How To Install A Window In A Wall

published on July 13, 2020

So if you're a fan of the channel you've been watching us from the beginning you'd know that this area here used to be my front door we had to get rid of that because that was just a really stupid spot for it because in the wintertime our farmhouse here had the

Wind blowing across and every time I came home we'd open the door and then the heat would have to turn on for half an hour to notice bag of so I decided and we moved the front door to a different location away from the wind

That's great but we still would like to have the daylight coming through to light up the front hall area so huh we've got a situation now because we were thinking well what a great way to show people a neat trick if we finished

All the siding and everything outside first and then we put the window in because that'll give you the flexibility at home to put a window in any part of the house that you want so this is the video today we have vinyl siding outside

We have it all framed up and closed off I'm going to go through all the construction techniques and tips so that you can cut your hole close it up properly insulate it seal it for water barrier install the wind oh my god we

Got a lot of work to get through so let's get into it first of all order my window so it fit in between the framing here and I got a 39 inches tall so what we're gonna do is for simplicity here I'm gonna call that

My outside corner on the top of the window and I'm just gonna mark down 39 inches now my window I'm actually gonna cut a hole that's 40 inches big because that'll be a lot easier to install the window nice and level in case it isn't

Level right now and I'm gonna take my handy dandy drill with my extender bit and a drill bit and I'm gonna punch a couple of holes in there to mark the outside for the interior of the window measurement now that's not gonna make a

Lot of sense to some people so I have a window and the outside is this dimension the inside is this dimension because I have brick molding attached so what I'm doing here is I'm penetrating the plywood at these points this is the

Interior shorter measurement okay that way this outside brick molding will go over top of my type-r and my house wrap that I'm going to use the seal it all up and gonna have a great weatherproofing seal

So the simplest way to do this is find a nice long drill bit and drill straight out and all four corners to mark our spots so that we can do all of the cutting from outside

Now that's done we can go outside and finish our hole so remember I made these holes based on the interior measurement of the finished window not the brick mold we're gonna actually end up cutting twice so we've got a laser line here

Connecting our holes and what I'm gonna do is I'm going to take my trusty grinder and I'm going to make the hole just a little bit bigger than it needs to be using the laser line as a guide and I'm gonna just use my marker to mark

Up my holes here we go and then add another inch there we go once I get this all traced out I'll cut through the vinyl with the grinder and then we'll be able to cut through this the sheathing with our self just as a

Note if you're putting us up against a vinyl siding make sure you put it on the detail that's right up against the house if you put it on the thick side we put the weight there you run the risk of cracking it especially when it's cold

Outside like now so the idea is really quite simple you saw us if you watched our vinyl installation video which will link in the card up there how to install the siding now we're showing you how to take

It away basically using the same tool it's a continuous room ceramic tile cutter and it just cuts through this like butter so

get up in right there that's handy all right probably use that up beside the windows that's awesome that's not going in the garbage you know just a little precaution and the right attitude

You can have recycling now my perfect world my window brick molding is going to be sitting flush up against my exterior sheathing not against that now in a perfect world so I got inch and a quarter brick mold if I cut the siding

Down far enough boy I've really got to have this whole perfect I'm gonna start by cutting these straps here okay and then cutting my sheathing where that drill hole is and then we're going to stick the window in and then we're going

To just fine-tune all the details with what else we have to cut to make this perfect before we get too excited and keep cutting like I always say it's better to measure once but cut twice all right

Well I'm fussing around with this man won't you show them the windows that I finished you guys can maybe put in the comment section if you like that style or view how to have a better way of doing it in mine you can share with all

Of us so we're just gonna cut away the extra type are now leaving these flaps come off with staples and generally we're gonna be able to wrap that around the framing into the inside the house

All right I'm gonna keep that away from now oh that's not gonna work I'll try the painters tape that I use for everything but painting jokes getting old in it hey cuz now I'm going to get my skill side sorry my circular

Saw skill is a brand I use Dewalt it's funny I was a kid my dad had skill saw so ever since I was a kid that's what we called it it's kind of like Kleenex face like tissue but call it Kleenex all right there we go

I'm still working with those original holes that I drilled one zero one zero we're going to cut the plywood now the OSB on the outside of the house no idea who's gonna fall either fall out

There we go we want to we want to save this for later we can use this to help frame across the bottom the window well it not gonna be pretty all right so I'm gonna go grab the window and my helper will grab back mad

ET I can't find my help or anywhere so I'm gonna get max out from behind the camera will leave things running and I'll let him edit it later but I need an extra hand putting this up alright so I'm gonna do stick in the hole then when

That have you hold it there so that I can do all my measuring and marking yeah oh was getting some water last night huh somebody doesn't know how to measure oh yeah that sounds yeah I count 39 instead

Of 49 so I'm supposed to cut at 49 not 39 yeah nice hey I don't never sweet clue what I'm doing there we go one wall file down here all right it's all coming back to me now you know we

Did this let's take lows this up four or five maybe six months ago I forgot that I'd already framed all of this for the right height I measured wrong the first time ago I'm gonna have to do some insulating but I have already got all

This set up all I have to do is cut the extra drywall out and then trim back the stud here so that I can lay my 2×4 across and then we're good to go with the installation okay so I'm gonna go inside with my

Laser level and my shims Matt's gonna stick the window in the hole I'm gonna prop it up a little bit off the frame so I can get a good air seal and then once we get that perfectly level I'm gonna come outside and trace my line from my

Brick molding that's on that window and then I'm going to cut the vinyl back again so we can install our J trim and have a finished look fingers crossed this all works okay it's a bit dear your left there you go paper is in the way

Okay now I'm gonna throw it on some shims Matt so so if you want more detailed information on how to finish all the insulation we have a window install video you can check out but the highlights of this are you want to put

Your cedar directly underneath the supports of the window here okay that way you can foam all the way around and you can also remove them later and then fill them with foam once the foam is set after day or so the rest of this detail

Is just gonna be covered with some build o jam and then a nice big three and a half inch trim we're also have a video on how to trim out your window custom with the sill so that'll be handy we'll put that link in there as well let's go

Back outside now and finish the video of how to finish the details with the cutting through the vinyl get into J trim install getting it all sealed up so that we are gonna be weather tight it seems like every time we want to film a

Video there's a tractor or a street sweeper or something around anyway here we go just take our black marker and we're gonna trace our line now and trim this up to perfection oh yeah oh I gotta get the one spot Oh

Got it all right okay you can take the window out now oh and put it back on that platform again I'll get out of your way so now we got to figure out exactly so here we are this has to finish there

Okay so that's not my cut line because if I put this in and I don't account for the thickness of the J trim I'm in trouble whoo now here we go my J trim isn't all that thick so when I

Cut this with my grinder I'm gonna cut on the outside of my line that'll give me the space I need for this here we go

if you saw our vinyl video you'd know my little secret here for making sure things fit nice and tight now at some point in this assembly you know darn well you got to cheat just a little bit

We're gonna use as exterior deck screw I'm gonna get underneath this edge and drill an invisible screw so here's where the trick comes in the side has to go down even further to take out the grinder and just trim up that one little

Spot make room for that detail we're gonna take our salvaged strapping we're gonna put it in behind our house wrap so we can establish the depth that the window gets installed remember our brick molding I want it sitting flush on

The surface the same as the siding is so I get the right depth when it's all said and done all right all right so this is our blue skin we are gonna use this here just as a more of a directional thing I'm just gonna be

Sending any water that gets in behind the window back out again okay there we go you can see that in this particular scenario I lucked out because I don't have a nail strip right here part of

That is because I plan ahead when I was closing the door up part of it as I just got lucky if you had to you could reach them behind with your claw of your hammer and pull your siding nails and remove them and then really what you

Want to do is get your blue skin peel the paper first to get started and then just slide it into position okay ideally find the type are okay here we can fit it in behind the house wrap and we will be a much better position to get a

Significantly improved weather seal once we get this started it'll be a lot easier but for now they're gonna be a real pain in the butt okay I know it's not gonna be perfect but every ounce of prevention that you can

Add to this at this point is gonna be really beneficial for you because when you're adding the window after the fact you're building things in reverse order it can be a little tricky but don't worry about it heck 30 years ago they

Didn't even know what blue skin was there's a little millions of houses in the world that don't have any blue skin on them and they're doing just fine drat that point yeah we're gonna just

Seal up any of our overlaps or areas are concerned with our tuck tape brilliant like I said yeah this is like putting lipstick on a pig but I think she's gonna be ready for the dance in just a few minutes all right so now we're gonna

Put the J trim all for the sides and we need to actually measure the actual distance of this year 50 and a quarter and we're gonna go just a hair long plus the depth of that detail right there which is one inch so our total height is

51 and a quarter for the total of the window flashing my cutoff is actually pretty perfect as well spooky day all right things are going too well around here max problem

All right so the only downside of this scenario is trying to attach it to the house right truth is I gotta get all this in behind if your last nail strip was here then you cut it out

That means there's another 16 inches away this will be incredibly loose I have a strap right here plan that in advance but if you're putting this hole just anywhere what I'm gonna suggest is this might sound a little bit nutty but

What you can do is you can stick this in here and before you do I think just after your foot it finished that in throw some exterior screws in your corners okay to tighten all that down in a couple of places just to give it some

Rigidity remember this is a water diversion system vinyl with a tiny hole in it with an exterior screw that use on decking isn't going to have any major problems except in the heat you might get a bit of a buckle but it's worth it

To have a bit of a buckle around a window to get a couple of solid screws in there if you need it all right now let's see at the window fits remember the last step for us is actually put the exterior like a mono or a quad adhesive

Sealant okay that has an elastomeric property on it so we can seal the trim to the window and then the window when its installed will actually hold my vinyl trims in place let's throw that sucker in here I'm feeling good about

This Matt oh all right okay up and at it higher higher higher higher there you go right there oh that doesn't get much sexier Wow I am loving it don't move I'll be right back can you lift that up

Just a touch right there and then this side just a touch right there hold on a minute okay Matt I'm gonna go for lunch buddy I'll be right back pretty darn awesome it's when these

Double Hong's you'll notice that they have these finished plastic caps if you pop them out you can stick your screw in where it's hidden so even if you lose your screws like we did yes this window wasn't delivered but two weeks ago we

Can just stick it in the track soon as it starts pulling you got to back it off all right you don't want to work the window out of shape I just want to have it snug go and then these ones are gonna be outside the building it's a crying

Shame but we can put these right into the bottom okay that's functioning I just got to put these back in place or I'm gonna have the window run off the tracks

Beautiful all right only thing left for us is put in the window boom love it too much daylight there be careful in using this stuff it does like to expand a lot this is just great an air seal windows only have an R value of

Five so it doesn't take a lot of foam to get that four same rating sheep adheres to keep the wind and air from blowing through and they will continue to expand probably for another twenty minutes or so

Gets to about one and a half times its size the benefit of the window foam is that it'll grow out before it'll push up all right so I'm going to go outside to throw a couple more layers of siding on and a

Little bit more Jay trim and I'm gonna the windows to the siding but that's pretty simple stuff and if you want to see our siding video so you know how to install siding on your house then click the button right here don't forget

To give us a thumbs up if you liked and learned anything in this video see you the next time

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