How To Make The Perfect Smash Burger • Tasty

published on July 2, 2020

hey everyone check your sass so here I'm

back you guys asked for it today we're

diving into the world of smash burgers

but not just any smash burgers my recipe

for smash burgers we're gonna do some

quick normalised onions here

none of that low it's slow business you

don't got time for that today so hot pan

onion we're not gonna go low and slow

here we don't want to develop any sugar

is really breaking down I want them to

have a little bit of texture some salt

pepper we're just getting color on the

outside cooking the food so we're not

biting down into raw onion take that off

the heat we'll set this aside now let's

talk secret spread this movie my new

secret that's okay I like you guys my

favorite part of the spread is of course

the pickles chili paste some black

garlic ketchup mayo and mustard you like

things a little more ketchup be that

more ketchup of course a little salt

black pepper sugar to balance everything

else getting started on our patty here I

have a little bit of ground beef left in

my freezer but I also have this really

awesome trying to rebuy I've been

working on I'm going to grind this in my

meat grinder and mix it with some ground

beef that I have now we're just gonna


of course you can just go salt and

pepper here you get crazy add whatever

you like but I just like to pre season

all the patties so it's even and

distributed throughout the burgers to

shape my burgers this does not have to

be a precise I'm just gonna kinda come

in here and divide out the meat now I'm

leaving these in large rounds because

we're going to smash them in the pan


all right the moments here we're ready

to cook our burgers a little bit of a

little down on the pan and you should

hear those start to sizzle immediately

when you put the burgers in and we don't

want to touch these we're gonna leave

them get a nice and caramelized

crispy bottom before we smash them down

now the beauty of a smash burger is

actually getting to smash it and now

time to come in here flip our burgers

you see we have a golden brown

caramelized exterior and now for the

smash we're going for thin patty gears

these are all gonna be well-done but

that's okay because there's not a thick

burger it's a thin burger and so well

done is what we want here I'm gonna pull

leads out while I cook the rest of the

burgers before we send them I really

like this recipe and I'll let you do all

of the different components before

bringing back together and turning these

smashed burgers into steamed buns start

with a little bit of our spread I like

some on the top and bottom

Patties and you go single but for me I'm

gonna do a double I like to put the

onions before the last slice of cheese

that way cheese acts as a little barrier

to hold them all in place and this does

not define that step one more thing to

do my burgers are assembled time for the

finishing move I still have my hot pin

here with all the beef drippings we're

gonna gently place each of the burgers

back into the bottom of the pan tiny bit

of water here and we're going to create

steam and put the lid on quickly


I can't wait to try this I think I'm

just gonna go for one should I I should

yes all right we got the double patty

slice American cheese I wouldn't have it

any other way


so that's everything I want in a burger

double patty extra thin crispy melty

cheese caramelized onions that spread

forget about it

you got to try these thank you all for

joining me I hope you enjoyed this as

much as I did check out this and some of

my other recipes on BuzzFeed tasty

follow me along on instagram is chef

Tatiana sass go for more of my at home

cooking ventures she's not everybody

next time oh yeah




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