How To Remove a Chevy Truck Interior 1988-1995 #ETCGDadsTruck

by birtanpublished on September 13, 2020

Welcome back viewers to another episode of e TC g dad's truck and I'll be honest I'm not really sure what's gonna happen in this video but I will cut together something that I hope will be interesting and engaging but I have a whole lot of work to do in a very short

Period of time so I'll just give you a general overview of what I'm after I want to go through this engine compartment I want to go through the wiring harness and strip out all the old engine management system stuff because

It's no longer necessary but I do want to keep things like windshield wipers and possibly even cruise control I don't know if I could make that work or not but if I can hey what the heck things need to get cleaned up some things maybe

Need to get painted you know there's a lot to do just here but then I need to move inside the truck remove the seat remove part of the dash the shifter and all that stuff so there's a lot to get done while the engine is away at the

Machine shop and I want to prepare myself so that when that comes back all I've got to do is rebuild it and throw it in it's really easy to say that but we'll see what I got anyway a long way to go short time to get there

I'm gonna get started in this engine compartment first thing that catches my eye in this engine compartment is this battery tray which could use some help it can be removed which I'm going to do I'm going to clean it up and prep it for

Paint and possibly even paint it I don't know if that's gonna happen today but it will be painted before it goes back in there's also this air intake here and there's something up here that are no longer gonna be used and basically my

Thought is I'm just gonna start on this side and then work my way back in towards the firewall and back around to the other side sort of like a au I'm here to there I'm here to there from there here from here

To there and this thing it's really in my way so I'm just gonna get rid of it now and the rest of these I want to access from inside the fender now remove the overflow that was concerned because I thought those were

Loose but they're the same on both sides that might just be the way this is and then when it's bolted to the hood it's solid in place it's just in a slot little tab on the back side of that oops coolant everywhere all the time when I

Do this stuff here's another part of that air intake system I'm just gonna take out although that may not be possible it's like them but outer fender would need to come off because I kind of want

To mount a computer here or here I don't want to get rid of this and the batteries right there this is a good spot to mount stuff here's the other end of it yeah they ain't never coming out no I'll take an offender off just have

To see where stuff goes but I could just cut this down here's the thought and the debate I don't really have time to paint this whole engine compartment I'm gonna continue on with painting the frame like I did below I think that's a good call

But as far as painting these and getting everything I don't think I have the time for it so I think I'm gonna clean all this up I'm sitting here thinking there's a bunch of stuff to do and I just keep thinking that and I'm not

Really moving forward and moving forward so what I need to do so maybe what I need to focus on is this wiring since it's quite important in a wiring diagram as well I know this goes to the back of the alternator anyway I need to go back

Through this oh there's something that's broken and figure out what goes to engine management what goes the stuff that I'm keeping and then decide if I'm gonna replace the stuff that I'm keeping and stuff so old brittle it's just

Literally coming apart and that's fine because I intend to replace it the junction block or a fuse box or something like that under here yeah that is very helpful that's a power distribution block and that is handy to

Have and handy to know about because this can be distribution for all kinds of stuff I want to be replacing this dryer anyway so probably not a bad idea get this out of here don't give me better access to stuff thirty two

Millimeter case you are wondering it's just the ground cable that can sit somewhere for a moment gotta find a place for truck parts here hoes if only this would work on the new setup that would be kind of cool

Not likely this transmission ones gonna get reused at all now I'm trying to figure out what wires I need what wires I don't you know something that doesn't need to be there

Clutch master cylinder yeah bunch of fuel coming out like nice smell gas no I know why at least the gasoline evaporates that's gross I feel like we've gotten to start out here yeah but there's so much

More to be done inside I think it's time to take the seed out take steering wheel off and start tearing – stuff out all right seats are 15 millimeter thingamajig is here and maybe that's all I need to do I don't think there's

Electrical stuff it's hard to say you can do it you got this bra your battery's freaking out so I will stick it on the charger got no juice man go do it

I would love to do this interior right like sort of what I did with a Fairmont do the madding and everything on the inside one day one day seatbelts got to go through these holes kind of gotta go through one at a time well hmm maybe

Maybe instead of you trying to do this I'll just undo the seat belts full up inside a lot of stuff under here did I just put those boards in it there hold it up cool nice first aid kit thanks dad all right

Now my seat should come out I'm wondering if I should just disconnect the seat belt so when I do take it out it's not gonna smack into this at least on this side experience has taught me that taking seats in and out of vehicles

Tends to screw up the sill plates so I'm gonna remove it looks like there's a wire there that I'm probably gonna be removing anyway looks like a DIN cord probably go into a CD changer I've added light which is awesome but I

Found working in here these things are so in the way I don't think so could get the half-inch I just worry I don't like inverted fasteners like this they always make me nervous stripping them out especially something

Like a seatbelt this is a specialized bolt I don't want to strip it so I'm gonna wait till it's moving it's almost out I'm happy and then I'll zap it oh and I found out the CD changer is not going to be difficult to remove a key

Will get the rest of you later something tells me this might be easier to deal with it dropped down this is an aftermarket add-on that could be the radio so if that goes to radio stuff then get rid of it

There we are there's also another connection under the hood that I'm gonna need to undo look out there just to make sure that I'm not doing something horribly wrong so much easier working here without this

Engine on the way I'm hoping the way I pull it free it's actually free oh that effort to try to not break stuff and I break one little tab at least it's only a little tab I'm going on what three old stuff kind of goes this way

I'd rather take my time to try to get something apart than to break it just that stubborn yeah it's helpful thanks like you're really great no I don't think that's everything

Bag it tag it all of it takes time now but it'll save you time when you go to put it back together you won't spend an hour trying to figure out where that fastener is little tags stuff that is no longer needed keep the cigarette lighter

Though never been used keep that in there for now this is what I'm trying to figure out how I want to do this know how this guy's attached to the floor ah I got something for that I'm just sort of working from the outside in but with

The seat and the steering wheel out of here everything is opened up shifters next I'm gonna recondition this anyway no this would be nice to have out so I can verify that I'm getting the correct parts wires in there where's they never

Really got used definitely only a new boot but this can be illuminated but it wasn't alone when I did all the cables attached down there so five let me hook you screws and get that little cable off and get that boot off of there all right

That parts undone I have better viewing some fasteners and some wires that really connected to anything I bet these bolts they're gonna suck to remove because they aren't attached on the other side oh I get it

This I bet somebody hooked up for reverse lights and they did it off of here that's why I think these wires are up in here now I get it because this this is a connector that goes into the vehicle that wager that connector is

Listen right here I wager that connector was to the reverse lights you know what though I don't have to disconnect the brackets going through the floor I just need these brackets here so we'll leave the ones in the floor so they don't fall

Down in there and here's the nut that I dropped could you be a 10 millimeter if you were you will be awesome whoa you're a ten millimeter yeah I just need a wrench oh you are not ten millimeter on this side you lied 311

Almost looks like this height is adjustable well not almost looks like this height is adjustable therefore before I completely remove it I want to mark it so I could just drop it back into place there's a very little plastic

Piece holds on the shift indicator cable I'd say that's important cuz I want to get this in a bag ASAP and lock down tight I think the easiest thing I do is just to get disconnect cable right here if it's awesome it's the same 11

Millimeter awesome enough more of it figure out how this is wired later you know what though I'm kind of regretting leaving these stabby things sticking up the floor but you know you know question was just asked why did I

Take all this apart well I'm gonna be making my own cluster for my new gauges now this is the mock-up that I use for the Ford but it's the same size gauges that I'll be using this will be air fuel the one down here won't be boost it'll

Be transmission temp but these are I'm getting the same style gauges it's not the same color but they'll be living like this and I wanted to check the sizing and it's awesome so we've got plenty of room for all that I need to

Get this whole center section out I'm also replacing the radio also and the speakers in the dash so there's a there's a few things to come out maybe I'll start with this middle piece that is just a couple of torques which I

Thought I'd already grabbed can give me the opportunity to label stuff or not because like it's pretty obvious where this stuff goes this is obviously the fog lights which and either obviously to the head light

Switch and dimmer and I can finally get rid of those little pieces that have been in this vent since I got this thing 9/32 is what the size of these are and it looks like the majority of the stuff on the dash there's 19 30 seconds

There's a very old peppermint the point of this is to follow that oh wow I love their radio wiring right into the accessory socket okay the fuse box is right over there there's open spade connectors Oh plenty this is I'm just

Going to get fixed now and it was strip these wires there's some kind of module up in there I think I'm just gonna read tape it nope we better tape suppose we're gonna tie into something the accessory sockets the way

To go though I think there's a better way and I will show you my way eventually someday when I get this truck to work again better about that one next over the radio yes I am going for the radio never to be seen in this truck

Again got these little quarter inch fasteners that are just barely in there next to these other fasteners I think the radio comes out on its own I think it's like no no I come with climate control what's cool is the

Display is all green and I believe I could change the color on my new radio but I believe one of the colors is green it's not gonna make it match what's happening in here all right so you got to come out first cuz there's the hidden

Screw because there like nobody's gonna steal this radio from you sir or ma'am looks like it has a connector elsewhere thank you Chevrolet I really appreciate you making this challenging to read next to the sharp spiky thing sticking out

Next to my head love it Wow feels like you used to have a lock you don't anymore it's okay I can't see what I'm doing either but I'm trying to unplug the climate control would've been great if they put a

Connector on the back of the radio you know to me that would have made sense but you would think it'd be getting easier it's not so I'm gonna take out the center section on account of I feel like less of a man because I'm not able

To do something and if I can do something and removing screws is doing something it almost looks like they have a couple of other brothers fake screws this vent made in Canada night kid so this is also strangely held in place you

Know oh that's actually smart well done this is just the connector in the back there and you just pull it forward it comes off that there connector we can deal with that so this is gonna be my template and oh the plastic comes off

It's not all glued together this is back old school look at that color like that that's sweet but sadly this is all going away I just need to make something that will bolt into here that I can paint black

That I can put my gauges in and then all my wires will come through here I think because that's already there that hole nice nice nice nice sweet cool off the board is just flopping around in there April 20 1990 thats when this HVAC was

Born it is a high value HVAC no joke I think a fellow thing connecting the radio radio disconnects underneath at least part of it does the rest it goes that way this one zooming connects to this so how

Do you come out I love that dad left me a mixtape thing to plug in to the tape player and a spark plug one single spark plug ooh excuse me that's my air letting out right now it happens this is all stuff for radio given that I have

Precious little space and a new radio that doesn't use any of this stuff I'm going with that if you hadn't noticed I'm trying to take apart as little as possible because of time I suppose I could do this whole – and I may very

Well end up doing it I see where you really I think was rather kind of Chevrolet to give us this little trade you know maybe have lunch on you know it's nice screwdriver screwdriver screwdriver

Screwdriver and put it back on a bench today no it's right here it's like right here it's right in front of your face Eric you're losing stuff in front of your face oh now that is old-school that's got some weight to it

Schrader's is it actually an actual shreyer wow this is like real-deal tire pressure gauge right here awesome keeping that oh wait oh don't do that let's scratch much right it is that makes it better

Pull out the center first and then that's how you do it so now they should come out easily that looks like my PCM bunch of relays up there harness stuff here everything that's associated with this I don't know

About this cup holder and I say this because dad has one for the door that seems to work pretty good and this one interferes with the shifter well then when it comes off it's ready to come off cleans up the – a whole lot though ha

Score I've been pondering this for a little bit and how I can get to this and deal with it well I just found out because the more of this I take apart the more I realize that I have to take a lot more out and I keep going back to

The amount of time I have in order to get this work done that's left to build an engine which I want to take my time with I'm gonna work towards that end and try it and only do the bare minimum here like taking out this radio no problem

Prepping for my gauge is great figuring out what to do with the ECU and its wiring well I guess that's a work in progress ah there's the other radio connection what this guy okay see there's like an

Amplifier or something right there underneath this guy it seems to contain all the stuff all right yay tape player intact yay radio intact if these things decide to go on eBay or something like that

I got you so what are you doing over here Eric that's an excellent question because I thought you know despite the fact that these events are here I just made a big ol hole this might be a good place to I get these magnets and I'm out

Things like my phone and stuff to them this might be a good place for those magnets but more importantly where I want to put the engine management tablet so I might be able to just magnet the tablet to that area and just put like a

Black black out something in here a house I thought about gages but I got gauges covered over there those are the plans now let's find out where the rest of this goes and get rid of it that's what's making you stay okay so

You I think are the radio and antenna and you I bet our I know you're not that ah somebody grounded you right there ooh there's your ground Oh last call you don't have to go home but you can't

Stay here all right all right I'll get to you in a minute just stop yelling at me I want my records back all right I'm thinking then I probably shouldn't do that I've been trying to

Mull over what I'm gonna do exactly with this wiring harness thing I think what I'm gonna do this is the computer right here the PCM I'm just gonna unplug it here because it's it's not even gonna be a part of the equation anymore

I'm the engine management system has its own computer controls ignition and controls fuel injection and it controls the fuel pump which I'm gonna run through a fuel pump relay all that's gonna be external away from this which

Is why I thought well just pull these wires out well looking at this – and the way it's in here there's a lot of stuff that I'm gonna have to remove in order to remove this – and how much benefit am I gonna get from that

Compared to the amount of time that I need in order to finish what I'm doing comparing that I think unplugging the ECU and what I do outside in the engine compartment is just remove the wires that go to the engine and cut those out

And then I can cap off the ends of those wires even though they'll be unplugged here it'll be dead I can cap off the end of those wires with shrink tube I've done stuff like this before and hide them inside the harness so I'll get new

Conduit for out there and wrap it all up you'll never even know and all you'll see is what I want you to see I want to save time I don't I don't want to waste time trying to chase down stuff that maybe I can do later we're not at all

Sweet I figured it out the only thing I'm concerned about is the ones on the inner part because there's like this outer edge trim and then there's this inner part to that it's like all kinds of room there's only gonna be a couple

Of wires that I'm gonna need out of this I just need access there now I can consult my wiring diagram find out what goes to what because I'll need ignition power which I can probably get from here there's a fuse box right there I'm going

To need the illumination circuits so when I turn on the headlights it illuminates the gauges it's I've got my own dimmer circuits so I'm not worried about that and then turn signals I'll need those indicators figure out which

Wires go to those and the high beam indicator so I'll need all of that coming out of here to go to the gauges that I will be installing well viewers that's going to be a wrap on this episode of eat ECG dad's truck now there

Was one thing that I wish I would have covered a little more in detail in the video and that's the removal of the PCM you don't need any tools or anything there's just these clips here so basically you can just unclip it just

Pull it out unplug it and away you go and this is the older style that you can actually go in and replace the the prom chip in anyway I post a video yesterday about the future of the posting of these videos as you can see truck is already

Complete it's already back to there went on the power tour with my dad I've got footage of my dad driving it for the first time and and his his opinions of it and all that kind of stuff that I want to present to you now

As far as the edits of what you just saw the rough cut of this ended up being about seven hours and I just took out probably about two hours of that seven to condense down into this video so specifically what I was getting at was I

Mean do we want to get into the detail and the minutiae of how I put all this stuff together or maybe just cover things like the custom gauge cluster that I made and the the radio installation things like that and then

Skip to the engine videos that it might have been a better way to say it in that video yesterday I know you want to see as much detail as possible but my point being is that instead of dragging it out for a long time like the Fairmont videos

Which aren't even completed yet I kind of wanted to get to the conclusion on this one a little quicker and I thought that might be a way to do it anyway I hope that puts a finer point on it comment down below on how you feel about

Proceeding forward anyway there will be more videos on these eat ECG dad's truck as you can see it's it's all together and wonderful now so I I had that footage I just need to work through the edits which you know that takes time

Anyway if you have automotive questions I asked the head to air at the cargo comm that will be linked down in the description along with additional videos the ones that preceded this the ones that are coming after this all that kind

Of stuff is down in the description tools that I used all that kind of stuff link down below so check there please don't forget to Like comment subscribe I really appreciate what you do that stuff be safe have fun stay dirty thank you so

Much for watching and I'll see you next time

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