How To Overcome Fear and Anxiety in 2020 | Jack Canfield ‘s 6 Step Process from Success Principles

by birtanpublished on August 15, 2020

How to overcome fear and move forward we're back with Jack Canfield the best-selling author of sixty-six books whose new book the success principles work but just came out and today is going to walk us through the six steps that you can take in order to understand

Fear overcome fear and turn it into success this is super important especially with everything that is going on right now which is left many people paralyzed with anxiety this is the second of three episodes on different

Topics with Jack Canfield so make sure that you check out his first episode – where we talked about his success principles after you're done with this one and I'll add a link to it in the description area also subscribe to my

New youtube channel and hit the bell sign so that you don't miss out on the next investiga episodes in fact if you're new here welcome my name is Kiera Danielle I'm the founder of the invest diva movement tribal proactive moms who

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Go say hi to Jack Canfield and find out about his methods to overcome fear and move board let's go welcome back castle to invest eva

Movement thank you so much for being here we are in our house stuck in the quarantine and we are talking about fear it is something that i feel anyone has felt it recently regardless of the amount of success or wealth the you have

Had and i wanted to take your take on it how to overcome fear and move forward and actually be productive and the times like this well fear is something that shows up a lot whenever there's anything threatening in the environment right now

We have this coronavirus pandemic we have a financial downturn in the markets we have a lot of people who peter lost their job or afraid of losing her job has seen other people lose their job they're seeing all these numbers rising

Of people that are in the hospital on ventilators and so forth so the thing about fear that you have to realize so fear is self-created even if there was a snake in your room crawling toward you you'd have to go

Into the future and imagine it biting you or biting your child's eye see you have a little playpen behind you but in order to feel afraid then the reality is in the present moment nothing Bad's happening you're just watching a snake

Crawl across the floor so basically when you're in the present moment and you're in the present dealing with what you have now things are fine almost everyone watching this is sitting at home they're fine they're healthy the

People they know and love are healthy they're we've got food in the refrigerator food in the pantry they have the ability to go out the gut I saw a wonderful cartoon of a guy he had so much toilet paper he didn't build an

Igloo out of it and he was inside looking out like afraid like the toilet paper was gonna keep him safe but anyway so the idea being that you want to come back into the present moment this is where meditation and mindfulness comes

In really healthy so in the present moment like take a moment to stop and say okay what am I feeling in my body what's really going on it's just my thoughts that are making me scared so now we have a bunch of options number

One we can replace the thoughts with the positive thought a couple of years ago when the was more in a couple years in 2008 when their big meltdown happened and economically I was in New Hampshire giving a talk to real

Estate people Remax franchise owners and everybody was down about forty to fifty percent except one guy there was one guy in a room it was him and I went up to him and I said everyone tells me you're doing really well

Everyone else was down 4050 percent I hear you're up he says I am I said well I want to bring you to the front of the room and interview you so he said ok so after the break I brought him up I said Frank tell me about what's going

On what thoughts are you thinking that are different than everyone else in the room he said everyone else was thinking thoughts like oh my god I'm gonna have to lay people off you know the mortgage people I work with they're gonna go out

Of business I'm not gonna close that sale I had this is really a bad time am I gonna make it he said my self-talk is I always do well no matter what's going on in the economy and so his self-talk was different he was staying in the

Present moment and then we talked about what he was doing differently than everyone else everyone else was like cutting back on their advertising afraid to spend money etc he was like doing more advertising

And I met a woman during that time who was I do a lot of talks for real estate groups and um she was not selling a lot of houses at a time but what she was doing that she decided I'm going to teach women how to buy their first house

Because I've got all these single moms I've got all these women that are working in Silicon Valley who were young and they they're making some money but they'd only think about the how to buy a house so she started doing these classes

On Saturdays you know in the morning for people who want to learn how to buy a house when the market finally came back guess who everyone went and bought a house from this woman so the idea was because they didn't get scared and

Stayed in the present moment and said okay what can I do right now and what can I think not being in their amygdala being up in a prefrontal cortex they were able to get through that now another technique is called EFT tapping

You're probably familiar with the emotional freedom technique where we tap on nine different active pressure points while we think this fear of loss or this fear of the market going down it is fear of going bankrupt or fear of being you

Know just dispossessed or what sword I want evicted from my apartment or whatever and literally within three to five minutes you get rid of any fear or phobia if you use EFT the challenge is when you're afraid

You forget the things you know to do to not be afraid anymore so let's hope this is a reminder to people to use these skills if you don't know how to do EFT tapping just go to go to YouTube type in EFT tapping and you'll see hundreds and

Hundreds of videos you just tap along with any one of the practice nurses doing it and get rid of that there's a there's a thing in meditation we know that when you breathe in through your heart and out through your heart what

Does that mean you imagine inhaling air into your heart instead of into your lungs this way and you exhale imagine that's coming out of your heart and then you imagine someone you love or some person or place like it might be your

Child you send them love you'll appreciate them and really get into a state of appreciation I know I'm there when I'm smiling when I start to smoke and I always send it to my wife and I'm just like I love her so much I

Appreciate her so much and when I get that smile I know I'm there the woman who wrote the secret would do appreciation and gratitude exercise in the morning she wouldn't start writing until a tear came down in her face she

Said once I was in that space I was totally creative I was tapped into the universal intelligence so anything that raises your vibration brings you into gratitude and love and joy will take you out of fear the third the

Fourth thing I lost count but the other thing you can do is imagine the positive outcome so if fear is imagining a negative outcome joy and being in the present moment would be imagining the positive outcome in the future so

Instead of I'm losing my house oh I'm gonna have creative ideas to make even more money I'm gonna get through this with you no more friends gonna have more impact we know a lot of people are going hey the markets going down yeah it is

And guess what it always comes back up I remember because I'm 75 years old whatever it'll never go to 10,000 it'll never do it then it was it'll never go to 20,000 it'll never go to 29,000 and it crashed I've been through three

Recessions two wars 9/11 you know it always comes back so if think about this everyone listening to this right now you have survived everything that ever happened to you anything is ever happened you you know

Abusive parents alcoholic husband's you know whatever it is you survived it so you'll survive this and if you start with that attitude and belief I will survive there's nothing to be afraid of except my thoughts you know it was a

Franklin Roosevelt's and nothing to fear but for yourself so we need to be reminded and you can put little reminders around your house you know tapping EFT breathing exercises just taking a moment to breathe into the

Count of six and out for the count of six and you focus on the sensations your body that will get rid of fear so there's a lot of techniques to get rid of the fear and then when you're not gonna fear anymore then you can be

Rational can make intelligent decisions and can be creative that is amazing for people who are working from watching this at home the number three number four that you mentioned I actually did interview Margaret Margaret Lynch one

Area for tapping I'm gonna add a link to that YouTube video in the description and for appreciation I actually interview color wise she has an appreciation gratitude app and it's just amazing how these little things if you

Do it consistently can really help you shift not only from fear but really becoming more successful which is what in whatever area I feel you want to be which is where we want to go we want to go from fear to a positive state where

We are happy and successful so um these are these are absolutely great great tips is there anywhere in the book that you just released that you actually work on fear and there are some exercises that people can take when I yes chapter

8 talks of mine it says everything you want is on the other side of fear return to that page of my own book right now starts on 110 and it's first of all you look you know the fear is not a terrible thing I mean if you're walking down the

Street you hear someone walking behind you in a late night you know in New York City you know it heightens your awareness and you get into will recall you know heighten the illness and you go into protection mode which gives you the

Ability to run faster or fight faster you're more muscular and all that problem with most of the things in fear scary our own thoughts and we get this constant stress going on which puts us

In a court of stall which by the way lowers your immune system which is the last thing you want to be doing right now there's a man named Austin Church and he has a meditation on YouTube called eco meditation EC o meditation

And the research on this it's a 20 minute meditation and you can watch it every day if you watch that for seven days in a row and do it there's actually peer-reviewed journal research with scientists that show that your immune

System your immunoglobin is in your saliva which is what you want right now because this comes in through your nose and mouth though the corona virus increases by a hundred and thirteen percent so imagine doubling your immune

Response to the corona virus simply from doing a 20 minute meditation every day so the meditation is cool because it combines two things we've talked about it combines breathing it combines tapping and it combines breathing in

Through your heart which is the heart math that quick coherence con process which combines your head and your heart which makes you more creative so that's an amazing resource that everyone should be aware of and the last thing I would

Say about fear there's really not that much to be afraid of right now if you're not someone who's living with a compromised immune system because of pneumonia or maybe you have asthma or things like that a chance of you getting

Ill and and not surviving is about 0.001 percent so and if you're in that case you need to sequester yourself you need to not be out there in the environment you need to be smart about but most people as long as you stay out of fear

And your immune system is strong and you don't want to be in fear because it will weaken your immune system then what happens is you're gonna get through this you'll get something and it feels like the flu

Ninety ninety six percent of cases that were considered severe where they went on ventilators in China people are healthy now they're walking around so we have the capacity to heal ourselves especially and this is a time to eat

Well it's a time not to be eating a lot of sugar and it's a time to exercise anything that brings your heat up exercise saunas you know keep the heat on your house do Bikram yoga but don't go to a studio do it in your own home

Sweat drink hot teas drink hot food as opposed to making blender drinks with ice in it all those things are going to help you survive and then take vitamin C b12 you know tumeric there's things like

That you can go online and say what a good supplement to take and then you then you know you're doing everything you can do and then it's let it go and live your life right but I do want to actually point here just because you

Overcome your fear doesn't mean that you should go be going out so please stay your life live your life behind your home your doors because I mean even if of course a lot of us could potentially survive this but it's it's it's for the

Sake of other people and gliding the curve and the doctors and the nurses so definitely don't be fearful use this time to be productive and use this time to really serve other people but stay home this is such a good time I teach

Something called the hour of power which is 20 minutes of meditation 20 minutes of reading and 20 minutes of exercise if you do that every day you're gonna be healthier wealthier and wiser and so this is a great time whether it's my

Book the success Roswell's workbook or whether it's money of your books or of course you have of course I have whatever take this time and go through the exercises so that at the end of this period where we're sequestered at home

You're not the same person we all have most people were driving to work for at least a half an hour sometimes an hour both ways and you now have this time to take better self-care to educate yourself do the kind of

Exercises we're talking about here and you know at first I thought my books launching right in the middle of coronavirus this is terrible then I really know this is an opportunity people have the time to actually do it

Ya know absolutely 100% again thank you so much jack for coming back on the show you guys if you haven't got this book already you need to get this you need to work on this while in quarantine and even afterwards because this actually

Takes time and practice like I've been doing these things for 10 years and still I get it long because you know you just forget things so you want to have it you want to keep doing it and you want to continue practicing this so

Thank you so much again for being on the show you guys let us know what you think about this how you are dealing with the fear of carnivores or any other fear in your life if you liked this video like it share it with anybody in

Your life that could appreciate it and subscribe to the channel I'll see you in the next video

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