Tips on how to choose a swimsuit – Males’s formal and enterprise informal fits for spring

published on July 3, 2020

hi guys thank you for tuning in on slick

hair TV today I'm shopping with Rasmus

and we would like to show you some

different sets that will be suitable for

the new spring that is coming up so stay

tuned Rasmus is behind the camera now

we're gonna find Benjamin his sales

assistant and fashion expert and he will

show you show us around so it's gonna be

an exciting day I hope you're all doing


all right I've been looking forward to

this day because I need a new suit I

came to the right place I'm happy to

hear that so what are we looking for


yeah philosophy booth original primarily


slim fit yeah it's with the arms mm-hmm

so this one is a classic yeah very


I'd recommend white shirt or light blue

and you can't go wrong with the white

shirt could be t-shirt as well yeah as

you can see I'm almost everyday I'm

wearing a white t-shirt or black t-shirt

and pair it with a blazer or a jacket

it's it's pretty basic and business

casual like that and and also a fact

here philosophy blues it's a Danish

company so why don't we support them I

think we should find a shirt I was

thinking white shirt yeah to complete

the business look yeah if that's what

you're seeking what about a tie or

something to spice it up a little bit

would you recommend that definitely time

maybe some red or burgundy colors

alright let's let's try it on

and this one is 48 European size and

it's a it's a little bit what you call

it flexible it yeah it feels nice to

wear and you can actually bend and then

tie your shoes so that's something

that's some props yes the shoulders

thing it's good all right so I need to

find this shirt and I need to find the

right pair of suit pain



thank you very much I think the look is

super awesome and the suit do you think

it's it's fitting perfectly or should we

what is actually very good yeah I would

like to hear is there any specific rule

about how long the sleeve can be to to

this to the jacket a couple of

centimetres is perfect just like I do


yeah it just gives something to the

whole suit yeah a little bit extra yeah

and it looks very nice


what's up now it's my turn for the Mego

so opinion mean what do you think what

should we do

honest it's springtime stupid

yes should you since I'm wearing a lot

of dark colors like dark blue and black

of course always my white sneaks and

anything it would be nice to try on the

brighter color your for the spring so

Benjamin let's take a look at your

pieces lots of different colors

different colors this spring slim fit as

well a little bit wider then you went

before but just by a few centimeters I

think normally it's enough if it's too

much color a pair

Gino has everybody knows Gina standard

color spring colors I like those

every bring this sandy color

very nice I think actually it will go

very well with the navy blue places

which I have a lot of maybe think that's

a good idea I love that I would like to

get out of my comfort zone and try on

the brighter colors let's get into it

now I just got on my chinos and my polo

just waiting for the shoes and then I'm

going to try on the navy blue blazer


now the Louvre is done so I really like


what do you think Benjamin looks very

nice a pair of chinos which basically go

with everything

yeah t-shirt I should like you're

wearing right now with about flower

pattern to spice it up a little bit

works really well and just buttoned up a

little bit if there is a spring summer

I'm gonna say I really like the flower

print and since I'm a navy blue guy you

didn't call the salmon today oh man I

went to the beach so I actually like to

get out of my comfort zone or actually I

have already one with this pattern at

home so I'm really caught this one I

think it looks super fresh and I like to

know what you guys think about this kind

of print and call us well everything is

slim fit so it suits me

pretty good Muslim body and it's

stretchy as well so I don't feel trapped

we don't want to take the attention away

from the nice shirt with the pocket

square so now we Souter that rasmus

thank you

you look super sharp in your more formal

spring suit do you mean it yes of course

I love the pinstripe and also the colors

as well it's really as you say I'm with

Joseph you are printed flower shirt I

think it's super nice for the spring

weather that it's coming here very soon

I definitely feel ready to conquer the

spring go some have summer say and eat

some nice food at the restaurant yeah

we'd like to know what do you think is

more suitable

you so if you like option A then you

should write a comment a and B behind ya

my name is mu thank very much for

watching henkaa TV and are restless see

you guys next time


we're buying the clothing from the shoot

and so by buying the whole store it

looks like that

so I went on a photo shoot but ended up

buying the whole store so I mean good to


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