How to install the Google Play Store on an Amazon Fire Tablet

published on August 3, 2020

Hey guys it's Zack with Android police the Amazon fire line of tablets has proven to be a really solid collection of tablet options and that's mainly thanks to the low price tags unfortunately they do not come with any sort of access to the Play Store and all

That it has to offer so not only do you miss out on that huge library of apps you also miss out on regular everyday google apps like YouTube Gmail Google Photos Google Chrome etc in this video we want to show you the best way that

You can get the Google Play Store on an Amazon fire tablet now don't worry this process is actually a lot easier than you may think in fact we've got a full written article listed in the description which has

Links to everything that you'll need to get things up and running including troubleshooting for this tutorial I'll be demonstrating this using a 10th generation Fire HD 8 and this will work on every model produced since 2014 but

You got to make sure to refer to that article to get the correct links for your specific model before we get started here are some very important things to note first if your tablet has a micro SD card in it you're gonna want

To take it out because if you don't you're likely to run into some issues you can toss the card back in once everything is finished next note that unfortunately there isn't a way to manage a fire tablet through Google

Family link even after the Play Store is installed also applications installed through the Play Store may not work with Amazon's freetime application and lastly some applications hide themselves from the Play Store on fire tablets because

Fire tablets aren't safety-net certified by Google for example Netflix is an app that does this so for those apps you can either search the Amazon App Store or download them from apk mera kaam alright so with all of those things out of the

Way the first thing you're going to want to do is open the settings application on the home screen tap security and privacy and enable apps from unknown sources now if you don't see a general switch next to apps from unknown sources

And tapping on it brings you to a list of apps then you don't need to worry about this part and instead you'll just get a pop up later on when you install the needed applications and now we're ready to grab those four necessary

Applications including the Play Store itself we're going to start with the Google account manager and Google services framework apps again make sure to refer to that article listed below and locate the proper apk file for your

Pacific fire tablet model if you happen to be unsure about what exact model you have head back into the Settings app hit device options and system and could also be called device options and locate the device model once you've downloaded the

Correct account manager file go ahead and do the same thing for Google services framework now don't go and open these files just yet we've got two more to go so for these ones when you hit the links

Make sure you download the version that's closest to the top of the list that doesn't have the word beta in the title once you've got those two files downloaded it'll be time to move on to the next step

okay so now what we're going to do is get these apps installed on the tablet so go ahead and open up the files app on the home screen it could also be titled Docs or documents locate the Downloads

Folder and when you do you should see the for app files that we downloaded now you're going to want to open these in a very specific order if you don't the Play Store will not work oh and switch to the file list view if you haven't

Already so that you can identify which one is which first up come Google GS F dot login after the installation tap Done instead of open and make sure you do that for each install the second one will be a

Comm Google Android GS F third comm Google Android GM s and lastly calm Android dot vending after all four apps have been installed go ahead and hold down the power button

And tap restart to reboot the tablet note that older models may only provide the option to power the device down if that's the case for you let the tablet turn off completely and then hold the power button to boot it

Back up next you should see the Play Store on your home screen so go ahead and open it up login with your Google account and if all goes well you should be all good to go to start downloading applications now

Unfortunately things may not work out perfectly for everyone and there are some common problems you may run into so let's go through some of these issues and how to get around them this account already exists on your device now if you

Run into this one when trying to sign into a Google app follow these steps first close the application by swiping it away from the recent apps screen open up the Settings app hit apps and permissions manage all applications and

Know that some of these settings may have different names depending on the software version your tablet is running next locate and tap the application you're having problems with hit permissions switch all of the available

Permissions to on and then go back and try opening the app again if you're having this issue with Google Chrome specifically another thing you're going to have to do is head into the settings from within the Chrome browser and tap

On the blue continue as button if you happen to run into any other issues here are a couple general troubleshooting tips first you can reboot your tablet yes I know it's a common one but it can still be effective another one would be

Clearing app data for example Corbin who put together the written article wasn't able to sign in to the Play Store so what he did was he went to the settings application absent notifications manage all applications located the Play Store

Hit force stop he went into storage and then he hit clear data it can also be called a clear storage if that didn't work out follow these steps again but reboot the tablet first before attempting to open the Play Store if

That didn't work either try doing the same thing but for Google Play services in addition to the Play Store now if you're still unable to get this to work you just might have to start from scratch by factory resetting

And if you do decide to do this and you want to restore from a backup make sure it's from a backup that was made before you tried installing the Playstore okay so you're all good to go and ready to grab some google applications our

Written article has some quick suggested essentials with direct links that will lead you directly to the Play Store if you're viewing the article on your tablet another thing you can do is set Chrome as your default browser this is a

Great thing to do especially if chrome is what you use on other devices once you've downloaded it head into the settings application go to apps and notifications default apps browser app and select chrome from the list in

Addition to that you could also set googles and G Board as your default keyboard which opens the door for the password autofill function so along with the G board app go ahead and grab the Google Search app as well in order to

Get this to work you're gonna need to download the autofill changer application so that you can actually select Google as your autofill service unfortunately fire tablets don't have this option by default oh and while

You're at it you can also download the Google assistant app so that you can access Google's assistant from your home screen lastly if you share your fire tablet and have additional device profiles and you want to get the Play

Store on those other profiles we have a tutorial for that too again make sure you refer to our written article as well first up install the ml manager app from the Play Store and open it locate Google Play services hit extract and then do

The same thing for the Google Play Store next open firefox send by entering the following send firefox calm in whichever web browser you use hit select files tap the menu' button on the right side then show internal storage open the menu on

The left and select your tablet next open the ml manager folder long press one of the files tap the other file then hit upload once that's completed you'll be given a

Link that you'll need to open in the other user profile so make sure you keep track of that link you can write it down you can email it to the other user anything now let's switch to the other user profile go ahead and open the web

Browser and open that link we got from Firefox sent from there and go ahead and download the zip file then head over to the Amazon App Store and search for and download the ES File Explorer app now before you do anything else

Refer to the very beginning of the tutorial and follow the instructions just like we did with the first user profile when you get to the point where you need to download those four apk files only grab the first two the Google

Account Manager and Google services framework you're going to want to install those two first just like before in the same way in that same order com Google GSF plugin and Comm Google Android GSF

next open the ES File Manager app tap the menu button hit local downloads hit the zip file we downloaded and tap on the one that says con Google Android GMs hit install and then do the same for com

Android vending go ahead and reboot your tablet once it's back up login to the second user profile check to see if the Play Store works and check our troubleshooting tips if you run into any issues but there we go we now have the

Play Store up and running on our Amazon fire tablet once again make sure you check out our written article if you have any questions or any additional problems with the whole process I hope this video has been helpful to you if so

Don't forget to leave it a like and subscribe to the channel if you're new it's been Zach I'll talk to you guys later and thanks for watching you

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