How To Start A YouTube Channel Step By Step (In 2020)

by birtanpublished on October 2, 2020

hey so in this video I'm going to share
with you exactly how you can grow your
YouTube channel in this coming year how
I can remind channel over 50,000
subscribers in just the past 12 months
we have a lot of different tips and
tricks that I use to grow my channel we
can talk about some equipment that you
might want to use when we talk about
some editing software we're gonna talk
about some tips and tricks and some
different kind of nuggets of gold within
this video that I think most people will
find helpful so make sure you hit the
subscribe button so you don't miss more
videos like this where we help people
brand themselves and brand their
businesses so this so that they can have
more revenue and just live a happier
healthier life so if you're like me
you're not a natural speaker maybe
you're not look a lot of people get held
back from this because they say I don't
want to be on camera I'm not good at
speaking look I'm one of the biggest
introverts I've ever seen I have a
stuttering issue I still do stutter a
lot but I can tell you this look over
time you get better when you make these
youtube videos at first you can be a
little bit timid and and a little bit
tense on camera but over time you get
better you feel more comfortable and it
helps not only to make better videos but
also in life I find myself being much
much more capable of holding
conversations with people and having
better conversations thanks to actually
making YouTube video so let's talk about
some different things you can do now the
first thing you want to do to start this
YouTube channel the first step is kind
of a comprehensive plan here to get you
started everything you need to know in
just the next few minutes here the first
thing you want to do is find a good
topic to run your YouTube channel on now
look back in the day people would just
upload whatever they wanted they would
upload a workout video and then upload a
video of them mowing the lawn and then a
video of them walking the dog and maybe
that flew back 10 years ago but that's
not really what people are looking for
today you want to find something where
you have a specific topic that you are
talking about or that you're
entertaining so look there's really two
ways to go on YouTube you can go
entertainment or you can go education or
information now I've personally like to
go with the information route you could
kind of mash them together but you want
to keep that in mind are you going to be
more entertainment based or more
education based where you're talking
about you know helping people and
getting information and teaching people
different things but you want to find a
topic that's not to narrow down so you
might want to avoid talking about
something that's super specific like
maybe one specific cat breed talking
about it you might run out of video
ideas pretty quickly
but at the same time you don't want
something that's too broad and that
you're not gonna be able to kind of gain
traction and get those initial viewers
and those initial subscribers because
it's too broad of an idea that's why you
want to pick something where maybe you
can write down a hundred video ideas
make a Google Doc or make a Word
write down a hundred video ideas of
different things you can put on this
channel alright so once you find your
video topic what kind of equipment do
you need to actually start a YouTube
channel now look I'll give you a couple
different options here some people use
their phones and I'm not gonna lie phone
cameras have gotten so much better in
just the past few years but with that
the standards for viewers watching
videos they want to see high quality
videos a lot of viewers expect almost
movie like cinematic like videos on
YouTube because that's the standard of
these videos has risen so much so you
could use your phone if you're going to
use your phone what I would do and I
would suggest buying some type of audio
device because what's actually shown in
a lot of different cases is that people
would prefer to have high quality audio
and low quality video versus low quality
audio and high quality video audio is so
incredibly important that's why I use
this microphone right here I've gotten a
lot of questions on my other channel
about what microphone I use this is one
of these like here it's called the zoom
h1 I think is about $99 100 some dollars
you can get the zoom h2 both pretty
similar and then a lavalier microphone
for about 20 dollars this is the best
setup you can use right here so you can
use your phone if you need to I'm gonna
leave a link for all these different
pieces of equipment down in the
description below now what I personally
do if you want to really up your game
and you can afford this I would buy a
camera now I bought the Canon ATD and it
was $1,000 it was a little over $1000
when I bought it now look the way that I
did this and you can do this – I don't
know if you're this type of person then
maybe you want to avoid this but what I
did is I said you know an 8 I'm gonna
buy this camera for $1000 and I'm gonna
force myself to make enough ad revenue
at enough videos on this channel to pay
off this camera purchase and that
actually forced me to make a lot of
videos I didn't make about 50 videos
before I was actually able to get that
thousand dollars to pay off the camera
and it was a way to kind of hold myself
to it because a lot of issues that
people face with YouTube channels is
that they make
few videos and then they get bored with
it and then they move on to the next
shiny object or they go somewhere else
and kind of just forget about the
YouTube channel because it was too easy
to fail they set themselves up for
failure because they didn't sink any
money into it that's just an idea that I
use in my life it's kind of a philosophy
that I use and I implement to really
force myself into completing certain
tasks so I will leave a link for the can
and ATD down below it's assume or the
casein nice that uses so a really high
quality camera most youtubers do use a
Canon a DD to film as well as the zoom
h1 with the lab leader microphone and
you can also think about getting a light
set now this light set that I'm using
right now it was $70 I'll put a link for
that in the description as well but if
you don't want to spend $70 on lights I
would suggest using natural lighting
it's beautiful natural lighting is the
best there's something you just can't
beat any type of lights even these
lights are not as good as natural
lighting nobody can beat it and it's
pretty easy to do that
you know there's it's free so you can
sit next to a window and get some really
high quality lighting with that for your
first videos but if you buy all of that
equipment you're going to set yourself
up for a lot of success and you're going
to be five steps ahead of anybody else
trying to make videos who are trying to
do it with their phone which is still
possible now the next step is to decide
on a schedule for filming and then also
a schedule for when you're going to be
releasing these videos so filming
schedule is very important because I
found that when I didn't set a schedule
of when I was gonna film so if I wasn't
saying I'm gonna film every Tuesday
night or every Sunday if I wasn't doing
that then I would start to kind of
forget about it and then three weeks
would go by or a month would go by and I
would find myself not making any videos
because I wasn't sticking to a schedule
so so batch film your videos make two or
three or four at a time if you can all
in one day and then the rest of the week
you can focus on other things you can
focus on your job or focus on family and
not have to worry about making these
YouTube videos because you did it all in
one day at a specific time every single
week and it really helps you hold
yourself to it now going along with the
schedule you want have a schedule for
when you release these videos so people
get used to this it's just like with
anything with psychology people get used
to it they're like huts that time the
dam I'm wondering if Daniel Bryan put
out a video because it's 3 o'clock on a
Tuesday and they go to my channel and
there it is so they get used to that so
try to post
pretty consistent time on pretty
consistent days that will help grow your
channel but at the very least I would
avoid posting any less than once a week
if you're posting less than once a week
you're gonna start to kind of get
distant from some subscribers I have
that's what happened to me I was in
Yosemite for a while I was traveling and
I didn't post a video for about six
weeks and when I came back after six
weeks some of those subscribers were
gone forever they they kind of checked
out and they were gone and doing other
things and my view count lowered a
pretty decent amount once I uploaded
that video I only got a few thousand
views in the first 24 hours instead of
getting a ton of views in the first 24
hours because I was gone for a pretty
long period of time so try to be
consistent on it and that will help grow
your subscribers so once you have all
this down you want to actually start
your YouTube channel you want to create
your YouTube channel create the page for
it and you can make channel art for this
it's not terribly difficult I use a
website called canva , I've been using
for the past couple years not sponsored
by this they're totally free they do
some paid options but I've never used
the paid off because I've never found
any use for them and and I'll kind of go
a little bit more into that in detail
following later on in the video when we
talk about making thumbnails and how
important those thumbnails are some
other tips you can use to have better
thumbnails but canva comm is a great way
to get this channel art maybe you want
to make a logo or some type of profile
picture and that makes me fill out your
about page make sure you set up your
playlists so that your channel is
optimized for success so that you have
everything set up your channel trailer
maybe some recommended people maybe your
friends who will also recommend your
channel on the sidebar for
recommendations and I can help set you
up for success just setting up that
channel so once you've done all this now
you want to consider just setting up
your channel art and setting up your
profile picture as well as the about
page maybe set up some type of channel
trailer you can see this with Santro we
have there's a pretty sleek little
design there with our slogan you want to
have your picture on your channel art or
some type of something really easy to
understand so as soon as they click on
it they know exactly what it's about the
channel trailer shows them exactly what
your channel is about and it's going to
find people to subscribe a lot more
often especially if you have that little
word up there in the channel F that says
subscribe with the arrow pointing to the
subscribe button there it will help
boost your subscribers
much quicker all right so now it's time
to actually film your first video and
when doing this look don't worry about
it too much don't sweat it chill out a
little bit don't be so tense I know
personally when I made my first half
dozen videos you should have seen me
that's why I made these videos private I
was I was intense I was kind of hey guys
how's it going you know I was I was
pretty nervous and III wasn't myself so
open up a little bit be yourself act as
though you're talking to one of your
best friends you know smile be happy be
energetic not too energetic but just be
yourself and I think that will help
really you're yourself loosen up a lot
better and I think if you want to put
out high-quality content right away
maybe to do a couple takes the first
time film it a few times and then on
take number four or take number five
that's when you'll start to really feel
better about yourself and once you
finish filming this video you'll want to
consider editing it because look
nobody's perfect and most people are
going to have to edit their video at
some point at least the beginning in the
end when you're turning on the camera
turning it off now there's an easy
option for this you can use something
like iMovie or moviemaker for Windows
and and those are options for some
pretty basic level stuff but they do
work for the basic cuts that you might
need to make now if you want to get more
professional you want to be able to
expand this a little bit longer if you
want to be more of a youtuber and have
those abilities to kind of make some
different edits that are a little bit
more difficult I would suggest using
something like Adobe Premiere Pro or
Final Cut Pro those are the two that the
professionals use that I mean they they
make movies on this software on Adobe
Premiere Pro and on Final Cut Pro now
these both do cost money now if you're a
student you can get them for discounts
but they do cost some money but they are
very very professional ways to add it in
the beauty of them is that while they
are difficult to learn at first there's
definitely a learning curve you can
actually learn these through YouTube
just watch some YouTube videos and you
can teach yourself a lot about these
that's what I personally did and it
really helped out a lot now I also made
a video a couple years ago about some
different free video editing software
that you could download in that video is
actually still very relevant so I will
leave a link for that down below if
you're interested in learning about and
DaVinci Resolve or some other different
free video editing software that you can
get started with to edit those videos to
make high quality videos because that is
very important to have
decent edits in your videos alright so
once you film the video and edit the
video then you want to think about
creating a thumbnail and creating a
video title and description now look I'm
going to tell you a couple things here
look video description I found doesn't
actually matter that much my best video
of all time the video description was
literally five words it was something
about making money nothing else in the
video description some people think you
have to write like recite the Bible in
it – like full like forty pages of a
video description in order to rank your
videos highly in YouTube search and
really that's not what I found with most
of my videos the description for it is
one or two sentences and it works
perfectly fine now you want to use tags
obviously using tags we can go a little
bit more in-depth on that and some other
videos but they're not too difficult to
use you can kind of just guess a lot of
the words that you might want to put in
there and then your video title pretty
straightforward I like to front-load the
title so whatever the most important
topic is put it in the very front of the
title it's gonna help rank your videos a
little bit higher now when you make
these thumbnails I use canva com you can
use PowerPoint as well you can use
Google slides if you want to to create
pretty simple thumbnails but they are
very important you want a high
click-through rate so you're competing
with probably 10 different videos on the
sidebar or in the search results and you
want to have a very appealing thumbnail
that's why I keep mine pretty simple allows me to do that
like I said totally free and once you
get an account with them you can upload
these pictures of yourself or of your
thumbnail and they have templates for
you and then you can access this from
any computer in the world because it's
online so everything's in the cloud so
once you upload your video you sit back
your wait you wait for the millions of
users to roll in and they don't always
happen right away so you need to get
that ball rolling even the videos that
go viral out of nowhere most of those
people got the ball rolling because if
you don't tell anybody about the channel
and you just think it's gonna rank in
YouTube it's probably not going to
happen even if it's a topic that's
pretty big a topic that a lot of people
would be interested in it's it's gonna
be hard to get that ball rolling so what
I would suggest doing the obvious ways
to talk to family and friends and get
them maybe your followers on Instagram
or snapchat get some people watching
that video and if you don't want to do
that which I didn't want to do when I
started my channel because I thought
people are gonna laugh at me right I
thought people gonna laugh at me and say
Nate what
what the hell are you doing you're a
joke you're pathetic but you know what I
found most people actually don't do that
your friends and family won't do that
because there's actually they actually
gain more respect for most people who
put themselves out there and and create
YouTube videos that's what I found for
so many people it they very very very
rarely will make fun of you or laugh you
because first of all it's probably
something that they're afraid to do
themselves and and they don't feel
comfortable talking to a camera or they
don't feel comfortable putting
themselves out there for everyone to see
on the internet and they actually
actually gain respect for you for doing
that and that's something I personally
gained respect for people who put
themselves out there and say you know
what this is me this is who I am and
this is what I think and there's
something about that so what I would do
if you don't want to talk to your family
and friends about this you don't want to
push it under them and ask them to
subscribe and watch the videos then what
you could also do is what my roommate
did in college and he actually would
post these videos to reddit forums and
and you say hey guys I know some people
are struggling with a certain topic I
just made a video about this and I hope
that this video can help some people out
now he provided value he helped people
out and he actually has almost a
thousand subscribers now in a very short
period of time about a month or so
because he used reddit he really
launched his videos he's got videos with
tens of thousands of views
thanks to posting on reddit you can do
this with Korra as well you can do this
with different forums and you can also
do this by just posting on other
people's YouTube accounts this is what I
did when I first got started my first
hundred subscribers I would go on to
other youtubers accounts and post on
their video say hey this is a great
video I made something pretty similar I
like your takes on this you know me
without asking to too much without
telling them that you want them to check
out your channel but kind of implying
that you made a video pretty similar or
you have a channel pretty similar and
you think it could help some people out
without being spammy you don't want to
be spammy because you're gonna get
flagged for it and people don't like
that and your channel is gonna get taken
down if you're spamming your video so
don't be posting your video link
everywhere without giving context to if
you give context to it you help people
out they're going to appreciate it
they're going to subscribe the first
hundred subscribers is by far the most
difficult thing I've ever done in my
life it took me about a month to get
that first hundred subscribers because I
didn't really
when I was doing I learned a lot over
that time but I can tell you that it was
so much easier to go from a thousand to
ten thousand subscribers than it was to
go from zero to a hundred it was so
difficult to get that first hundred
subscribers once you get that ball
rolling it really kind of gives you some
social proof and establishes you as a
youtuber and shows that you're serious
about it and then more people are gonna
start subscribing they're gonna start
telling their friends about it who tell
their friends about it and then that's
how you can really grow exponentially
alright so that wraps up this video any
questions comments leave them down below
I'll get back to you as soon as possible
if you enjoy the video make sure you
leave a like and subscribe to the
channel for more videos like this one
thanks for watching and I'll see you
next time

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