were usually one in ten in the United States by the way at the college level and we can go on about graduate

School but I won't it's an afterthought it's always an afterthought it's always considered that the students will somehow learn that from their parents which is not happening at all the in fact the

Research shows that the parents would rather talk to their kids about sex and drugs than finances my goodness well that has to do with pop cause it's all about culture yep all about culture oh wow so we're turning that around a

Little bit because we do communicate with the parents so as comes into our programs we are emailing the parents too because we have to get their permission of course because these are minors so we have the access to them

And I said we're saying look have a conversation around the dinner table about you know what you make and have a beep specific button how you are saving and how are you were budgeting go ahead and open that discussion now you know

You will be doing everyone a favor you know one of the things I do want to stress since you are reaching the moms if I can if I can mention this and I hope I don't you've seen this or heard this yet but some of the women who have

Actually worked for me they might be mid-30s maybe late thirties some of them and here's what happens when a woman gets married and there's two incomes her money will go toward household expenses and the children's expenses so it's gone

Right at the end of the day his money gets put into the savings accounts and he's managing all the money and if god forbid there's a divorce it's they don't even realize that it's on his name and she spent all her money on household

Income on household expenditures and on the children's expenditures and so that the woman I have you know had this discussion with a couple of them they're like I don't have any money anymore because I spent it on my children and

The household it's his money that's all in the retirement accounts and so you if you do anything with the women who your teach you don't that your teaching please make sure you ask that question and please make sure that they don't do

That in their marriage oh my god my jaw just dropped cousin our marriage is exactly the opposite and I just I just thought this is how it is I had no idea Eric my account whatever I make is that goes to investment oh the household

Everything in the household is my husband pays for it you are completely the opposite of good thank you so much I should totally go on as this question for my students should absolutely you absolutely should I've

Heard it a couple times from the women who are just like below males I said 30-something just with the kids school-aged kids and and they're like and they want to either they're thinking about a divorce but won't get divorced

Because of that they don't have any money and they don't know where the word is they don't know where it's located they don't know how it's titled nothing well I mean so in one sense when people get

Into my program I do teach them how to like get their husbands together and they get they do the financial literacy steps together to get their you know financial plan and do it on their own cuz again if you go to a financial

Advisor you won't understand what's really going on that's why I stress so much and you have to do this yourself so that you know where everything is I I think I kind of got that part right but I had no idea that yeah two income

Families thank you so much for bringing him home and thank you so much for everything you do this is just super empowering and I'm going to share this with literally you guys if you're watching this you have to

If you have a daughter it can know people who have daughters please forward this video to them because you can see how what a difference it can make in your daughter's life and your friends are in your nephews nieces and you know

Lives in in the future it's night and day because it's not just about okay a career in finance a lot of times just like actually surviving your marriage it's like money and sex are two of the main list

He's divorced and people if you don't know about your finances early on you're gonna suffer and after listening to you I now know crystal clear why I became interested in this because so you said the families don't talk about finances

So my family my dad he was a successful engineer before the Revolution after the Iranian Revolution he lost everything so we were kind of struggling because he had to it's a very long story that we're gonna kill my dad and they were gonna

Come to America with the no I know those stories yeah yes and that my brother came and then we have to we had to send money from Iran to the us exchanging the Iranian rial which is worthless to the US dollar which was

Crazy so that's how I became familiar with currency exchange which is the reason why my first ever trade was in currencies but we always had the money discussion we always had the money discussion and it's interesting because

Again you said that in America it's more common for moms and dads to have the sex and drugs conversation rather than money we never had the sex conversation with my parents cuz that's taboo in your all I had talked even mentioning anything

About say it's just completely out of them so you cannot talk about it money was we had money talks office I think that may have had something to do with me I being interested in this and thinking that I can help my parents

Maybe like that was kind of my mission along the way I was like I want to have my parents and things like that so yeah having the talk with your family you guys you've got to share this video with as many people as you can Laura you are

Doing an amazing thing I hope more people more you get more sponsors so they all the high schools in America I can start taking rock the street Wall Street and I think it's just super important thank you so much for being on

The show today well thank you for what it is you're doing – I really appreciate everything you're doing for the moms because they they need help too so I'm thrilled that somebody's out there working on that end of it as well we're

Together we're gonna just rock everything finance great so we have one tradition that we do on the show I asked all of my guests to make a silly face on the count of three three two one Oh

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