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published on July 9, 2020

Hey it's me Destin welcome back tosmarter every dayI'm alone so I can take this off I am ina warehouse that was once used to workon the Saturn 5 rocket and we have justspent the whole day tooling up a line todisinfect and sanitize 3d printed

Materials those are 3d printed materialsthat come in from the community wedisinfect them all through the processwe dry them off right here and then weget them packaged up ready to ship outthe doctors and nurses so I would like

To make a video to show you how we didthis because it's one thing to make it3d printed face shield it's quiteanother to do all the logistics effortbehind it in order to get it out to thecommunity so we can fight cope at night

Team together as a community but itinvolves a lot of people cooperating soI would like to show you how we got allthis set up so here's where we're atright now Co fit 19 is bad there's not amiracle drug in place that'll just heal

A person once they get it and ourdoctors and nurses are out there day inand day out fighting this thing and someof them are becoming exposed becausethey're right there with it and so theyneed protective equipment but the

Problem is our supply chains were sostressed because this hit everywhere allat once globally that if you live in aplace like North Alabama like I do youare painfully aware of the fact thatmost of the protective equipment is

Being shipped to more densely populatedareas so a couple weeks ago I'm lookingaround and I'm seeing all this play outand I'm thinking to myself man no one'scoming it's all nice isn't it like thisis really on us I visualized the whole

Problem like this the medical communityis basically the front line of defensein our fight against the corona virus soyou can think of them as standing inbetween it and us these health careworkers need to be protected from the

Virus so they wear various protectivegear that drastically reduces thelikelihood of them getting sickthemselves right now we don't haveenough of this protective gear theseprofessionals and trained technicians

Are not people we can just replace ifthey go down you and I can't just stepup when one of them gets sick and you'renot going to get helpan outside community because the othercommunities are in a fight of their own

Against the coronavirus but what we cando is help make them protective gear sothey can stay in the fight but it's notjust enough to make them gear it has tobe done in a coordinated way so that thegear can actually get to the frontlines

Where it's needed most makers arenaturally independent thinkers but atthis moment it doesn't do a lot of goodif we're not making what the hospitalsneed or if we make this protection forthem but don't create an efficient

Distribution chain to get it to thefront lines to them if you're makinganything right now you don't need to beoff just making your own thing it'simportant that you get with the programit's super important that all the makers

In the community work together as a teamto execute an agreed-upon plan so thatdoctors nurses and everyone gettingtheir hands dirty right now has whatthey need to keep fighting for us let mebe clear this video is not about making

Face shields for your community this isabout getting your hometown to rallytogether to do whatever the medicalinfrastructure in your specific locationneeds together as a teameven though we're kind of isolated in

Our own communities the collective we isfully operational when it comes toprotective equipment this is Joe Prusahe's the guy behind the Prusa 3d printercompany in the Czech Republic they makegreat printers last month his team

Designed a 3d printable face shieldwhich could easily be fabricated usingthose old transparencies that your mathteacher used to use on the overheadprojector this has been a huge successand has been all over the internet and

You probably heard about people 3dprinting different types of protectiveequipment whether it be respirators oreven valves for ventilators here's thedeal though just because you have a 3dprinter doesn't mean you can just print

Something out and run up to the hospitaland try to save the world because thesepeople are actively fighting kovat 19right now just like the visualizationearlier if everyone prints what theythink is right it's gonna lead to

Confusion and frustration a moreefficient way to do this is to geteverybody in the maker community tointeract with the medical communitythrough one touch point in our case wedid it through the supply chain what I

Recommend doing is finding a leader inyour area that's already communicatedwith a hospital and found out exactlywhat the hospital wants it might be arespiratormight be a valve or like a test kit in

Our case it was a face shield so this ishow we got that word out andcommunicated it to the whole communityHuntsville it is time to do whatHuntsville do we're a bunch of engineerswe're a bunch of geeks for a bunch of

Scientists it's time to help the medicalcommunity we circulated it in our areasubreddits among famous local bloggersand basically we made this call toaction to anyone in our region who had a3d printer and we asked them to print a

Very specific STL file people thatsigned up just filled out a Google Formwe had their email addresses so we had350 people 3d printing instantly and wehad the ability to communicate with themso I've talked to a lot of people doing

This in their cities and they all saythe same thing once they establish thiscommunication network there's two typesof people the vast majority of peoplejust do itthey're like that's the file I'm in

Let's do it right nowbut there's this other kind of personthey're like well actually we could bemore efficient if we like ran it thisway and you know we could do it withthis hole puncher or whatever don't be

That guy just don't whatever the file isprint the file that's all you got to doman and here's the deal about thisyou're right it is probably moreefficient it is probably better and thatyou it's quicker run time whatever it is

Yes got itthe doctors requested this so we shouldall just do it so whatever your idea isunless it's a matter of safety just getwith the program and do what everybodyelse is doing so here's another thing

You're gonna want to do while your wholeteam is printing you're gonna want acouple of pockets of research withinyour group thinking about two weeks outfor example 3d printing is great but ittakes about three hours for every part

Injection molding however kicks out apart every 25 seconds which is why whena guy named Chris who owns an injectionmolding shop replied to our call forhelp in the Google form we stroke thecheck for materials then you work

Through the night to design a mold sothat his tool maker Jeremy could startmachining the mold the next day oneinjection mold machine can do the job ofhundreds of printers like a thousandparts per shift the challenge is that it

Takes several days to make the molds souse 3d printing as a stopgap to get youto the injection mold solution and thenyou can pivot with your 3d printers toanother design that the hospitals needso we kind of shot first and we asked

Questlater we knew the doctors wantedfaceshield so we had 350 people printingthose but we still didn't know how tocollect these things we also didn't knowhow to disinfect them we have to assume

That every single face shield that thecommunity delivers potentially has kovat19 on it so this is when we reached outand we discovered that there was a guyin sacramento named pooch i got hisphone number from joel telling the 3d

Printing nerd but pooch was an open bookhe's created this whole thing calledoperation shields up and he's about twoweeks further along in the process thanwe are i'll just basically start at thebeginning from our intake we're actually

Between chefs right now which is goodyou're gonna need a shipping andreceiving so this is like intake thisperson here is cataloguing who sent uswhat this is the disinfection line thisis all of our stuff right now I totally

I just got a pallet this is all waitingto be disinfected we're starting herewith a detergent rinse then it goesthrough a water twenty minutes in hereget a couple kitchen timers there's nodouble in the concentration to speed up

The process it's it's you have to let itdo its dwell time that really matters onthat one more rinse after after thetwenty minutes is up and get yourself abunch of rack to shop after it dries offover there packaging and stuff so you're

Gonna want some poly bags probably thatseems to be the best thing becausethey've been through sanitation they getbagged up right away and sealed and thenthe bag goes inside the box you knowbasic checklists basic assembly guide

We're standing up a github and this canall be open source for anybody to use asa model for you know rapid responsemanufacturing or whatever we want tocall this your you're a week ahead andan order of magnitude more organized

Than we are you know before you beforeyou jumped on I said like every 24 hoursright now pooch is my sensei his name'sAllen Allen is amazing he's telling uswhat he did how he learned a lesson andhe's hoping that we can improve on it so

We can pass that along this guy righthere in the Xoom call with pooch tookwhat pooch said about disinfecting theparts and he connected this with a localministry who got it all set up per CDCguidelines and just made it all happen

Pooch also recommended something thatwas very interesting to me he said it'simportant to team up with a localMedical Society and the reason you wantto do that islike for example the same thing that was

Happening with the large metropolitanarea has taken all the stuff right youdon't want to have your stuff go to onearea when you might have these smallerpractices out in the county in a ruralarea for example they need the stuff too

Because they're on the front linesthat's what the Medical Society can dofor you they act as a referee to makesure that whatever you're producing as agroup gets distributed fairly we decidedto do a drive-thru drop-off point for

The entire communities 3d printed partswhich is kind of tough to do and alsomaintain social distancing we usedbaskets so people could drop their stuffoff everyone who made parts pre soakedthem in a bleach solution prior to

Dropping them off to begin thedisinfection process in two hours wecollected 3800 parts which wasincredible and you might think you havelike an idea of what a person that ownsa 3d printer looks like this is the most

Diverse group of people I have possiblyever seen it's like a character fromevery genre of movie showed up anddeposited their stash large or small andthey were all united in the exact samecalls we wanted to protect the medical

Community there's this legitimate thingthat happens to me if I see people fromall different walksunlike differing opinions and stuff ifthey all come together and they work fora common cause that's good I get

Emotional I just do don't know what thedeal is but I do this was one of thosemoments for me I was so proud to be ahuman and I was so proud to be from mycommunity okay back to the task at handso because this stuff is going out into

Doctors offices and hospitals we have tomake sure that there's nothing on itthere's no chance that the virus is hereat all so we had to go all the waythrough the complete disinfectionprocess a group of nurses and dental

Hygienists came to save the day theyunderstand sterile fields I texted puchand he did a down-and-dirty audiorecording and sent it to me so I couldplay it for the nurses and hygienists sothey can figure out how operations

Shields up did all this in Sacramento wedidn't walked into the room and over thecourse of a few hours they developed anentire system to disinfect the 3dprinted parts this part was awesome theengineers just got out of the way and we

Built whatever these ladies told us tothem but at the end of the day we weredelivering parts to hospitals for thefirst time so we used today to updemise everything a volunteer namedEllie came in and used her graphic

Design skills to make instructionssheets for us we have disclaimer sheetsthat we put inside all the pouches etcwe have a system to build parts we havea system to sanitize parts whilemaintaining social distancing Rebecca

Wrote a procedure for everything in theroom so we can have any volunteer jumpin at any time and do any job well so atthis point we need volunteers toactually work this process we also needall the doctors offices around the area

To know that this is an option for themnow they can get these shields we needto coordinate which is why I called Matthe's been an awesome volunteer at everyevent I've ever been to in town and heknows absolutely everyone so Matt just

Showed me how to make a battle plan thisis how you do it you did this in Katrinadidn't you I did this for HurricaneKatrina yeah we had no clue what we'redoing hurricane came through didn't havea choice but to step up and make things

Happen and so we just took a bigwhiteboard and wrote it out and startedbringing volunteers in and when it's allsaid none we move over ten milliondollars worth of relief supplies thatwere collected all up and down the

Eastern seaboard down into the disasterarea this is here who's gonna be on thefront line figuring out you know whatare those requests basically doingtriage on those again what's thepriority on that so that when we get

Ready to ship we know who we're shippingto and why we're shipping today we havethe shields which are coming in we gotthe headbands which are being 3d printedby a lot of people locally businessesthey're shipping a year and then we're

Also talking moving into the respiratorson media be able to explain to peoplewhat we're doing and why we're doing itso they can understand that work sowe're working on what our channels areappointed contacts they're in the

Facilities here we've got multiplethings going on all the stuff we've beensetting that yesterday and today to makethis happen and then on the volunteersyou know just all the signups forrelease form scheduling vetting figuring

Out you know cuz I like we have now withgreat nurses who've kind of come in andthey know what they're doing and sohaving that kind of piece and then weship down to the other part which is notthe last part but this has to be on this

Was a little mess of funding because allthis dust can take some money we've gota lot of people just jumped in offeringservices to do great things but we needto be able to purchase some of thesupplies and stuff we need and so we

Want to make sure we've got goodvehicles for people to be able to fundthiswe work on it it's a lot so here's thepoint assume no one is coming if they dothat's great but assume they're not try

To find the leadership that's already inplace in your area the community leadersand then try to amplify what they'redoing and then whatever you learn passthat along to the next community thatneeds this information in their battle

When I first started trying to figureout what I could do to help I needed away to quickly get with the people thatwere working solutions and get it doneso I have a proposalwhatever your city is right now you're

Fighting kovat you are so use thehashtag your city fighting Kovan if youjust tweet it out maybe you couldquickly link up to other people forexample if you're in Austin Texashashtag Austin fighting Kovan huntsville

Alabama hashtag huntsville fighting codeis what we're using we even made thewebsite huntsville fighting KO vidcomand what that led us do is it letspeople sign up to 3d print if they wantto help us do that they can sign up to

Volunteer if there's something they cando to help us they can also sign up toget medical equipment if they're part ofthe medical community and of coursedonate they can help us buy supplies Idon't know what the infrastructure or

Communication network looks like in yourtown but from what I can tell we're notvery unified right now so if you canunify quickly in your city at thecommunity level and start fighting kovatwith hashtag your city fighting kovat I

Think we got a better shot because thisis a global problem but I believe it ismost effectively fought on a local levelto do all this you're gonna need a teamwith a bunch of different skills but thegood news here is most of the stuff can

Be done without ever leaving your home Iwant to show you some of the people inHuntsville fighting kovat and I want toshow you what they brought to the tableto help do this as a team jennifer and Iare heading up coordination she's

Awesomethis whole thing was Trent's idea andhe's literally building it carson builtthe website and he's command to controlhe makes everything happened with thesemonitors and he's also hilarious allison

Made this whole thing legit she did allthe paperwork and administration jeremyhandles our mechanical designs and zakatmission dream and ministries handles thedonations Ben's a youtuber with achannel called authentic and he's been

The liaison with our local mediaprathamesh is using software to optimizeour distribution Ellie'sbeing in town for four months but she'susing her graphic design skills to helpus make amazing instructions for the

Doctors and nurses Pammy's helping tostay connected to the city and Rebeccawrote all our procedures to projectengineers Jared and the other Jeremy areplanning our pivots to new designs whenparts print wrong Matt makes them work

There are tons of volunteer drivers likeAustin and Chris and Jeremy are workingaround the clock to make the injectionmold happen and that list doesn't evenscratch the surface the whole sanitizingcrew of nurses and hygienists are

Amazing and of course the whole makercommunity whose printing as fast as theycan this is something you can do foryour city right now the key is that yougot to work together now go find yourteam remember your city fighting kovin

I'm Destin you're getting smarter everyday go wash your hands have a good onebye

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