How to pair and setup your Apple Watch

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

here's how you set up and pair your
Apple watch you're gonna start by
choosing the language on your Apple
watch then launching the Apple watch app
on your iPhone tap on start pairing it's
gonna open up the camera tap on start
pairing on your iPhone it's gonna show
the pattern you line those two things up
then it's ready you're gonna choose
whether you want to restore from a
backup if you have one I'm gonna set up
as a new Apple watch you can choose if
you're left-handed or right-handed which
risk you want it on I'm right-handed so
I'm gonna put it on my left wrist accept
the terms and conditions
now you're going to enter your password
it's gonna verify your Apple ID this is
the same as setting up an iPhone or
setting up an iPad now it's going to ask
you again very similar location services
Siri voice assistant diagnostics for
Apple you can choose to create a long
passcode if you want a lot of security
or you can choose to create just a short
pin number that's gonna be done on your
iPhone so for now I can just type in
anything that I want and double type it
in now you're gonna unless you can ask
you and unlock your Apple watch with
your iPhone anytime your iPhone is
unlocked your Apple watch will unlock
too and that makes it really easy if you
have touch ID you can agree to that on
your Apple watch it's all available apps
you can choose to do that at a later
point or you can choose to install all I
want to get this moving so I'm going to
choose later now your Apple watch is
gonna start syncing with your iPhone
depending how much you're moving over
including apps it might take a few
minutes but just leave it alone and it
will come back up ready to use

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