How to Soundproof a Room!

published on July 20, 2020

So before we get started let's just talk about the word soundproofing because it's very confusing there is a lot of information out there about soundproofing which is the process of reducing the amount of sound in a room okay and so in our video we're going to

Talk about how to make a perfect theater room now a theater room needs a whole lot of things it needs technology it needs a good assembly it needs diligence and it needs a good understanding because you've got to manage your

Expectation when you're gonna build a theater room you can't just take somebody's advice and then go and build it and then be disappointed so what we're gonna do is this video is go through all the different steps on how

To do a really good assembly that gives you off-the-wall kind of what I like to call as far as sound proofing is concerned it's what I call the hear your heartbeat kind of quiet room okay it's gonna be so quiet in here that you are

Not gonna have any disturbance and you're not gonna disturb anybody else in the home and that is the ultimate tea so if you're just looking to quiet a room we might be looking for what we call sound transmission class rating of 50

Which is what you get when you have a like a row housing okay it's the partition wall between two units they just want to be able to separate enough noise you can't hear what they're saying but you hear them talking right that's

Not a theater room and that's the kind of technology a lot of people are using just sound insulation couple layers of drywall is not gonna cut it you're gonna be disappointed so in this video we're gonna go through all the different

Information so let's just get right into it and let's talk about the basics of soundproofing which is this you need to control the air movement because that's what sound travels in and you need to have different kinds of materials as far

As density so you can attack different little kinds of sound waves because the bass versus the the high frequency it takes different material to cancel that out so you've got to have an assembly that combines all of that information

And it's complicated so what we're gonna do is we're gonna go through all the different steps of building this room and talk about everything that you have to do one step at a time in order to get I hear your own

Heartbeat kind of soundproof room let's get at it so your major enemy when you're doing proofing is the air penetrations now the wall assemblies that they'll find online and all their SCC ratings do not include

Any electrical or plumbing penetrations the fact is is if you have just a small little hole in your wall you can hear what's going on the other side clearly that's all it takes that's just a little penetration so let's talk about

Electrical because you have to seal these up now if you have a box in your wall and you're gonna do a soundproofing job right from the beginning you can open up your wall and you have access to it then you're gonna have a box like

This with wires coming out what I'm gonna suggest is you pick up some putty pads and don't be concerned all the products we're talking about today we're gonna have links in the description so you know where to find them but it's

Just basically a clay pad and you wrap your box in it and you can take the other piece of paper off as well and you can wrap it around the box and seal up those penetrations including the wire and it's very malleable okay and you can

Make sure that there's no air passing through the back of that box from the other room or and that is super key the other thing you want to do is if you're running new wiring I'm gonna suggest you go out and buy this box this is a

Plastic box of course but it already has some pads on it okay this is just like a soft rubbery foam it also has a face with the foam on it so when you attach the drywall you get a gasket it's like a seal and this is incredible because when

You push your wire through here you actually want to just take a knife slice a little bit okay I'll show you and your wire you're gonna push that wire in there and you're still gonna have a pretty decent seal on this box now it's

Not perfect so when you're done running all your wiring you might want to throw a little expansion foam around there or again grab a putty pad if you think it's necessary once you have all your penetrations taken care of with the

Putty pad or expansion foam then it's time to move on to your insulation and then there's two major kinds out there fiberglass and mineral wool and I know know the company out there is marketing their mineral wool they're safe and

Sound raxil right and they're promoting it is quiet insulation reality is is sound travels in waves and every time it hits a fiber that's traveling in a different direction the wave changes direction so

Whether it's mineral wool or fiberglass bat there's so many fibers in there that's change in the direction they're almost have exactly the same performance it's true mineral wool is a little bit better but in the grand scheme of things

If you're gonna get SCC rating of to difference from mineral wool over fiberglass the cost does not pay for the benefit all right there are ways to get 20 and 30 increase in STC rating for a lot less than you're gonna spend on

Mineral wool we'll go through that in just a few minutes alright so once you have all your penetrations taken care of now it's time to move on to your vapor barrier in your room and that's important because you're gonna want to

Take care of any places where your plastic has got cuts or joints and you're gonna want to seal that up with tape make sure it's a continuous barrier because you don't want to have an actual hole in your barrier okay by the way

Quick note always fold your tape over so you can find the edge later mmm that'll save you from going crazy and to finish off your vapor barrier I want you to use this product this is cheap its acoustic sealant it's basically like a rubber

Caulking and it never dries and so we're just gonna puncture that and stick that on and we wanted to make sure that our vapor barrier is continuous okay and that's really important because if we're putting on a vapor barrier in the house

And it's 95% sealed up as a barrier that does a pretty good job of protecting your home but when it comes to sound you need a hundred percent there's no way to cut corners here remember the quality of your sound

Proofing is all in the details so what you want to do is take your plastic and you want to run a bead along the base of your wall and I want you to take your plastic now a couple of staples and then press it

Right into the goop till you see a solid black line okay and staple that plastic to the wall this is an air seal all right now once you've got that done none of the air from outside is penetrating into your room

That is the goal for vapor barrier when you're doing sound protection it's a great way to do a house in general but most building codes don't require that sealing when you're putting on plastic when you're doing soundproofing it's

Definitely a necessary step don't skip it the next part of our assembly is really crucial and it's amazing it's an awesome product called mass vinyl now there's lots of comments of this online and you have to buy this from a special

Company you're not gonna find this just about anywhere in the store it's only available online from the best I can figure and the company that we're dealing with I'll just show you a quick score it didn't cut through it okay but

This stuff is really easy to work with all right it's extremely heavy this product is 1/8 of an inch the company we're dealing with it's got three different options for you 116th and H and a quarter the quarter

Inch is amazing generally for floors you can put it on walls and ceiling but I'm telling you the quarter-inch stuff is 2 pounds a square foot so you better have a system in place for installing it what we did here is I worked with my son to

Install it and we cut it in lengths that were manageable and we just attached it to our frame with half-inch staples okay and that's just a t-50 half-inch staple hammer it made for quick work putting it up we installed it with a bit of an

Overlap because you'd go crazy trying to get the seams perfect look but it works amazing ok now this stuff has an STC rating of 20 all by itself but the best part about it is it's such a dense product it's totally different than the

Other soundproofing materials we're going to be using in the room so this cancels out all of those base waves right all of those really deep sounds it is amazing it's also awesome for impact noise so that's why they make this in a

Quarter inch panel you can actually put this on your floor before your hardwood okay who needs a drywall lift day well I don't make the drywall wouldn't be very effective here half inch staples when anything's phytomass

Over 40 degrees who's exaggerating more the next part of our assembly is to put on the Hat Channel now this is awesome because this ends up being the surface that we're attaching

Our drywall to and it's not mechanically fastened to the structure okay one of the challenges with soundproofing is Hardware penetrating the framework of the building whether it's metal or wood that travels the sound it's a very clear

Path for sound to travel on so but this is is it's disconnected it's it's in a clip and it just snaps in now this is what the clip looks like and you can see these grooves over the Hat channel snap in two on each side alright and it can

Be installed in any direction even on an angle and the plate itself is screwed in but then the channel itself is not actually attached to the frame anymore and the back of this which is why I love it because I went to my favorite drywall

Store to get some supplies they did not have this all they had was this part here they didn't have the back plate with that sound pad alright so this is another sound break from the framing to the metal hat track everything we're

Using here goes so far above and beyond what you'd think is traditionally available that I think we're gonna make a lot of people jealous but this product is amazing clip and I'm going to show you how I install it so I can save you

Some hassle so what I do when I'm gonna install this is a simple system and you put the clips on the hat track and then you slide them over roughly where you want them but every two feet because that's where my framing spacing is and

So I just throw them all in here real quick it's 12 feet long so I want six of these and they slide release it ends two feet four feet 6h okay and so I get them roughly in position where they're gonna

Go and then I'm gonna screw the one from the middle in place so let's get that down next that goes right to the wall my frame is over here so we find the wood just by pressing because the vinyl wrap it'll

Actually put a dent line and you'll know where your frame is okay and then every 16 inches to 2 feet you attach the clip top and bottom then we grab our level put it on our track and we can make adjustments on the

Height there we go and then it's just a matter of sliding everything in position and screwing in place this is real easy do it yourself no need to have an extra pair of hands for this step you're gonna need it for

The vinyl Maseo Lord awarding have a neighbor lined up and so we're actually killing two birds with one stone in here we're doing the soundproofing against the rain with the black vinyl mass but this hat channel is part of our

Additional assembly we're soundproofing this is a theater room as well so the next stage of soundproofing is to add the green glue now one of these tubes because this is a big one all right one of these tubes for every 8-foot sheet I

Know it sounds like a lot of a product but if you follow the recommendations from the manufacturer you're gonna get a superior result if you're not worried about a superior result you can do it like I did on my last soundproofing

Video and I cheated a little bit because I wanted some protection but it wasn't doing a theater room I was just up in my game from a traditional level 50 there we go now I'm gonna suggest you cut this tip nice and thick don't go cheap here

Because of the if you go too skinny of a tip you're gonna be all day long squeezing that out okay the instructions are pretty clear on this you want to apply this in a random pattern all right which means whatever

You do is fine just get it on evenly but keep it about 3 inches away from the edge and that's just to make your life simple when you're handling it if you're using a panel lift like us we're not gonna worry about that

So we're just gonna start up here and we want to put it a nice and thick all right here's the thing right here we go throw a little bit of a happy tree in here a little bit of a Christmas action maybe you're over on the bottom there to

Lay some presents huh just don't know what I'm gonna do for an effect there we go a little a little bit of a tree in the wind here a nice gentle breeze there we go oh yeah that's that's feeling a lot

Better there oh yeah okay yeah we just sign our name here JT then when you have a little extra left on the brush just beat the devil out of it there we go now and put our happy tree to work so we're installing a typical five-eighths

Fire-rated drywall in the ceiling we're screwing it to the hat channel now I prefer to install on my drywall using a drywall lift obviously the older we get the more you appreciate renting tools this sucker makes this completely easy

And doable all by yourself I'll make sure you're using the 5/8 drywall here now two layers of half-inch do have a certain sound rating attached to it but nowhere near as much as the 5/8 and that goes back to whom we were discussing

Having fiber or material that has different changes in direction the 5/8 drywall has fiberglass in the drywall and so it changes the direction of the of the mass of that material constantly and that helps to really dissipate and

Absorb sound so two layers of this does a great job we're gonna install ours with green glue as well because with the green glue it gives you an incredibly broader range of sound absorption because it takes those sound waves and

It turns it into heat not it's really cool here we go love my gear drive panel lift listen if it doesn't say panel lift it isn't his just dangerous you can check out the review we did it is side-by-side

Comparison with one of those cheaper ones you can get from Amazon you know I understand the concept save a few bucks get the job done but it's not worth it I just really don't like the quality of it the cheap construction the whole idea

That your personal safety has got no value at all and I'm not one for safety first but dear God you got to be able to use your brain sometimes and go this is just not a good idea now I know what you're thinking oh they're gonna put the

Green glue that's the end of the video but it's not remember we're doing the entire theater room not just the drywall and the wall component we're also gonna show you how to finish sealing this off so you can maintain the integrity of the

Overall project we're gonna show you how to soundproof your doors and your windows as well so don't run away quite yet we've got quite a few things to go through as far as that's concerned hey oh there we go nice and tight slap

That together whoo so basically we are taking now I'm going on to a two inch screw because we have to penetrate two thicknesses this material and then still want to attach that channel and the reason we're attaching to the channel

Again we're not trying to reach the framework that's very intentional we don't want to have any of these fasteners attached to the frame of the host and allowing that sound to travel through the structure into our room all

Right whoo so now we're gonna use the green glue but this is a brand name for a product line and this is the noise proofing sealant this is the noise proofing compound that we were using between the drywall you will see it's a

Green label on the can this stuff is red and the reason for it is it's designed to go between your subfloor and your drywall okay this stuff here is designed just like the acoustic cop we use on the bedford

It's designed to fill all those voids between drywall and floor as a last barrier just to make sure we're making extra sure that all of our joints are completely sealed you can use this will dry while the drywall on your inside

Corners between your layers all of these areas if you have any concern that there might be Eric moving or you're trying to guarantee sound not getting out this is a stuff you use to seal everything up nice and tight now when your

Soundproofing a theater room one of the most important considerations or should say the two last important considerations is the windows and the doors you can do all the soundproofing you want of the walls and the ceiling

And the electrical and all the protrusions through your sound barrier but if you don't deal with the doors and the windows you're going to be really disappointed with the investment that you put in trying to create a soundproof

Room bottom line is a hole this big will let through all the sound and you ruin your day so here are the components and the tricks to solve this problem for things you got to do to soundproof a door it's going to revolutionize your

World first how to remove your door casing all the way around yeah here we go and just remember if it's a large gap you want to fill foam going from the bottom up there's a small when you can foam from

The top down make sure you have something there for the foam to sit on like piping a cake okay and the reason the reason we're foaming here is remember that in between the walls we have insulation we've got

Drywall but right here we have nothing but air and a little bit of trim if you sealed this up with the expansion foam the density of that foam is going to doing a lot of sound barrier for you it actually is a really great product

Then when we put the trim on on both sides again all you have left to worry about is the gap around the door the gap under the door and the door itself remember if it's a hollow-core door you need to replace it this is a six panel

Door now you can buy a six panel door solid core that looks exactly the same as the rest of the ones in the house go out and replace it you're gonna need three solid hinges because it's pretty heavy mostly its weigh about eighty to a

Hundred pounds but they work and if you've coorporate the foam with a new door and the next two things that I show you you'll have the quietest door in the world so the focus of our trademark soundproofing have developed this great

Little system this is a door stop system that goes on the interior of your door and basic what happens is you have a door sweeper combined with the three new door stops that go on the outside and they all have gaskets on them but the

Door sweeper has this feature here the side works very much like weather stripping but the bottom is cool because it has an activation pin so when the door actually closes the pin is activated and then the bottom comes down

And seals off the gap underneath the door so we're gonna install this close the door show you how this works but it effectively seals off any air movement around the door which is exactly how sound would penetrate so let's solve

That problem now you lay that on the bottom measure down to the door stop sitting on the floor so you can cut the side and it's 76 and what I want to do is I'm going to take a quarter inch off of that to allow for the bottom to work

And make sure that I'm not going to run any problems so 75 and supporters and then what we'll do is we'll close the door and install this on the door what I have here is I have a 30 inch door from door jamb to door jamb and so

This should be a 30 inch unit and you can actually order them accordingly what I've got here is a 32 inch I wanted to show you how simple it is to cut this down if you have an odd sized door so if you have to cut it don't cut on the pin

Side but measure over and you can cut on this side now if you've got a saw that you can cut through metal then great if not use a hacksaw I happen to have an evolution saw and I can cut through metal and wood and everything in between

So we're gonna go take this measurement and get this cut gonna be right back okay so here we go now the way that this gets installed is actually on the surface of the door okay which is amazing now before we do that

We need to install these little little brackets close off the ends and they just get a couple of sets crews they're gonna be a little bit picky to work with it but once you get them going to be alright and the other side you know

These little end pieces are actually what keep the whole track dropping down consistently across the board and give the sweeper a nice finished look for when the doors open okay now I want the sweeper just to paint the van inch past

The edge of the door because there is gonna be a gap to the jamb and then you want it off the floor so that it can be engaged there we go there you go the sweepers down perfect fit

So the final step in soundproofing your room is the windows it's the trickiest one out there actually because there's a very limited options available if you have a single pane or even a double pane you're gonna find that all kinds of no

You'll come through the window and that's because with vinyl windows the extrusion that it's made with has got all sorts of little moving parts and little gaskets and all those areas there they're not perfectly airtight and as

Long as there's air leaking through a window you're going to have a lot of sound now the glass itself does a decent job when you can get a triple pane window if you like and that'll help a little bit but remember the rule was

Sound if there's any air movement at all the sounds coming through you got to be able to stop that so the only way that you can soundproof a room if you have windows is to put an actual covering over it that has the ability to absorb

Any noise that penetrates sort of like the vinyl mats that we use in the room earlier so this is the product I'm trademark soundproofing okay this is amazingly heavy this little mat here it weighs about 40 pounds super dense and

It will hang across the top of the window we're gonna show you how to install it and all the benefits of it but the reality is this if you don't seal it up and you don't keep the air from moving through

There's no way to soundproof a room so you can't go kind of soundproof or most of its soundproof you go all in or you don't do anything at all buy some earplugs if you're not willing you're ready to do the whole investment so in

This situation I have a balloon frame house and I don't have wall framing in the right place I don't have a header across the top of the window so what I'm going to use is I'm gonna use the power of the caulking and the nails of this

Trim there's a solid wood and I'm gonna actually hang my soundproofing right here so I need to pre-drill because I'm gonna be putting some pretty decent size hardware in there to hold this up there we go now

Just a warning the hooks for mounting this do not come in the kit so I'm gonna be using some stainless steel bolts until I find time to go to the store and buy the hooks just to give you an idea installation works something like this

The next part of this installation involves sealing it up and that's basically two sided tape and a velcro the back side of this is all velcro as well so we're gonna just lace all of the casing with the velcro tape we'll get it

Sealed down and if you can peel and stick with this thing which is awesome then remember this is not a design feature right as far as making something pretty this is a design feature for functionality so if you're doing a

Theater room and you've got Windows and you want to soundproof it this is the only thing you can do that actually works for any kind of a cost-effective budget now speaking of budget don't forget follow the link in the

Description this video our friends over at trademark soundproofing have given a discount code so everything that you can buy at their store for all of the viewers out there you're gonna get a 10% discount that's awesome that we were

Able to arrange that for you so that's the door trims this stuff the vinyl mask anything that you've seen us using to soundproof here is going to be included in that discount so feel free to veil yourself to that link now I'm just gonna

Go ahead and finish up all the rest of this will get this sealed up in no time this is a lot like installing that window film didn't flash to get to side tape your window put on the plastic there's a hairdryer to tighten it up now

When you place your order for this material trademark sound person wants you to give them the dimension to the outside of the casing because that's what they're making this for so it's the outside dimension of the casing of the

Window that's how you got a measure left right and then top the bottom yeah this is very strong tape you want to get this right the first time be patient with it don't take all the backing off at once man without those hexes

There's the line that edge up with pressure come back over here stretching it out as we go Wow oh yeah that's a lot of work but you know what it works it's so quiet it's not even funny now remember if you want to get a discount

Code and everything just check the description below so here at home read a vision we love to help and if you think you might need help with your renovation then consider becoming a member we got a lot of benefits and perks there

Including access to give me a call if you need it so that's an option hit the join button you can read all about that and if you're looking for more general information about renovations they click

The link here we've got a lot of projects here that cover all the information that you're gonna need to know so you can have a successful renovation thanks for joining us don't forget that give us a thumbs up if you

Liked it and hit the subscribe button we'll see you again next week

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