How To Install Engineered Hardwood Flooring!

published on July 13, 2020

So in today's video I'm gonna be showingyou how to install this brand newengineered hardwood floor this isgorgeous it's hand scraped it's aEuropean hardwood and we've got asupplier for you so you're going to beable to get this at a huge discount at

The very end you have to check it outthat information also showing you how tofinish it out for the area bin systemit's a great way to get a good cleansexy look all right we've got a lot tocover a lot of tips and tricks so let's

Just jump right into the wholeinstallation thing without any you tubefluff today wares videos all about theinstallation so you're gonna need acouple of tools one of them is going tobe a floor nailer okay now this is

Basically a hardwood nailing machinethis particular material isn't quite 3/4which is standard for hardwood butthat's fine it's actually fluctuatesbetween 5/8 and 3/4 installs so it worksfor no matter what situation you're

Dealing with comes with the hammeryou can rent that at your local hardwarestore we get them at Home Depot's at 30bucks for the whole day which is morethan enough time to get an installationdone on the floor like this the other

Thing you're gonna need is a brad nailerthis one shoots an 18 gauge 2-inch bradnow really we're only using this at thebeginning and at the other end of thefloor to do surface nailing underneathwhere the baseboards are gonna be

Installed okay the only other thingyou're gonna need possibly a red barjust to help to manipulate and maneuverand put some pressure to close jointsit's nice to have handy and that's fivebucks and everybody should own a red bar

No excuses the only other thing you'regonna need is a level this is my trickfor starting off the floor installationwhat I do is I cut my first few piecesfor the full length of the room and thenI lay them in position and I use the

Level over where the joints are and Ijust help make sure that all my gaps areclosed before I do my surface nailingokay now I'm in a great position I canhook up my compressor of course that'sthe other tool you're gonna need if you

Can use air tools and we're just goingto surface nail every three to fourinches all along the whole starter stripthe idea behind this is that should beenough resistance when we're nailing onthe next row of the boards to keep

Everything from shifting around okay sonow we got the first row done we're justgonna set this aside for later in theday because all we need is this beast noso when you go and rent your machinethey're gonna sell you nails or staples

To go with itI've had this question a lot if I preferthe nails or the staples I am a staplefan I love the fact that it's twice thefastener in the same location just seemsto hold everything together right and

Tight okay here we goand you know just be smart don't loadthese things with your power hooked uphere we go now we got air in that toolthe only other thing you got to know iskeep your area clean clean it then clean

It then clean it again and clean as yougo nowa lot of this installation is verysimilar to traditional hardware butbecause it's an engineer would youactually get to treat this like a

Floating floor in a lot of regards newconstruction our OSB subflooring isglued and screwed to the floor joists wedon't have the same kind of problemswell used to using dimensional lumberwhere the floors are all wavy so we can

Just go ahead and install this the waythat aesthetically pleasing so althoughwe're not going in the same directionI'm sorry contrary to the floor joistsin this house we're not concerned aboutit this is going to stand the test of

Time now to install you simply line itup and you take your hammer okaythe rubber mallet is used for impacthere to create the impact power that youneed to drive the staple but thebackside has got this slope and what

That does is it guarantees that thepoint of impact has beneath the tongueyou're never going to risk damaging thewood so there we go get that in placemake sure you leave your gap all aroundthe perimeter of the room a real healthy

Gap is about a half an inch and if yourdrywall is installed correctly that'sbasically the distance of the drywall tothe framing behind itthat makes life real simple BAM you wantto install a staple every 12 to 16

Inches try to be mindful if you're overa joint where there's a bunch of screwsyou can even take a pencil and mark themin advance this is not a racemake sure your your plate is set firmlyon the ground okay you don't want to

Have it rocking forward or lifting upnow you'll notice it doesn't take a lotof strength to use that tool anybody caninstall their own engineer hardwood theonly other thing you're gonna need somesort of a chop saw it could be 10 or 12

Inch just so that you can cut the endsclean and it's just as simple asmeasuring and cutting other than thatthere's not a whole lot to know exceptfor where to buy that stuff we'll get tothat later in the video

Because we've actually set up adistribution network all over NorthAmerica now so we're gonna be able tosupply this product for you at a hugediscount so you don't have to check outthe description in the video below to

Find out where to get this now we'lltalk more about the different productsare available in different stains andthe different woods but this is anamazing deal that's only available forour YouTube viewers so let's get back to

Installing this I'm gonna have my sonMatt to come in here and he's gonnafinish off this room the two thingswe're gonna show one is we're gonna haveto move the heat duct from one locationyour little further down the floor so

We're gonna do that on camera justbecause that's really great knowledge tohave we have engineered floor joists andif you've never had to open a floor anddo a repair in a situation like thatthis video is going to cover that as

Well and the reason we're moving isbecause this is going to be a walk-incloset now I know crazy huge space we'vecustomized it we've added really greatlighting and we're gonna build our owncustom

As for this place and that video iscoming up soon so if you have not yetsubscribed to the channel then hit thesubscribe button hit the bell fornotifications choose every time so thatwhen that video comes out you're gonna

Get notified and you'll be able to seeit this is gonna be spectacular becausewe're making it simple and affordable sothat anybody can do this at home and youdon't have to have a huge shop set upwith tools to do it okay guys so here's

The dealbefore we get back into the action we'regoing to show you a few moreinstallation tips and tricks but I wantto just bring through the products let'stalk about this real quick companies

Called hardwood global they're importersare some of the finest hardwoods fromall over the world okayand what we've got set up with them isdistribution all through US and Canadafor all of the products were going to

Show you here we're going direct fromthe manufacturers importing it andbringing it straight to your home so ifwe can get to an amazing deal now listenif you're in the business and you've gotproducts and you're manufacturing and

You're looking for that kind ofarrangement then you need to email andcontact us right now because I'm in thebusiness of finding amazing deals forour viewers period if I can get aproduct right from manufacturing to your

Home we can cut out three or four stepsof delivery and all that kind of jazz itjust multiplies the cost of everythingyou buy gets ridiculous so we're in thebusiness of helping you out let's talkabout a product real quick what we're up

Stalling upstairs which is Matt doingall that thumping around is this stuffright here engineered hardwood okaybenefits of this over regular hardwoodit's still hardwood but because it'sengineered it's built on layers ok these

Layers of different plywood is whatgives it the strength and keeps it fromwarping so we all know if you've workedwith hardwood before regular hardwoodyou have to pay a real premium price toget wood that isn't worked with

Engineered hardwood you don't have thatwaste so it keeps the cost down it alsohas a nice little kerf line in thebottom there which makes it a little bitmore flexible for installing in olderhomes all right which is brilliant I'm

Loving this product it has a reallythick wear layer on top a lot of thehardwoods that are out there there'sonly enough room in there to do onesanding if you're lucky in thissituation you can be confident you can

Do one or tworefinishing if you want to change yourcolor of your stain over time no problemat all and that is an awesome benefitokaycomes in a variety of different colors

And different woodswe have American oak we've got a Hickorywe've got other Oaks over here we've gotdifferent colors light dark stain butcheck this out I'm going to show you anawesome product

Have you ever seen engineered hardwoodlike this before this stuff can come upto nine feet long all right it's insanenow that's again a 3/4 a huge wherelayer incredibly straight I'm tellingyou right now one of the benefits of

This where is that little piece there Ican show bump bumpright here it's a little metal rod therethis little metal rod does two thingsone it helps to keep it straightsecond if you're sanding it it shows you

When you're through your wear layer ifyou hit that metal rod you don't want tohave an experience where you're sandingyour wood and you think everything isfine to go and stain to find it blotchybecause you've gone from hardwood of the

Softwood lumber underneath okay so thatmetal rod there is just to warn you lookyou've gone too fartime to buy a new floor but that won'thappen for another hundred years andthere'll be somebody else's problem the

Other thing they have real quick if yourchannel fan of the channel you've seenthis install this vinyl floor we haveinstalled over here in the kitchen areaI also did my kitchen back home I'mdoing my whole house this is a vinyl

Plank if you want to see this flooringinstallation video you can click thecard right here because this stuff is adream this scores and cuts with theutility knife the simplest product I'veever worked with my life has an amazing

Tight-fitting joint at the end that youput together with a rubber mallet itdoesn't get any simpler than this againall these products are straight from theimporter or the manufacturer they'reavailable for you check out the link go

To our website see if it's somethingthat you're interested in and if you dobuy it you've got an installation videoto go with it so all of these productsare come in direct from the manufactureror the importer straight to your home

Which means a great savings for you soclick the link in the description belowfollow along and if you end up buyingthis product for use in your house thenit comes with the installation video allright

Such a deal now let's head back upstairswe've got a few more tips and tricks forinstalling to show you and we got tomove that register vent well Matt did agreat job you got us almost all the waythere we're down the last

Couple rows and like I mentioned I'vegot to move this air vent back to a newlocation so we're just going to use acombination of drilling a couple ofholes run the skill saw jigsaw to finishoff well cut the vent back reinstate it

Patch the hole boom then we'll get intothe rest of flooring but I'm going toshow you a brand new floor great systemfrom area vent we're gonna introducethis with the hardwood here which isgoing to be amazing I use this before on

My vinyl video in my kitchen if youhaven't seen that video and you'reinterest about vinyl flooring then clickthe card that appears and that will leadyou to that one but oh let's try not tobe on camera drill here we go we're

Gonna finish moving this because in ourdesign for this walk-in closet we have adresser underneath this window thatcomes up to 64 inches in total so thatruns us down to here we're going tobring this over so it's inside the

Closed panel this is probably going tobe two separate rods and then we can puta little deflector on the floor to drawthe heat out into the room there we goand because we're flying a little blindhere we don't want to plunge everything

Too deep set the saw blades so we'recutting the thickness plus a booth yeahyeahand I'm gonna be using thatnow it's not always that easy to jump upon a floor and move event but I happen

To already be aware that there's asupport big mechanical wall sorry downstairs right in this location we openedup the floor earlier in the project tobring some electrical run up so we don'treally know where's all this ductwork is

Heading and what our allowances work soI kind of had a little bit of insideknowledge you're not sure what's goingon just reach down okaygenerally it's coming from one directionor the other and then always open the

Floor and find out if it'll work for youif not by a smaller dresser here we golucky there's only one screw yes okayright so thereso for everybody who hasn't seen thisbefore this is a new evolution in floor

Heating system you open up the damperset suicide of the existing growth allright so the area vent system has threecomponents you have the body that goesinto the floor then you have thisextension piece here and that is we set

At a certain height equal to thethickness of the floor there anythingwatchin it's easier to see this way okaythere we go and then it has thisinterior drop here now the idea here isto cut a piece of the hardwood that

Fills this gap as well so what you endup having is this beautiful little Ridgeall the way around that actuallysupplies the heat to the room all rightyeah we set the height to be justperfect so I use a little bit of my

Leftover flooring this stuff here thatwe've got supplied it's the same stuffwe use in the kitchen and the basementkitchen hid in the basement it scoresand snaps really simple so it's reallygreat to work with makes great jams all

Right here we go now that that's alldone we are going to just finish cuttingthe rest of this in after I cleaned uptime to get at the vacuum because what'sthe number one ruleclean clean the clean right here we go

All right so as per requests I'm goingto install the last piece just soeverybody knows I was done now we'recutting measuring on a table saw so ifyou don't have one of those I suggestone because there's just no way to do

This kind of finish quality unless youhave a good quality table saw all rightnow we're only only have a couple ofoptions for putting this in place one ofthem is when the baseboards are gone youhave these screws and that's where the

Studies so that helps push this gapclosed first and then you can go likethis alright and if that's not gonnawork for you now my son invented thistechnique so stay with me because thatboy is always looking for better ways to

Do something he just throws the squarein here and he pries against the wholewidth of the wall that makes it about astight as it can possibly get and theyactually reduces the risk of breaking upthe edges once you've got that in place

Somewhere surface now now we put in thebody for the area vent sometimes I'mnear this precise we run into issues andthe last finishing touch trap this onand then a slide locks that's how youfinish the flooring the only thing you

Have to do now is take the baseboardsclean the nails out reinstall thebaseboards cocking line and you are goodto go that is basically one full day'swork that's just beyond it you can do alittle faster they got some experience

Someone who can help you but if you'reon your own you can remove the carpetand install a product like this and oneday all by yourself now if you'd like tosee some other kind of flooringinstallations that we have then make

Sure you can click the link right herewe've got some other flooring somehardwood and tile and vinyl options mygoodness there's no other nothing outthere were choices

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