How to spend BITCOIN anywhere, just like CASH!

by birtanpublished on August 29, 2020

You know what's going on guys all right guys I'm making this video just because last couple of months in crypto hasn't been really really awesome or whatever it's been kind of a lot of ups and downs more downs than ups right so I decided to just enjoy some of the money that

I've been making and crypto I realized that I've actually never used a Bitcoin ATM before like never since I started so so what I decided to do was use one yesterday and the whole experience was actually awesome there was a couple of

Bad things about it that I didn't like obviously the Chinese actually took so long because something went wrong with the machine I had to get that handled whatever but anyways when I got my money at the end it was awesome you know it's

Hard to explain what there's nothing like seeing the Bitcoin actually transferred to real fiat money like in your hands like your physical hard cash in your hands it was a wrap after that like it's the whole experience pretty

Much just rejuvenating with my passion for cryptocurrency it's incredible man like if you guys haven't done this I suggest you go use a Bitcoin ATM there's couple bad things about it there's high fees as well to guys so just look out

For that try and find ones that have lower fees but I definitely recommend doing this for sure okay just doing that also inspired me to look at some other alternatives to cash all your capital like what are their like are there any

Other card issuers out there like it just inspired me to look at all their alternatives to find lower fees and things like that for caching all your crypto right so that's what this video is about all right guys I hope you guys

Enjoy this I'm not gonna go too much into too much detail about all these projects you guys gotta read through all this stuff yourself carefully I'm just gonna introduce you to them and just just so you guys can see what's out

There and what are some of the benefits and services that they have an agreement with them so right now the first one we're gonna look at right now so yrx I searched through this pretty well it's pretty cool it's got like a business

Aspect where you can make bill payments where you can also do invoices etc this is like the platform right here for the business pull it up all right so as you can see you have cards accounts payroll invoices payments

Counterparties reports it's like a whole nother platform and they even you have larger transactions like hundred thousand dollars plus if you want okay for these business accounts you can have on here so you use that wire X but what

I really care about is the card and cryptocurrency it's good I want something physical where you can swipe in machines and pay for things or goes where you aren't right so I think right here this card only supports US dollars

Great British pounds and euros right so you have to be careful when you're getting your card just know which one you're getting and when you're like I think this is very good for online shopping obviously if you're gonna be

Using it just get the one that's accustomed to where you are so just say I was in the United States I would just get the US dollar one and just spend it on there so they pretty much give you a credit card number and I'll see you've

Your name and all the information that you need on the back and you can fill out information for paying for things you can buy anything you want with these cards anywhere Amazon eBay whatever online stuff you guys like to

Shop at ok there's pretty much the best one guys that I saw right and there's also fees and limits so tells you all the services that it does here you guys can go through it if you want there's also limits on here just make

Sure you know what the limits are so at ATMs you go to it's 150 dollars per day and Devin credit cards 1000 dollars per day if you are verified didn't get $10,000 per day in transactions ok guys that's pretty huge right there with your

Transactions and the way that this works is that they give you an account you can just put crypto on or you can put cash on me and you buy crypto or cash and whatever crypto you have on there up say you pay for something it's gonna

Automatically convert that's fiat and then pay for whatever you're trying to pay for so I like this one the best but here's another one it's called bills this one's pretty cool because it specifically for Canada and everything

Is done in Canadian dollars so you can sell your bitcoins or you can send it to other people or you can just deposit in your bank accounts right or you can also pay your bills with it there's like about 6500 billers on here you can pay

Anybody from like universities businesses or any major institutions you want pays pretty much listen honey I searched weird universities and stuff and they were listed on here ready for you wanted to pay them you can transfer

Your crypto transfer right to Fiat and just pay them right away it's pretty pretty convenient it's like really really sweet service has a lot of good reviews about it note that guys you know this is not like

A sponsored review or anything I'm not trying to show any other stuff like I'll put the links down below you guys can just look through it if you want yourself you guys trying to find different ways to cash out so I like

This one too but it's not really the best the one thing I don't like about this is that they don't have like a debit card or anything with it it's just a way to pay bills and send money around to people while using crypto that's like

The good and bad thing about this it's next we got coin cards so you can also spend your crypto this way you can buy gift cards from different companies Amazon and Newegg and you can also buy Tim Warren's RSO or

Home Hardware Netflix so there's like a Canadian one too right so I chose Canadian ones or two because I'm Canadian and it's hard to find things that are Canadian in Bitcoin right now where you can use to pay so I just

Thought was important to note these out there to just show people right yeah so you can buy a whole bunch of different gift cards this is LCBO that's like a liquor store WestJet it's got a lot of like major stores on here with gift

Cards you can spend right so I mean like this is another good name you also use the PlayStation Store like I said Canadian Tire also home depot so those are big stores where you can buy like a lot of big stuff on there

You can buy a new friggin kitchen what bitcoin or crypto currencies if you want so that's pretty cool and but also to just know that this one also has a lot of high fees I saw someone buying like $1,000 worth of

Cards and they're charging them $50 fee to do that I think that's kind of high you know but there's some other places that are charging more than that so it's up to you whatever you guys want to choose to do I think that the high fees

Are also a bad thing about this there's also add another last one right here I'm sure you guys heard about this but this is bitpay right so bitpay i've made that one blast a buddy of mine says that this is amazing it works

Anywhere but there's only one thing about it only works in the United States if you're not a United States you can't use this card right I'm sure you can buy things online like from the United States

Stores and have it shipped to wherever you're at but just know that this is only the United States that's the just a bad thing about this but this is secure it works for your coin base account this is like a really really popular one that

A lot of people use this and I said the buddy of mine says that he's had zero problems with this and he loves this one this is the only thing he's ever used ever since you started cashing out some Bitcoin right so anyways guys that's

Just my video for the day just a quick video about just different ways to spend your cryptocurrencies and different methods about spending just know that guys there's tons more ways to spend your Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies but you

Know how the credit card companies press down on these organizations stop a lot of them from issuing their own cards so a lot of them are working and trying to find alternative means to have their cards go back my list was a lot bigger

Than this but a lot of these companies got shut down so it really took me looking closely and see if cars were still active or not so anyways guys the links are down below I'd really suggest if you guys are gonna purchase any of

This stuff read everything closely and know what like just no important things like what's country using it for what the percentage of fees are and things like that like just read all the terms clearly so you understand exactly how it

Works you know and a lot of these organizations – they'll ask you to get verified if you get verified with them you'll be able to do larger transactions obviously right so that's just what the

Laws in a lot of countries require you to do anyway so these companies are following that and just following the law and ask you to do that for large transactions but for small ones you're good alright guys so hope you guys

Enjoyed this video we found another micro cat gem guys uh like I said I have a team of people now we're all searching searching trying to find mark micro-cap gems right there's another high risk one but I'm gonna

Present to you guys very soon I got a couple videos coming guys this week so just stay tuned alright guys I hope you guys are having a great week I also got more giveaways to come hey if I could get do a giveaway every day I

Would would you know I mean so that's how I feel like I why not right so but you know obviously when this channel gets more successful I'll try to do things like that that's just the way I can give back to everybody who

Supports a channel and I really appreciate it okay guys anyways this is case 7 for personal pedia we got more news and more crypto perfused come any mouth

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