How to Make Falafel Without Chickpeas — Improv Kitchen

published on July 13, 2020

– You guys are not even ready, not even ready for this Sometimes I just like, blow myself away Sorry, just saying Hey guys, welcome to my home We are in my kitchen I hope you are all doing amazing out there in quarantine land

Today, I'm going to receive a video challenge from my producers I'm going to create something awesome, hopefully I might have the ingredients, I might not, have no idea what I'm going to make But I'm going to soon find out,

So I'm gonna jump on this call and see what we're going to make today (phone beeps) – And we're live, are you nervous? I've got another challenge for you today – You know what McGraw, how do I say?

Maybe not nervous, more excited about potentially overcoming any challenges that might arise – I'll give you a few hints Think Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, deep fried – Deep fried, Mediterranean and delicious – Absolutely, potentially in a ball like shape

– Falafel – Ah, there you go – (laughs) Cauliflower falafel Wow, that sounds amazing – That was the only thing I could get you So there were no chickpeas

– So we're going to substitute cauliflower for chickpeas Hmm, I'm actually really excited to make this – Good luck – Thanks (laughing) Alright, so what's this recipe?

The ol' falafel sans chickpeas, this one uses beans and almond meal That's nice to kind of give it that texture And I don't have almonds to make almond meal But I have walnuts So cauliflower has a lot more water content

Than if I was using soaked chickpeas And I'm gonna have to find a way to dry out the mixture a little bit so it doesn't become dense So a chickpea-less falafel Can you taste it? I'm going to roast my garlic first, roasted garlic

I'm going to cut the little top off I don't need a ton This garlic is going to be for the roasted garlic tahini sauce, olive oil and some salt A little bit of water And put a little bit of water on the tray to help steam

Lets go, see you later You know what else we need to do? We need to bake our walnuts, make some walnut meal and hope for the best Take this to the oven Bye, garlic is in, do a little check-a-roo

Pita bread, this is my friend Gabriel's recipe, best apple cider vinegar ever Sugar, yeast, flour, fancy, take all of the dry ingredients Four cups of flour, (laughs) there's our timer The yeast gives it a really great flavor and gives it this sort of spongy texture, salt,

Sifty, sifty, the end We're going to get the standing mixer, this thing's heavy So mixing all the liquid, neutral oil, a tablespoon Now, the fun part Alright, so we need to mix for seven minutes So while that mixes I'm gonna gather the ingredients

For my falafel These look amazing Good job six minutes, we toasted our walnuts and then we're going to pulse them Not actually sure this is gonna work, but I have a good feeling it will

Pulse, pulse (grinding) Oh my God, smells amazing That's gonna give it such a nice texture We have walnut meal, the walnuts are great because they're a little bit drier

I wonder if I can do the same thing with the cauliflower in here (grinding) We have walnut meal and couscous Great, so this technique seems to work really well and there's a good amount of moisture coming out already

So I'm going to pulse down the rest of the cauliflower and then squeeze out all of the liquid And I think that's gonna give me a really similar texture to chickpeas (grinding) Salt's gonna help sort of draw the water out

It's gonna be my workout for the day So I don't want a lot of water in the falafel because what's going to happen is it's gonna be too gummy, and I really want it to be light and fluffy You totally up to us elbow grease with this, there's so much water in it

You never would think because when you eat cauliflower It's like oh, this is kind of boring Nice Yeah, so we're gonna let the mixture sit for an hour So step one done Pita dough, that looks awesome

Make sure that's all bound together Awesome, so this needs to rest for like an hour I'm going to open these butter beans because the recipe I looked at used butter beans, which I like because I think it's going to give it a little bit of starchiness and some kind of tender textures

The beans are going to act like a binder So that's what they look like And we're gonna just chop them up Okay, not too mushy Trying to remember what's next, garlic, too cloves Garlic is gonna go in the cauliflower

Feel like these beans would love some olive oil They're just looking at me like, we're not delicious Dry ingredients I think it needs to be like three parts cauliflower to one part flour, baking powder Cool

We need cayenne pepper, not for spiciness, just really depth of flavor, a little bit of cumin, little black pepper, and lots of herbs, parsley, cilantro, a little bit of thyme, why not And some spinach I'm always kind of trying to find ways

To add vegetables to things that I cook I think it's also just going to give it a really nice light airy texture I have this awesome flowering thyme Parsley, and last but not least some cilantro Okay, approaching the finish line

We have walnut meal, butter bean, dry ingredients, the star of the show, the cauliflower and all of the delicious flavorings! If I want some like, background lemon flavor, I just want to add the zest to the mixture itself I just want to whip a little, like maybe two egg whites

(whipping) Let's check on our pita dough Oh yeah, this is looking amazing! Really making stuff here I'm going to mix this walnut meal and this= cauliflower together

Just add these herbs Oh you know what? We should probably turn on the oil so we can test one out We have our semi-moist ingredients Let's add some beans

Do I want to do that? Ah, no turning back Gentle, gentle, it should have like some hold to it Let's taste it Oh my God! I freaking love my job so much

I swear it's just like so magical Jeez, wow just tastes bomb Okay, I'm going to try one before I add the egg whites Oh my God, there's a bee in here Hello, buddy, hope its not a murder hornet (laughs) All right, there's a tiny falafel ball

Well it's sticking together So the thing about falafel is it always has this really delicious exterior crunchy craveable texture So I really want to achieve that This looks amazing Hopefully it tastes good

It's holding together nicely I think the starch from the beans is really kind of binding it, makes sense why it's in there now Needs a little salt I think it needs egg white though

(whipping) Just like a little bit of protein binder 87% there (whipping) Little egg white for volume, zest of lemon This looks so delicious Smells amazing

Think I'm just gonna add touch more cayenne pepper, touch more cumin All the flavors are there, but I really just want to like, amplify it I'm gonna shape these and let them cool I really want these to all look the same

So I'm gonna grab a scale (scale clanks) 31, alright, so let's call them 30 grams each So you can totally just go in and grab it with a scoop You know, you don't have to like pull out your fancy digital scale but, you know, how chefs be all extra

This is fun These are the types of things I think should be on like competition, like chef competition shows Can you eyeball 30 grams? (laughs) Maybe we'll make one big one, like a falafel burger Is that a thing?

Yum, I know what I'm eating for dinner tonight Okay, so these need to rest in the refrigerator So the garlic's been in for about 45 minutes Yes Oh yeah Tahini dressing, structure in the base of our dressing

Is gonna be roasted garlic And the gardener's mowing the lawn right now So I'm gonna yell Just like if you're making any vinaigrette, you would use like Dijon mustard or egg yolk We're using roasted garlic to kind of capture

And bind it or emulsify the fat And I want something that's really creamy That's gonna stand up against the crunchy texture of the falafel Little bit of cumin, touch of cayenne To kind of make it pop

You know opposite the falafel where we just used the lemon zest, this is different, we're not cooking this We want that bright acidy, really bold lemon juice flavor This is an oat milk that I make It's gonna allow the oil to emulsify in You can use whole milk or goat milk or cow milk

Or chicken milk or whatever milk you have So good amounts of tahini How do I look? (laughs) This mount on because, I want you guys to like get in there

I need this to be super creamy There we go Slowly, don't break it What an interesting point of vision (mixing) Look at that

Viscosity is looking great Salt, yum So if you want it thicker, you just had more oil And if you want it thinner, you add more water or in my case the oat milk It's one woman show here (laughs)

Doing it, here we go Let's taste this, you guys are not even ready! Not even ready for this! Sometimes I just like, blow myself away, sorry Just saying So sexy, ay, like, sauces are my jam

I didn't work in a two-star Michelin restaurant as a saucier a for nothing Wow Happy Okay so I've allowed my pita dough to rest I think I can do eight out of this recipe and I'm just going to shape the dough into balls

By using this portion of my hand and press down and use my pinky to turn the dough Such a nice kind of yeasty aroma And then what I'm gonna do is actually cook them in a cast iron pan, as opposed to an oven because I want them to have this kind of like charred pieces

To them, as opposed to baking them off in the oven and sort of drying the dough out a little bit I want them to puff in the pan So the technique that I saw a lot of Israeli chefs doing is putting them in the pan and then kind of flipping them over back and forth

Almost like you would a tortilla And what happens is they kind of puffed up Alright, pitas, you take a little break I think we should go cut some herbs to put on our pita Chives

We have the herbs Oil should be nice And then the temperature of the falafel will bring down the heat So we don't want to crowd the pan too much All right, oh, yeah, oh yeah

Look at that I mean never what I thought I'd be cooking for the two most important beings here My two most-appraised critics, Bear and Ginger We're going to try one pita and see where we're at Let's try this

All the falafel's out I want to season these babies up Pita's looking fluffy Ooh yes, I'm gonna make this one with some za'atar on it Sumac is so killer in there Kind of put a little bit of olive oil on it,

A little bit of salt, and a little bit of za'atar! Wow This one's fluffy They look phenomenal, texture's impeccable I mean a great falafel is gonna have some,

It's gonna be crunchy on the outside and then it's going to be soft and fluffy on the inside Right when you open it, all you get is like this amazing whiff of like cumin-y, lemon-zesty, aromatic deliciousness The walnuts I'm really happy that I had those and used them Walnuts have a really meaty texture to them,

So I get this really beautiful crumb around the outside and then this really soft delicious center (humming) Wow, so good, I can see that yeast in there did its thing Create these natural pockets of air as it feeds and it creates the bubbles

I am going to build a pita pocket falafel Yum Tahini dressing, chili, fresh garden herbs, tomato confit, slow cooked in oil, feta cheese This is so good This is so freaking delicious

I can't even deal I mean my personal thoughts are that, I freaking nailed this recipe An epiphany to my soul I had my doubts about cauliflower falafel I'm going to do a falafel burger Take this super light, delicious pita, yum

Oh, this one's perfect Yeah, I mean I love good burger, but my waistline might not always agree with that statement That za'atar top, I can't even (whistles) Feta cheese, tomato

That za'atar on top, straight from Israel Honestly, you can't even tell it doesn't have chickpeas in it Lemon zest is key in that, for sure So, I think this came out great Let me know how I did

Let me know how you guys do I hope you actually make this It was super easy You saw how quickly that all came together and how few ingredients it actually took I mean, a whole head of cauliflower's may be three bucks,

And we made all of this I mean, who's mad at that? You can feed an entire family So that's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna go share my creation with my neighbors and I hope that you enjoy

If you make this, let me know Let me know how I did Peace out (gentle music)

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