How To Make Perfect Scones • Tasty

published on July 2, 2020

– So soft and crumbly,
the tops are beautiful,

shiny, curl up on the couch and enjoy

Hey Tasty fans I'm Kiano here
and I'm at my kitchen studio

in Jaconi, and I'm
going to teach you today

how to make scones

They are incredibly
versatile, I'm gonna be making

my favorite version but
also walk you through

all the different types of
varieties you can make at home

And the best part is you
can enjoy them hot and fresh

but also pop 'em in the freezer

so you can have fresh scones anytime

(upbeat music)

So the ingredients I'll be
using are all purpose flour,

whole milk, unsalted
butter, eggs, white sugar,

baking powder, raisins, vanilla
extract, and chai masala

All right, it is time to bake

♪ Oh time to bake ♪

First things first, I
have three large eggs

Love a dark yolk

And I have some milk, three
quarters cup, whole milk

When making scones, fat, F A T,

is what makes everything so delicious

Yes, you can use skim but it'll just be

a little less buttery, a little less

Adding a teeny bit of vanilla extract

You can totally do this without vanilla

but with the spices I'm gonna
add, it's gonna add a bit

of warmth to it

Beat this really well, so
there's no streaks of egg white

You want it to be a
very homogenous mixture

Now on to the dry

I have five and a half
cups of all purpose flour

I like adding a bit of
sweetness, but not as sweet

as a cake

So I have about a half a cup
to two thirds a cup of sugar

is usually good

To make sure it's sweetish

Very, very important, baking powder

And a whole lot of it

Three tablespoons of baking powder

This is one way to assure your
scones will not be stones

Don't be shy on the baking powder,

it's gonna help you make
them light and fluffy

It's a little bit crumbly
but you want that,

it's kind of part of the scone experience

Hmmm, my palette could
use a little something,

and you sip your tea or coffee

A little salt happens in here

So I'm just gonna go for
one teaspoon of kosher salt

If your using table salt, use
less because it is saltier

If you over mix your scones
it's not gonna be that crumbly,

flaky, texture, it's gonna be (scoffs)

this is kind of the opportunity

to flavor it however you like

I love chai, just a mixture of spices

that you may already have in your kitchen,

you can also buy it and it
just adds in that aroma

Cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves

and a little bit of black pepper

So flour is nice and mixed together

And this is where I'm gonna
incorporate the butter

This is just under two sticks

so one and three quarter sticks of butter

cut into little cubes

It's very, very important
that your butter is cold,

cold butter will give you flaky scones

That is the mantra

Cold butter=flaky scones

These are you tools, you're
just gonna go pinching

And the first part is you want to lightly

just toss it around so all
of the butter is coated

in the flour

And once it's nice and
coated is when you go in

with the little pinch claws and smoosh in

the butter in between the flour

At any point if you feel like
the butter's starting to melt

in your hands, pop it in the freezer

let everything get nice and cold again

and then back to the pinching

Even distribution of the butter is key,

integral, incredibly crucial,

can you tell this is important by now?

It's just still very much resembles flour

So this is looking good,
nice and crumbly flour

So time to move on to the next step

(upbeat music)

To my dry mix I'm going
to add in that milk,

egg and vanilla liquid

As well as some raisins

Raisins work well,
chopped apricots, dates,

as well as some types of fresh fruit

so you can do a blueberry scone

Dice up some apples, some pears,

those all work really great

So if you have some lemons on your counter

oranges, you can zest 'em and
incorporate that in there

For a little bit of brightness and flavor

Really your imagination is the limit

when it comes to how you flavor a scone

Once the dough is mixed together,

it's not gonna resemble a homogenous,

or like a cookie dough

It's still really crumbly

The time has come

(upbeat music)

gonna turn it out onto
a very lightly floured,

clean work surface and
just dump it all out

And it's just one jumbled mess

The only thing to do is
to squish it together

So bring in the side, the top,

and I want to shape it into a square

And I'm just gonna be
using my bent scraper

Or any just straight plastic thing

to help bring it all in

and help kind of minimize my hand contact

So pat it down until it is
one inch thick all around

It's time to cut and
really the choice is yours

at this point, if you want it square,

if you want it triangle,
you want it round,

do whatever you like,
it'll all cook the same

and cook beautifully

So I'm using a round cookie cutter,

around two and a half inches in diameter

And wiggle it out, baking
sheet, very simple,

lined with parchment paper,

and just pop the scone right on top

And then just continue cutting

until there's no more dough left

And then gather up all the
scraps and keep shaping

until the dough is gone

All the scones are cut
out and they're divided

into two different trays,
one tray going right

into the freezer and then the other tray

is for enjoying right now

So for the batch I'm going to bake now,

I'm just gonna brush it with an egg wash,

I'm using just an egg yolk with a pinch

of salt, just mix it together

I have a regular pastry brush

If you don't want to use another egg,

or don't have enough eggs to spare,

you can use some milk and heavy cream

It's not gonna be as shiny but it's better

than putting it in naked

Do not put your scones in naked

Be very delicate, once this egg wash bakes

it's gonna have that
beautiful, like shiny brown

Just like you see in
professional bakeries

Because you too are your own baker

I just do the tops, you can
do the sides if you want too

Just a really light layer does the job

Every step in making
scones is so soothing

The crumbling, the brushing

If you don't have a pastry
brush, I have done this

with a paper towel and
just little blots and dabs

You're gonna lose a little bit of your egg

but hey, it gets the job done

That's all you need, you
just need 'em to look good

All this labor for them
to look mediocre, uh-uh

God they're so cute

So these are egg washed and
ready to bake in the oven

at 350 degrees until they are
golden brown and beautiful

So about 20 minutes

(upbeat music)

While my scones are in the oven baking,

I want to show you how
you can freeze the rest

This is a two step process,

part one, you want to
freeze them individually,

not touching at all

No touch, everything
needs it's personal space

to get nice and frozen

And then once all of the
scones have chilled out

literally, til they're frozen solid,

then you can put them all
into a single Ziploc bag

Label and you can store for three months

(upbeat music)

This is one baked good you absolutely want

to eat while it is piping hot

You know they're done when
the bottoms just have like

a little tanness to it and
the tops are beautiful shiny

I'm going to eat this
with a little bit of jam

Oh boy, so soft and crumbly

So it doesn't even cut quite perfectly

that's what you want

You can spread it on top like toast

Or just keep it by you,
and just spread it on,

bite per bite

Holy moly

You cannot eat a scone cute,

I swear I want anyone to try it

Because if you made these right,

they're a little bit crumbly,
so it should just like

fall apart in your mouth
but also melt a little bit

Have yourself a cup of tea, some coffee,

curl up on the couch and, enjoy

So that is how you make scones,
feel free to customize it,

make it your own and if
you do make this recipe,

please show me, tag me on Instagram,

I love to see what you're baking

Until next time, farewell

– [Man] Oh yes

(upbeat music)

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