Learn how to Set up WordPress

by birtanpublished on July 3, 2020

hello everyone welcome to another

WordPress tutorial by this point you're

familiar with what WordPress is and

perhaps you're convinced that it's worth

giving a try so how can you have your

own copy of WordPress to click around in

and experiment with well you have three

primary options option one is WordPress

com which I will explain in detail in

just a moment

option two is to sign up for web hosting

which I will explain in detail in just a

moment and finally option three is to

simply install WordPress on your

computer so let's now explain these in

detail so option one is wordpresscom

which I won't explain in too great of

detail because I don't want this video

to become a commercial for or against

WordPress com so for now I will just say

this if you're interested in getting

your hands on WordPress and you want to

experiment with posts and pages and you

want it today this hour this minute you

can't beat wordpresscom beyond that all

I can say is that it's up to each

individual website owner or business to

perform their own research and decide

which route makes the most sense for

them so let's move on to option number

two which is signing up for web hosting

now there is a virtually limitless

number of web hosts out there all

competing for your business and I'm not

going to endorse any of them there are

exceptions to the rule but in general

you get what you pay for when it comes

to web hosting so I'll let you decide

what an appropriate budget is for your

web hosting one of the main things you

want to look for is that the web host

advertises that they support WordPress

or that they support PHP and my sequel

now in the modern era the vast vast

majority of web hosts will offer that

support no problem and they'll usually

make it very easy perhaps even one click

away to get WordPress installed and set

up on your web hosting now I will say

this a lot of web hosts really advertise

the fact that they offer easy one-click

WordPress installers and while that's a

great feature

you only need to install

press once per website and installing it

manually isn't rocket science now even

some of the best web hosts in the world

offer auto installers so I'm not saying

a word press Auto installer is bad I'm

just saying it's not an important factor

when choosing a web host the important

factors are the speed of the server's

the reliability of the servers and

actually I would say most importantly

the number of customers they cram onto a

single server so make sure you watch out

for those factors when you're reading

customer reviews of different web hosts

and you shouldn't have any trouble

finding an excellent web host for your

WordPress website so moving on let's

review option 3 installing WordPress on

your computer now option 3 is what I

recommend if you're really interested in

learning about WordPress and learning

how to get the most out of it if your

goal is to simply have a website up and

running as soon as possible

you should really choose option 1 or 2

because this option 3 of installing it

on your computer does not result in the

general public being able to see what

you create option 3 is only for your own

development and education so you can

build your website on your computer

using WordPress and then later on you

can then transfer it to a web host and

only then once that transfer is complete

can the entire world in general public

view your website up until then you can

think of it as sort of just a text file

laying around on your computer that only

you can view now it's up to each

individual to decide how they would like

to get their hands on WordPress but

because this is an educational video

series and not just a how can I get a

website up ASAP series I'm obviously

going to choose option number 3 and in

the remainder of this video I'm actually

going to show you how simple it is to

install WordPress on your computer so

let's get started the first step is to

make sure that our computer has all of

the necessary software to run WordPress

now it's pretty simple the only things

we need are PHP my sequel and then some

sort of server in this case we're going

to use Apache now if you're not familiar

with any of those three items it's ok

because we don't need to really know

that much about

at the moment and we don't even need to

install them individually in fact there

are plenty of packages that take all

three motion together

and to make it very easy for anyone

including your grandmother to install

them on their computer now if your

computer is running on Windows go ahead

and perform a web search for WAMP

or xampp either of the two will do just

fine or if you're running on a Mac go

ahead and perform a web search for mam

so at this point you can now pause this

video go perform your web search

download the software install the

software there should be some sort of

on-screen instructions that walk you

through the process

hopefully it's pretty straightforward

and then once the software is installed

go ahead and come back and unpause this

video okay at this point I will assume

that you're resuming this video because

you've successfully installed either


xampp MAMP or some other PHP apache my

sequel package and you're now ready to

carry on so the next step is to create a

database so you'll need to make sure

that whatever program you just

downloaded has been launched and make

sure that it's open and running and then

what we're looking for is something

called PHP my admin' now depending on

which software package you chose finding

PHP myadmin might be a little bit

different but no matter which package

you chose there should be some sort of

either new icon representing the

software or when you first launch the

software it should open up some sort of

screen and we're looking for a start

page so perhaps it opened in your web

browser but in general just look around

for some sort of options or Start screen

and look for the phrase PHP myadmin

so once you've pulled up PHP myadmin it

will look something like this and our

task is very simple we simply want to

click on this database tab and then

where it says create new database you

can enter any name you want I will call

this database learning WordPress and

then simply hit create and that's it so

that steps complete the next step is to

visit word

press org and follow the download

buttons to download the latest zip file

of WordPress so once you finish

downloading board press go ahead and

extract the files you can either double

click it or depending on your operating

system perhaps right click and click

extract now and then you should end up

with a folder called WordPress our next

task is to move this wordpress folder

out of our downloads folder and into a

new special folder that was created just

a moment ago by MAMP

xampp WAMP or whichever package you

chose now the name of this new special

folder and the location of this new

special folder will differ depending on

your operating system and the package

you chose but in general this folder is

referred to as the local host directory

and it will be usually named something

like htdocs or public HTML or WW

now I would start by looking somewhere

either in your C folder if you're using

Windows or somewhere in your

Applications folder if you're using a

Mac but if you still can't find this new

folder go ahead and perform a web search

for localhost directory and then just

include the name of the package you

downloaded now once you've located the

special localhost directory folder on

your computer go ahead and move over cut

and paste or drag however you'd like but

move over the wordpress folder that we

extracted into this new special folder

our next step is to open a new tab in

your web browser of choice because we're

going to navigate to that new special

folder that we just moved WordPress to

so on my machine that looks something

like localhost colon 8080 minutes ago so

let's pull this up ok so this screen is

simply outputting a list of all the

folders in the localhost directory so

right now the only folder is WordPress

but if we had another folder name

one or test two you can see that this

directory will always show the latest

contents now obviously we are interested

in WordPress so go ahead and click that

and the next step is to create a

WordPress config file now if we were

actually installing WordPress on a web

host I would recommend performing this

step manually but because we're only

installing WordPress on your local

machine this method should work just

fine so go ahead and click create a

configuration file and then there should

be a button towards the bottom that says

let's go or next step this screen is

where we give WordPress access to that

database we created just a few moments

ago now if you remember I chose to name

the database in my instance learning

WordPress the database username is root

now for this password field you can

either leave this blank or type in root

and it really depends on the package

that you installed whether you chose mam

xampp or WAM in my case the password is

root but yours might be blank this is

definitely localhost and then you can

choose to put something here if you'd

like it doesn't really matter for your

instance you could name this test site

or you can just leave it WP underscore

and then simply click Submit if you see

this screen excellent that means

WordPress can communicate with the

database that we set up now go ahead and

click run the install and from here it's

pretty self-explanatory you simply

provide a name for the website so that

can be anything you would like in this

field and then provide a username a

password and an email address and then

click install WordPress next you will

see a screen saying success now a quick

note I chose admin as my username and if

this was on an actual web host instead

of just our local machine I would

recommend not choosing admin just for

security reasons because it's so

predictable but because this is on your

local machine security is not of the

highest concerns this isn't an actual

public facing website so

fine and go ahead and click login and

once you enter that username and

password you're done we're complete

congratulations you have your own

personal local copy of WordPress that

you can experiment with now in future

lessons this means that you have your

own WordPress environment to follow

along with as we roll up our sleeves and

continue to learn more and more about

WordPress so thank you very much for

watching this lesson and stay tuned for

more wordpress tutorials thanks bye

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