How To Make Money Renovating A New House

published on July 13, 2020

So in this video I'm gonna explain toyou why it is that we renovated thisbrand new house nowwhen I mentioned to people I was doingthis project most people have the sameopinion what the heck are you renovatinga brand new house for and the reality is

There is a lot to be gained by gettingout the hammer and doing a DIYrenovation on the house before you movein so what we're gonna do in this videois we're gonna go through all thedifferent areas of the home that we

Renovated discuss why we did it how wedid it and the overall effect andbenefit of doing it now versus later nowfor instance in the kitchen there was norenovation this is a brand new kitchenand the kids the bought this house

They're young they're in love andthey're just getting started in life soit's a starter home they both have greatjobs and they're set up in pretty goodcondition for the purchase so they got a2,200 square foot home semi-detached

Alright and a brand-new development herein Ottawa and in our market it'sgenerally it's a healthy very stablereal estate market that's been boominglately because it's a little bit cheaperhere than it is in Toronto which is only

A few hours away we're finding a trend alot of people retiring in Torontoselling their houses in that metropoliswhich have really gone crazy and valuefrom speculation in the last few yearsand they're selling a million and a half

Dollar house and able to come here andget the same property for half a millionand it's a great way to retire so what'shappening here now is our values aregoing up so the young people having aharder and harder time getting into a

New home so what we did is we got thesekids into this place and we said let'srenovate it before you move in so it'sready to be sold at the drop of a hat toa much more meticulous buyer who'sexpecting a higher quality of living

Standard so that if anything everhappened you had to sell the house youcan get top dollar for it for the forthe kind of person that's moving herefrom Toronto looking to downsize andretire so all we had to do in the

Kitchen for instance is it put inappliances now if you're puttingimplants isn't in designer kitchen likethis you have two options you can gocheap and you have a cheap kitchen oryou can put in something really nice

Like the Z line appliances that are hereand you can upgrade the sink faucetagain that's a Z line product it'samazing it's a matte blackpull down a faucet right you can't gowrong a couple little details like that

Plus the hood this is a rub bronze ifyou put in nice appliances in thekitchen then your house is worth a lotmore money than if you put in cheap onesand you get to enjoy the fact thatyou've got a dual fuel stove and cooking

Let's go on it to her we'll take youthrough the whole house because we didwork we finished a bathroom downstairswe added a bar downstairswe also renovated the fourth bedroominto a walk-in closet upstairs and then

Turned all of the ensuite space that wasthere before into one ginormous bathroomwhere the 4-piece Spa with the mostto-die-for walk-in shower I think you'veever seen all right so welcome to thebasement when this house was built this

Room was already finished which let'sface it it's basically drywall painttrim and carpet it doesn't have afunction it doesn't have a reason forexistence so what we did is we put thisawesome full functioning bar in

Kitchenette because well I don't evenknow how to explain it with it becausebrand new what we have here is we havean induction stove it's installedunderneath the countertop and you cancook directly on top of your granite

Without creating any source of heat andthere's no open flame it's going to blowyour mind if you haven't seen that videoyou've got to click the link right hereget that started and you can watch thata little later but basically what we

Have here is this we have a surface overhere that we can cook on we have amicrowave drawer which is perfect forwarming things up or making popcorn whenyou're watching movie so what we havehere really it's like it's kind of like

The man cave it's an entertainmentbasement space separate from the rest ofthe house you know what it's like you'vegot a few couples over the ladieshanging out in the kitchen and drinkwine the guys come down put the game on

Grab something from the beer fridgeright and of course it wouldn't be afully functional kitchen if we didn'thave a sink and a dishwasherwe got an 18 inch dishwasher from z linewhich is great it tucks away in the

Corner it takes care of all those messesyou want to have a really cool setuplike thisit's the man cave right man cave livingyou're that way you're not trucking foodup and down and drinks up and down it's

All right hereeverything's chilled out and this isonly a hundred square feet not even lessthan ten by ten I've got a cooking spacefully functional kitchen I've got a bararea here that's set up with stools you

Can sit on the other side reallyfunctional great clean spacereal simple to cuz it's just IKEAcabinets so you can build this in just acouple of days not difficult laminatecountertop over here to stay

Cost-effective granted over here inorder to facilitate the cooking on theinvisi cook once you've got a minikitchen in a basementnow the room has a purpose right nowit's an entertainment center so you can

Put in the big screen grab somefurniture and comfy chairs and thisspace now has a purpose which meansyou've extended the footprint of thehouse so it's no longer your 2200 squarefeet upstairs now the basement means

Something it has the value when you goto sell and of course whatever basementneeds that has a mini kitchen in ityou've got to have a bathroom let's faceit if you're having people over thatmeans that room can also function as a

Guest suite I don't want some you'regonna say well where's your egresswindow what about code code does notrequire you to have any specialrequirements if you're gonna have peoplestay with you short term but if you're

Going to rent the space in the basementto a tenant then you've got a brand newworld you've got to get invested inyou've got a bunch of upgrades but forguests and company no problem stick themon a couch they'll be just fine

This bathroom came roughed in from theBuilder so it's just concrete floor andwhat we did is we used a couple ofreally cool products from Schluter thatwe could build the shower in place wedidn't have to open the concrete floor

We didn't have to do anything crazy likethat we're actually gonna have a videoin the series so make sure you subscribeto the channel we'll show you how to dothis because anybody can build abasement bathroom in place with the

Plumbing where it is as long as you usethese techniques and all the fixtureshere came from the upstairs bathroom sothey were free we just relocated themstuck them all into this room even theglass doors the only thing we had to buy

Was the tile great deal right so ifyou're gonna renovate a bathroomupstairs and it's a new build make sureyou pick the model that allows you torecycle all those fixtures that's whatwe did we had a single sink and we had

The toilet and the shower doors as a4-foot shower made the right decisionbefore we purchase the house to be ableto reuse all those fixtures so theydon't go back into landfill and that'sawesome now this shower is fully

Functionaleven the shower system was recycled fromupstairs just really cool upgrades makethe space add value to the home so nowyou went from a two and a half bathto a three and a half bath or the real

Basic simple renovation down here that'smoney in the bankso one common thing that almost everynew house has nowadays is they have awalk-in closet on sweetie off the masterbedroom the problem is is they make them

Way too small and they try to dress themup and make it look like ooh you have ahuge walk-in closet but they're reallytiny by the time you stick everythingyou own and one of those things you'restuffed in so what we did here is we

Opted for the four bedroom instead ofthe three bedroom model which makes thespare bedroom and the office a littlesmaller but it gave us this extra spaceright next to the master bedroom so weclosed off the door opened up a hole

Over here reconnected the electrics putin a new floor wallpaper custom cabinetsBAM this room is absolutely gorgeousit's a it's a walk-in dressing room nowand it makes a little walk-in closetthat comes with the Builder model look

Just ridiculous the upgrade is verycost-effective you still have a greatspace and if you ever wanted to youcould always open up that wall holeagain and reconnect the switch back tothe room light from the other side and

Then close this up and make it a fourthbedroom it's a really quick easyconvenient way to convert back and forthso ultimately the most important room inthe house in my opinion is the masterbathroom because when you buy a house

You're not buying 2,000 square feet ofspace you're not buying the hardwoodyou're not buying the high ceilingsyou're buying quality of life and at theend of the day when you come into yourbathroom you want to have not what the

Builder calls a four-piece bathroombecause that's just you got a Roman tuband it's cheap tile and a one sink andthen a small shower stall and then atoilet crammed in with just enough roomto open and close the door that's not an

Ensuite baththat's an ensuite functionality onlythere's no enjoyment there so what wedid is we stole the closet space thatwas behind that wall removed all of thefixtures which is where we got them for

The basement and then we put in a nicewalk-in shower now we've created a newspace now when you walk in you havespace you have your own spa and I'mtelling you right now when you renovateyour house even if it's brand new and

You put this kind of thing in versuswhat the Builder gives you you'reelevating yourself in the marketthe real estate to get top dollarwhenever you're ready to sell rememberwhen builders build you a house they

Have a few different options for you tochoose from from floor plans they haveonly a few options for fixtures andgenerally they're not going to give youanything custom like heated flooring andlinear drains and curbless showers

They're not even gonna give you astandalone tub most builders are veryvery concerned with keeping things sosimple that they just can't screw it upbecause they want to get done get outand get your money right so this is why

We renovate because you don't want to beliving in your house and then want to doa project like this hey it gets reallydirty and so you want to be able tomaintain all maintained control overthat renovation by doing it before you

Move in we're talking about six to eightweeks in this entire project that's nowfinished they've moved in completely allwe have left now to do around here is apunch list which is just a couple oftouch-ups after the fact not a big deal

You can do that after you move in sowe'll listen if you're in the market forbuying a new home be careful don't putall your money and all the upgrades thatthe Builder is showing you take a lookat the options and the floor plans take

A walk through and think what if becauseyou might be really surprised especiallyif you're handy and you're doing some ofthis DIY you might be really surprisedhow little money it costs to do a hugeupgrade because we added an extra

Bathroom downstairs all the fixturesfrom here free right the rough-in wasalready done for that bathroom andthat's great we had at the the kitchendownstairs which is a bar officiallybecause the Envisat cook stovetop is not

An open flame so we don't need a hoodfan that kept at a bar according to codethat was only a few thousand dollars forthat entire kitchen piece of cake weadded a dressing room that was basicallyyou know flooring plus $1,000 that

Do-it-yourself cabinetry a couple ofother upgrades added a couple electricalcircuits again no big deal andeverything here is done on permiteverything's been inspected and thedollar cost I think is still less than

$20,000 for all of the investmentabsolutely mind blowing when youconsider how much value you've gottenthis property now versus when they walkthrough the doorit's a no-brainer renovating to get this

Ready for sale and they have a customlifestyle in the meantime that's the wayto go so if you're gonna buy a house toconsider this downsize on the size ofthe property get a semi-detached orsomething like this don't go all in with

Your entire investment and leaveyourself housebroke have a little moneyset aside consider your options and getsome renovating done before you evenmove in that will ensure that you havean amazing place to stay the whole time

You're there and then you're not goingto spend the next ten years trying tosave up for a renovation to get yourhouse ready for sale and give it tosomebody else that's it for me todayif you'd like to see the videos we got a

Whole how-to series of all the differentprojects here you can click the linkright here learn how to do tile andhardwood and build your closets andbuilding these little kitchens I'mtelling you all this information is

Available on our site happy to helpdon't forget to ask your questions andif you're doing major renovations athome consider becoming a member of theDIY crew talk to you soon

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