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published on July 3, 2020

– [Narrator] In a recent
episode of "Obsessed"

we saw Bryan Berg build an eight foot tall

spaceship out of cards with nothing

holding it together except good design

And he made it look easy

But how easy is it?

Berg is gonna give us a quick lesson

on the basics, like how to use your hands

as tools and what shape to start with

Once you master those simple skills

you can use them to build
pretty much anything

– I'm here to show you how to turn

ordinary playing cards
into something amazing

– [Narrator] Fist step,
here's a list of don'ts

– You're not gonna wanna try to do this

on shag carpet, you're not gonna wanna

try to do it maybe on glass

Something that has a
little more texture to it

Just a normal tabletop

Also, don't try it outside,
don't try it in front of a fan,

don't do it in a moving vehicle

Those things are all problematic

– [Narrator] To build your foundation

Berg advises against the
traditional triangle shape

Instead, he starts with
squares and right angles

– I'm gonna hold the first
card in my left hand,

I'm just gonna park it here

So it's really hard,
but you gotta remember,

not until you've got
all four of these cards

put together are you gonna let go

There's the fourth card, still wiggling,

but look, I'm just gonna lean
all four of those together

This is a little sloppy

Each one of them is leaning in

Notice each one is at the halfway point

And notice that I've created
a little box in the center

This is the fundamental beginning cell

of any card house, from small to massive

If you can accomplish this little box

and get that to happen, you're really

like 90% of the way there

But I'm just gonna keep
making these little boxes

And as I go this will kinda turn into

what I call the grid

– [Narrator] He has a
couple extra little tips

to get you from the first story,

to the second, to the
third, fourth, fifth,

however tall you wanna go

– I'm just gonna quickly
throw a little roof on this

You're really just trying to get the most

even roofing that you can,
that isn't five cards thick

in one place and one
card thick in another,

in the very center

So imagine it getting
thicker, and thicker,

and thicker in the middle,

but not so much on the edges

You're gonna create this
dome effect on your roof

And what that's gonna cause
is your cards to dance around,

they're not gonna wanna sit

But you'll notice I
did put the numbers up

The numbers are up because typically

playing cards are sorta shaped like this

And that means that every card

kinda creates two contact points

And that card's just
gonna wanna sit there

All right

If it were like this, that
card's gonna wanna dance around

– [Narrator] When you put
all these steps together

you have endless options
of what you can build

And you'll be surprised at how
strong your card houses are

And to prove it, Berg is
gonna build another grid,

and then stress test it

– Okay, so we're gonna build
the same grid we built before

I'm gonna use two or three cards at a time

to just kind of beef up the strength

of this thing a little bit

And you could do it with one card,

depending on what you want
to do with this thing

I double 'em up, triple them up a lot,

to just make it more of a brick house,

less of a card house

So that when the clumsiest
person in the room

is moving around, which is
me, and I get too close to it,

that just the slightest draft doesn't

cause it to start to fall apart

These larger structures
become really strong

So you might have something sitting around

that you can use to stress
test your house of cards

So in this case I just happen to have

a concrete block sitting here

And I'm just gonna set it on there

[Bryan tapping and pounding]

Do we have another one?

Do we have another one?

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