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by birtanpublished on August 16, 2020

Hello everyone and welcome to my home and today I'm gonna show you how to make a really traditional bake this is something that is traditionally eaten around Easter term it's quite British although I know that there are some other countries that that pot eke and it

Is a recipe for hot cross buns now before I get going I just want to remind you in case you didn't know that I'm gonna be in the crumbs and doilies shop in Soho this Saturday that's Easter Saturday from 11:00 and 2:00 or 3:00 for

A meet and greet so if you're around please come on down I'll tell you a bit more about that later but for now let's talk Aquos buns now if you are from a place where they have never heard of hot cross buns or even if you're from here

And you don't really know what they are and this is gonna be the best day ever for you because they are so great and they're traditionally kind of enriched dough bun and they are lightly spiced and they quite often have fruit in them

And they're also really recognizable by their cross on the top and originally these were created for the end of Lent and if you want to know more about that history then go and google it it's really simple and it's a really quick

Doh I'm gonna be using a free-standing mixer you can do this by hand though so don't panic it'll just be a little bit Messier sorry I'm gonna start by putting my dry ingredients into my mixing bowl so I've got 500 grams of strong white

Bread flour and to that I'm going to add 10 grams of instant dry yeast now this is the kind of yeast that you don't need to activate first because it's already sort of activated and it's just dry if you're using a different kind of yeast

Just follow the instructions on the packet for that I can't get involved in that here because I'm using instant release so just whack that into the bowl as well I've also got two teaspoons that's 10 grams of salt and I've got

Some sugar I've got 50 grams of caster sugar and now it's time for the spices now traditionally you would use mixed spice which if you don't know that is a mixture of cinnamon nutmeg and cloves but because cinnamon is obviously the

King of spices I'm actually boosting the cinnamon I'm gonna put two teaspoons of mixed bison one extra teaspoon of cinnamon so that's all of my dry ingredients and now it comes to the wet ingredients now as I

Said this is an enriched dough which means that it has actually enriched dough can mean anything like you put milk or egg or butter in and this is actually gonna have egg and butter in so I've got one large free-range egg and

I'm also gonna put in 50 grams of soft unsalted butter and you want to definitely make sure it is soft so that it can mix in really well and then lastly 350 milliliters of water just at room temperature so not warm unless

You're using a different kind of yeast but not like SuperDuper cold and then just bring that all together on a low to medium speed and it should come into a mass basically so once the mixture all comes together you can then turn up your

Mixer to quite a high speed so it sort of medium to high and and this is gonna do the kneading for you obviously if you're doing this by hand this is quite a sticky dough so just persevere on a lightly floured surface just kneading it

As best you can although it is quite sticky this is gonna knead together for about ten or fifteen minutes but every couple of minutes I'm just gonna turn it off and let it rest for thirty seconds just to

Help the gluten relax but all together it's going to be about 15 minutes and you want to stop kneading it when it's basically coming away from the sides of the bowls at the moment it's super duper sticky and when it's ready it won't be

right this is coming away from the sides nicely and it's super elasticy and it's almost like a living thing right now is awesome and so it's fruit time and a little bit

About fruit so I am going to be putting in a total of 300 grams of fruity things it's really up to your preference what combination of fruit you want to use obviously it needs to be kind of dried fruit so things like raisins sultanas

And currants are traditionally used and mixed peel I'm not a massive fan of really juicy squish you ones so I don't soak my fruit beforehand but if you want to soak your fruit and then go ahead you want to do that maybe the night before

In some orange juice or even some rum or something like that if you want to add a little kick I know actually sometimes tea is quite nice to soak your your fruit in but I'm keeping it really simple because I don't like them to be

Too Wibbly that's just my personal preference and I am also only using currants and mixed peel but you could put other things in you can put raisins and you can even put chocolate chips or you know nuts although that's not

Technically traditional and but I've got a make up of about a hundred grams of mixed peel and 200 grams of currants I'm just going to watch them in and then on a low speed just mix that gently together until it seems to be a well

Combined it's quite difficult to get an even spread just because the dough is already quite elastic here in it the currants kind of struggle to get through it but persevere and you'll be fine so this is looking real good I got my

Currants in my mix peel working their way through the dough so now it just needs to prove and this is gonna take about an hour initially as a couple of stages to rising your dough and the first thing we're going to do is just to

Put it into a nice big bowl you know make sure it is big enough to UM handle a little bit of growth without it the dough kind of spilling over because the dough is going to double in size so I've actually lightly greased this lift bowl

Just with a bit of sunflower oil and I'm just going to turn out my dough into the bowl and then I'm gonna cover that with cling film and it needs to go in a kind of

Warm place now you might be lucky enough to live in a warm place just generally which case you just leave at a room temperature if you have to you manufacture a warm place if you've got something like a airing cupboard you

Know where your boiler is that's gonna be nice and cozy or just the warmest part of your kitchen perhaps or if you know you're doing some other kind of baking and your ovens on and maybe near the oven what I like to do to cheat all

Of those things is to put it in the oven but with a tray of just boiled water at the very bottom with the oven off or sometimes with the light on because that also produces a small amount of heat and that will create it just like a cozy

Cozy temperature it doesn't to be too hot so I was gonna put that in there for an hour oh my god it's like magic so my dough has doubled inside and it's all kind of wibbly-wobbly it's kind of like a jelly dough at the moment which is

Really fun about this next stage is called knocking back and this basically what this does is make ensure that you get a nice even sort of crumb on your on your bread it's going to expel the gases and so activates the yeast activity all

Over again it's also going to make the cell structure a bit more uniform it's also going to strengthen the gluten and it's also going to even out the temperature because at the moment it's quite probably quite warm inside because

All the activity has been going on in there and the cooler on the outside so just turn out into a lightly floured surface and as you can see this dough is like a super sticky mega sticks Ville so make

Sure you've got some flour close to hand so you can put it on your hands and knocking back you can do this however you like I like to just kind of fold it in on itself a little bit like kneading

And you'll notice some of your currants kind of pinging out just pick them up and kind of squish them back in that's fine there's quite a lot of currants in there so losing a few won't hurt it too much obviously this is mega sticky and

It's now stuck to my work top which is fine I like to use a breads great a dough scraper like this you can use this cake scraper if you have one of those as well just to get it off the worktop and then put it back into your bowl and then

You want to cover that again with cling film and once you've treats your hands and put that back in your warm spot for another 30 minutes I'm back and my dough has proved and doubled in size so I'm going to turn it out onto a lightly

Floured surface again and now it's time for the shaping so obviously these are gonna be a little bun so we're gonna need to divide this dough up again it's really helpful to have one of these if you don't have one of these you can do

It with a knife or you can even kind of pull bits off but that's really SuperDuper messy I want all my buns to be the same size as well so I've got my scale so I'm gonna aim for about 90 grams for each of

My buns mm-hmm so now we're gonna roll this and shape it so I'm going to tuck all the bottom bits in to the middle and underneath basically to create my initial shape and then again on a floured surface just pop

That on and make sure you've got a lightly floured hands and you're just going to roll that just to shape it into a nice neat tidy bun and then once you're satisfied that you've got a nice tidy little bun you can put it on to a

Baking sheet so I've lined my baking sheet with grease proof paper and there's going to be twelve buns on this sheet so you want to make sure that they're spaced about two centimeters apart

Because while you do want them to stick together in the oven and when they bake so that you get those nice kind of tearaway bits on the side you definitely don't want them to be so close together they just kind of move into each other

He's gone like a blob of hot cross bun although it would be really tasty but it wouldn't be very pretty so make sure you position them nice and far apart so now just keep going until you got all your buns on your tray all right I actually

Have a little bit left over dough so I'm gonna roll this put on a different sheet so before I put these and back into my cozy spot to sort of rise I'm gonna actually get rid of some of the currants that have poked their way through just

Because when we bake them they're gonna burn I don't want that and then once you've done that just wrap it but don't wrap it tightly with cling film it just sort of lay a bit of clings on over the top

If you can ever find the end of your cling film so just lay it over the top and this is just to protect it from kind of creating a skin which isn't a very very nice and you want to put that in your cozy spot for between 20 and 45

Minutes depending on how warm your cozy spot is if you leave it for too long into warmer spot it's gonna over prove and that is gonna mean like disaster for your Hot Cross Buns you'll know if you've over proved it if you stick your

Finger on the top of a one of your buns and it just kind of disintegrates and doesn't spring back you want a nice spring back from your from your touch when it's ready so keep checking so they have had about 40 minutes

Actually in a warm place I actually didn't put them in the oven because I needed to get my oven hot for baking these guys so I actually just put them near a radiator and they have increased in size to the point where

They're basically touching or almost touching which is just right and if you touch your buns that they should spring back nice and quickly so they're ready to have their crosses put on you can do crosses which is the traditional thing

To do and obviously they're called hot cross buns so you know that kind of makes sense if you don't want to do crosses you can do little smiley faces or all sorts of things but the way that you make the cross is with a little

Solution I'm gonna make up now so I've got 75 grams of plain flour which I'm just gonna put into a bowl along with 25 grams of oil and 75 mils of water and I'm just gonna use a little whisk to stir that all together and once it's a

Nice smooth consistency it then needs to go into a piping bag and then just then snip the end off but not too much even though the crosses on the Hot Cross Buns traditionally if you've seen them or you know they're usually about a centimeter

Thick this spreads out a little bit so you're not gonna be making a centimeter thick across in the first place otherwise they're going to be absolutely huge so just a small amount off the end and then you want to go across all of

Your buns at the same time this is really cool in a cross formation so there's my crosses these are starting to look very much like Hot Cross Buns but first I need to bait them so I've

Set my oven at 190 degrees C and these need to be baked for between 20 and 25 minutes check them at 20 just to make sure you're not overdoing them and they'll be lovely and golden on the top when they're ready my burns are out of

The oven haha they are looking so good and wow my kitchen smells amazing the spices and the buttery dough oh good lord it smells good in here but these aren't quite ready yet as you can see they're

Kind of dull I mean they look exciting but on the dull side so we're gonna jazz these up with a bit of a glaze you can do this with a sugar syrup that's quite traditional as well I like to do it with an apricot jam so I've actually just

Warmed up a little bit of apricot jam in a pan and then while my buns are still warm I'm gonna brush my jam all over the top oh my goodness these look so good they're really looking like delicious

Hot cross buns right now they've got the glaze on I cannot wait to eat one but please do take a picture if you guys have made them use the hashtag cupcake Jenna on Instagram so that I can see them and don't forget that I'll be in

The crumbs and doily shop in central London in Soho this Saturday that's Easter Saturday between eleven and three o'clock so please come on down if you're in the area you'll be able to get your hands on some lovely Easter cupcakes and

There'll be tons of my merch in store so if you haven't got anything you can come pick it up a person as well of getting a high-five from me so I am going to enjoy one of these in the usual way that I like to enjoy them which is to split one

And a half toast it and then basically put almost as much butter as there is dough onto each side make sure it's salted butter because that is really where it's at I hope you like this as much as me

mixing bowls so I've got 500 grams of plain no because obviously otherwise it's gonna and then put that on a low speed and get it all together yes I do put your mixer onto a Lowe's oh my god

And now I'm gonna put 50 grams so it's ready and it's nice and elasticy as you can see it's it's almost like a don't know what I wore my hands amiable okay let's see them in Soho in central London this

Saturday that's Easter Saturday between a spy everywhere 30 and I hate them all you

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