How to Install a New Door in an Old Space

by birtanpublished on September 18, 2020

Welcome to home rent a vision the YouTube DIY channel that will help you do renovations at home and get professional results today we are installing a brand new door in an existing hole here's the thing if you've ever had this situation in your house

You try to stick a 24-inch door into a 24 inch hole and it barely fits a lot of this is because over time things are moving around 800 layers of painter on the door we're gonna get to it today and show you how to fix every one of these

Problems and install a door from scratch so one of the biggest pet peeves we have in renovations is people trying to renovate a space to brand-new and they want to keep the door why you'd want to

Keep a door to a bathroom that's had a moisture problem I don't know but usually they don't function well there delaminating they've got oil and latex paints they scratch easy they're just a joke throw them out get them to handle

But now you're forced to deal with this issue paint after pain after paint layer house settling this door barely sneaks in here if I throw hinges on this thing I'm guaranteed to have a horrible result I'm not gonna be able to swing it open

And close even though the door has got a little bit of beveling on it so what we're gonna do is show you the tips and tricks not just how to create a space where this will fit but how to Marvis in your hinges how to drill your holes and

Line it all up and how to have a successful new door installation in an old space so first thing is first you got to figure out how bad the situation is so I'm right on the ground this is a 24 by 80 door it's very standard

Off-the-shelf my gap at the top is a little bit too big which is great because the reality is is when I lift this door up leaves me a little gap at the bottom so our height it really isn't quite enough that would be a good gap

Underneath the door but I don't even have enough space for on top of the door not to mention swing is everything level so when I look at the bottom I'm also sitting on a marble sill that's on the slope so I want to add a little extra

Space so we're gonna cut down the bottom of the door okay that'll give us the extra space that we need at step one step number two side to side I'm really tight okay so what I'm gonna do to solve that problem is I'm gonna take out my

Hand planer and this is a simple tool that I keep on the truck because every time I run into a situation with an old door and it needs to be fixed I got a plain one side so that I can get the room that I need to put a fresh cake

Job on so because I don't want to start making the the hinge side thinner because these are hollow doors and you don't want to mess with the integrity strength of where the hinges go we are going to take it off of this side now

This door fits pretty good and traditionally what you want is about 1/16 of an inch gap here and about 1/8 over here we've only got the 16 going on so we're going to set the planer to 1/8 give it a quick rip and then follow it

Up with a quick little sand and then we're going to be able to drill the holes whoo now the thing about using a hand planer on this side of the door is once you start you can't stop you don't start in the stop in the

Middle or it's going to get ugly so you have to be able to commit to doing the whole line and then that'll give you a nice straight edge look just like a factory cut so first thing we got to do is get this outside get out the tools

Get the planer cut the bottom and then we can come and measure for our hinges the first thing we need to see is that the door has got a bevel and what happens is when you're swinging the door open and closed the shorter side of the

Door okay that's the interior of the jamb and the wider side of the door that's the exterior of the jamb so that will help you to set this up if you're putting it in backwards you're in for one heck of a challenge we only need a

Quarter inch off the bottom and a solid eighth off the side this is my planer has one wheel with a couple blades incredibly fast moving machine and this table here actually adjusts the the depth to cut more or less alright and

That's all there is to it so we just got to set this to what we want and I'm loving that and then make sure that I can do this all in one pass all right and then all we do is just drive it down the street

love this tool then we're gonna take a quarter inch off the bottom perfect so now now we're back in with our playing door once again we're just

Gonna stick it in the space all right now you can see my height at the top much better look at beautiful gaps down here oh yeah no this is really close and it's possible when we're completely done that

When we try the operation of the door I might need to set the planer on something like really tiny just to do a little bit of custom curving at the bottom but for now I think what we're going to do is we're going to go for it

Now when we put this door in we saw that the gap was very consistent across the top that's really handy if it's not then you're gonna want to scribe the top use your planer and maybe a hand belt sander and just get that perfect curve but

That's pretty extreme and usually an applicable with houses that have like stacked stone foundations and that sort of thing most situations how should sit pretty square and that won't be an issue now we did go out and pick up the same

Three-inch hinges that we had here before so they will fit perfectly in the old space all right nice the only problem is sitting a little bit proud on this new jam the new casing here so we're gonna have to clean that up

And the reason I just want to mark here every every age of every house has a different dimension that they set the hinges this is an odd thing if you go to the store they'll actually sell a door that has the hinges already pre placed

And the knob for the hole already done that's only good for you if it's a relatively new door that you're changing it seems like every 15 or 20 years they change the set height amount for hinges and door handles so that you can't go

Buy something pre-cut I'm not sure I think I said promote you buying a brand-new door jamb as well but all you have to do is measure it from the top down to here and this one in this case Wow we're gonna call that six and a

Quarter we're gonna mark that in because what I want to do is I want to get this hinge cut in so I can put it on the pin and then I can actually fix the other one perfectly so what I do is I take to my hinge side and I mark down here but

It don't go six and a quarter go six in an eight and here's why I'm setting my door intentionally a little bit lower because I've got a doorstop and I want to have a bit of gap here to make sure that I don't have rubbing so measure

This side translate that information – 1/8 put your pencil mark now this particular hinge it is about a full quarter away from the jam all right from the doorstop sorry so when I translate this over onto this side if I

Put this hinge flush then I have the door stopping a quarter inch from the doorstop so what I want to do is I want to come over here and I want to add a full eight here okay and I just trace the top and the bottom

And then down the side alright and that leaves me with the cutout for my hinge so all of this and I'm going to try to leave this which is good because this is a hard board on the wood so if I'm just taking the wood out only I'll leave the

Hard board actually get the right depth set and this is something that you can do in your house all you need for this is a basic chisel now traditionally my chisels aren't in the greatest shape simply because I don't use them often

Enough to baby them and when I'm on site I tend to trust and rely on caulking to finish some of my finishing trims here well I'm doing this just setting the depth that I want to take out then I want to use my knife to

Separate the wood from the melamine the luan in the front here now over the years the wood that had been using these doors is I'm getting worse and worse order okay if you have a really good chisel this one's actually

Not that bad so you can just slide it along if it's good otherwise you need a hammer all right and the secret here is to try to not take out more than you need we're gonna backfill it back filling it with a

Little pieces of cardboard like the old sixties carpenters know if you're gonna bring this thing towards you gotta be careful because remember if it's that sharp you can do it without a hammer can you slip this is gonna go right to the

Bone anything that cuts wood that easy trust me it's not stopping until it hits bone so be real conscientious about where this is gonna go off the slips how this work is tricky the high board panel doesn't work as nice as would I would

Suggest using a hammer here okay no we do as we set our hinge here and see how we're doing I'm still a little proud okay so we're gonna take a little bit more all right now we're nice and flush we're good to go

Very important here understand how your hinge works the pin pulls out from the top so you close it is at the top of my door I set the top of the pin at the top of the door open it up and now I'm gonna set a couple of screws in this bad boy

Here's a little trick for you put the tip of the drill bit in the hole pound that then you got somewhere for that screw to sit before you drive it in it'll go down the middle of that hole every time like

Yeah that way you're not fooling around looking for where to put that screw okay take the hinge pin out take the other side and go ahead and stall that in the door jamb all right so now we're gonna put our hinge back where I bought wait

Okay all right now huh so while my son is busy doing one thing I'm doing another what a novel idea so what we're doing here is we're just setting the hitch period okay and you can just wiggle it into

Position usually so here we are my MDF casing is still in the way for the hinges so now we're gonna cut some of this away myself a little bit of room so now what we want to do is in order to get this set perfectly because you don't

Want your hands to be squeaking is you install this hinge in the existing original position one two and three don't over tightening or they won't grab so now the door is hanging in position from the top you slide it right over

Here to the sweet spot which is not necessarily square because the door might not be straight the wall jamb might not be straight the house definitely isn't straight but now we have a trace line that'll be perfect

When I install it and you see how nothing in this house is square but this also means that nothing is gonna squeak so now that we've got that set up perfectly just a matter of throwing the screws in let's see how the

Door closes perfect every time okay so I picked up a defiant knob set from Home Depot big surprise good deal gives you privacy and mom and I can always use a screwdriver to break in now in case you weren't aware these set for

Two different depths depending on how far back you set your latch I like to go the deeper Hall you know grown-up hands it's nice having a knob just a little bit away from the door but if you're putting it into an existing door it's

Good to know you got options screws last plate blah blah here's the instructions you can read them if you want to but I picked up this little kit today to demonstrate for you guys at home this should have everything

You need and it was not even 20 bucks so the first thing we want to do is create our great big hole here we go okay well that's quite the pilot hole right so the first thing to do is just put the last plate back now we obviously ripped out

An old piece of brass so location here is not rocket science just reinstall all right poof now this is how I like to operate that's the middle part of my latch okay so I'm going to just close the door mark the middle point and then

I'm good to go I'm gonna do is I just set my pencil here and close the door on it the sound of my pencil breaking is actually how it leaves a mark that's the mark of the middle of latch and that'll

Set the center up for the whole door no this is snug it's a perfect little gizmo and I'm just gonna mark my Center Bowl right here and this comes with a pilot hole right there in the middle of the door over here all right now we have a

Pilot hole here's the latch that represents where it's sis here's the centerline of that latch with the center of my door that's how I know that I'm in good spot if I picked the other hole I just move this like I said like the

Novel way from the edge a little bit gives more room for your hand so now we're going to drill the hole and embrace it on your foot

And I'd like to drill with a bit of a rolling motion it makes my whole just about 1/16 of an inch bigger than it should be and then it doesn't overheat yep

I'm through on the other side that way I finish with a nice clean edge here now we go with a one-inch spade bit don't they come with the kit one-inch hole is the perfect size here's a perfect size or is it too big it's

Actually kind of big if I had my drill bit case ami I'd use the fifteenth sixteenth here but I don't so I'm not we're going to just follow the system now the trick here is it go squaring on the door

there we go when you buy your latch it comes setup with this and if you like you can draw trace this out and you can chisel it out and set it in or you can just get rid of

It altogether it just pops off okay and little pins here they just line it up on the hole and you can slide them off and then you just slide this back on in the same fashion right over those pins okay and then why you got to do is line this

Up in the direction that the door is closing done that's perfect now the only thing you have to do remember here is the safety lock for parental emergency access to the bathroom that goes on the outside of the door and then this one

Over here goes on the inside the river now these are you want to just put on with your fingers find the hole on the other side and then you got to get one of these this is a protective sheath for my drill bit so I can set my drill bit

On later I'll pull this down and I'm not getting a mark from the metal drill bit on the handle and you just go a little bit of each time and then take our hammer and set this right into the wood before we tighten up

The screws that'll give us the maximum amount of space that we can have for our door Oh perfect so that's the basics for the door remember all you got to do now is give it one more quick sand and another touch-up coat of paint and

You're ready to rock and roll so if you ever want to change your doors an update it's that simple it's just a couple of steps all of that process and you'll be just fine thanks for joining us today in the home

Renovation and if you like this kind of video give us a thumbs up don't forget to subscribe at the notification bell and if you have any questions or comments or suggestions drop them in the comments section below and we'll see you

Again next time click the video to see how this project turned out

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