How To Make Money Fast In Quarantine with Bitcoin & Paxful Peer to Peer Finance

by birtanpublished on August 16, 2020

Okay so how do you actually place your trade it's very simple to many you to was over ready and if you ask me they wasn't even supposed to make it in the spirit though YouTube is their noble countenance to give luck become an actor or actress kid I'm the shit you ain't

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Be Wayne hates bro you deserve your subs like crazy secreto you still working for money any for you take the lifestyle teacher words you see dough so welcome to Whole Foods where everything is 40% of well that's at least if you follow me

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And put your face in videos you'll ugly in fact it's encrypted lies dog baby live without rap there's lotsa guy just wanting me that's why I get it like that white do the same shit yeah I don't understand it it's for the same people

Just pop in the sandwich then with the real shit real crip the fans get I'm gonna show you now how I really shit it's the crypto lifestyle baby welcome to the live stream ladies and gentlemen and thank you for joining me in

Quarantine look it's no secret right now right the worlds in disarray people are being laid off from their jobs and other concerns like grocery stores are limited with supplies but you know what I mean we could cry moan and groan about all of

That or or what we could do is we could actually use this time to think outside of the box I make some good use of this opportunity and I would love to show you how to do that in this very livestream but first allow me to share with you one

Tim bit do you know that more millionaires were made during the Great Depression than any other time in US history I mean there's tons of documentaries and online literature about that you can find on a basic

Google search but that is outside the scope of this street however in this live stream we will go over a couple of unique ways to make money online with packs well during this economic crisis using prepaid debit cards like vanilla

Visa gift cards Walmart gift cards and pieceof cards and the beautiful thing about all of that is all you need is a computer and internet connection and a little bit of BTC baby to start your very own laptop business so as you wait

For more viewers to roll in before we get started why don't you just tell me what part of the world you're from in the live chat right now and I'm actually gonna just hit you guys up and see what's driving us right now before we

Get started okay we got a few people there thank you guys for joining the livestream and let me know what part of the world you're from also let me know if the audio quality is okay sometimes we do

Experience some issues also if you see me glancing to the left to the right I got my coffee here I can't operate without that I can't function without that and over here on the right I actually do have a computer where I

Could chat with you guys but yeah I'm not too sure if that's functional at the moment okay so once again guys they are literally and let me take a sip of this because it's going to get cold alright so there's literally over 300 ways to

Deposit or to UM choose a payment method on paxville and if you're brand-new to this channel or maybe it's a paxville you know you're in quarantine and everybody's at home on YouTube looking for ways to farm to make money actual is

A peer-to-peer bitcoin and platform okay a peer-to-peer finance and ideally we use Bitcoin and we trade it for a plethora of different payment methods and do let me know if I'm loud I will tone that down a bit there a plethora of

Different payment methods right so ideally a lot of people are telling me that how they were like me to discuss things that does not require a point one in BTC bond which we will touch upon but the point one PTC bonds pretty much that

Involves gift cards and gift cards has the biggest margins on paxville which means more profits but also comes with a little bit more risk so once again we're going to first dive into the prepaid cards visa cards not to be mistaken with

Prepaid Visa gift cards like vanilla ones but we also will be covering that because I've been getting a lot of messages on telegram asking me about all of that so on I would certainly try to answer those questions right now once

Again before we get started okay we got a few people here yeah what's up Mk my man thank you for joining burrow pro crypto trader says the US alright I got a lot of my routes really does involve mainly

Americans but I do have some for that that is also global and we will hit all of that up what's up kenick my man righto from Mexico is in the house but that's the beautiful thing about this online video we get to connect

Instantaneously across borders it's a beautiful thing it really is Central Florida alright guys so this is enough people to get started for now if you're watching the replay yeah I do apologize so guys I'm actually first off

Let me what I'm gonna do is no not that what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna actually share my screen with you guys so you guys are gonna see a bunch of like you know the software pop-up which it's not here hold on I just gotta set that up

It's gonna take me a quick second okay so here we go so you guys want to see my software pop up don't worry that is absolutely normal and let's dive right into it so do confirm could you guys see my screen you

Guys should be able to see my screen right okay so what we're looking at right here is Walmart right so grocery delivery is a breeze and that seems to be let me just double check yeah you guys see my screen perfect cuz sometimes

I'd be talking to myself yeah it doesn't look good okay guys so you know Walmart right now is advertising things like you know um grocery delivery right such even those same thing with our Amazon right so the Amazons of the world there are

Walmart's of the world's they're promoting this why because I don't know if you guys did groceries lately like me but there is a massive line up outside and social distancing and all that stuff physical distancing and this is what

They're doing so I'm gonna show you guys okay listen carefully how to take advantage of this okay so let's go into a paxville and guys this is more for the intermediate traders right on packs well

Not really for people who are brand new maybe I could do a livestream or maybe a video on that at a future date okay so here we go this is what we're talking about right here guys the walmart money card okay sorry the walmart money card

So the walmart money card is essentially a prepaid debit or a prepaid Visa card okay and why is that important well that's important because um you can make international purchases okay you could also trade a Bitcoin if you have a card

That is a walmart money card okay and you could trade it roughly like this what is not the actual average market rate for that okay the average it really is about 80 cents okay because what you're seeing over here with this

Dude and this dude and sorry bro you're about to become YouTube famous my bad but you know we are alive a camera the block yard but um these guys right here are essentially in price wars okay so that's not the going rate the going rate

Is really this it's about 81 cents okay so a lot of people are under the impression that when they're looking at their profits with paxville they're looking at the percentage so this is really the margin okay guys I'm like

Again that's like a video for another day but I could briefly touch up on that since we're talking about how to make money on packs well and you really want to make it the right way okay yeah so here we go so okay right here this is

15% profit so what does that mean that means this person okay okay first of all this card offers in-app transfers all right so what does that mean that pretty much means that it's very easy to validate the transactions you know what

I mean so like you know for example when you have a gift card and you're trading that you know you want to spend that gift card so the other guy doesn't double spend on you but with this way okay this way you can easily validate

The the money's been sent to your account without having to worry about double spending because it's now in your actual prepaid debit card okay so that's pretty cool and again this does not require a point one BTC bond

All right ladies and gentlemen I repeat it does not require that all right so for anybody who's been you know telling me they can't afford a point one bond this is your market and once again guys I I can't stress this enough okay

This right here okay this right here is has a lot of volume meaning you're not going to be sitting down all day long waiting for orders to come and all that right it's pretty liquid right and one thing that we look for is something that

Has great volume and something that's obviously profitable and ideally PTC in and out but this right here is not necessarily that okay but it's safe its secure the frog like when I say fraud like scammers don't try to mess with

This they trying to mess with more gift cards so in my humble opinion it presents a lot of um you know benefits in that regard now we're look at something here and it gets much better than that so if you guys look at

This page right here okay so this is Walmart calm and what Walmart is doing is they're essentially when you call it they're giving us a description of this car guys and I know like on the screen I'm seeing like you guys can see the

Studio and all that I can't really fix that right now but you guys could definitely hear me and see what I'm trying to UM to relate to you guys at the same time okay so a walmart money card about walmart money card and guys

Once again this is only for Americans okay only for Americans I'm sorry I'm kind of jealous it's the first time ever I could see that in the crypto space I'm jealous not to live in America normally America is like you know it's

So much rules and laws against it but in this case if you guys got a lot of benefits alright so this is about the walmart money card okay who can get the card you got to be 18 your isn't over you got a pretty much register online

Which is along the process or you could walk into a Walmart card okay you can walk into a Walmart card guys and I'm just reading the real live the live chat at the same time you can walk into Walmart and get the cart instant okay so

You don't have to wait for two weeks on come on man we're in quarantine well nobody got time for two weeks all right we're trying to make that money right now okay guys now let me share with you something else

Before we get into you know how you could turn this into profits how you could turn this into gum discounted bills how you could turn this into discounted groceries or how you could even turn this into getting discounted

Freakin Bitcoin man alright so let's just check out I'll get back to that so this right here is called green dot card okay guys so I hope you're paying attention here this also will provide you the same benefits okay and again

It's a different market so you know the going rate might be slightly off but appears to be very competitive and going for the same rates so say you wanted to make some money here say you've got a green dot card or let's just go back to

Say um where is it right here Walmart okay I gotta sit that coffee it's gonna get cold okay so we're back here at Walmart card right so let's just sit right here this guy is selling for 85 cents on the dollar he's making fifteen

Percent profit and yes I'm sure there's some fees involved there so you guys are going to have to do your math and all that you know I don't mind doing it for you it's just that this livestream is gonna go on forever

Because I got about two or three other outs I'm gonna share with you guys okay so you calculate your math you're gonna tell this guy to send you the money from his walmart money card okay listen carefully from his walmart money card to

Your walmart money card okay guys boom now you got the money in there then you can release them the Bitcoin now from there it's up to you what you wanted to with that money with that extra profit for example okay say you

Did $1,000 trade or this guy as advertising 500 okay this guy has 2,000 so let's just use him cuz this actually is the going rate 81 cents so let's just say that how you know you made a $1,000 trade okay so now you just made what

That's 190 dollars you just made okay so every time you make a trade you're basically making one-hundred and ninety dollars if you're trading a thousand bucks okay now what are you gonna do when you scale up it's up to you you

Could you know use that to build your capital you can use that to pay your bills literally this is a prepaid credit card wherever Visa and MasterCard is accepted all right so that you know people who are laid off here you go this

Is your opportunity okay you can go up on buy groceries right as I just showed you over here with Walmart grocery delivery is a breeze okay you go to Walmart calm and I actually have that open where is it man oh yeah yeah I had

The Walmart grocery section open and they were showing how to apply and what have you and get this guys get this let me just bring this back to me for a sec here get this you even could buy Bitcoin and a discount let me get a bit closer

To the camera you could even buy Bitcoin at a discount at certain exchanges not all because not all exchanges are gonna accept a prepaid Visa Card as a form of payment but there are some that do all right I mean like do I really have to

Give away all the secrets when you're alive it's like this it's like if I you know I'm sorry to use a there are no what's going on here we got we got a bunch of stuff going on here guys let me just close that

That's way too distracting okay so pretty much okay so yeah what could you do with this right again pay Bill's is very important right a lot of people are worrying right now how are they going to pay their next bill right

A lot of people are talking about like how do you want to get groceries they can't afford it so this definitely you tap into these discounted cards man this is how you do it get your hustle on bro you know let's think outside of the

Box I'm telling you guys this is how you're doing that's one way to do this okay again I was gonna give an example if I got distracted there and it was this like I love to share information don't get me

Wrong I don't get me wrong but it comes to the point where like if people aren't gonna learn for themselves and if people aren't gonna do it that that's that's you know that's that that means like you

Know they're relying on me it's almost like a parent doing homework for their kid and the kids never gonna learn anything right so and this is something I could tell you guys once you start researching routes pearl brows keys

Ladies and gentlemen okay I know we got some females here as well so once you start researching this you're going to come across a route and then indirectly figure out new ways to make money with that same card okay so use my my

Research as a foundation for you to start your own research and once again guys you know do I'm not a financial adviser nor am i a local legal counselor so do check with your local legal counselor

Because every jurisdiction does vary when it comes to this that is my arm disclaimer there okay guys so again it's it's totally up to you to find out which Bitcoin exchange accepts prepaid Visa gift cards oh sorry prepaid Visa cards

Alright if you want to find that out you might have the message man you know I can't give everything for um like that online okay guys so let me try this screen sharing thing again hopefully yeah it's kind of on a tilt but whatever

Okay so now we're gonna dive into Green Dot and then I'm gonna take some questions along the way as well guys so don't worry I'm not ignoring you so let's go where is it green dots okay so green dot works the same way

Once again guys this is only for Americans sadly okay don't worry I'll show you some other things that everybody could do as well okay I'm not I'm not biased okay I love everybody I promise all right so right

Here it's the same thing goes you guys could do app to app transfers okay so if somebody has you're the seller selling Bitcoin to a guy that has a green dot card just like you he could transfer you the funds in the app okay

You're making an instant nineteen freakin percent tell me how many traders who trade Bitcoin futures market could tell you the same thing but they can literally make on every single trade 19 percent all right

Obviously this is a different you know a bit different style you know this is like kinda like sales to so yeah okay same process goes once you get that it's up to you what you want to do with that man what would you do with your paycheck

When you get it let me guess you want to pay the mortgage off you know you want to buy some food you got some utility bills well you might want to think about you know you could do that with this as well alright guys so green dot I highly

Recommend because it has a really good volume as well I mean I could check out this guy stuff and just see what's going on I know paxville look at this guy green dot green dots green dots you know cash back the green green green dot you

Know the volume is there okay it's ripe for the pickings all right so um yeah let me head back over here and say what's up to our viewers in the live chats whoa okay let me back up here okay so camel says yes yes yes everyone says

Yes car adventurer says I love your energy I appreciate you pal hey man what's up bro what's up Alexandre thanks for joining Tony what's up Tony from England how are you doing man I know you'll be hustling real hard on packs

Well that's for sure another way you got yeah I'm gonna share a couple other things as well here so once again if you guys got any questions you know you could definitely ask them during the livestream Bitcoin billionaire's Club

Says while my money Club also uses Green Bank exactly so there's a connection there and if you guys actually dig deeper okay if you actually dig deeper guys it's a crazy crazy crazy I call it a loophole it really is a crazy loophole

In regards to American prepaid visas whether that be Green Dot whether that be one more money card whether that be served to serve whether that be net spend okay but again you know we can only cover to all right and you guys you

Guys like that packs well money you're away man I love paxil man I don't know to tell you guys I'm sure the people who started with me when I first got started which was just a pretty recent was you know about two and a half

Months ago I got a plethora of information and a lot of the guys that started when I did they're absolutely loving it as well men and for good reason okay so next on the list what are we

Going to talk about here let me see what I got in store for you guys okay so we went over that okay let's talk about where is it the Walmart gift card all right so I'm gonna have to share my screen

Once again like that okay let's go for it let's go get it let's go bang some coin ladies and gentlemen alright I know we got some people from LinkedIn here I shared the link on LinkedIn I don't really mess with Twitter but I

Did share this with Twitter yeah I'm more of a video guy okay guys so we're looking at right here Walmart gift cards okay and as you can see this is a 74 cent on the dollar that's the best price and once again guys the real going rates

Market rate is it's around 71 cents 70 cents okay guys and when you're comparing get on the dollar to a percent it's it's it's the same math involved right because that's you know it's you know 100 cents is 100 100 percent is 100

So it's the same math right so this right here is essentially a 29% gain that's the going rate that's the market rate on average okay I mean we could add all of these up and then you know divided by the P amount of people and

Find the real average but you guys get what I'm trying to say now do you notice the difference between the Walmart gift card spread in comparison to the Walmart and money card spread right I'll tell you what the difference is and by the

Way by the way guys we will be giving away $100 with a Bitcoin to somebody who answers a question correctly coming up next not with Walmart gift cards so your buck better be paying attention if you want to win free

Bitcoin and you know you can do whatever you want that go buy some food okay so that's the difference here is the margin and the mark-up on Walmart gift cards are bigger okay now yes it's true with Walmart gift

Cards there are some sort of uh you know risks involve and what-have-you okay right obviously gift cards and that's why they have the point one ptc bond okay so let me briefly touch up on that

Why does packs will have a point one BTC bond for gift cards right so it's very easy for people around the world like bad actors to get a hold of gift cards and try to get it for Bitcoin that's number one but also on the flip side

Conversely sellers could also ask an all-right or they could also you know play as bad actors so in order for them to protect the buyers they must have the seller have a point one BTC bond in terms of like a security bond so to

Speak if anything goes sour okay guys so anyhow this is what we're gonna do here guys now this is straight-up for groceries literally a twenty nine percent markup on your groceries guys come on man you tell me that can help

You right now in this day and age with Corona you tell me that can help you out if you say anything otherwise you're just lying to yourself bro and check this out accept or here we go Walmart grocery I was looking for that I gotta

Sip that coffee it's getting cool okay wal-mart grocery accepted payment methods ladies and gentlemen as you can see credit cards including American Express Discover MasterCard and Visa ATM debits check cards including Walmart

Money cards which we just went over so you could also pay for your groceries look with with your walmart money card but I won't recommend that right why why would I not recommend that because you might want to say this right Walmart or

Shoot ah whatever you might want to save to one more money card to pay your utility bills to pay these pieces of your mortgage right because you can't pay your mortgage you can't pay your utility bills with wall with the Walmart

With no credit card the Walmart gift card you're honest all I'm saying and you're getting a much bigger discount on the Walmart gift card in regards to buying groceries with that so don't waste your profits from the walmart

Money card on that and when you could get a much better deal with Walmart gift cards unless you can see right here accepted payments Walmart gift cards and a gift cards you could buy your groceries with their same gift cards

Cannot be used to purchase of the gift cards blah blah blah blah blah all right but this is what we're looking at here right we're talking about survival mode what could we use packs well you know how can we use paxville to leverage

These things okay guys and there you have it right so you know I hope you guys learned something in regards to that when it comes to leveraging Maxwell's payment methods such as the prepaid

Views and the prepaid mastercard and Walmart gift card right to buy groceries and there's lineups you know you can use the delivery however whatever you want man just make your life a little bit easier by doing this okay let me see

What you guys are talking about in the chat if there's any particular questions if there's any particular questions in regards to what I just went over and I know there's a lot to take in please let me know because after this

I'm gonna go talk about I'm probably gonna transition into vanilla Visa gift cards or vanilla one Visa gift cards and how you guys cut out legitimize them right from you know from people who are trying to sell you these cards where you

Could like look at the last four digits of the serial code last four digits of the receipt I'm actually gonna show you guys one way one way and how to turn that into how you're gonna turn this bad boy into cashola alright so let me see

What you guys are up to in the chat pretty active chat man that's what I like to see that's that's a sign of hustlers in the house okay I would sell though emka says you can use other prepaid cards as well as walmart money

Card yes you can yeah Bitcoin billionaire Club says Walborn money card also uses Green Dot Bank yeah actually I read that already sorry okay let me go down a little bit more ok so cryptic Jack axe asks the

Point 1 BTC bond is required no sir not for that particular method for Walmart gift cards yes ok however if you are buying from someone like say I had an offer and I was on selling Bitcoin for a Walmart gift card as a payment method

You could definitely click on that offer ok without having a put one bond however you know you will have to abide by that guy some terms of traits and what have you now if you want to make your own offer then you certainly would have to

Have a point 1 BTC bond I hope that helped you out there answers your question Oh case um we got do you need to create offers not necessarily Armas psychedelic Piper you are not DMT aren't you

Psychedelic Piper not really no um you don't have to sorry let me see do we need to create an offers no so I pretty much just answer that by answering our encrypted tax question as well so no you don't Mike Lee says bad actors will

Utilize charge back on walmart money card well the thing with that is if you're okay the charge box I guess that's the case now this is where you're going after you know use your brain as well right again I can't physically test

It myself because I don't live in America and I wish I could do that for you guys and give you much more in-depth information like I just mentioned I'm giving you guys the foundation the information it's up to you to take that

And research it and see what you could come up with on your end right so the whole chargeback thing if that's an issue for you then only deal with people who are fully verified with their ID their address their emails on what have

You and then you got the chat presence you know you got a recorded chat and you can always present that you know whether or dispute arises or anything like that uh Victor Martinez is laughing his butt off and he says where are you located

Mr. crypto lifestyle I am from the great North strong and free also known as Canada okay okay so I think that's it for now in questions okay guys any more questions before I go on and I'm gonna give away 100 bucks worth of Bitcoin

Guys so pay close attention to the next piece of information I'm going to be sharing with you guys okay which is vanilla visa cards okay okay so what are we here okay no that's something else okay yes yes please talk about Amazon

Accounts um okay so in this live stream I don't have anything prepared maybe afterwards so the presentation we could touch up on that briefly for sure okay guys so I'm gonna go straight into it and I'm actually gonna use the software

Side because I don't really need to share my screen anymore okay guys so check this out okay guys so how do you guys know how to legitimize vanilla one visa cards yes or no okay let me know in the live chat right now

Do you know how to do that I already showed you guys I'm how to do that in one video on my second video I made on paxville but I'll definitely do that right now live and take up any questions okay

So pay a close attention right here okay I could zoom in a little bit for y'all give me a second okay so whenever I'm in a trade okay and I'm training for these vanilla one visas men the first thing I tell the guy yo bro is it paid in cash

Straight up okay well actually I like let's take a step back the first thing I tell them is to read my terms okay and then they say yes like they probably don't even read it because as soon as I say hey read the

Terms they're like I did oh yes which they probably didn't but whatever it's kind of like when you're on a website please read the fine print nobody really reads it you know the term so anyhow so the first thing I ask is

That did you read the terms after that I say yo did you was paid in cash he says yes okay right so then I say present me the receipts and this is what he presents me so right here all receipts do work differently okay right some of

That because that gets from different stores so like you're gonna have to really scan the entire receipt up and down but this one here has it at the bottom okay and right there with a number one is it says in Iraq now I want

To share something with you guys yes I said paid in cash if they could actually pay with physical cash that's far and more better because in Iraq cards could also be compromised right people could steal that information and try to

Purchase these cards from a store and then sell some packs well you know we see was played in debit right which is cash but hey that could be compromised as well just like a credit card so keep that in mind so this example here I mean

I'm okay with that because debit cards are a little bit harder to get the information and the pin and all that kind of stuff so I can live with that but certainly you want to at least make sure it's paid it with Interac or cash

But ideally cash make sure like I'll say 80% says cash not even in Iraq all right so that's number one okay so once we have established that this guy indeed peeled with in Iraq or cash then we're going to

Do this we're going to come up here guys okay a lot of people get mistaken with this number here see the card number the star star star that's actually the person's a debit card number the last four digits of that that's not important

To us what's important is this piece of information at the top okay the last four digits right there three three six three okay I'm gonna bring up another picture for you guys to see how we could verify where that is okay

So cool like that and I'm gonna put this card right here okay as you can see could anybody where is that number do we see that number people for watching this live stream hey MK don't forget hey you know what to do

You know what to do I don't gotta tell you if anything arises out of that description could anybody point out this number guys please this is how are you going to make money do you guys want to learn how

Not to get charged max when you're dealing with vanilla ones and pick close attention right as you can see right here on top of the cereal bar it says three three six three okay right so we don't care about like I mean

We do care but it's has nothing to do with the last four digits of the front of the card that's not this okay it's indeed right here the last four digits of the serial code so I know some guys okay I'm not gonna live around yeah when

I first started trading these cards I got nervous my hands were sweaty I was like shit badly you know you're all over the place trying to get it done quickly I think you're looking for the code in the real time they just could get

Somewhat intense you know when you new to this on in a trade okay so this is very good practice alright guys and what do I got here oh yeah anyhow so once you have verified all of those things ladies and gentlemen who

Are watching this live stream still because you are a hustler and by the way if you're not registered to paxville is yet my signup link is in the description box and will be in the comment section as well there's a lot of benefits you

Have once you sign up under me I put you under my wing can I I take you step-by-step through everything you get five bucks with a Bitcoin I get five bucks with a Bitcoin after your fully verified and you made

Your first trade as well and a bunch of other stuff as well okay so now guys once we have established that yes indeed this was paid in cash okay and then yes indeed the last four digits does indeed match with this with the serial code now

We in bidness baby now we could go online because we're not done as yet we're not done is yet from there what we're going to do is we're going to come to this oh I just got a message on paxil probably a trade but I

Am live so I can do that okay we're going to come to this website now you're going to find the particular website on each card is different okay so at the bottom it's very easy you probably can't even see it man it's

Somewhere here but it's the perfect gift dot c e okay so this is Canada this is a Canadian card so then I'm gonna come in here I'm gonna login put in the card number which is at the front of the card

Right here okay after I put that in I'm gonna put in the month put in the date put in the CV code which is this guy here that's three district code and I'm going to login okay and once I log in there this is very important okay

Because it's a 2-step verification verification process you got to make sure the card was bought with cash there's no chargebacks okay number one then number two we're going to see that the balance is indeed there and how do

You do that right you got to log into the online account make sure the cards activate it as well you want to assign it a zip code in Canada we call it a postal code now when I call the vanilla one before I'm gonna have to run

Upstairs for a coffee I hope you guys don't mind yeah I'm a coffee fiend but um when I called vanilla one they told me you don't no longer have to do that you no longer have to do that assign it a zip code but it's their still the

Option so you might as well just do it some people tell me you do some people say you don't and that's how you can make online purchases alright guys so let's go over this process actually you know what yeah let's go over this

Process once again but you're gonna do it for me and whoever does it first in the live chat is gonna get a hundred bucks with a Bitcoin all you gotta do is leave me your Bitcoin address I say your word up TCL something like that in the

Comment section once the stream is done alright guys so hey who's gonna break this down for me man here's another example alright let's do this you guys ready you guys want to make some money right now

For free let's go get it tell me what are you gonna do right here hey I my talking is done right now it's your turn so let me just start soom in a little bit there yeah what are we gonna

Do here guys I literally just told you it I literally this is for a hundred bucks man come on alright alright alright yo m'kay if you're here please let if you're monitoring the channel let me

Know who actually said it first okay but I'm gonna need the entire process and I'm not gonna see anything I'm gonna pretend like if I'm the person trying to buy Bitcoin from you with a vanilla card okay so what do you ask me yo did you

Read the Terms yes yo is a peon cash yes yo sent me the receipt here's the receipt now what are you gonna do guys okay okay okay you guys did your part you're like all right cool now could you please send me what we want to see this

Now the back of the card okay you guys got a right the last four digits and tell me if this matches the receipt that's what I'm trying to get at whoever writes the last four digits and if it matches the receipt yes or no is going

To win this money did it match let me oh sorry I think it might be blocking let me let me let me let me write we're gonna play alright ai-ai-ai-aight is it a tie is it a tie here so crypto jack want to give it to you but you just came

In actually let me let me just scroll up here let me scroll up to see if anybody else got it okay yeah so Johnson says send card which is true three terms okay pick up card crypto Jack correct crypto Jack did say four four to zero but a

Victor flounder I think victor flounder won this one m'kay could you confirm for me if you're still there if anybody else actually says it's a match with the card I started with the last four digits

I believe it's between crypto Jack and Victor flounder your Victor man you but you're ready making good money on packs well you don't need that $100 come on hahaha I know you're in my chat yeah okay how about this yeah I think it goes

To flounder Victor flounder got it baron was a little bit too late but that's okay man hey you guys that the main thing is you know how to legitimize these credit cards now these crown Visa gift cards but guess what okay cool so

We so we got this at discount say we got it for 30% discount now what you know it makes no at least for me at least for me it makes no sense getting these things trading my pic coin for these credit cards or gift cards or money or what

Have you you know if I can't put that back in to get more Bitcoin or even just a profit off from the cash because guess what if I'm only collecting Visa gift cards I'm gonna run out a Bitcoin man and I'm not about that lifestyle and

I'll put the crypto lifestyle not the gift card lifestyle like that okay don't get me wrong gift cards definitely do help and I do need them but I love my Bitcoin more all right right or and cash and cash is okay but I like Bitcoin

Better so check this out this is what we're gonna do now this may take some time and you should already have this anyways okay you should be trying to make money on packs well you should try to have some other hustle you know have

An online store whatever you're into what's your passion man I don't know you're gonna have to answer that for yourself so this is how you're gonna do this we're going to come here to Shopify ladies and gentlemen right we all know

Shopify okay and you're gonna make a store I don't know what what are you into men you know like for me I was selling these like on Amazon when I should sell on Amazon back in the day I was selling I was like these inflatable

Like ham it was pretty cool I liked it I loved hammocks obviously I loved hammocks look at my logo it's a guy in a hammock on his laptop all right not so much I love hammocks so I was

Selling inflatable hammocks right whatever it may not excite you but it's my it's my thing right so set up an online store just like this well you'll want some pictures you want to make you look real and it should be

Real you should be selling legitimate products okay right now after that you make some sales maybe after the sixth seventh eighth ninth tenth sale right with a credit card that's a real plastic credit card visa card from from from a

Customer online okay guess what guess what Shopify I guess we could say they are Visa gift card friendly okay literally man I've talked to a number of guys who have Shopify stores and they tell me yes

They do have transactions coming in from their products but you know a couple guys in particular told me that how after they made like four or five six sales they took this bad boy and they just went prank prank prank prank prank

All day long all day long right hey this is the information I'm sharing with you guys is up to you if you wanna try to implement that you could run with that information or you can throw it out the window right it makes sense to me

Shopify I believe they have their own payment gateway you could also choose stripe which is also very visa typical gift card friendly okay so that's one way to do it ladies and gentlemen set up a Shopify store put pictures of your

Product that you're selling make about six seven eight nine ten sales you know come the packs will make your orders legitimize them like I just showed you log into the account make sure the money is there and but what you want to do is

You want to spend that in the trade okay you want to make sure you swipe this so you punch it into your POS terminal right the one that's that's friendly that that doesn't mind these cards all right and then it releases Bitcoin right

Make sure you spend this because what they could do is they could also double spend on you and we don't want that to happen who do we got up in the chat okay okay no I read that already okay Berman is my Telegraph my telegram is

Okay yeah yeah I'll check you out so many people are messaging your telegram and it's it's a Burnout it really is it's kind of like um you know it's one of me and literally hundreds of people it really gets there

Okay Mike Lise Mike Lee note by m'kay Mike Lee what are you doing bro what are you doing bro yeah m'kay just do your thing okay see ya retching ten what's up Z cash long time no see man okay Victor says yes but

Still I don't think you should accept the trade because it was paid with debit card not cash which was not in trade terms that is true as I mentioned that is true that is true right so debit cards could present some issues as well

Right that was me taking that risk again as I as I already announced on mention that right that that's probably not best practice but I'm a person okay taking that risk and again that's one in like probably ten cards right normally it's

In cash right and I have never gotten a charge back never ever ever ever ever gotten a charge back okay guys look man I could stream for 24 hours straight and share information right there are so many other ways on how to make money

With packs well that does not require you going through your bank that doesn't require you going to Fiat and then back to Bitcoin right so I guess what I'm trying to say is it just requires you going from Bitcoin to Bitcoin I make it

More Bitcoin back to paxville right and to me that's uh that's where the real power of these okay so what else do I got planned for you guys but by the way do you have any questions on that before I carry on to my last method now is your

Chance if you got any questions whatsoever now is your chance okay and the next method I'm going to share with you guys I actually went live it was a casual livestream for my car and I was verbally describing paysafe cards okay

And that's what we're going to talk about next I'm going to bring up a screenshot of an example on how you could literally turn that into cash okay and you don't got to pay taxes on it either if you're from Canada at least

I don't know how it works globally but in Canada you don't got to pay taxes on this and we're gonna get into that and much more greater detail soon but I'm willing to take some questions now if you got it okay okay so a psychedelic

Pipe but the DMT guy says drop shipping is hard I hope you don't mind you know I'm just I'm just having fun here I was replying to Burma and my telegram is oh a madcap okay okay I gotcha drop shipping is hard in this market it could

Be it could be that's something I had I personally have not explored as yet I'm if you're if you're referencing to our paxville I have not explored that just yet okay Sofia Martinez says how much profit

Are we talking about in this hustle okay so for the vanilla visa cards arm as we could probably gonna probably go here let me see my mic still on which it is oops you guys don't want to see that let's go

– it depends writes let's go here okay so the Canadian market gives you a much well not much but it gives you a bigger spread right so right here is 30% profit if you're selling Canadian Visa gift cards okay

Now this does work differently with America it's competitive man America is competitive right it's 83 is the going rate but I'll tell you guys something right now do not let this sway you away

From making you know setting your profits to like say 10% higher than this like even 30% because the USDA market is crazy liquid okay there's Nigerians there's people from Kenya there's people from like all over

Africa that will just click on it and are willing to sell you these cards but once again you got to be mindful about bad actors on make sure it's paid in cash and all the things we just went over okay so if you answer your question

If you're dealing with the Canadian market you're gonna have a little bit bigger spread it's a 10% higher than the USD market so that's 30% now if you're hashing it into like see payment gateways like you know stripe and

What-have-you you could certainly come across some fees and I believe in they range from like saying three and a half percent to like eight percent right and that's why that guy I just showed you is selling it for twenty percent margin he

Doesn't give a shit you know why because he's literally making about fourteen percent cash in his bank all day long I know for a fact that guy is certainly with that small margin he's just swiping it into a POS that's

What he's doing you know so if you see anybody selling these Visa cards adding a low spread chances are they got a link where they're just swiping it into a a virtual terminal or a point-of-sale terminal where they have a real business

Running or maybe not right so yeah that's how you could do it now one thing to keep in mind also is this I'm gonna give away another little secret is I mean I guess it is a secret but you SD cards it does have high volume but if

You're going to be spending that online I mind you you could spend that online as well just like the money card the Walmart money cards and green dot you could also spend that online you know and buy certain things you know I think

You could even pay some bills with it don't call me on that but you know certainly with the prepaid visas you can some terminals accept that some don'ts okay so you might have to look into that on your own but yeah so that's pretty

Much at you SD cards the visa cards could only be spent within America meaning if I'm gonna you know buy whatever cup of coffee it better be from a merchant that's operating within America I can't buy a

Cup of coffee from somebody in Europe or you know a coffee cup rather from somebody in Europe or something like that or a computer it has to be an American company okay the other cards though they actually could be spent on

Internationally I know the Canadian Canadian cards card in Europe the Visa gift cards aren't really that popular so I want to really mess with that okay and I can't really comment on on that market okay so what else do we got here s

Gordon asked what is the best route in your opinion for UK so I guess I could probably touch upon that outside of because it's not in the stream but there is an amazon route that goes through the UK Amazon

Okay yeah more information on that if you want more information on that do message me or maybe I can make a future video for sure alright what else we got here okay okay dawn ninety asks bro as a Canadian how do you buy Amazon giftcards

In the US and send it to I pay you just ordering to IP you isn't it dangerous for Amazon account yeah so the thing is this right as I mentioned Amazon could do that I literally call them and they said it

Was okay I called them again they say no you can't do it all that kind of jazz now in regards to that when I went live with that and this is why I don't want to go live with too many routes that require going through

Like big retailers like Amazon right because gift card to gift card will be a problem if you excessively do it okay there's other ways around that which I mean I can't just go through five routes in one stream you know I'm going to

Literally have nothing to talk about next week I'm talking but you know what I'm saying right so I don't want to go alive with certain things because it gets abused and people don't understand how to easily take it easy and build

Yourself up they move too fast too soon too quick and then they get in trouble okay so um I paying you if you want to learn something with that definitely message me because I do have a structured presentation err that's we're

Going to be tackling certain topics but in regards to that message me and I'll be more than happy to UM to help you out there okay guys so we are going to go on to peace of cards but let me just check something quickly here Wow 50 minutes

Already that's crazy okay so let's go to Pacey of cards I'm gonna share my screen once again and is this PC no that's not piece let's go here I'm gonna type in paces okay so Pacey of cards actually presents

Tremendous benefits because number one you cannot buy this with a credit card so you don't have to worry about stolen credit cards you don't got to worry about charge box none of that jazz okay so that alleviates the actual trade

Process by you not have to verify if it's legit or not okay so in this particular method what you do is a piece of card is pretty much like you know you could buy it from like say gas stations

Convenience stores and even certain places online okay you could buy it as well so yeah interact cars could be a problem but for me I always tell them pay it in cash like see these guys Eco it's accepted no receipt needed all that

Stuff right in my opinion they're playing with fire yes if you tell them paid in cash you must upload a picture all that stuff you're taking the safer route but you are certainly limiting your buyers and people won't probably

Want to come to you if they don't got to go through the whole hassle of who's checking me out right now who is that who are you JavaFX I'm gonna check you out – after don't worry so yeah yeah if you don't mind that then hey go ahead

But that's playing with fire I would highly recommend you ask for a picture and you want you don't want on line PC of cards okay you want the ones that I bought from the store so you don't have to worry about charge max okay guys so

As you can see here I can only talk for the Canadian market this is actually pretty big in Europe as well pretty damn big in Europe piece of cards so this is 31 percent markup is the going rates okay

So what are we gonna do it that my fellow crypto lifestyle so watching this live stream because you are a hustler and you are a ninja because you'll be trading a paxville all damn nights and you know what they say only ninjas work

At night right okay so this is what you're gonna do I'm gonna bring up an example so there are various different sports bookies online that does accept piece of card as a form of payment or if you wanted to fund it your sports

Booking account not only you can use you know credit cards bank transfers all that kind of stuff but they allow you to use piece of cards they actually look at it as real cash okay so um you know there's one here I think I told you guys

About thunder pick dot IO or comm they accept piece of cards we just punch in the sixteen digit code all right also back 365 is a very popular sports book I'm sure whenever you're watching like say a basketball game or a soccer game

You see on the billboards up at 365 right so those guys they also accept piece of cards and I'm sure a lot of other sports bookies does as well so what we're gonna do is I'm gonna give you a very basic example sorry so I'm

Running out of fuel over here my coffee is getting low so what we're gonna do is okay let's just say we spent a thousand dollars worth of Bitcoin to get this piece of cards okay and we got it out of 30% discount or 40% discount right

Because I've literally sold on average for about 45% although I have not been you know trading as much right now because I've been doing more research on new routes trying to help other people make money as well for me the trades

Would always be there so you know it's more about you know having five BTC in and out routes for me and I'll share that with my team members as well okay so I spent $1,000 I got a 40% discount let's see him so that means I spent

Really $600 right because uh the $4,400 400 is 40% of a thousand so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna give you an example with this sportsbook II I am going to go to two separate sports book that I'm already registered to that

Accepts piece of cards as a form of payment okay now say for example you know I don't know the bottom game right ideally in an ideal situation example we will want ads that are $2.00 you know you might see that where the red boxes

Are circle there that says 1.85 at the bottom ad for the home team and the visitor right so the home team is poor is mousesports this is an e e game or some like that and then the next team is fanatic fan fanatic whatever they're

Paying each side a dollar 85 ideally you know when I sock is in effect right or even like certain soccer games when you could take out the three-way side and make it to a bets you really want a two-way bet meaning a winner here or a

Winner on the right or on the left you don't want no ties okay what we're gonna do is we're gonna take the first 500 now and I'm gonna give you a better example if it was a tool buck odd which means if I put $500 on the team on a $2.00 odd

And they win that means that I'm getting $1,000 okay and with these sports bookies you cannot just you know deposit your passive card voucher and then just withdraw it you can't do

You have to make a wager and this is how we kind of bypass that criteria okay so once again let me bring up the visual we're gonna bet on team a at same was two bucks okay we'll get to this math after right and then team piece it was

Like you know a dollar ninety which means if I put $1,000 on that team and I'm winning $900 if I only spend 600 that's a profit of $300 I know what I do from there I go to bed I didn't give a shit about the game cuz I know I'm going

To win it's only a two way outcome right if team in wins at 2 bucks odds on Team B wins at $1 9-yard I'm still winning 900 at a minimum okay I'm in the profit still of $300 you follow what I'm saying so let's actually use this real example

At a dollar 85 a dollar 85 I got it out of 45 I'm sorry 40% discount I'm doing the same methodology I'm using this sportsbook betting on team team a at the dollar 85 and then on another sports book I'm betting on TMP at a dollar 85

I spent $1,000 out of 40% discount which means I will I spend $600 right and I'm and I got a $400 discount which means now if team a or B wins that means I'm getting 850 dollars that's 250 profit it don't matter who wins

We're not gamblers over here this is similar to like arbitrage betting a lot of people do this and the beautiful thing about that is your ass don't gotta pay taxes at least if you're from Canada right that goes to my bank account I

Don't even gotta tell my government anything about that you know and I'm not about height and taxes hell no cuz when I build my nice house and I like I don't want them knock into my door a TCL we saw your livestream hey you don't pay

Taxes I pay my taxes make no mistake about that so that's what that road works ok guys I know in Europe some countries in Europe they also don't have taxes on you know Lottery and you know scratch tickets and sports betting and

So on and so forth so tremendous benefits guys there you go of my life screams done what can I say I'm just gonna call it quits right now bye I'm joking ok I'll take some questions we've been

Going for about an hour rapidfire it's a lot to take in but hey man this is the type of value people should be sharing with other people on YouTube okay real valuable solid information if

You agree with me smash that like button I tell me hell yeah in the live chat I appreciate that by the way if Flanders I owe you 100 bucks okay so right now what I'm gonna do guys since we I think we passed that 1 hour

Mark I would certainly take any questions regarding what I just went over yeah and then anything outside of this topic I could probably answer and then yeah well you know I'll make a video for you later on or in telegram or

UK doesn't have taxes on that either empty it says yeah yeah yeah that's right well bet365 is an English company right so yeah let me know did you guys appreciate this this is this information

Solid information man I would certainly recommend the people who are now getting started on paxville that are from America to do the prepaid Visa route which does not require a point one bond and the armed bad actor rate is very

Much so diminished in comparison to the gift cards right but hey gift cards is where the money is ads because you know you can leverage that big profit margin and find all kinds of ways man find all kinds of ways

To redeem that for cash or even Bitcoin right okay so let me go to the chat hi yeah yeah rapid fire buddy rapid fire ok so emkay100 be to see one by Oh Alexander wanted my bad all right if you say so I

Have not been monitoring the chat okay is there risk involved hold on let me answer that is there any risk involved in just redeeming Amazon giftcards with codes absolutely absolutely there's risk involved um you know you don't know if

That's a stolen Amazon gift card you don't want to just be redeeming use gift cards all the time Amazon might say hey man there's all this guy does is try to you know enter codes I don't work you know so that this certainly might be a

Problem for sure okay cryptic Jack says great in 40c all fancy anytime man what's your name on telegram by the way crypto Jack okay somebody's only spamming this so that's what happens to

Spammers okay it's a possibility of a banner I'm sonic on with the gift card I'm well not okay if you're just redeeming the gift cards and it's coming up as use or something hey if it comes up like say thirty days later it was

Bought with a storm credit card yeah you could definitely get in trouble for that so make sure you know you only use them you only redeem gift cards that are paid in cash I can't stress that enough I always stress that what website is the

Sports bedside yeah okay so Johnson I will recommend that you check out thunder pick dot IO or comm either one and also bet365 both of them will allow you just upload the sixteen digit PIN without having to log into your PC if

Account you know the police if card is also is also I'm accepted with online merchants they sell like you know um at a clothing attire and you know electronics equipment all kinds of stuff I'm in monetary yeah so who all here is

Actually in quarantine for real okay who actually here is in quarantine like I mean you really have no excuse not to try this out like what's your Excuse you're stuck at home you may be a little bit stressed out maybe laid off from

Your job – right like I would say half of the world is get your grind on man you know you're staring at your computer right now come on man you know like my sister I got a couple sisters you know they what they want to do is have this

Thing whatsapp five we call thing and you know we're all like you know I'm her husband's playing music on his DJ set all kinds of stuff I'm like yo what are you guys doing you know yeah sure we gotta have fun but use this time and try

To find ways to relieve yourself from your day job I've been doing this for three years online making money man and I would not give it up for anything don't get me wrong there's some times of struggle

Right with just like any business there's gonna be ups and downs but at the end of the day I know I do this for myself and I could always look at myself in the mirror sometimes my wife like when I just got started not with

Paxville but just like online trying to you know find ways to make money online i started with amazon then I got into crypto investing a little bit of trading stuff like that now packs well is by far the best the

The most um the most consistent way for me in all of the things I tried okay paxil is definitely on top of the list so um yeah my wife will be like oh you're working so hard man like like this is at the beginning she's like oh

You know babe you're working so hard and you know money is not enough money's coming in right now like you know it's always you know you're gonna have to go through that at the beginning maybe maybe not

Right I wish I knew pax well three years ago I really did wish I knew packs of three years ago my life will be completely changed right now it really would be okay um but even though she said that she took it all back you know

Why because look at the times right now she's laid off right she's at home what am i doing alright I'm living the crypto lifestyle she's living the crypto wife style alright she's like oh this is how you

Doing ain't working from home so yeah and also I could always live with myself working hard for me whether I'm making money or not I know I'm working towards something bigger and it's directly for myself I'm not doing this for some CEO

I'm not doing this for you know some company you know what I mean so for me man that's what it's all about okay I'm gonna go through a couple of the questions and I think we're gonna call this stream quits right it's not

Really much to talk about in regards to um those routes so okay well so we got here Alexander says just FYI iMessage tcy TCL i'm telegram my username on telegram is grape 404 thank you very much for making my day no problem bro

Anytime is point zero three BTC enough to get started I would say so to be honest guys I actually first started off with paxville with like a hundred and fifty bucks 200 bucks I really did you know so I like you know

So yeah that tax question that would work right it's just the thing is do you have a point one bond if not then you can't really trade gift cards well I can't say that I shouldn't say that you can't make offers

To trade gift cards but you could certainly click on other people's offers right um yeah man point zero three it's enough right it depends what ever your capital is right I don't think packs will has any

Like minimum limits right you must have you must have a thousand bucks in your account to trade no it's not like that so certainly definitely check that out V Martinez is laughing all right well said can we get word scammed with PCF hack

Code generator ah gee I don't know man I really don't know like pacem is very very sophisticated with their system they've been around for a years brew for years longer than Bitcoin right so I mean yeah they got a very sophisticated

System I highly doubt that especially coming from people from my you know third world countries to try to do that it might be hard for them don't get me wrong I'm not ruling it out but it's like saying I'm crossing the road I look

Left I look right I look left I crossed the road I still get hit by a truck what am i what else am I supposed to do you know what I mean I follow the the safety protocols if I still get hit by a truck

So be it you're not even here Hank what am I gonna do sir or yeah that's it I was gonna say something else but that's not relevant tyrion says what kimchi premiums was the best all right that's

Cool okay guys so I think we're all caught up Aaron alright was that information quality did you enjoy that did you learn something I hope you did I really don't think there's much left to say really you know so if you guys have

Any more questions you probably got about a couple more minutes or if you want me to touch up on something else I guess we got some more time I don't mind let's do it da-ad says why packs the packs well customer support is pathetic

Aren't there making too much money um so the thing with that is this paxville is getting a lot of attention in terms of registered users okay it's almost like it's so much demand right now and they are

Short-staffed I would say short staff but the ratio from their staff to like registered users coming in its redonkulous man so um yeah it's a good question I think they are improving on that in their defense they are somebody

Was telling me that how their account wasn't verified for like closer like four five days and then the email them to email them and then they responded within a week right so on the seventh day or something like that I've heard

People say two weeks it is what it is they are trying to work around that man that's all I could really tell you do they need improvements I would say so are they working on it I would say so as well okay I think I missed somebody here

Yeah okay guys so that said hey man I really appreciate each and every one of you for joining me on this live stream joining me in quarantine you know I always have always appreciate when you take the time out of your busy day and

Spend it with your boy the crypto lifestyle man you could always expect some fire content from me if you want some real cool routes you know who to hit up on telegram app the crypto lifestyle one

Word so you know what there really isn't much left to say other than until the next video you're on your own later nice I know you feel shit inside TC your lifestyle you can beat mine you don't want to smoke

Green cuz eight times you don't know this crypto lady try to cuz the buzz huh fake you tubers and fake gas em over don't fake the shit on your channel time to create it came from a co uk hard but even gone wish you well

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