How To Make Money Online During Corona Virus With PEER To PEER Finance & Crypto Paying Jobs

by birtanpublished on August 18, 2020

It's no secret drew in a world crisis you need to see the best of the worst in people and right now banks are allowing their customers to make the firls on their mortgage payments and also credit card companies like MasterCard and Visa is

Following the suit and also allowing their customers to make the furrows on their credit card payments so I decided I want to make some sort of deferral of my own and give back to you guys during this hard economic times and this whole

Coronavirus fiasco that we all are experiencing so I'm going to share with you guys two different strategies that are gonna make you money right here right now at home all online biz through the power of peer-to-peer finance if you

Don't believe me I'm gonna prove it to you in this video all you gotta do is watch it so without further ado let's go Bank some coin it's the crypto lifestyle day yesterday my wife got the news from her employer

That she's gonna be laid off for the next two to three weeks and she didn't know how to take it she actually has a really good job she is a slicin CPA accountant but she never thought that day would come when she'd be laid off

And I keep telling people I said look if you're gonna be dependent on government if you're gonna be dependent on banks if you're even gonna be dependent on your employer to always provide you money I'm telling you right now you're gonna be in

For a big surprise one day and that surprise came yesterday for her so luckily for us I've been doing this for about the past three years okay I've been working online full time for the past three years guys just check on my

Channel all crypto base but recently I tapped into a peer-to-peer finance some platform called paxville and it has done a wonders for me so I want to share this with you guys now look if you again are dependent on only your one income and

You're not hustling outside of work meaning when you do your 9:00 to 5:00 and you come home and you just put on the TV and then you go to bed and you eat and you sleep guess what you're gonna be in that

Position every single day so what I tell people is yes your day job is very important obviously but you need to hustle outside of that a living is made from 9:00 to 5:00 but a fortune is made from 5:00 to 9:00 and on weekends if you

Get what I'm saying by the way my name is Francis and on this channel we emphasize the importance of the centralization crypto mass adoption and other pick1 related stuff like a banker's coin so if you want to

Learn more make sure you subscribe and I got bail notification button so you don't miss anything so we're at paxville which is the peer-to-peer marketplace and here is where it all begins here is where the money is made okay

Guys so again look if you don't have a paxville account my link is provided for you in the description box and the comment section below you guys got any questions related to this do not hesitate to message me

I got a private chat where we're all brainstorming we're all coming together I'm actually given them a bunch of routes where people are messaging me willing to pay okay but right now during these times I am giving it for free I

Just can't take money from people right now okay I don't want your money I want you guys to make money I want you guys to realize the power of peer-to-peer finance with Bitcoin okay let's get right into it guys so as you

Can see this is the platform okay I've done a number of videos on this you know I showed you guys how to make 20 percent profits using Amazon giftcards I'll leave the link to that video here I also showed you guys how to get money into

Your bank account 20 percent profits I'll leave the link for that card here as well okay just last night I made in about a couple minutes I made 50 bucks hi guys Lau's just a couple of minutes

Of work I know it's just 50 dollars but I only traded about $300 worth of Bitcoin okay we could get into all of that but I want to show you guys a couple of powerful things okay how traders are making money here now you

Could trade anything here um well not anything but you could trade discounted gift cards for Bitcoin and that's where the money's at let me tell you if you have the right information like somebody does over here all right that's all you

Need information is what you need to be successful here and obviously some technical aspects as well which we'll get into so what you're looking at here are these guys are actually selling a bunch of gift cards so we got a Hulu

Gift card we got an Amazon gift card which sells a lot here at discounts of 32% 35% 44% 43% 43% it goes up right look even this one is selling at 49% that's a Fanta cool gift card right but let me show you the amount of money

These guys are making so this guy here I would say he's a trusted seller because for a couple of reasons number one he's verified across all three levels okay meaning he's email verified his phone is verified and so is this identification

So if anything comes back where you know these cards may be used which I already explained to you guys how to verify those cars and past videos we're not gonna go about doing that here okay I'm just showing you guys how people are

Making money here I'm gonna show you a method on how you can make money as well for free where people are messaging me to pay for it I'm telling you I'll show you guys my telegram my telegram is not Ebro my telegram is naughty but we won't

Get into that okay let's take him focus on the topic so if you look on the left side here look at this guy's trade volume between 300 and a thousand Bitcoin this guy through in a matter of three years what

Is Bitcoin right now I think it's like 6 K so check this out well that's like what 60 K right times 6000 at the minimum 60,000 he went through you went do more than that because they're saying between 300 bitcoins and a thousand

Bitcoins not dollars okay guys but bitcoins okay so let's do the math again here we're gonna go like this so 6000 times 1000 equals God that's that that's naughty that's naughty that's a potential six million let's cut

That in half okay let's just say that's three million dollars this guy went through in a matter of three years now the reason why I love paxville guys I'll tell their wives because Pottsville is not an exchange where you're speculating

On the price of bitcoins we don't care about that okay we're always in and out of sales or in and out of trades so every time I saw my Bitcoin for sale like a discounted card it's similar to like a stable coin my Bitcoin

Is safe in terms of if it dips I'm not gonna lose money right when you're consistently in and out the price fluctuations is irrelevant I don't even watch the price of Bitcoin obviously Bitcoin goes up in value it's gonna help

Us but it doesn't affect us nearly as much as if you were a futures trader you cannot get liquidated you cannot get wiped out guys okay spot trading – it's far more safer than that okay obviously there's pros and cons to everything but

Selling Bitcoin and paxville is far more lucrative than trading Bitcoin on any futures exchanges you don't believe me try out both for a month and tell me how much it made on each alright so anyways right there that's powerful stuff you

Guys saw that let's check out this guy where is he oh yeah this dude here so this is a different seller he's also verified on three levels to me that's very important right because you know you could have run into scammers

Again we already went over that in past videos you guys do check out that I actually do have any paxville playlists for people who want to learn everything packs well I also would leave that link or a pair of very very informative value

Stuff people tell me I should make a book on this stuff and sell it okay so right here this guy traded where is he between 10 and 50 bitcoins a little bit less but that's in the span of one year guys

Again do the math right let's just do the basic math since we already are here so I'm gonna open up this calculator and let's just do that so 6,000 okay it's very basic times 10 we already know that is okay again that's 60 K and then 50s

Or 6,000 times 50 this guy is making sure what am i doing six thousand times fifty three hundred thousand guys okay so there's money to be made here clearly and what these guys are doing is they're not you know like when you're trading

Bitcoin I like seen you can liquid it it's like ah man I gotta fund my account again let me deposit more bitcoin that's done that's going on here none of that's going on here what these guys are doing is they're scaling their business just

Like any business if you're importing say t-shirts from China and selling it at a profit that's what they're doing here okay they're using that profit and then they're injecting that profit back into the business okay and then it gets

Bigger their capital and then they can buy more bulk and then they sell it so discount gift cards that's where it's at in my opinion okay guys now let me get to the method at hand or I'm gonna share with you guys okay guys what I want to

Share with you right now is a method that people are willing to pay me money for $700 I can't stress that enough okay and I'm gonna give you guys this for free it has to do with Amazon okay so as I said you could buy Amazon discounted

Gift cards where I'm gonna show you guys right here if we go to the discount section and let's just put an Amazon emé 0n automatically comes up we're gonna click that again if you guys have any questions on anything and if you want to

Be a part of my child do not hesitate to message me on telegram after crypto lifestyle of one word okay so we're gonna go like that and we're gonna search offers I think I actually put this in canadian dawson old world

Right okay great what am i doing I gotta go sell Bitcoin and then we want to go Amazon a easy here we go and then we're gonna go search offer it's okay so this guy's selling for thirty five percent so what he is this guy is an actual seller

Of these cars mainly on a daily basis it looks like so they're mark my billable Sok 35% I've sold Amazon discount I'm sorry I'm I'm sorry I bought Amazon gift cards with my Bitcoin and markups of on an average of

45 percent easily okay 42% easily okay so yeah these are just his prices but you could set your own offer to buy a an Amazon gift card at a discount of 45 percent very very easily okay guys so the sell works you're gonna

Get the discount card at 42 percent okay I could show you guys my trade history again I've already done that in past videos so I'm just gonna talk about it because this video could get very very lengthy once you claim that card and I

Again I show you guys how to do it in a way where you know it's not a fraudulent card in a way that you know it's not used in a way that you know it's legit okay so yeah again that's in those videos once you claim that and that's in

Your Amazon accounts here's what we're gonna do ladies and gentlemen you better be listening very carefully okay we're going to go to Amazon we're going to buy a physical product okay it such as this one I'm gonna give you guys a

Key example here this product on Amazon is selling for one hundred and ninety six dollars on 51 cents we're gonna do it old school baby arbitrage trading the old school way and then we're gonna come to EB my crypto lifestyle ears and

Hustlaz alright and as you can see here EB I apologize it's selling the same exact camera the same color everything for two hundred and thirty one dollars my people do you understand what I'm saying

So right off the bat even without our 40% discounted gift card we're getting it out of discount already okay which I already kind of popped this up here so what is it here let's get the exact numbers so Amazon selling it for 196

They're selling it for 231 so 196 is what percent of 231 right 84% already have already plugged it in so 84% so that means we're getting it for that is 16% off right away okay right off the bat and that's good and everything right

But we want a little bit bigger spread we want a little bit bigger markup so how do we do that our gift card so now you have your discounted gift card in which sorry in which we're gonna use to buy this camera so now our 40%

Discount is added to this arbitrage price / that already gave us a 16 percent discount so now 40 plus 16 is 56 percent I hope you guys follow because we're buying a discounted gift card on paxville for 40 percent really 42

Percent paxville takes 2% of that fee left for 40 percent now we're purchasing we're purchasing this camera with that gift card and it's already discounted at 16 percent in the price differences on eBay and Amazon now we're at a whopping

Forty plus sixteen fifty six percent discount what we're gonna do we're gonna have our sellers account on eBay I'm gonna sell it for a profit ladies and gentlemen who are watching this video so because you are a hustler alright now

Let me tell you it sounds easy right but that's not it that's not good enough you still need two very important things to make this happen because what Amazon hates is drop shipping alright they don't like that at all they actually

Could ban your account and again guys do check with your you know local legal counselor and all that kind of stuff you know I'm not no adviser I don't claim to be one you know every jurisdiction varies guys so make sure you check out

With your local counselor and asking these things okay that's my disclaimer there okay guys that's not good enough though we need two things in place number one we're going to need this bad boy okay it's called a Amazon business

Prime account ladies and gentlemen now once you have this you will be able to sell in bulk you will be able to get discounted bulk products as well okay guys that's the first thing you need okay the basic packages like 179 for the

Whole year up to three users a lot of people don't know this information I'd be dropping this knowledge for you guys that like this is what I do I love to share information I really do again any other questions message me on telegram

At the crypto lifestyle make sure you get this okay because Amazon would not give you any issues they will not give you any issues I know a lot of people like to use / start I oh and they're getting their accounts like frozen all

That kind of stuff they don't got their business Prime in check you have this in check Amazon will not hassle you that's not enough though you still need another piece of information which is this an LLC which

Is a limited liability company so pretty much you're telling Amazon that you are indeed a business and it is registered so that's why you have your business Prime account right not regular Prime and your LLC you combine those two

Things together you submit that to Amazon and Amazon is gonna allow you to do these things now also I mentioned just now that Amazon does not like drop shipping which is very true that's not ancient knowledge that was

Handing down from generations everybody knows this okay so what I would recommend is this although they would allow you to do this with your business Prime account I highly recommend you guys first send the

Products to your house okay and then you ship it out to the customer on eBay and we know these sells electronic sells all the time okay this is gonna sell man it's a camera it's nice like you know people just like electronics and you

Could also check out all like you know you know what's the hot sellers and what-have-you but that's something you guys are gonna have to do on your own time guys okay so I don't want this video video to get too long because I've

Done videos I went past 33 minutes and all kind of jazz so I want to get straight to the point let's reiterate this okay you need to be a paxville seller okay guys first you do that by using the link in the description box on

In the comment section that's my link there's benefits involved by using my link you get five bucks worth of Bitcoin I get five bucks worth of Bitcoin if you're part of my team I also share with you guys all this knowledge okay all

This information man that cost money all this information that people have passed on to me all this information that I'm currently practicing okay you guys want to skip all that trial and error okay after that you also get a an escalated

Sheet it's like a Google Doc because you know impacts well you know you could come up and you can encounter some disputes and that could take you know a few hours to even sometimes days however if you hand me your your trade ID I

Could sort that all out for you immediately so there's a lot of benefits involved all right guys now let's move on to the real meat and potatoes all right this is nice and everything right but this is dealing with physical

Products let me go to paxville this is dealing with physical products ideally as app actual trader you want something we call in the business BTC in BTC out which means you are selling your Bitcoin

For these gift cards and then your you're reselling it to whether that be on someone who buys Bitcoin I'm sorry someone who buys discounted gift cards or someone who or a company that buys discounted gift cards okay and they're

Paying you back in Bitcoin but you're gonna make sure that you could still make a profit in the process so your your son bitcoin while getting back bitcoin at a profit and that is where the true power lays because now you

Don't gotta wait on shipping right Amazon business prime you don't got to deal with physical products everything is digital gift cards and Bitcoin is all digital you don't gotta worry about touching paper money and getting

Coronavirus right you're dealing with Bitcoin here ladies and gentlemen who are still watching this damn video because you are a damn Osler all right it's exciting times look I love sharing this information right I just can't keep

It to myself whatever it is called me a rat call me whatever you want I just love spreading the news to people especially through in these times so if you guys want to know how to tap into that method okay and you only gotta wait

In most cases ID want one hour to 24 hours and you get your Bitcoin guys alright a poster you know a business prime and all these other methods where you got to wait for shipping and wait for the product to get there and post

The pictures all our jazz don't get me wrong it's lucrative but it's not the most convenient and best route in terms of functionality right so you guys want to learn more on that make sure your message me on telegram make sure you do

Subscribe to the channel I'm always dropping knowledge like this I'm always sharing the information that I've learned I'm always sharing the information that I learned from others with people in my private chat guys okay

So I hope this video serves you well I hope it makes sense I hope you guys are safe I hope you guys are you know just doing the safety precautions and you know remaining healthy men remain healthy we're going to get over these

Times and you know I just hope like everybody realized how powerful the blockchain is right banks might close down but guess what the blockchain is always running 24/7 addy okay guys so that's all I got for

You hope this makes sense and I hope this empowered you so until the next video you're on your own later baby it's the crypto lifestyle I'm about to Sun you Bank was a killer child you and

Little bro can't be wait hates bro you deserve your subs like crazy sack grabbed um you still working for money uni for you take the cryptid lifestyle teach you what you should do

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