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published on July 2, 2020

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– Hi my name is Maddy, I go by Cafe Maddy

on TikTok and Instagram

I love to cook and share recipes

Today I wanna share with you some recipes

you can try using Kimchi

I'll be showing you three recipes

that are very, very unconventional

Kimchi is typically served as a side dish

to other entrees, but it can also be used

in stews, it can be used
as a topping for noodles,

for rice, so it's very versatile

The first recipe I'll be sharing with you

is Kimchi grilled cheese

The first time I had it
was actually in Amsterdam

when I was traveling

I tried to recreate it at home

and it came out wonderfully, so every time

I make grilled cheese, I
never leave out the Kimchi

So I'm going to shred
some sharp cheddar cheese

I also have American cheese on the side,

but you can really use any kind of cheese

that will melt on your toast!

Also I like to cut up
the Kimchi with scissors

in a bowl because if you cut up Kimchi

on a cutting board, it will
stain your cutting board

I'm also buttering both sides of my bread

To get started, on a heated pan,

I'm gonna put some olive oil

I like to cook my Kimchi first on the pan

before putting it in the grilled cheese

because frying the Kimchi will bring out

the garlicky flavors even more

I also like to add sugar to
the Kimchi when cooking it

because it'll balance out
the sour taste of the Kimchi

When Kimchi is cooked, set it aside

and then on a heated pan, I'm gonna place

the buttered toast

I toast both sides of the bread

because I like the crispy
and crunchy texture

in the grilled cheese, plus,

the toasted side of the bread

will help melt the cheese even more

I'm adding the American cheese on one

and the cheddar cheese on the other one

Then I'm adding the cooked Kimchi,

add a little bit more cheese on top

because there's no such
thing as too much cheese

Now that my cheese is all melted,

I'm putting it together

Let it cook for a couple more minutes

to let the cheese melt and fuse

This looks about done, so I'm just gonna

take it off the heat,

cut it in half and you're ready to eat!


So good!


So I feel like the Kimchi

is a nice spice to the cheese

It definitely cuts through
the fattiness of the cheese,

makes me nostalgic of traveling,

trying new things,
discovering my own culture

in different places and
then bringing it back home

I'm never going back to
regular grilled cheese

but if you're more in a snacking mood,

the next recipe is just for you

Now I'll show you how to make
a Kimchi Spam egg scramble

This is a very nostalgic dish for me

because it's something my dad used to make

for me and my sister
when we were very little

I like to cut my Spam up into small cubes

so that they crisp up nice and evenly

I'm adding three eggs into a bowl

and beating them until combined

On a heated pan, I'm adding some oil

and then adding the Spam

and letting it cook three to four minutes

or until they're crispy on all sides

I'm lowering the heat to medium to low

and then I add the Kimchi

Let the Kimchi cook for
about two to three minutes

until it's fragrant

Once the Kimchi is cooked,

push everything to the side of the pan,

add some butter, and then add the eggs

I like to cook my eggs on low heat

and very slow so that they become creamy

and custardy

Once the eggs are scrambled,

mix it all together

and I like to serve it over rice

with a little bit of Furikake

So this is always like a comfort food

It's so good

Eggs are soft, the Spam is salty

and then the Kimchi
gives it a little kick

I can really eat this any time of day

and it really reminds me of my childhood

So this was a really
simple and easy recipe

but if you really wanna surprise someone,

stick around for the last one

Our last dish is creamy
Kimchi bacon spaghetti

I know it can sound a little weird,

that's what I thought
when I found out about it

through my college roommate

I thought it was really
odd until I tried it

and it blew my mind

so this is definitely a
game changer for you guys

and I'm so excited to share this recipe!

I cut up some bacon,

I'm mincing the shallots
and grating the garlic

At this point, I'm ready to start cooking

I'm boiling my spaghetti in salted water

and then straining it with a little bit

of pasta water saved on the side

On a pan of medium to high heat,

I'm cooking my bacon until crispy

This should take about
five to seven minutes

Now discard all but one tablespoon

of the rendered bacon fat

and then reduce the heat to medium

and add the shallots to the pan

I'm cooking the shallots until softened,

about three to five minutes

and I'm adding garlic and Kimchi

and sautéing it until
fragrant, about two minutes

Once that's done, I'm adding
butter and heavy cream

Season with salt and
bring to a low simmer

Once the sauce is bubbling,

I'm adding the pasta and tossing it

to combine everything

I'm slowing adding the Parmesan cheese

little at a time, and
I'm stirring constantly

so the mixture is creamy and nice

My sauce got a little bit too thick

so I added some pasta water to thin it out

and make it creamier

And finally, I'm adding
my bacon back to my pasta

To serve, I'm topping
it with even more bacon

and some scallions

I think this is my favorite from today

I know I ate a lot of Kimchi today

but I can definitely keep eating this

It's a very surprisingly balanced taste,

so the creaminess really balances out

with the sharpness of the Kimchi

So those were the three
recipes using Kimchi

in surprising ways

I hope you guys enjoyed it!

We have the Kimchi grilled cheese,

a perfect twist to your
normal grilled cheese,

and then we have the Kimchi
Spam and egg scramble,

a perfect late night snack,

and then last but not least we have

the creamy Kimchi bacon spaghetti,

which is definitely a
show stopper pasta dish

you never knew you needed

I'd love to see how you guys use Kimchi

in your own creative ways,

let me know in the comments below

You can follow me @cafemaddy on TikTok

or Instagram and until then,

I hope you try out the recipes and enjoy!

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