How to make better videos + upcoming updates | FXhome Live

by birtanpublished on September 23, 2020

You you hey guys welcome back to the first livestream of 2019 hopefully we're live I think the twenty second delay is just it's weird to get used to but today we're gonna be talking

About how to make better videos so this is sort of a general tips and tricks sort of thing that we put together it's gonna seem obvious for veteran filmmakers but if you don't know where to start in terms of filmmaking this is

How to do it so we've got a couple of people messaging us now well the confusion hello I hope you're also having a splendid day thank very much and we did have somebody before man of action saying hello from Ohio which

Is very cool I used to be from there I did I lived in Ohio for four or five years I was in Mason which is near Cincinnati and I went to the University of Cincinnati but then we took him they did for us yeah

Just happy to be here so we will probably wait like five minutes or so I'm just to wait for everybody coming in before we start chatting about everything yeah do you do you guys have any New Year's

Resolutions that you'd like to tell us about to get started because we're kind of waiting for everyone to filter and you know get started and everything are you going to ask what was your New Year's resolution let's start with that

Well I could ask that but I don't have any for myself so I could ask you know Kirstie did you have any did you I'm terrible I didn't have any New Year's resolutions either yeah that's why I didn't want to ask it because it's like

What do you think and then they ask me and I'm like I don't know Michael Rodriguez says Happy New Year thank you very much happy New Year to you I did kind of I did kind of have a New Year's resolution in that I'm going on a trip

In a bit and my news residents from us to try not to die but I won't know whether or not I'll achieve that until I come back so we'll see um yeah McCanney cat Unger says hey from South Africa hello people coming in from

All over the place that's amazing right any clever tagline make more stuff that's a good idea when thought of that oh no no we're going to be doing that as much as we can yeah so uh does anyone have any years

Resolutions as we've already established me and you ver don't but I imagine some of you have been more organized than we have would it be possible to start with upcoming updates first that's see you're messing with our schedule now but maybe

Katz forgot to make a resolution I think you're yeah in with everybody else here use resolution to use hitfilm everyday to produce other tutorials on Oh to produce new trials on writing code oh that's cool there's not paid to Senna

Well slide you their money afterwards they started a hashtag make more stuff that's cleverest tagline as well resolution we've got a whole bunch of new ideas for YouTube actually we've just kind of been looking at our channel

And working out how we can make it better how we can produce more stuff for everybody in an efficient way obviously so that we're not spending all of our time doing YouTube but we've got some really cool ideas so we should be doing

Some extra cool content in the next couple of months which I know we always say but we promise it's not like we've lied in the past no we've done some really cool stuff hi from Indiana Mont Collins Germany France all over mm-hmm

So shall we maybe go into the updates then I suppose requested yeah you're the you're the marketing manager so I will let you lead so that I don't oh where's the yes so you're too afraid to say yes yeah well we have some really

Exciting updates coming up we wanted to make sure that you had them available to you when we also have a promotion going on so that it is cheaper more accessible for you to get to these updates so within the next week or so I'm not going

To give you an exact date so I'll leave some mystery in there and but we are gonna have an amazing update to all of our pro software every single pro software is going to have something new added to it and so

Which ones do you guys want to know about let's throw it back levitating low puller Josh we do have to be careful Josh would have loved to be here today but he's in a medium yeah very long very long very important meeting so okay

Let's talk about hitfilm Pro first then because I know that everybody is the most interested in hip hopper let's be honest um do you want to talk about the actual things that are included oh sure so a lot of performance updates however

I think one of the most requested features was text in the editor so you can now well not now eventually in a week you'll be able to create text layers in the editor without in effect without going into a comp

You just click in the viewer type and a layer will appear in the timeline which is super cool has been requested for literally years yeah we're bringing that to hit film both Pro and Express we had a really cool stuff breakfast this

Morning this is something that we do every two months or so where the whole company comes together and we all talk about really cool stuff that you guys have said really cool stuff we're doing in-house and we got to see the next

Update for hit film being shown on the screens in here and pretty much the thing that excited me the most is the speed performance improvements it's insane so we are going to be including threaded rendering we're going to be

Including hardware decoding Nvidia and Intel GPUs there's gonna be animation caches and a whole bunch of other stuff which essentially means that when you're creating something in hitfilm it is going to be a hell of a lot faster so

That's what we're really excited about us other than that color labels so both in the composite shot and on the editor you can change the color of layers you can select all the layers of the same color you can set default colors for a

Grade layer for a light layer solid whatever it is so you'll be able to split things up and make the is easier to see as worth saying that for the majority of updates we don't like to give a huge amount in advance we

Do want to be transparent and to let you guys know exactly what's coming up but obviously we have development going on any one time things could drop things could change but these are the things that be being worked on for a while and

So we know they're going to be included so we feel happy sharing that with you yes and we've got a couple of questions coming through it should probably also confusion if you're making a video per day for 231 days that's amazing what

Kind of videos are they vlogs or are they I'm gonna have to watch out for your answer now yeah amidst everything else will there be a way to do grade layers in the timeline not yet but we know that's a highly requested effect or

Feature in hitfilm another piece of software that we do that's really popular with everyone is emerge Pro which is obviously are the world's first raw image compositor and we have got some amazing things going in there riki

Is our product lead on that and he's he's just he's got a mind like no other I've got a bit of a mind crush on Ricky he's a bit of a genius but yeah he's including some really really cool things along with his team into a merge Pro

Such as highlight recovery so for example if you are putting together an image and it's looking a bit blown out then you have all of those capabilities of having a raw photo and bringing back the highlights and the clouds and things

Which is really difficult to do even impossible to do if you're working with a JPEG or a PNG because that data just doesn't exist you'll see it in the video that'll go up not next Thursday but after that I demonstrate the the

Highlight recovery and it's literally a pure white sky and you bring the exposure down and all those cloud textures come back and it's like magic it's like Matt maybe you should use that as I new subheading for everything all

Of our pro software it's like magic I like the insert menu so if you've ever used FX console for after effects from Video Copilot you know how you do a shortcut and it brings up a menu and then you can type the effect or

Whatever and it'll add it without actually moving your mouse we've added that to emerge so that'll be in there quickly add in multiple types of effects multiple multiple types of layers all on the keyboard which is really fast and

The really important thing to remember while while we're telling you about all of these updates is that we're bringing it out at a point whereby you can get 25% off the new version of the software we've got our January server running at

The moment it's going to be going till the 31st of January and yeah you get 25% off all of our software storewide so make sure to get in on that if you are interested in trying out new versions Marko's aghhh Willa oh gosh I hope I

Said that right even more tutorials for beginners please so you talked in hitfilm express and we are looking to do a lot more I guess personality infused content and whereby we will be doing a lot of shorter form

Tutorials some bite-sized pieces which would be particularly useful for somebody who's just starting out so hopefully that would be of use to you hello to everyone who's joining us just now

Giraud you want to repeat the reason for the live stream because yes if you're just joining us now we're gonna be going over how to make better videos so general advice for whatever type of video you want to make travel vlogs

Filmmaking short films anything this is stuff that you kind of need to know or know how to do almost without thinking we talked about the updates just now coming to hit film and emerge so rewind only didn't 10 minutes if you missed

That part should we move on to the tips yes let's see so if you are again if you're a veteran veteran filmmaker these might seem obvious but they are things that you should kind of do without thinking so my first one has to do with

Focus learn how to focus and that's not just setting it and then walking away it means if you're using a camera with the lens learning how the focus ring works if your subject walks away do you know without thinking which way to turn it

How much and the way to get used to it is film something film your mom making dinner and just try to keep her in focus and and it should be sort of an automatic thing because focus is it you can't fix

It in post once it's messed up it's messed up you can't do anything it's a very specific example yes yes I speak I like it if you guys can send into not to brag but at hitfilm comm all of the footage you have

Of your mom making dinner perhaps we can make a compilation yeah in focus please yeah if it's not in focus then we can't use it yeah let's just answer it in between each tip we're gonna answer a question how about that

Sam garrison what new tutorials are you bringing to the table well as I said we are relooking at the YouTube strategy strategy so we're coming up with some new tutorials at the moment but we do have some already in the pipeline which

You could give a potential tease to let's see sort of got the PIP film version 12 overview the emerge v2 overview which goes over the new features after that we're planning a green screen tutorial so we don't really

Have a green screen tutorial that is just all about green screen it's usually included within an effect like that we've done before this is gonna go over chroma key if you're using Pro yeah hit film Pro and it's gonna go over color

Difference and hue and RGB if you're using Express so it's kind of an overall green screen like how to and I think it's always good to revisit those kind of effects because we have done them in the past but it's always good to have a

Definite video to point towards official LP gauzy says just finished working on a full month project love the software I've been using it for several years and can't wait for new updates thank you that's very sweet

We can't wait for new updates as well we've been internally screaming waiting to be able to send these out to you so we're very excited alright next tip for filmmaking okay I'll go so along with focus is exposure learn to expose

Properly so unlike focus you can sort of fix the exposure in post if you mess it up if it's too bright you can dark if it's too dark you can write in it but it's much easier to just do it right in camera so if your camera has a histogram

Or a waveform or anything like that I would suggest learning how to use it because there are tutorials online but nothing should clip into black and nothing should clip into Y ideally you want all that information to be

Contained so that you can color it and color correct it learning to expose is difficult and changes for each camera but basically what you have to do is balance aperture shutter speed and ISO and those are the three things three

Things that you can change to darken or brighten the camera the cameras a view of the video if you are shooting outside I would recommend looking at nd filters that's the letter N and then D as in Delta they're just a small light weight

Cap that you put on the front of the lens and it just kind of acts as a shade almost and it just darkens it down so it prevents things from becoming overexposed which is very easy to do when you're shooting outside cool I've

Just spotted a really cool question which has me thinking of very cool things Black Death LP has said video editing MVR now this is like a personal dream of mine I would love I would love love love to be able to have you know

Software interface up in VR and be able to video edit with my hands I think that would be the best thing ever with regards to doing stuff in VR at the moment the closest we get is action Pro which is our motion capture software

That's really cool because say for example you're you're doing a scene in which you're trying to land a 3d model into your composite and you're finding that when you're keyframing something it's kind of stuttering and you're not

Getting a very smooth landing I guess something that you could use as action Pro which essentially enables you to just draw that movement and then it will add in the keyframes for you and we're looking to expand that into VR in the

Future hopefully and so yeah the idea of bringing in other pieces of tech into VR is very exciting and something that if we don't do I hope somebody does um anything else how will these updates translate to Express

They are all coming to Express I believe yeah Express and pro will be updated at the same time with the same features same threaded renderings same interface changes color labels all that stuff so

It'll be the same for both you lucky bugs um cod productions Australia I mainly do rock music videos and looking for better ways to fade out at the end setting up hotkeys etc any tips for fading out the end I mean

That's video or audio because that I guess that depends but hotkeys if you're talking about keyboard shortcuts that's something that I use all the time hip film allows you to change keyboard shortcuts so you can really just

Customize it to work the fastest possible way that you can so if you go to file options you can see those there if you haven't already in case you didn't know and you've been following us on any platforms talking to us on social

Media if you have been talking to anyone from the hip film team it's likely Gavin who has been our frontman for social media for almost two months now and he's the one who's actually on questions at the moment so if you have a question

Specifically for Gavin do type it in the box and he'll get back to you otherwise he's kind of feeding us the best comments that are coming through for us to answer any more tips a few yeah do you want to do you want to do yours like

One of yours who so obviously Javert is the most skilled when it comes to the hip film team in terms of talking about practical filmmaking and in terms of using hip foam technically but obviously having been in the marketing scene for

Quite a while now I have something to attribute to contribute to this conversation regarding promoting the content that you eventually make because it doesn't matter how amazing the content is that you produce if nobody

Sees it then well you know it's it's nice for you to have something that you've created but if you're wanting to push it out to an audience and make a difference then you have to know how to promote it and personally for me I think

The best two ways to do this if you're an up-and-coming filmmaker is either to be using film festivals although this is a less common way of probably doing that nowadays or just uploading your content to YouTube we've

Been in the YouTube game now for about three years three and a half years we went to VidCon and we got so inspired that we came home and we applied everything that we learnt which is mostly to do with it was to do with the

Algorithm which technically isn't called the YouTube algorithm anymore it's basically I think it's YouTube's search dot I can't remember the last word but it's made up of approximately 800 million different algorithms all working

Together and you can get a little bit lost in Trenton as much as they feel like they're trying to make it for YouTube rather than for their audience so there are some tips and tricks to try and do well on YouTube including you

Know the times that you upload we upload regularly which helps us with reaching out to you guys because you know when we're going to pop into your notifications in terms of affiliates is actually the most important thing yeah

So regarding YouTube if you're looking to promote to an audience I would say probably my my best advice is to make sure that you do do a bit of research into the algorithms that exist but try to balance that against what you feel is

Your original and unique style and what makes you different because there's a lot of people who aren't paying attention to the algorithm at all and are doing very well just because they've found their niche and they're doing very

Well in it I know when you're a filmmaker it's difficult to make consistent content we found that ourselves but there are things that you can do in between shoots behind the scenes showing your crew giving tips

About practical setups and things like that that will help kind of fill those gaps and will still be very interesting to everyone because it's really interesting seeing anyone set up with regards to how

They're shooting it is also difficult to upload consistently when you're a teenager or a kid in school still a school come should come first but you know if you feel that you get into a rhythm balancing school in YouTube then

That's great to be able to upload weekly or monthly or whatever because it builds your portfolio set up an entire website dedicated to being a preset marketplace for the software and eventually he just

Created enough high enough content that he got into our radar and now he works for us so you know depending on your goals it might be a really good way of getting in front of the people you want to impress yeah I I definitely didn't

Upload consistently I started making tutorials in 2011 and basically the way it would go is during the summer I would upload pretty much every week but then as soon as school started I would drop off and focus on that but since I did it

For so many years eventually I have I think 30 or 40 videos on my channel which isn't a lot but it's enough that they recognize that I was using that film so that's a little bit of insight certainly into YouTube in terms of

Uploading but we'll tackle another couple of questions now one that I think you will enjoy answering Trish Laster what are the differences between the green keying well the chroma keying in Express and pro and then the second yeah

So what are the differences between the green green Keene green screening or chroma keying and lesson prep so pro has the chroma key effect which I would recommend you use if you have it it's it's just the most fully feature and

Most powerful effect if you're using Express you can use either the hue and RGB key effect or the color difference key the difference is is just in the amount of control you have over the key so Express being free has a little bit

Less and then the second part of your question will the add-on for Express be the same as Pro yes it's the chroma key effect which is the same jasper play says Chabert has the best tutorials and always handy excellent Thank You years

He's always on hand there's a lot of questions coming in oh yeah well so many compliments I don't think I can read them all out well to confusion the fact that you provide us with an amazing program for free is astounding and

Wonderful I can't thank you enough that's fantastic I'm really glad that hitfilm express helps you to create something as you all know we're really really passionate about making our software as

Accessible as possible to people and there's an awful lot of stuff in hitfilm express which is incredibly powerful and it is available for free so if you haven't downloaded it and tried it do have a go if you want to go to the next

Level though in case you weren't hit before we do have a January sale on at the moment and we've got some really cool stuff coming in tips on pro in the next couple of weeks maybe before the January sale ends who knows do you have

Any more technical things regarding yeah so let's see learn to balance going back to the tips if you weren't here learn to balance audio so I noticed with a lot of younger filmmakers or video makers that they'll have this 20-second intro that

Is dubstep bass boosting just loud loud loud and it'll and it'll cut to them on their web camera camera or whatever and they're very quiet so learning to balance audio when that that meter that you see in your software or whatever it

Is bouncing from red to yellow to green or other way around that should ideally stay between 0 DB which is at the top and negative 12 negative 16 if you're talking so if you're if your intro is coming in and hitting red at 0 you

Should take it down and if your voice is coming in at negative 24 and negative 30 you should bring it up until just under 0 this prevents people from having to constantly raise and lower the volume which is just some more work for them so

Just take that away from them and just balance it out in the software cool I just realized how pale I look on this camera my god I'm a good ghost animagus asked how do you choose music for your scenes any stock sites or do

You make the sounds yourselves that really depends on what we're making so we've done a bunch of we call them on boardings but they get called various things by various people whereby we do professional short films that's like

Portal combat with film riot rebellion assemble all of the good stuff when we do something like that which we're really investing our time and effort into occasionally we will use somebody who is experienced in creating music

Specifically for that reason we know some really really talented I guess not sound designers composer composers yeah we know some really talented composers so we do like to work with them wherever possible but often

It's not possible to do that and so we are big believers in using stock there's an awful lot of it out there some really good free stock websites which you'll probably know about in the major that yeah so if you're talking music I've

Recently first thing I try is the YouTube audio library which has free stuff it's not the most cinematic or professional but it's sometimes you can find a quick sting on there if you're looking otherwise I've been recently

Using audio jungle a lot which is paid but nice bone yeah but the results are really good so like I used audio jungle for the Harry Potter short that we did a couple weeks ago a month or two ago thanks it fast if you're looking for

Sound effects I usually use it's free and it's just mostly communities submitted stuff so if you need someone walking you can search for it and somebody will usually have it so and audio jungle calm

Youtube also have a really good youtube library which i've used in the past which has been really good but I support you said audio jungle is also very good um mr. Pinocchio ah can you make a more advanced particle simulator tutorial we

Have several particle simulator tutorials I guess it depends on what you define as advanced if you want us to go into like what the parameters actually do we could do that or if you're looking for like a specific effect that the

Particle simulator can do yeah we have several but if you we're always open to suggestions we usually do quite long form tutorials where we'll pick like a super cool effect and then we'll create it from scratch but we're more leaning

Towards at the moment doing some more bite-sized of all type tutorials whereby we do address just for example the particle simulator and talk about it conceptually and how it works and how you could apply it to scenes

That maybe we haven't created but you could so do let us know in the comments if that is something that you're interested in us doing Gavin who's like hurriedly trying to type in some quotes for us oh what's Dondon saying I can

Only see the first part of it yeah Gavin could I get you could I get you to scroll this page here because we have the comments on the TV but I've actually made it I know he's still there clever tagline

Has answered him he's always hi clever tagline thank you very much for joining us it's lovely to see some familiar faces in the audience you butI khun ave uses epic sound org Oh interesting I don't think I've ever used them before

Go check them out um so should we go into the next do you have anything else to share regarding um two quick things yeah so white balance is one thing that it seems obvious but white balancing near shots if you are in whether you're

Inside or outside wherever you should white balance before you hit record it is one of the things that can be fixed in post but it just makes it a lot easier if you just take because it literally takes like ten seconds

Especially if you know the the settings on your specific camera have a piece of paper in your camera bag a white piece of white paper that you can just stick in front of it white balance and then forget about it it is so easy to forget

As well it's if you're going on a shoot do try to remember the white balance because if you get there and you don't have anything to balance against or even worse you get back to the office in our case and you realize you haven't wiped

Balanced it at all it can be a bit of a nightmare so it's a little thing to remember but it makes so much difference if you're shooting outside for a few hours whitebalance at the beginning a

Couple hours later do it again because the Sun moves the Sun changes the temperature changes so that's one of the things that I think could really benefit is having natural-looking colors in your video makes it look a lot better did

Anyone see any of the images that we were putting off on Instagram about the super-secret not-so-secret shoot that we were doing a couple of weeks ago we're hoping to be making some content out of this very soon but it had some really

Awesome I can't even help you I don't anything it had some really really basically what we did was we went to a I don't know what to call it firefighter training station a firefighter training station close to

Where we're based in Norwich in the UK and they have got some amazing stuff there they had some they had a burnt-out building which they basically set on fire and then send people into and a helicopter helipad and things like that

And and the wonderful thing about them is that Pete Anne's give them a shout out thank you very much Pete owns they have worked with us in the past and they are so so generous with their time and

Giving us some the ability to shoot there for a really a really long time basically so we had an amazing environment to shoot in and we've got some really really cool ideas for what to do with that footage

Don Don's question has come up so how can i Altima become better at making visual effects which i think is definitely a question theme I would say my one of my number one tips is to know what the software can do because if you

If you come up against a problem and you don't know that the software can solve it you're gonna spend hours trying to figure out how it works so one thing that I would literally do when I was learning hitfilm was go into the effects

Panel and go into every effect every single one and I would ask myself do I know what this does do I know what it can do and if I didn't I literally I looked it up in the manual so that way even if I never use the effect I build

Up a catalog in my head kind of the and what hitfilm has and what it can do so just knowing that a solution exists you may not come up against the problem for another couple of years but knowing what it has and what it can do is the

Capabilities of the software is is a good start Daniel has asked a really good question is like an extension of the current theme of this live stream which is it would be great to have challenges from time to time we're

Asking you to make short videos about something and then send them in but it would we would love to do something that say akin to film rights Monday challenges and we think that that's an incredible community thing to be able to

Do up until this point we've really had a very small team with regards to being able to put a lot of resource into the marketing aspect of it although we have always prioritized community over everything else now that we're getting a

Little bit bigger we're bringing in a few new people I'm really hoping that challenges and competitions and just generally giving you guys the ability to shine and really impress us I'm hoping to bring that in in 2019 so I'm gonna

Take over josh is a thing of just saying things and hoping they come true just completely blamming know that's something which I'm really keen for us to do and I know that everyone in the team we love seeing your stuff with the

Staff breakfast that we were talking about before we also have a marketing lunch on the other month whereby we all pull together all of the user videos that we see online that we really love and we play them to the whole the whole

Team it's like 18 plus people who get to see the best stuff so we love showing you off so keep sending in cool stuff the email for that is not to brag but at FX home comm or you can just send it to us on Twitter or Facebook and Gavin will

Pick it up but if you need an email that's what it is all cast you don't toast a minute FX home comm because it's on the website anyway so might as well give it to you um so yeah mechanic

Tunga hey guys a lot of the hip forma tutorials and effects seem to major on visual effects I'm growing in motion graphics and it would be great if we could have more text manipulation effects and animation hell yeah in a

Weak moment you'll see over 30 animation effects for text but we can thi 38 yeah but we could always do more motion graphics tutorials so that is something we can consider and add into the schedule now that we're doing shorter

Videos there's just how to make a quick lower third or how to make text move smoothly or something like that but text animations will be coming this month after things have said is there a workflow you recommend to help avoid or

Reduce lag in hitfilm which I think feeds in well to what we were saying before about the new update after things in case you weren't here at the start of the live stream we are bringing out a new update film very soon which has a

Whole bunch of speed performance improvements in it which should reduce that lag it's got threaded rendering it's got animation cache and what syllable hardware decoding for nvidia and intel gps which essentially means

That when you're doing any of those tasks you will be a hell of a lot faster so from another point of view with regards to I keep forgetting what it is and it's not written what was it again how to make many videos it's it's ah got

It sorry everyone unprepared yes so how to make better videos when it comes to the story as we were talking before depending of course on the kind of videos that you make and I'd really be

Interested to see if you wanted to leave us a comment on the kind of content that you produce because we always love to find out what everyone's working on is to ensure that you have a story which people can be excited about on which

People can be invested in the reason that we use Olli quite a lot he's a member of the marketing team you guys really seem to like Ali's getting himself into situations and so we although we do use other actors from

Time to time and all is always really pleased to be involved in our short films and hopefully will be from here going forward yeah the the story element do you want

To talk about how you kind of for example the super-secret shoot that we did um how you went about storyboarding that yeah so that was kind of actually my next tip is plan ahead yeah so plan ahead spontaneous video creation can be

Cool if you're in a good location or going to an event or whatever but if you're trying to make something that people enjoy in a in a small amount of time you should have a plan and it whether you do this with a script

Whether with a storyboard or with even just writing down bullet points of that what's going on in the story for me it's storyboard II and I find that that's the most useful way for me to plan out the shots that I want to get planned out the

Story plan out what's happening so with the shoot that we went on a few weeks ago I did just that I made a storyboard and I would draw stick figures of Ollie and the shots and whether it was a close-up or a wide shot I would write

Notes like remember to do this remember to put this light in the shot but I would consult that storyboard on the shoot like I had it in my pocket I would pull it out and make sure okay did we get this and do we get this one we're

Done with that and it just it really helps you focus in on on getting it done in the shortest amount of time but it also helps you not forget anything because if you film your whole short film and then realize you forgot to film

The middle part then that's nothing you can't really do anything so the storyboard helps you plan things out get it done in a concise amount of time and just visualize it before you actually go to work stein carlson has asked a really

Cool question which i do just want to address saying video editing is moving more and more towards mobility so editing videos while on the move gets more popular and important being able to edit videos on a tablet or phone it's

Getting more vital will hitfilm make software for iOS devices and Android devices in the future so we're aware of this trend we do know that a number of people are looking for really good editing self

On their phones it's a possibility for the future I can't say whether or not we would get involved with that particular target market at the moment we're very much focused on making hitfilm as as good as it can be and the main issue

With trying to develop software for tablets and phones is that you do have the limitation of that device and so it would be we would have to work out for a way we would have to work out a way for that particular piece of software to be

Valuable to you on those particular devices which at the moment is quite difficult because you have tiny lock buttons and and you there's there is limitations on what you can do but we are aware of it and if it ever comes to

A point whereby we think that we could make something that was awesome we definitely would do you have tips to talk to the camera that's from video dude yes yes I would say my first one is to smile when you smile you immediately

Sound a bit better you look better you look more approachable I find talking to the camera not as nerve-racking as like lead live speaking to like a crowd or something like that also remember to breathe because when

You when you get nervous you you take shallow breaths and you kind of forget so just take a deep breath and smile and then have at it you know the camera doesn't judge you so you can mess up as many times as you

Want but it is a process of filming yourself looking back at the footage seen what you don't like do you talk too fast do you move around too much but it's you know relaxed smile get it done there's a huge difference between

Talking to a camera for a editable YouTube video and doing say a live stream which is what we're doing now that's another thing yeah yeah so I find it much easier to do to talk to the camera when I know that we're going to

Be able to go into it and post and edit out all the bits that I mess up funnily enough we have a huge folder of bloopers of when we've messed things up which I would be interested to know if you'd like to Sikhs I love seeing the bloopers

Of YouTube is a fun Valerius and ours are ridiculous but when it comes to being on our live stream I would just echo what cheveux said just try to imagine that there's somebody behind the camera who

You like who you're talking to because although it's really awesome talking to the whole community obviously we are just looking at a lens which does feel a bit weird but it is about smiling about breathing and about finding your style I

Would say I think you know some people are really good at spontaneous speaking and not knowing what they're saying next they just talk and it just it sounds natural some other people like myself do better when they have a script and they

Know what they're gonna say so decide for yourself which of those you enjoy or feel better doing yeah and then work on that it's funny when we focus on what now you've made us self-conscious with how we're talking to the camera both of

Us are like using our hands a lot more yeah that's something I've been told by friends in the past they've watched the YouTube videos and they've gone you use your hands a lot when you're talking to emphasize things I can't help it because

I don't want to be like this the whole time for a second all people are wanting to see bloopers okay right well maybe you know if you're good maybe we'll give you something who knows markers no markers are different from color labels

Markers are useful for if your ended in a music video you put a marker on the beat so that you can see when it's happening we know that's a highly requested effect or feature but that won't be in the

Update just yet just give you an insight into kind of how our development team work with regards to the feedback that you give us because I think it's really important that you know every piece of feedback that you give us is taken and

Given to the development team and is taken into account the way that we basically sort it is by working out how much time the suggestion would take to implement and then working out how important we think it is how many times

It's been requested by people how much the game-changer would be in terms of the software and then we balance those out and we give them a number in terms of importance and and that's basically the list which the development team work

From on every update so rest assured just because I mean I'm sure there are some people who have requested things for maybe three or four years which are important to them with regards to their workflow but maybe nobody else's right

Has maybe nobody else has requested them maybe it's something that would take a lot of intense time for our development team to make but actually wouldn't have so much of an impact on the general way that the software works if that is the

Case that I'm really sorry but like I can assure you that we put a lot of time and effort into working out what it is that you guys want and trying to be as efficient as possible in putting as many things into the software as we can so

That you have as many updates as we can Gerald McKibben says you're not just talking Gavin can you move there I can't quite see thee not sure that we can hear us he might be plugged in Oh No oh no we're alone

Josh Davis so what do you guys think about the possibility of making a feature film entirely with hit film that's interesting I think it's absolutely possible it depends of course on what oh no we're getting a running

Josh if there's a oh my god right here oh you're so much closer than I thought you're gonna be it's on a 20 second delay so I don't this you pop up on a 20 second delay it always is all right you're not just talking to a

Lens we are actually here or are we if only we can have like an editable who's that guy frame over the top um stuck it says hey guys big hello so in case anyone didn't know which I'm sure we didn't this is Josh he's the CEO of the

Company wasn't a meeting up until this point didn't realize he was coming in to join us but would you like no no no I'm not gonna stay longer than I am welcome and as an I'm going to leave right now but I thought I'd just say hi I mean

It's it's your company's I know it looked exciting and fun until I got here no the chairs right there okay can you before you go can you make it so that the comments aren't covered by the shell flow like just scroll thank you so

Yeah going back to Bailey films what do you guys think about the possibility of making a feature film entirely with her film i think it's possible it depends entirely on what you want to do with it if it's one that has a number of visual

Effects in it then you may want to utilize other pieces of software alongside hit film if you're focused on just something that's that shot within camera but has a bit of color grading that's something which hip film can do

It really depends on what it is that you want to make your film about I've never made long things in hit film like the Harry Potter thing was thirty seconds I think in terms of a narrative making something that's like an hour and a half

Two hours would be unheard of for me but it would be interesting to try interesting maybe we could try it near officers good now you are three hi Josh you've gone see you got everyone excited and then you left mister Promax

Says you're always welcome and Mikael Davidson says can you say my name I'm glad you took that one cuz I didn't know I think that's how you said it I'm sorry if I said it right wrong are any movies or TV being edited with hip film at the

Moment not that we are aware of I think that we we suffer a little bit and that people do do things in hitfilm and then they forget to tell us about it which is a shame we do know of things that have been done using hip film in

The past for example muzzle flashes in the hangover 3 salt has some effects that we're done with hip film but we yeah we don't often hear about them so it's they don't broadcast what they use the companies that work on films and

Stuff they don't say hey we use this to make this unless they make like a breakdown well they're affiliated with a particular piece of software if that's the case then usually there will be a whole you know marketing campaign around

It if you guys know of anything that has been created using hip film and you let us know we're always interested to know um is there a reason that you are no longer prompted for the dimensions of a text box when in a composite shot that

Is because we changed it to a point based text layer instead of a box you can change it back by right-clicking the text layer and selecting whatever it is it's either point or something else but when you create a new text layer it'll

Appear in the viewer and you can just type whichever one works for you the point or the the box they both have benefits that's why star kids TV says hey guys big hello do you have any plans to further expand working with 3d models

And objects in case you missed the start we do have an update coming out for hip film very soon which does have 3d animation caching in it which I mean when you talk about further expanding working with 3d models you probably

Means something different to that but with regards to the caching it will at least make that experience a lot faster for you do we have anything to talk about with regards to filmmaking or we've kind of run out of points so do

You guys have any interesting questions about you know picture bears brain he's here for you about filmmaking see there was that 20 second delay you asked a question and you just gotta like that's near offer what's your favorite thing

About hip film oh I think you've been asked this before yeah no I didn't it's always it's always been either the particle simulator or no I think it has been yeah it's the particle simulator but now at this point I think it's just

The fact that I have used it for so long it just feels like I don't even have to think when I'm using it and I just know the effects and the layers and how everything works together but yeah the particle simulator I think

Was my favorite effects because of how extensive it is and how much you can customize it to get the result that you want mm-hm I think mine is the 3d space well 3d space acts aspects of hitfilm we

Did some workshops locally for students whereby we were teaching them how to get into visual effects and we were using hip film and without fail every time they would be playing around the editor and they'd be happy with that but it's

Soon as you switch to the composite shot and you stuck a camera in there and it's switched to a 3d view they lost their minds there's something about seeing your 2d space become 3d and you see that that sliver of your shot yeah in a 3d

Space and it's just awesome and every time I do it I go Oh still after six and a half years it's kind of amazing what is that creature on the desk that's Helen have you named him I didn't realize yeah we named it when he got him

It's a Godzilla Funko I think I don't know what the brand is but it's that it's Godzilla whose name is Ali whose name is Allen I'm comment has gone he was over in the window last time it's all right he's still he's still here

With us and I did see somebody ask bubblegum said kind of late to the game but do you plan on updating hitfilm express so you must have missed it before but when we talked about the updates that are going into it from Pro

Those will also be going into get from Express so keep an eye out happening within the next week or so you will get a newsletter if you're subscribed or our website will update itself and believe us we'll be talking about it on social

So you'll see it one way or another do you have any tips for shooting a video or short film by yourself this is actually one of these well that's a good question videos that I was gonna make on my

Channel before I came here but then I came here so so I know I still have I still actually still have all the bullet points I think but it's it's not easy to shoot things by yourself because especially if you have to be in front of

The camera then it you know that one's like 10 feet away I can't change the settings I can't do anything I have to hit record check it and then Shane make changes and it's a pain but I think one of the things that helped me a lot was

Finding out that my camera had a remote control so I had a t3i and I found that I can install software on my Mac which was from Canon it was legitimate that would allow me to control the camera from my laptop so I

Could have my laptop here and I could change the exposure and the focus and I could autofocus which was the big thing did she shoot remotely so that helped a lot when it came to making sure that the video was in focus which was the first

So John Dean has said any formal courses coming like the old version three on on udemy almost it duda me that sort of thing so yeah I do have super-secret information which isn't so super secret but Simon Jones was the one

Who did our previous courses on futureland calm at the moment it was called gorilla gorilla VFX for filmmakers I think at the time it was really popular it ran twice I don't think that you can take it now because

It has to run in a certain time but I do know that Simon Jones is in talks at the moment with doing another course with them which is hopefully going to be focused on hit film Pro rather than hit from Express so for those of you who are

Looking for a formal course that's a bit more of a professional level then we're really hoping that something like that is going to be coming out soon if not then we will do our best to produce that ourselves

Mr. Pro max you've asked a lot I'm sorry we haven't been able to get to you and can you make a suit up tutorial Black Panther or Iron Man this is something which we discuss ourselves actually for a while about doing good you this you

Talk tutorial yeah and we ended up then trying to do the invisible car and then that also didn't work it's a very difficult effect in terms of the suit up yeah that's it's almost thousands hundreds of parts we just don't have the

Resource to do that but you might you know if you look on our film forums you might find somebody who's already done it who knows any other filmmaking questions what is your process for finding ways to create effects you don't

Yet know how to create oh so there this is a big problem but it still is when it comes to any visual effects shot when I approach it it's kind of building on what I already know and then tweaking that to match I wish I had an example in

Him so like the the Doctor Who energy that I did with ollie a few months ago I knew that it had to look sort of like energy and sort of light and like cracking and Flair's and all that I knew fractal

Noise existed and that is a really good way to generate those sort of textures so I loaded up for the fractal noise effect and I just kind of played with it until I got it to in an area where it could look like the thing from the

Doctor Who commercial but mostly it's referring to when it comes to figuring out in effect its taking a look at what you know already and trying to either change it or adapt it or build on it if you can always try search you know in

YouTube and Google if someone's already might have already done it but if not then it sometimes it can take a bit of creativity to tweak in effect or maybe even combine combine a few effects to get a different result a lot of it is

Experimentation sometimes I'll be tweaking the settings and it'll freak out and I'll be like oh that actually looks alright I would solve keep it in mind for later if I ever need to use it somebody actually mentioned the

Production crate literally last week did AC top effect for Ironman so I'm gonna check that out and I suggest you do as well anyway for an editors have to have its own quick key not right now I did submit a developer request a few weeks

Ago actually that was using the ability to have the tabs the editor and the composite shots react to keyboard shortcuts so kind of like when you're in an internet browser and you press command or control W to close the tab I

Suggested that for hitfilm so not right now but it's a good idea to be able to close them all at once or just go back to one or the other so we're probably gonna give this live stream another ten minutes or so so get your questions in

And when it's it's oh my goodness it's the end of the day it's Lenny when did you start getting excited about filmmaking Misha barrel answer after me with a much better answer I'm sure but for me it wasn't until I started working

Here because I I had an English literature degree I was told that anything that wasn't books was Satan and that I was never really interested in films and it huge way although I did love you know

Psychological thrillers once with good narrative but I've it was only after I started working here that I realized just how insane some of them are specifically with the visual effects I never really thought about visual

Effects before I started working here but now when I watch a film it's all I can think about I'm getting excited about filmmaking is a wonderful part of this job because you know everybody who we work with is excited about filmmaking

All of the users are so so passionate about making things that they think it's going to look cool or is going to make a difference or it's going to bring more people into the kind of creative space and so you kind of end up soaking up all

Of that passion and and getting excited about filmmaking by default that's my answer I'm not gonna beat that but I'll try so I would say I first got interested in visual effects more than filmmaking with Transformers the 2007

Movie I think that was the first time I looked at a movie and was like how did they put that on the screen and then I think layered a couple years later 2012 came out which I told you guys earlier which is just CG destruction to an

Absolute maximum level but I think the most exciting thing about filmmaking or visual effects for me is being able to change whatever you want in the composite and this happens with every project you you build it and you do this

And you do a couple steps and then you look at it and you say I don't like the way that looks and you can change it and just that simple fact I think with every project it gives me a control of the creativity and I think that's probably

My favorite part about it and on V that's a really interesting question how would one go about making a short film without actors that is interesting I would say if you don't have actors then you're counting on the emotion and the

Music yeah so the story whatever it is should evoke emotion but then the music should I think I think music is what the main tool that you have to use if you don't have anyone talking and explaining the story music can be underestimated

When we young filmmakers they don't think it's that important but if you look at Harry Potter or Jurassic Park or Star Wars people remember the music almost more than anything mm-hmm

Amadee ography has just asked his hip front probe available as a Thursday trial just so you know we do have a demo for hip from Pro and it's unrestricted in terms of well it so this is another thing that's that's changing slightly is

That it used to be that you could only export 30 seconds for the demo but now it's changing so that you can export however much as you want but you do have a watermark at the top of it so when you talk about a 30-day free trial you can

Essentially use hit from for as long as you want in terms of we want to give you the abilities try all of the effects within the software without restrictions but it's just as soon as you go to export then then you have that

Limitation otherwise it wouldn't be a demo and we just be giving this off for free that is actually I don't know if you guys know this but that is actually the first not the only but the first reason that I stuck with hitfilm instead

Of After Effects so I was 13 14 years old and I had both the After Effects demos and the hitfilm demo because I didn't have money and the After Effects demo times out after 30 days so you can't use it at all you can't use the

Features you can't learn how to use it hitfilm didn't and doesn't so that's the first reason that I stuck with it well that's it I didn't know that no that's good um Pulstar is there a way to make objects drop and bounce I'm thinking

Real life physics I totally missed the question because I was reading the one with my name in it I noticed that shaver has upped his wardrobe where does he get his tops from well that's a much better question well

We'll come back to you pull stuff from most recently a sauce calm ASOS calm I've just found them I can also do go to next or Debenhams yeah the the fashion is a recent discovery I guess I don't know when he came over to England he had

To kind of reduce his wardrobe a little bit in order to all over and then start buying new stuff so we like to think we've classed him up a bit now Jackie it's it's still an American

Stuff so Paul starts there a way to make objects drop and bounce I was thinking real life physics for particle simulator but I'm assuming that that's not the case for 3d models objects yeah I guess it depends if you

Mean 3d models or like motion graphic we do have behaviors so like there is gravity but they don't react to other objects so like you wouldn't be able to put a floor plane in and have it bounce yeah so we could add definitely add to

That if you're talking about the particle the part like the particle simulator has built-in forces and deflectors that can make things bounce so in a way you could have one particle that is the texture of a 3d model and

Have that bounce so I guess it just depends what exactly you're trying to achieve kind of links in today's question any chance the particles will be able to respond to each other or interact more I have seen that in the

Devs stories but I don't know enough about it to comment like I said before if you if you have been here for the whole time we do take everybody's feedback and suggestions for new features very seriously what we do is we

Balance them against how long they're going to take for our development team to produce first how important they are for the the wider hitfilm community and then we come up with a number based on that so if it's if it's in the changelog

Is if it's in the log for the development team then you can be assured that they have seen it and they are giving it attention we are over an hour oh it's gonna okay let's give it five more minutes and then we'll have to say

Goodbye because we don't want to don't want to spoil you with too much content that would just be mean but we are hoping on doing these live Q&A s more often we we were doing them once a month for awhile but then things got really

Really busy here so we weren't able to do them as much we're getting back into our groove and we're going to be doing a lot more so let us know if you have any themes of live streams that you would like to see right so let's do two more

Questions what's your pick is there any hope of making an emerge Express maybe I can't say anything about that though no well no you can't say anything around that shamash no we take suggestions we have

Merge Pro you know it is what is we've gotten to a point now where you you know we used to have just hit from pride hit from Express we now have emerged we have ignite we have action Pro we have an awful lot of products that are

Very talented development team are working on and so if we if we did produce a new piece of software then there would have to be a really good reason to do so but if we do decide on making an emerging press you guys will

Be the first to know Fiat blue art says I just wanted to thank you guys for these comprehensive tutorials super new to the program welcome join the family but it's quickly becoming my favorite good I'm really

Glad that you're finding them useful I'm really hoping that we can improve on that going forward even more one more question oh goodness the pressure right whoever can send us a question next next

Question someone else so wait for one more question you guys are deliberately holding out on us this is what it is we're being played goodness okay I guess we just go then okay I datus thank you very much your

Question when is the interface getting some work to make it more efficient next week yeah oh now all the questions are flooding in I'm feeling like YouTube is playing us actually not you guys yes so um in case you weren't here at the start

Of the livestream we do have some incredible updates coming to all of our pro software that's hip fun Pro emerge Pro ignite Pro and action Pro it's it the updates are so big that we're really counting them as new versions they're

Completely new pieces of software from our opinion and they include things like interface updates performance updates new features new animation tools Action Pro is getting a whole new look to bring it in line with everything else there is

A whole lot going on and we have our January sale going on at the moment to make all of these prices more accessible for you as well so do keep an eye out on our website on our social on our newsletters if you're subscribed because

We're really excited to show you and find out what you think so yeah we're gonna leave you now thank you very much we may be trying out some different times for these live streams going forward to make them more accessible to

You guys might make it inaccessible for us as British people do though who knows so yeah thank you very much for joining us and enjoy your day yeah it's cool thanks guys

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