How To Plan Your Open Concept Kitchen To Avoid A Disaster!

published on July 13, 2020

Hey it's Jeff from home run envision DIY and if you are interested in planning a new kitchen remodel or renovation or you're thinking of taking out a wall and opening up your space and adding an island to your kitchen then you need to watch this video because we're gonna go

Through all the things necessary to design and build your own Island and save you a ton of money let's get into this step number one is to know your space and what I mean by that is understand basic design rule okay and

That is 40 inches you want to have 40 inches from counter top to counter top when you are designing an island you also want 40 inches off the corners of your island – any other instructions like doors and walls or chairs or

Furniture so you can have a nice flow around the space without a feeling like it's taking over a hallway or going too far into the eating area or just making it comfortable for people to actually enjoy the kitchen when you're having

Those dinner parties let's face it that's why we're making islands to have our friends over and have a good time so make everybody comfortable keep that rule of 40 inches it's not new is but it's so important and a lot of people

Will sacrifice that 40 inches so they can get all their bells and whistles in telling you right now it's a mistake you're gonna affect the valuation of your home when you go to resale because other people are gonna have the same

Value about your bells and whistles in your island as they are about the flow in the room so resist the temptation to encroach on your 40 inches unless it's your own kitchen working space and behind the island there you can

Sometimes cheat and shave off an inch or so if you need to but that's the basic rule second thing you need to know quartz and granite countertops if you want to save money on your countertop installation then what I suggest to do

Is you go down to your local quartz and granite stores and you ask them what they have that's in stock especially when you're dealing with quartz a lot of times they'll have half a slab nine feet long leftover that someone else has paid

The premium on to have that piece cut now they're available to give it to at a better price now any time you make an island that's countertop is less than nine feet you can get it in one piece that also saves money on installation so

It means money in your bank right so your countertop is basically going to beat one four inches plus inch and a half or overhang on this side plus you want to have at least 10 inches overhang for

Your eating area okay 12 is better but 10 is your minimum so that you can sit at the counter on a stool comfortably and eat the other thing you want to consider is how many people are gonna be sitting at your island with 9 feet you

Can go with 4 foot sign times 3 just looks better remember 2 couples in a kitchen 3 in the chair one hosting that really works well it's also aesthetically pleasing for your lighting because then you can have one light for

Each person sitting at the counter organizing your pendants and your lighting is very key get all that run ahead of time now we have the basics of design laid out we want lighting for every person we want to have enough

Space we want to have the overhang you also want to make sure you figure out if you need to cheat on your space because of an overhang you can do what's called a radius corner okay that means the counter can come out and then you can

Actually instead of doing a square you can have them cut around okay so in our area we were actually a little tight we did a six inch radius corner which measures back six inch and over six inch and then they just do a circle nice and

Simple gives you a little extra room when it comes to planning your island you really want to think about function because it's all about function in an island right our island we're actually put in

Our sink because we have a huge picture window on the other side of the room across the way this still works great for a kitchen because you can be working at the sink and still have lots of sunshine and a great view so I encourage

People to put their island in their sink especially in old farmhouses because remember your foundation wall is almost 2 feet thick and it makes running mechanical and keeping your vapor barrier thermal systems in place really

Really difficult something always suffers there so now we're stuck here we're gonna have a sink you remember you're gonna want to have a dishwasher next to your sink that's important you're also going to want to

Have your garbage nowadays that means two things probably regular garbage and wet garbage compostable so you can buy cabinets that have pullout drawers that have all that as well so you're gonna have your garbage and

Then your sink and then your dishwasher and my favorite thing to do in an island is add a fridge yeah right off the end what that does is it keeps the traffic for people who want to have a fridge like this one from Kings model something

Like this and it cost a little bit of money but it is a selling feature that has a WOW factor in your kitchen that won't require you to spend a ton of money in a lot of other places remember when you're looking for resale one

Feature that says Wow is all it takes to make people love your kitchen as long as a function as well so there's the basics of design we got lighting we got counters we've talked all that stuff now we got to deal with your mechanical

Because the mechanical needs of an island are very specific and there's a lot of code issues going on here so you need to understand your limitations in your house for your mechanical situations as well because you're gonna

Be adding potentially a lot of electrical circuits first you got to check your panel so you have enough room for that maybe maybe not you might have to hire an electrician to add on to your panel to provide your additional

Circuits because on an island this long you need to have two plugs now I recently had the electrical inspector in before we put the drywall on and we were talking about the counter specifically I said where do they need to be doesn't

Matter and he said no as long as there's two on the island he doesn't care where they are he doesn't mat care if they're functional at all so we're actually going to go through the back of the

Cabinet on each end and put in plugs with those little USB adapters in them and they're going to be on a GFI circuit because it's still close enough to the sink the GFI is going to be hooked up in the basement somewhere so that I can

Have that service for people sitting at the island so they can be charging their phone it's a good thing to think about and that is available you don't have to have the cubes right very nice the second thing you're going to need is if

You add in the fridge you're going to need a plug for that as well right Bridger aiders need to be on dedicated circuits so now you've got two circuits these sink itself is going to need plumbing and you've got two options if

You want to get the extra storage in your Island then you can get away with connecting your two drains putting this drain back to the back corner and taking it into the basement traditionally a p-trap looks something

Like this usually not quite so dirty it has a clean-out on it right and this is only good if you have access to it if you don't have access to it it has to be non-existent has to be actually glued consistent just like a tub but the

P-trap if you put it underneath if you have a finished basement you might not have enough room for that but what you can do is you can install your p-trap on an angle and what I mean by that okay you can actually have your p-trap like

This it can be under 45 degrees in between floor joists right the goal here is to keep the waterline so that air can't pass through the pipe and if it's on an angle it still passes code inspection because the P is trap itself

Is still full of water so that's an option for you you don't necessarily have to have all of that contraption in your sink cavity you can just connect them run a pipe down in the back corner and then put this in the ceiling

Downstairs that's another consideration when it comes to actually laying this out I'm gonna use the IKEA cabinet system as my guideline because it's important the timeline for building an island like this can actually be just

Around about a week week and a half I know this sounds crazy but the truth is you can put all your flooring in and have all your lighting done have the paint done grab your cabinets stick them together and then just grab a couple of

1 by 5's like this ok and you can line it up on your cabinet and extend it out alright and it'll give you a good representation of where your counters gonna go and you can put your fridge in place and make sure that you leave your

24 inches for your dishwasher which is a standard gap plus you're gonna have an end panel on each side right that's so that it looks really nice up front so that adds another 8 inch and a quarter so twenty-five and a quarter brings your

Fridge to here and then you can actually order your countertop right over the phone you add an inch and a quarter down in that inch and you bring it over to the end of your your fridge boom 105 and a half now you can

Literally just take a piece of paper say give me a hundred and five and a half okay 24:34 inches six inch radius corners on the one side all right and now you just got to find out where your sink goes all

You do for that you would mark the center line right there measure over here add your inch and a half you can take that number now and go 37 and a half nice and simple right and then if you want to you can fax them the

Template or you can drop it off where a lot of countertop guys like they come out and measure themselves right it's a great big waste of time but having that template when they manufacture is the key to success now they can have this

Thing ready for you in about a week from when you order it because what you do before you build your kitchen as you go down to the course place you find out what they've got for inventory and you put a deposit on that piece of stone

That's left over that you want then when you're ready to go you can have that measurement in and they can start cutting that the next day it only takes a few days to prep these things for delivery well instant kitchen you have

Enough time to build the cabinet's run your mechanical and install everything in less than a week but a great deal now listen if you want to learn more about how to renovate your kitchen I suggest you click the link here and follow

Through our entire 1880s farmhouse renovation project you're going to learn a ton and then you can renovate your own kitchen to

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