How To Make Money Fast With 1000X Altcoins In Crypto

by birtanpublished on August 24, 2020

Alex to shop a video what's going on everybody you know recently I've been getting this

Question a lot Alex where do you get your information from Oh what buddy don't worry about it sweetheart no that's that step you know but seriously though like I've been in cryptocurrency for five years guys been

Through the trials and tribulations you know did this through trial and error and I decided to make this channel for you guys so that you don't have to go through the same pitfalls I did and trust me cryptocurrency is full of

Pitfalls actually you know the more you do the less you make that's one of my mottos regardless of all that we're here 2,000 extra cryptocurrency right it's over nine and I had a confliction right I had a real confliction when making

This video right two choices the first route I could have gone is you know just kind of giving you a whole bunch of coins giving you you know five to ten picks that I randomly chose in five minutes like most cryptocurrency

Youtubers do or I could have sat there and really put together a presentation for you so that you can actually learn how to pick your own thousand X cryptocurrency guys you know I decided to go the second way you know they say

Right you can you know give a man a fish or you could teach them to fish this video right here I hope to actually teach you how to research these crypto currencies in extreme depth and extreme depth so that you can pick your own

Crypto currencies and do it over and over again and you can adapt it right I'm not the smartest person in the world make it your own right put your own principles your own investing principles into this video that being said this is

Going to be a very detailed and lengthy cryptocurrency finding video we're going to be using fundamental analysis a little bit of technical analysis and again guys I can't you know I'm not gonna stress this enough I am going to

Be diving and great depth okay guys sit back get a cup of coffee get some water pull out a piece of paper get your pencil out take notes I'm serious take notes because you're gonna learn a lot in this video right here I wanted to

Make this one a serious masterpiece if you enjoy my content if you like what I put out like the value I bring to these cryptocurrency videos and I don't try to make it boring guys I try to make it as fun and entertaining as I possibly

Can do me a favor hit that subscribe button and smash the like button if you're a cryptocurrency youtuber chances are I am working harder than you that's a fact boom pow I just got done you know

Running 10 miles to make this video right here okay so let's jump into the video so guys there's 10 things we're gonna be looking at in great detail first let me kind of just go to coin market Capcom so

We can start from the beginning again like I said guys pull out your notepad pull out a you know we write it on your computer or something like that because we're gonna be diving into details and there's no way you're gonna

Be able to remember this of course come back watch this video again if you have to but we're gonna be finding some thousand X crypto currencies in real time I'm gonna show you exactly how to do it step-by-step so the first thing

Here as you can see this list now keep in mind guys this is not gonna be mean I could talk about this subject for 20 hours if I really wanted to I can make a video on this subject for you know two to five 10 hour seminars if I wanted to

Okay so I'm just gonna try to keep it you know as Isana be super simple it's gonna be detailed but I'm gonna try to keep it as you know dumbed down as possible and then you know if you guys want to learn further

Go ahead join my private group okay and we talked about it all the time I also have a course that's in the works I know some of you have been waiting for the course sorry I'm pushing the deadlines back there's a route for reason guys I'm

Really putting in effort to make this a masterpiece course you guys see what you're getting for free on YouTube imagine what you can get you know paying a small fee so I'm diving into that making sure it gets done the right way

The first time like you should be doing it and another announcement I want to make really quickly is that I've had like hundreds of people ask me you know Alice hey I want to get you on the phone let's have a one-on-one you know

Consultation call and obviously I only have a limited amount of time during the day to do that so I decided to kind of give you the option to give me a call personally it's not going to be a representative it's not gonna be

Assistant or salesperson or something like that it's gonna be me on my cell phone number just go ahead a scheduled call below the Lincoln is an in description as well as all my other links and everything like

That we can talk me and you about your goals needs you know if you have any problems with cryptocurrency if you want to know how to make more money whatever questions you need solve go ahead and set up that consultation call alright so

The first one read the white paper I know that might sound dumb but I'm gonna teach you guys how to read the right paper because I know it's it's intimidating right a lot of people watching this video they're not gonna be

Technically savvy so let's just first I'm not gonna pick a top 100 coin I'm just gonna come here and I'm gonna try to like just go to the depths of coin market Capcom we're gonna just go deep here okay we're gonna go deep okay it's

Gonna be scary but we're gonna go deep next okay I'm just gonna pick a random one okay I'm gonna pick a random one here and it's going to be pay fuel cool hopefully they have a white paper or they're gonna look really bad in this

Video so let's go to their website number 204 on coin mark Capcom okay we're gonna be talking about the websites too so that's part of that list I don't know if you guys saw it's part of the list but we're gonna look at the

White paper really quickly just like I show you guys how to like analyze it cuz you don't have to read the whole thing right you just have to know those general concepts of course please read the Bitcoin white paper if you haven't

Already read the Bitcoin white paper please read it okay read the bits stop this video if you haven't read the Bitcoin white paper please go read it it's the first white paper of all white papers and that's where we're deriving

The value of these you know these white papers from okay so let me just first come over here so the first thing you want to look at is kind of what the overall gist of the cryptocurrency is I'm not gonna read this for the sake of

Time there's gonna be a lengthy video hence why I said to pull out your notes kay so it's a gaming cryptocurrency right we're doing this by creating a platform that allows developers to earn funding by integrating pay fool into

Their games and allowing players to behind PLF okay crypto Turki tokens just by playing payers can do this okay so they're playing games or mining tip crypto so it's cool it's not the first you know crypto currency you know Gaming

Token right so what I would do okay it says right here it literally says for developers for players so I would read everything I can understand so the first part the overview you obviously want to read market opportunities sometimes they

Have like unique sales propositions you want to read this up here that's the important stuff that you could probably understand okay when it gets to technical jargon you can skim it if you want to if you know

Technicalities go ahead of course read it the more is the better always you know the more you do is obviously going to reap more rewards but you know if it gets crazy you don't understand it you don't have to kill yourself just simply

Read and understand what it is so read like the first parts when it's Tyrell um another important part here is a token distribution so what I would be doing is I'll be going 2-5 seeing the tokens how they just you know I'm gonna dive in

More detail about the fundamental analysis for the remainder of this video of course but you want to look at you know where the tokens are going of course to see you know right here er 20 token the standard utility they're

Not even telling you where it's going but I would figure out those main points so we're gonna dive into more specifics to throughout this video to where you can look at the white paper in more detail but go through it right

Understand the overview go to the conclusion read the conclusion a couple of times right exactly what they're trying to do see there overall just so that you can research this properly guys when I research a cryptocurrency it's in

A specific way okay so I set these up specifically so that you can go from point A you know to Z and it kind of increases your knowledge so how it basically works is that I'll tell you guys right now and I've always say it in

My videos 99% of all crypto currencies are straight up just complete scams it's just the truth I know it's hard for me to come out here and say something like that being um in the crypto currency a place but it's funny money guys

There's projects that are pretty certified you know on the top 100 and it's not to say that somebody from you know 200 or 300 can come up hence thousand decks right that's why you can cherry-pick them but most of them you

Know are bad so this process is gonna save your time as well what I'm doing here exactly is I'm doing little my new details that's basically weeding out all the scams of the projects that have no chance to make it that's what you want

To do they're specifically reasons why I want to do it so if we're looking here right and this for example when we're reading the white paper we figure out that it's trying to be a theory um okay like guys they're gonna waste your time

Right nobody's gonna probably be T theorem if it's there was gonna be a coin and beats a theorem is gonna be a top ten corn like hard ah no or something like that or neo it's not gonna be you know a 400

It's just not possible they have way too many developers on a theorem they're just doing way too many things right so I wouldn't even waste my time like I said how it works is that you you can weed out hundreds of coins and that's

The point we're not just picking one coin here you're picking a lot of different coins to compare and contrast right you could weed out hundreds of coins by going through the first part so don't skip around start going to extreme

You know depth when we were you looking at the competitors ecosystem and the coin economics don't go into that yet let's weed out the scam so we can save you time right work hard but also work smart

All right so again read the way people understand what it is and make sure like the you know the competitors haven't already taken over this this industry right we're not gonna see another you know world computer guys we're not gonna

See another one you know from 400 to 500 maybe maybe if they do something extremely fundamental but I'm trying to save you time here there's no way you can go through four or five thousand crypto currencies

There's just no way so I'm just trying to save you time here so understand what they're doing read the intro the outro and you know understand the main parts right if it gets into technical jargon just get away don't worry about it don't

Get discouraged you can go back into more detail later when you start realizing that this coin is probably going to be a sleeper it's something you want to buy right and undervalued at all point a thousand decks okay so that's

The obvious one that I'm pretty sure a lot of you know okay so the second part is gonna be analyzing the social media it is really important because it's weeding out all the bad projects again now the first piece I usually go really

Quickly and you can i mean corn market capcom has listed you know all the coins and their market caps and everything but you can simply go to coin gecko comm and they'll tell you how many you know subscribers right a subscribers telegram

Users Facebook Likes Twitter followers right they literally tell you how many are and what that basically does there's no way to really compare but if you did want to compare if you want to compare it to Bitcoin or XRP

You could literally go to the front page there and you can see how many you know subscribers these people have or followers right all you have to do is go to coin gecko com click social you click social right there and you can literally

See and I believe XRP is one of the biggest communities look almost a million Twitter followers 135 and Facebook Likes and then you know 285,000 reddit subscribers and also guys I'm gonna show you exactly you know how

To make sure that these are real okay so that's part of this social media thing and again guys I don't extreme detail with my course this is kind of an overview kind of take it as for what it is you know I'm trying I'm not trying to

Discourage you cuz there's a lot of valuable information here but if you do want to dive a little bit deeper join my private goop ask around I'm dropping the course soon look out for it so so yeah just look at the Facebook Likes and

We're gonna dive a little bit deeper so you find your coin alright so if we're looking at play fuel would is a pia a left or something like that I'm just gonna type in the name if we're looking at this coin I just go to coin gecko and

Some of them are not gonna be there and that's a bad sign you want to make sure there are ads here okay so it's ranked pretty far down but if I click it you want to make sure that they just don't have zero

Easy way you know to weed out the scams if the scams have no following like don't waste your time basically just look for the coin make sure they have some type of following you can compare it to other coins in their niche to see

If they have a bigger following right now of course I'm not gonna do it in real time is going to take way too long but again compare it to the big coins compared to XRP see where they stand right when it comes to followers right

Compare them to the coins in the same niche so if you're looking at a gaming coin for example you want to compare with other prominent gaming coins if they have the same exact type of community then you're like okay wow this

Might be a undervalued coin compared to the price and there's gonna be a lot of comparison in this right because we're looking at the top off coins we're looking at what already works and we're just kind of reverse engineering to make

Sure that you took the coin you're picking is not gonna you're not gonna lose your money right it's the whole point of this you can do it thousand xìng is extremely extremely you know risky guys like you know it's funny

Because I come into cryptocurrency and you know I make ridiculous returns and this is like a little off-topic I make ridiculous returns and then I got all these people right that I made money like for example recently you know I

Told people to get into Icahn icx and you know stake on it that was like two months ago guess what I turned 70 dollars into like three hundred and sixty dollars and I told people my group chat the other day if we go to coin

Market a buck I can't even pull it up and my group chat you know the other day I literally told people in my group chat to get Khyber Network I just want to show you really quickly guys look at my group chat you could see me in there the

Green it says guys hybrid network is going on coinbase bro I'm buying some now let me just scroll you can see it's February 19th right there and then if I come over here let's go to February 19th when I purchased a pretty big amount

This is February 19th right here so look at the graph look how how much it went up I told them and it's gone up like 7080 percent so I'm making people all these money and this again this is not financial advice it's opinionated I just

Simply go into group chat and say hey I'm buying khyber Network maybe you guys should get it too if you wanted to I'll say something like that and you know people making money right but some people are just so greedy and

Cryptocurrency guys stop being greedy like stop like just dumb it down a little bit right because be a little bit safer of course this videos titled thousand next cryptocurrency and I'm gonna show you

Like what I've done in the past to get these types of returns but just be patient you don't want to take your money and split it amongst you know 100 different crypto currencies hoping one when is gonna moon right that's not the

Way to go you want to keep it as simple as possible I don't hold more than ten crypto currencies at a time and that's a lot being and I've been in crypto currency for five years so just keep that in mind when this in this whole

Investment strategy guys don't go all-in on a coin okay and it's funny because I say that you know the cursing and stuff but it's true don't go all-in on any of this very high-risk stuff just want to keep that

Disclaimers I know a lot of like cryptocurrency youtubers are out there like men Wow like it's crazy the type of content they make you know just to get views and subscribers it's almost insane what they will say about crypto

Currencies and you know some of them pick in like 16 Kryptos in one video it's like whoa whoa don't pick 16 Kryptos I mean you might be able to do it but dang pick the top three there's too many options stop the

Dover diversification is gonna kill your portfolio all right start done with the ranting so yeah we got the social media you guys you know looked at coin gecko to see exactly how many you know at least don't go with the 0 Facebook Likes

Guys don't go with the 86 Twitter followers right once you see that up on to the next point save your time okay now let's check the quality of crypto currencies okay so I call this the 1% rule so let's go let me show you

What I'm talking about for example so let's go to and this is a really good example because it's pretty fake so like if we go to something like chain link right everybody knows a chain link is been doing phenomenal lately up by the

Way I told people getting chain link like three months ago that boomed obviously you see that great chart there so you know if you go to their their social media platforms so let me just kind of go to their website and then

We'll go to their social media it's really interesting so let me click like for example let's just go to their Twitter and you could do this for every social media account I'm obviously not gonna do it for the length of this video

It's gonna be way too ridiculous but look they only have 45 K followers so as soon as you see that right and then you see something like for example you know Tron right has Justin son and they also have like a

Regular you know social media but I would just say to look at you know Justin sons because that's gonna be their best social media the person's always gonna be better than a foundation because people can relate

If coin market cap wants to work with me here just type it in again if we compare and contrast let me show you exactly I'm talking about it's pretty crazy and this is gonna give you a red flag and this is why I don't hold that much Tron but if

We come to Tron here we go to the website and let's get is a Twitter account up let's see okay Justin Sun is Twitter you can see right it's funny 45k followers so 1% of 45 K is what like 450 so we looking for a 450 retweets

Comments likes all of them added up okay so clearly they're killing 450 clearly okay clearly they're killing it they're overdoing it their engagements that like 10% but that's the little is that that's a pin tweet so that doesn't count so

Look right here they're doubling 400 they're like a three percent engagement I call it a 1% rule because in cryptocurrency is a little bit different so being I have a marketing background I used to look at you know companies and

Stuff and I can tell if they're fake if they have like less than 5 percent engagement the cryptocurrency is tech and technology is a little bit more boring so being that tech is a little bit boring I call it the 1% rule and you

Can see they're just dominating the 1% rule with every poised post they put out they're dominating it that's real that is real followers ok so take all this stuff into consideration when you're researching your cryptogram we go to

Justin son okay look his pin tweet doesn't even hit okay 1% of 2 million is like what 20,000 let me just do the calculation clearly and that's nothing to you Justin something but clearly they're fake 20,000 clearly that's a pin

Message maybe he just pinned it whatever look at that and you can do it for any social media just remember the 1% rule will tell you if their followers are fake now obviously not only are the followers fake and it

Shows that they don't have as big as an organization as we think but that's just bad practice that's bad man I don't I think that's disingenuous you know if I was to fill the social medium not gonna buy YouTube subscribers one that

Makes you look bad to people to actually know and keep it in mind like a lot of these smart guys know who's biessing or not right and they're not gonna be your partner if you're biessing all the time not only that but also it gives you

False hope right as an organization thinking that you're high but it's not the case that's not the case at all it makes you lazy straight up it makes you lazy right it makes you not want to actually work for it so that's a big red

Flag a little bit lying here going on okay this is a good one here that's a good one but not even close to 20,000 he doesn't have too many millions of followers guys he does not have two million followers you do this way in

Cryptocurrency so just remember one percent percent rule a couple of other things to look out for is how you know frequent they're posting they're posting one time a day that's a good sign they're posting one time a month that's

A horrible side the quality of their posts right how much effort are they're putting to crafting these posts if it's on Twitter you know is it something unique or they're just like oh cool this and it's just you know you could tell a

Quality post from a non quality post as you you look more and more right a lot of different variables those are some of the variables that I usually kind of look into to kind of weed out the bad ones from the good ones right so you got

The social media there we're still only on number two so let's kind of move on from social media so you got the social media there now we're gonna be looking at the website traffic in the design so let's go to a website first so I can

Show you what a good website looks like so if we go to obviously they're gonna have you know phenomenal website look how fast the page loads and this was a good one for me during the ICL day so when I was in

IC oh man people were scamming people were scary making an IC o—- just putting together a website in a week putting together this little thing you know these false kind of partners and owners and they would literally

Blatantly lie to sell their token and you can almost always tell if they lied by their website how much effort had did they put into their website you know is it an eyesore is it bad right so you can look at the same thing

Here if we go to chain link back Connor even if that's the website or not yes whether you can see it clearly looks like a high quality web site let me show you a bad example do you see what I'm talking about let's go to a web site and

Again guys you can apply this to any cryptocurrency is gonna work across the board it's gonna be evergreen it's gonna work forever look how bad their website is look blurry photo trash trash trash no horrible what is that do you really

Control your house with one of those horrible interfaces trash they probably have no working product if I saw this I would immediately move on immediately buttons trash someone put this gather in two hours I would never invest a penny

Into this project guys I would never invest a penny into this project so you get what I'm talking about right you know we go to for example XRP phenomenal website clean it gives you the right you know feeling

Right you know exactly look at that look at that oh these cool animations and the ativ animations are not doing too much either they're very simple right that's what we're looking for a very simple it put it together clean great artists are

Not doing too much right that's what you want to look for in a website other things you want to look for there's a couple of parts right so the website needs to have there's there's basically I guess you can say real estate on a

Website being that a website is kind of like your brick and mortar quote unquote right so there's kind of real estate that's more valuable than others right so like if you guys notice you know when you go into Publix or a supermarket you

Almost every single time go to the right correct ask yourself that question and you supermarket you want you go to the right becomes the food you go to the right and there's a reason for that it tricks our psychology to buy more stuff

Basically puts us in a maze it's hard to explain but same thing with a website right so some good spots is above the fold so XRP could have done better by putting a call to action above the fold they kind of have one here on the right

But that's its own bracket so this is probably the most prime real estate so putting contact us was a good move okay that was a good move other prime real estate is a top left obviously the top bar and then above the fold is anything

That you don't have to scroll down you see it immediately okay a couple examples of prime real estate make sure they have something there to capture the customer right they have all this you know traffic coming to their

Website you know make sure they're actually turning them into something right notice here request chain link above the fold you see a nice little graphic that kind of explains immediately you know you know another

Call to action being that chain link their customers and when you're looking at this stuff there you know most prominent call to action in the most you know the best real estate there is and the best real estate there is is request

A chain link okay so as a business owner I can request a chain link immediately in one click so if they have takes nine clicks to get to someone's product big no no less clicks the better this is all gonna make sense what I'm talking about

Right all this stuff is gonna add to the credibility you could write it down rate it write rate it they're like okay is this a ten out of ten versus a one out of ten right rate the different websites of the crypto currencies you

Chose right you literally make a list of like fifty start off with like 50 of them and you just start crossing off the list so we can find a thousand X cryptocurrency right so okay so let's move on right so you got the website the

Design okay I told you guys the main points of a website how I'm supposed to look how supposed to feel of course you want to make sure the website has developer information and how quality is the information compared to like

Something like etherium where they have basically an excitement encyclopedia on their website how good is you know the information on the website how clear and concise is it right do they have a video that explains

It all these things you want to look out for right you want to and how good is the video to some people click a video and it's like a little cutesy you know ten seconds bit no we're looking for a video that entertains execute just like

The video I do here right you know it's the three e's educate entertain execute if it's too boring people are not going to watch it if it's too entertaining people are not going to take you serious right if they're not telling you to do

Anything then what's the point of watching the video right you understand what I'm saying so as to entertain educate execute when you're watching a video on you know their website or whatever and you know again different

Points you got the top of the fold make sure you have some quality information make sure the website feels good it doesn't look like a scam right now let's look at the traffic let's go find the traffic so there's two

Main websites I use for traffic and there's gonna be a really good indicators one of the best indicators you could possibly get it's gonna clearly show how good their marketing is right so

I usually just type in website traffic cuz always forget the names but there's really two websites and you want to use both of them because some cryptocurrency is and I've seen it with my own eyes will fake the traffic that is how

Important traffic is and they know it they're going to fake the traffic so be careful of that so the two ones when you use is similar web and then the other ones going to be I forget the name of SEM rush okay so SEM rush they're both

Free they obviously have paid versions of it don't pay the hundred dollars you don't need it and you basically just take a website and literally type it in so if you wanted a chain link or I just copy that go to similar web paste it and

Then just click this don't just hit search because they don't it as a messes up hate chain lanes so we can see you know how many people are you know actually going to the changing web site per month so as you can see here monthly

Visits they're getting sixty five thousand that's pretty good right and you can compare it so like if we have at the undervalued coin right there's a coin at number five hundred and it's getting crazy traffic that's a good sign

That's a good sign that they're doing something but make sure it's real traffic and the way you do that is by going to SEM rush as well typing it in and making sure they're similar they're not going to be perfect because they

Both gather information in different ways but make sure they're similar right that's a really good way to do it okay um now let's look at a bad one right so we go to son contract org let's go to their website traffic and some of times

It won't even come up bid read flat big red flag they need to have you know some traffic look see little or no data to analyze right continue anyway they literally have less than five thousand total visits you know eight thousand

Guys keep in mind you know as a small cryptocurrency youtuber to my website I'm getting potentially you know I would say a month like at least ten thousand at least ten thousand views so if they're not getting that you know that's

A big red flag that means my audience is bigger than you know the whole entire crypto currencies audience right so just be careful this stuff guys be careful these are all gonna play into weeding out the back crypto currencies you know

If you find a crypto currency that has to do with gaming right it's on the page you know five or whatever and it's you know crypto currency 596 and then you go to the other gaming crypto currency that's top 100 if the one you know

That's five ninety six is similar to the other one then oh snap a lot of people are you know searching it there could be you know an outlier here that we could have found you know an undervalued all coin and then you add

That to the list of the crypto currencies that you want to keep researching right so you know these little things that they pass your tests you know then you keep researching them you go a little bit deeper right so you

Understand what size to take a funnel it's like a funnel right all the bad coins you know at the top and then we're kind of funneling out all the bad stuff and it's going to only push out the high quality crypto currencies there's

Essentially what we're doing here so use this both of these tools I'm not going to type it in but use them both to analyze the website traffic obviously there's so much more to this but it's gonna be my course but you know for the

Purposes videos move on we're only on website we got ten more all right so the second one is gonna be or the fourth one sorry it's gonna be the leaders now we have to trek check some credibility and I'm going to tell you how I check the

Credibility of you leaders it gets very specific it gets extremely specific so if we go to chain link here let's look for the creators of chain link now if you just don't want to go through all this I mean you might be you go to like

About me or something I know sometimes tell you but let's go to a different Conservancy we've been on chain link too long let's go to like let's see – let's see – okay so let's see who created – and we're gonna check the credibility

I'm gonna show you how I check these people's credibility right so we go to their website and they should have looking about me if they don't have that about me if you simply google search it and they're gonna tell you but we're

Looking for about me see how clean the – web site is it's just so straightforward alright so individuals okay I don't know it doesn't look like they haven't about me okay so we're just gonna Google search create tour of – okay right here

Evan so all you have to simply do is you can literally click like guys it's gonna be public information right you find them right and you see who they are you see their background now a couple of things are taking consideration we're

Looking for blue ocean strategists okay what does that mean so basically in the world of business there's kind of two ways you can go you got the blue ocean strategist and then you got the Sharks okay the Sharks are usually competing

Alright so like for example a saturated industry like insurance insurance extremely saturated been here for hundreds of years well the businesses are there are basically they're you know it's kind of

Like old brick and mortar something like that these businesses all they do to gain a competitive advantage and make money is that they're kind of fighting with each other so they call it though you know red ocean sharks kind of

Biting at each other and there's a whole book written on this I've read it it's called blue ocean strategy go look at it for yourself but those companies we're not looking for CEOs and developers from doles type of Club we're looking for

Blue ocean strategists Blue Ocean Strategy is basically they create their own ocean their own markets they're willing to take that risk another one example of a great blue ocean strategist as Elon Musk he literally started SpaceX

And he made it the best electric car ever made you know at the same time he is like the ultimate blue ocean strategists right he you know the Steve Jobs right he's a blue ocean is what we're looking for so

If you want to look little bit more to simply take it let's check credibility we're looking for you know what they did in their background make sure obviously that it's either financial relate related or it's you know technical

Related make sure they have a strong team you can do this literally for every single member of their team just slightly go through it get your like top ten coins and then you go through every single member of the team write the

Notes out do whatever you have to do so we go to Twitter okay you know maybe check some you know credibility there we don't really see anything cuz I have a lot of you know tweets he doesn't look like he's an active figure that's a bad

Sign let's go back in that's fifty nine tweets that's really weird we can go to you know for example the LinkedIn we can see what he did in the past right let's see we could find his LinkedIn boom let's click there okay here's a

Financial group doesn't really show about he knows it so it shows some so he's a obviously developer okay I'm sorry experience right here so he was a software developer for iacquire okay software developer for Wells Fargo

That's good all right hence why Dash is doing so well he was a software developer for he got blessed of both worlds he's been finance and you know technology at the same time I don't even know what I choir

Is but I bet you're looking at it's probably similar in some type of way okay marketing and advertising it's even good that's even better business savvy experience so that's a really good thing right so check these people credibility

If you find a cryptocurrency you can't find their LinkedIn if you can't find this of course Satoshi Nakamoto was anonymous but these new crypto crisis coming out man it adds to the credibility if they don't

Have a owner or somebody put in their face out there you know that's gonna take a big hit in my book and there better be something else that really kind of outshines that right because if it's anonymous man come

On like that's nowadays and cryptocurrency they do not need to be anonymous anymore okay there need to be people right so quickly that's how you check you know these people credibility make sure and you can do this with

Articles you can do it along with everything make sure these people are solid make sure they're just not spilling information on the internet because there's a lot of people doing that they'll do anything to make money

Nowadays dive into depth and their whole team find their whole team and C's was working on it and see how good these people are it's gonna add okay it's gonna add the more research you guys do the better you're gonna learn about a

Lot about cryptocurrency I know this is hard work and most of you don't want to watch this because it's super hard work but this is the truth this is what I do okay it just depends you want to be the 1% or you want to be the 99 percent of

The lazy people it really depends right I'm teaching you guys how to fish alright don't I just tell you the crypto crisis you're never gonna hold it I told you old top ten cryptocurrencies and then another one comes out of nowhere

And swoops the show and it's in a couple of news articles you guys are literally gonna sell out right the whole point of this is so that you guys research it in such depth that you know it like the back of your hand and you can hold it

Through any market this is the key people the less you do the more you make that is what cryptocurrency is all about if you're moving in within you know different points by Bob I'm going to different coin you're gonna lose your

Money it increases the chances of you losing every time you make a transaction increases a chance someone's scamming you you're doing something wrong on the blockchain you losing your private key and a wallet

All these play into you know the factor of that you might lose your money right you might go into a scam coin right the less is more or less it's always better less is always better really take this advice seriously guys seriously stop

Doing so much and crypto there's just too much all right so let's move on here now if you're looking for partners a couple things you wanna do you want to look for strategic partners that not just money partners right for example a

Theorem has the etherium Alliance not only do they have money but they have a whole bunch of people that are actually you know adding to their blockchain they're helping them develop in certain ways you want to look for strategic

Alliances okay so if we search you know they're partners you could Google search you can find under their website whatever you have to do make sure the articles not just lying you should be able to find like a list of partners so

Let's look for exam like the etherium alliance right the theorem lines basically a whole organization that is dedicated to helping aetherium grow right ants and you know

That's a really good example of like good partners right their list is endless right how many partners are there adopting is it real right are these partners actually publicly announcing it on their website these are

All things you can dive into because you know back in idea of something called flood you know fear uncertainty and doubt people would literally put out you know these articles that are just completely false in lying right so on a

Way to kind of salvage that out as you can see okay did the person did the partnership the other person that partnered with you know for example a theorem are they publicly displaying it right those are things you want to look

For okay so see etherium alliance they should be able to show like a whole page of like exactly who's you know we could just type in aetherium alliance members or something like that and find it and like I said you know you don't want to

Have just money partners you want to have partners that are strategically placed right like for example Oracle partnered with chain link why because chain Lee is trying to solve the Oracle problem and the API problem in crypto so

He got this strategic alliance they also have Google one of the biggest you know strategic alliances you could ever have right for the data part right to take data and put it into a blockchain you need Google Google has a monopoly on the

Data right so a theory of alliance members there you go I mean I'm not gonna go to the website be a members okay you could see that ridiculous amount of members make sure your cryptocurrency

Has some type of partner then I just by themselves if they don't have any partners okay obviously bid read fly look at this they have a whole thing of partners guys big red flag if they don't have any partners and if they do make

Sure their strategic or they're adding some type of value to help them whatever product they have okay so that's a good way to look at it write it down write some notes down make sure they have some partners right alright so for the next

Part okay the next part we're looking for the roadmap okay so a road map is really important because it tells you where they're going and it also tells you how honest they are right so for example let's just go

Coin mark Capcom and let's just pick like for example let's see let's see their road map so I'm just gonna Google search it for time sake but usually you should be able to find it on their website you can even find like a

Software world map the more detail they get with the road map the better right and it'll actually give you some details so a couple of things you want to look for in a road map are there over-promising and under-delivering how

Long has their road map been out so if it's been out for two years okay did they hit the main points of the road map or they just lying the whole time right so they're just giving a one-year roam at you could look for a lifetime robot

You can look like a 2019 well they just lying the whole time right these are things you want to look for or were they on point and they were actually telling the truth and they hit their points right how detailed is their own map if

It's very vague big problem make sure it's detailed make sure they have exact solutions of exactly how they're gonna solve whatever problem they're you know running into another one you know how big is their promise if

They're trying to overtake you theorem right so trying to do something ridiculous that we know is not possible that's a big red flag or over-promising they're just building height for no reason which we saw a lot in icos right

Look for their roadmap right so 2019 and beyond they go oh that's a price protection sorry look for their old roadmaps you've got to find it it's pretty straightforward so just look for what I just said kind of those three

Main points make sure they're not lying make sure they're credible make sure they're hitting their points and make sure they're not over promising right and then the product so this one's really important because

We can dive in actually a lot of different you know specifics on this one so when it comes to the product you know there's this website I use you can use it – it's a crypto missile so basically what this is is a shows a number of

Commits okay so I want you guys to kind of understand what I'm talking about here so when you have a developer and they're creating some type of software being that all of cryptocurrency is virtually open-source so over the sort

Of is I mean the public could see it there's a lot more you know details open-source we're not gonna go over it for the sake of this video and it's kind of technical so basically commits are people that are committing to the code

To change it or to help it in some type of way right so the more commits obviously the better people are committing to the code they're trying to change it they're actually trying to you know make things you know a little bit

Better on the blockchain right so you can literally see on this website here crypto me so right you can see literally who's dominating and commits right you can see who's putting out – if this project has no commits big red flag big

Red flag you need to bail developers it even tells you how many contributors so you can see how many developers are working on it right there's two developers putting a thousand commits that's a problem they're clearly just

Kind of throwing stuff out there nobody can do that 100 plus contributors on iOS you know what that shows me the EOS has a lot of developers which is one of the big main selling point for iOS right and

Obviously they're competing with commits – these guys have 74 contributors well this is scary to me the fact that I only have 16 contributors with 3,800 commits so you see what I'm trying to talk about find a good ratio make sure they have a

Good amount of contributors as well as a good amount of commits all right look for your cryptocurrency now that's just one aspect of the product right being that the products a block training that you upgraded another thing is their

Product working if they're staking protocol do they actually have a working product a working product always better than a promise every single time that's pretty straightforward look for the product what is it is it a

Wallet download the wallet how well does it work there's not I'm not gonna download it and show you but it's very simple of self-explanatory you guys are extremely trained in this you have hundreds of apps on your phone

You've used thousands of interfaces you know what a good easy simple interface is download their wallet download their product if you have to steak go ahead and steak see how simple that it is and see if it works

Over the long run and you and your you'll start to develop like write your notes down and and keep writing notes over time you start to develop of understanding of their product and how effective it is right like for example

Like I know like I've talked about it in my um my top all coins video or whatever you know the real one reason I like library credits if you haven't already known about it you get like free library credit to leave the link in the

Description below you get free cryptocurrency have a working product watch if I'm gonna open this it's clean it's working it's a decentralized YouTube you know that right there brings it a lot of value

Look guys look I made like 11.5 2k library credits for basically no reason this place rewards you it's crazy like I could literally go to like the rewards section and like like you just down to follow let's see if I get it I don't

Even know you could invite people get free library credits you get free library cuts for no reason daily watcher if you watch a certain amount you get you know a library credits it's pretty crazy

Um but yeah I mean if you have a pretty strong working product I use the product I can see other people using it they have a roadmap that says they're gonna drop an app right there better drop an app that's crazy that's crazy for the

Fact that they have a working decentralized YouTube already right and you're gonna drop an app that's a big important factor and another important factor about this is that it's decentralizing censorship so YouTube has

A big problem with censor censoring people in Google and Twitter these places will censor people very very prominent smart people they will censor so technically you know cryptocurrency users would be getting censors though

You know being that they do here I'm in there right you know people might go to a decentralized you know platform all right so that's kind of like a big sales proposition like so what you know think about that to yourself well as sales

Proposition is your cryptocurrency have and it does your product effectively solve that problem okay alright so that's kind of one that's like the product side that we're looking at how many

It's how many developers does their product work right are they over-promising those are things you want to look at then we got the coin economics this I can talk about this for like three days if I wanted to but I'm

Going to show you kind of the most effective techniques that I use right so coin economics so for example when I'm looking into a cryptocurrency then one of the most important things when you're looking to make money by percentage

Gains is the supply the supply I want to say that again the supply is really important if they can literally print coins out of thin air that is a big centralized problem right if you know they have control over the supply that's

A big problem if there's too much supply that's a big problem you know all these things are problems right so you can find you know you can compare to supply so like for example it's really hard to do this you know like right off the top

Of my head you got looking a little bit deeper but I'm just gonna show you what I'm talking about like in theory and practicality so if we're looking at like for example phantom right I don't even know I know what this point is I just

Don't exactly what it does look let's see if I can quickly kind of compare this usually takes time but like if we go to the website let me see exactly what they are let's kind of do the whole analyzation really quickly look at it

Okay pretty clean website you know nice very simple okay most advanced fast secure consensus for distributed networks so okay though on the future it was mine scalable secure fast it's basically just they're trying to do

Money so it looks to me they're just trying to be money what are they doing different okay they're just trying to be more the core of the new Internet okay so they're making like another aetherium that's essentially what they're doing so

If I'm looking at this and they have some type of way that they die think they might be able to be aetherium or something like that what you can do is conservatively look in core market capcom and see exactly what what

Compares in supply so if I click phantom I know that their supply it tells you their supply right so I'm AI clicked off yeah we just go back a little iffy so if I click phantom it shows you right here

All right total supply is 1 billion you know nine million right so and then I'm literally just gonna go I just count the digit sometimes because it gets confusing so we have you know six or nine zeros and then a 1 then I go to

Coin mark we go to the top hundred and if you think that they have some type of strategic advantage they might be able to move up the ranks you could literally see by you know circulating supply it

Was that the circuit info or the total supply I'm sorry you want to look at the totals the circulating supply not a total supply so let's go back to khomyakov accom go to phantom really quickly and then okay so we're looking

At supply so that's what you want to look for there which is still like nine zero so what is that you know this is a thousand a hundred thousand eight hundred million so 1.8 billion so we're looking for 1.8 billion there I go to

Core my comm you type in you literally click circulating supply being that it's big so if it's small then you do obviously click again and I'll tell you the small circulating supplies but we're looking for 1 billion so you scroll down

And you look at the coins of 1 billion so we're starting here so it was close to the 2 billion so I'll be looking at something like this like basically 10 token and then you look for a coin that matches in similarity when it comes to

Utility right so you know hypothetically let's say they had a 3d decentralized world you know phantom was a 3d decentralized world or something like that then I can compare it to D Central and

Right I can literally compare okay they have well I would say the the central island has half the supply about half the supply but if I had you know V systems or whatever you can literally see that V systems has very similar

Supply and it's captured you know 93 million dollars right you guys know how it works right supply the violating supply divided by the market cap will give you the coin price in the future if you want to predict videos watch my

Other videos about if you want to know what I'm talking about it's being a little bit too long but you know if for example if it's go to phantom so phantom only has 14 million so you can literally say oh if it ever

Passes that coin they have similar supplies and complete um you know it can go to 93 million because of whatever reason that you found right and we can compare them right you guys you don't understand what I'm saying here this is

Why supplies matter the most because you could literally see okay if phantom is here and there gonna be some strategic to move up the ranks then they could potentially have 93 million why because this coin right here that's

Very similar has 9 93 million so I know it's possible you understand what I'm saying I've done this in other videos explaining it a little bit more depth but you can compare and contrast when it comes to supplies and you can compare

And contrast when it comes to market caps you could literally and you could do this for every single cryptocurrency go throughout it and see ok we have you know another staking point way we have a staking point it's number 500 the

Staking coin is number 500 has a similar supply to tezo's okay they have very similar sub fives to those Tesla's top 10 cryptocurrency and it captured two billion dollars so let's say if they captured only 1% of 2 billion then you

Do the math you know 2 billion times point 0 1 if they only capture point 1 percent of tezo's then what will the coins price be and you can do predictions right I do this in all my price prediction videos so that's kind

Of like I guess you can say coin economics there's a lot more to it of course but that's one of the most the main ones to do like really quickly to get about another one you might look at is their distribution of the coins right

So you'll see circulating supply but you know who knows what if this coin dumps you know cryptocurrency like for example if you look at chain lengths you can find it either on the way some of them will have it on the white white paper

And then some of them will just simply have it you know you get the Google it right so chain link is one of those you have to Google so coin distribution you just look at the coin distribution and I literally tell you you know exactly

Where their coins are coming from where they're going are they going to developers and this will give you a really good understanding of centralization if these people are taking advantage or not all right pretty

Sure they have it on this article here I could be wrong but they have I've seen an article before let's go back and such I find it on chain distribution analysis of chain link glass node is one of those websites they're really good at doing

This so definitely save it so there you go 35% was available during public sales so 35 % went to the people which by the way I just want to keep you guys to know this the developers can be a part of

That so that's really important to understand because they can buy a lot of it and it'll be really centralized so just keep that in mind 35 percent was allocated to the node operator incentives so people that make the nodes

Which I plan on doing maybe in the future you can get you know making money from that so it incentivizes the node operators to actually keep the compose of the network 30% of the company went to support the development of channeling

Protocol so that's pretty hefty amount for the developers hopefully they do something right but you can literally see you know this is how it's going to play out in the future so you know let's say they have a circulating supply

Well the circulating supply doesn't necessarily entail how many coins are gonna be out there in 10 20 years utilities see exactly how the inflation plays out and make a prediction accordingly I have the price predictor

Calculator in my course it kind of does that for you automatically but you guys can definitely put it together yourself you just got to know basic math right so yeah that's like kind of two main factors I look at you can manipulate

Those variables in a lot of different ways and you know of course there's a lot of different you know you know different types of ratios that you can play with but for the purposes videos move on so the competitors ecosystem so

This right here is really important so like I told you guys before you know if you're trying to make another etherium good luck right these guys are kind of beat the game out it's gonna be really hard to compete with them right they

Kind of made the new Internet just like it's hard to compete with Google nobody's gonna make a new search engine right it's pretty much over with by now they have a monopoly it's gonna be same thing with cryptocurrency so this is you

Could look this up it's literally mapping the blockchain ecosystem project ecosystem wherever your coin is so is it a currency or are they just simply trying to solve transaction speeds are they you know developer tools are gonna

Make the ethnics infrastructure of internet like a OS or like neo or like aetherium alright are they making the next infrastructure or you know are they just trying to be like a stable coin right for example you know you know this

Right here you have you know what is it exactly make your Dow you know are they trying to be FinTech which is like you know financial technology or decentralized finance you know what category do they fit into okay remember

I told you about market cap so what you can do is you can literally take the top five points in that category only take the fuck top five because it gets crazy so you take the top five in that category all right so you literally

Let's say we're doing FinTech let's say we're doing decentralized finance and you have a number 500 coin that has you know decentralized finance you go to the top five decent decentralized finance applications you take all the market

Caps alright you take all the market caps and you add them all up and divide by five and it's gonna give you an average market cap with the top five now that average number right there you could

Literally compare it to you know what the market cap size of your currency is so if it's absolutely optionally high and it's just dominating your cryptocurrency it's gonna be harder so for example if the market cap of the

Coin that you're trying 2000 X is point zero two percent of the market cap the average market cap of the top five you know crypto currencies in the same ecosystem I noticed a lot guys I noticed a lot here let's just try to do it let's

Pretend less these are gonna be pretend I'm not gonna dive into figuring out exactly these crypto currencies so let's just do a little pretend kind of example here because I know a lot of people gonna

Asked me a lot of people talk about you know math and stuff so I'm just gonna go to like a weird crypto so I sense we have this one already oh so for example okay let's say for example hypothetically cents was a defy

Application so I'll go to coin mark Capcom okay we're gonna go to you know I'm just gonna pick five randoms like we're just trying to do this for the purpose of this video so we pick five randoms oh just open a calculator here

Open a calculator so I'm just gonna pick it it's gonna be really quick so I'm just gonna type in two numbers so let's just pick these five okay so we have one zero eight six five three three one two zero plus and I'm adding the market cap

Size because it tells you how much money is in it right so nine six a Oh two four six eight plus if you're in classic nine five zero four one seven seven oh eight plus eight five zero five four zero four four nine plus eight four four nine

Three four eight eight seven so it gives you the grand total of off all five of their market caps now we need to average so you just divided by five because you just got five coins so this is the average market cap okay so simply you

Know there's ways to find percentages of course but we're just gonna do a very sim so we have one calculate open and then let's look at their market cap so that's the average size of these you know five

FinTech or decentralized finance types of apps and we're just guessing here right so please keep that in mind these are not some of these are not you know decentralized finance so we go back to where is its so we go back to cents here

And we see that cents only has three million USD okay so we go back to the calculators okay so it has let's let's multiply this by 1% my copy it just case I lose it let's copy that multiply it by 1% there's obviously better ways to find

A percentage of items can do it quickly so multiply by one percent that's what seven million okay so this only has three million in it alright this has three million so it looks like there are a half percent so their point five

Percent let's just multiply it again so you can get close that so times point zero one is one percent but another zero that's a point zero five percent okay so it looks like cents is only 0.05 percent of the market cap compared to the top

Five industry leaders to who I think it's going to beat it okay this is giving you that perspective I'm talking about it's gonna basically adapt your understanding of this right it adapts your understanding of what's really

Going on here like are they really about to come up on these guys are they are they gonna beat them that's the question you have to ask yourself point zero five percent I'm not gonna stay here and tell you oh that's the exact ratio that you

Need to beat the Kurds there's no way anybody can tell you that but what I could tell you is that if I have three different crypto currencies and one of them has you know a point zero five percent ratio and the other one has two

Percent of the market cap with other ones I'm going with the two percent you understand what I'm saying you compare contrast crypto currency this how you find the thousand x right you compare contract science let's move on there's

Like kind of three points there for coin you know economics or whatever so let's jump it to the next part hopefully you guys are taking notes alright so TA ratios okay now there's a lot of technical analysis ratios that

You can use okay and it's usually with data now there's there's this website that I use usually but your cryptocurrency is most likely not going to be on there but I'm gonna use it for kind of informational

Purposes to explain to you guys when I talk about it's called point metrics taco iö alright so if you use their data they have these charts and you can make these charts for yourself I've made them

Before you know I'm gonna be dropping it you know in blockchain secrets or they I call it fundamental secrets and let's launch the car charts and you can do this for your cryptocurrency if you know how to do it and it's pretty

Straightforward it's not the hardest thing in the world but basically right here we're looking at the price of Bitcoin here and USD value and if I wanted to one ratio would be the nvt ratio the network volume transaction

Ratio that basically means how many transactions are out there so let's say we have a thousand transaction and the coin price is a million okay that was ten years ago now let's say if we have you know a hundred thousand transactions

And the coin price is only fifty thousand that means the amount of transactions are far exceeding the ratio of how much the coin is worth if you see that then the price of the coin is most likely going to go up let me show you

What I'm talking about so if I click n VT adjust it you could see anomalies just do actually the moving average is a little bit more accurate so you can literally see right sold for example transactions were going

Crazy though right here is the the red ones transactions transactions were going crazy right right after I mean wild while they're going crazy the price went up transactions dropped price went down transactions went up you can see a

Little upswing keeps going up in transactions price keeps going up keeps going up in transactions price keeps going up drop starts dropping notice how it kind of follows it right so big transactions right big transactions

Right there all right so now same thing here so the more transactions you have being that these are network crypto currencies being bound people buying them in communities that's why we analyze the social media to make sure

They have some good communities you know that is a good predictor when it comes to n VT ratio you can literally go analyze it for yourself it's pretty straightforward I'm gonna show you exactly how I did it and then let me

Open my Google sheets let me show you how I did it it's not completely finished so bear with me here but let me show you what I did to calculate it's pretty straightforward to calculate the NVT ratio and if you take enough time to

Do it it'll be really worth your time so I'm just gonna open the price predictor I have here and I'm gonna jump to the NVT part I wanted to give this for my P my course so I can automatically do it

Didn't are they have to work worried about it kind of work off my back here so I'm just gonna go to corn mark Capcom my computer's being slow because so many tabs open it's closing tabs alright so for example go to Cormac at the front

Page all you have to do is find a historical data of the cryptocurrency so what we're looking for like I told you guys is the market cap divided by how much USD transaction volume per day the exactly n VT ratio goes like this

Alright the n VT ratio is exactly right here network value divided by daily transaction volume the network value meaning how much money is in crypto so all I did this is an example of a coin I don't remember exactly the coin this is

Think it's a Bitcoin it might be Bitcoin not I could be wrong so right here is the daily transaction volume and I got this by simply just copy and pasting the historical data Bitcoin so if you come over here you can literally click

Historical data right there and you can look right here is the date right here's the the price this basically price to open the high the low of the price that during that day and the volume in the market cap so all you need right here is

The volume in market cap right what you do is you get the median of all of them this is really important point understand so you get the median of all these market capsule which what does that mean

So you basically divide the median and every single market cap and it's really simple you can do it with a simple formula all have to do is like for example if you look at this formula here media market cap median of the whole

Entire role of G so this is the whole media market cap and it gives you a number okay that number is the average you know that's what the the ratio when it comes to the ratio this is how we're gonna build it that's the average market

Cap that Bitcoin has had in its whole entire future I don't know if this is exactly a Bitcoin so bear with me here but that is the market cap that they had for the whole entire history of Bitcoin that is the median that is like

Everything averaged out okay we do that and we do the same thing with transaction volume you find the median of all the transaction volume okay that median all now we can literally divide it so like I said right here divided by

The median daily transaction volume will give us this number so that average the median NVT is 13 okay so the median NVT is 13 now the day that you're about to buy the cryptocurrency you can go and look okay what's the median today

Then you do the same thing but instead of doing the median you just take the day's market cap and you take the day's transaction volume so I kind of did it here you can see it from your eyes you know the day that you're gonna buy it

What's the market cap and what's the transaction volume you can see here that the MVT ratio is one point three nine being that it's one point three nine means that this is severely undervalued the lower the ratio is the more

Undervalued the coin is so on average the amount of transaction is gonna be equal to a thirteen compared to the market cap today it's one point three nine so basically the saying is bitcoins at phenomenal buy right now essentially

When I wanted once you guys to get here is that there's all these types of ratios all these you know fundamental ratios that you can find in cryptocurrency and you can apply them to your charts okay it just takes a little

Bit of the math it takes a little bit of effort and you know NVT is one of them calculate and see if people are actually using you know the cryptocurrency if you're choosing to find a thousand x cryptocurrency right and you know I'm

Not gonna dive into all of them this video is already extremely long so that's it for this video guys if you like the quality is content hit like if you want me to make more videos just like this please let me know in a

Comment section below and if you don't like this video of course leave some constructive criticism subscribe for more video updates and like I always say if you don't get with this technology you will get left behind again guys

Join my private group I'm paying people I'm literally paying people to talk about crypto currencies it's weird you see that poster in the background I've had seven people ask me about about that poster I'll leave the link in the

Description below it's called shil merch calm its canvas so it's thick and you're not gonna find it on Amazon or anywhere else in the world why because I made it myself if you guys want to set up a consultation call with me the links in

The description below thirty minutes also have solve all your problems if you need to talk about you know some coins that guy set up stuck in a you know exchange or something or how to make money in crypto if you haven't made

Money in crypto absolutely ridiculous you definitely need to set it up and I made it affordable for everybody ok so again guys that's it for this video thanks for watching this long you're like really like a team player man

Thanks for watching this catch you guys in the next one three two one action okay yeah look at this little girl look out like this

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