How To Hang Wallpaper! It is So Easy You Will Love It!

published on July 13, 2020

Hey welcome to home renovation my nameis Jeff I'm a general contractor and inthis video we are going to be teachingyou guys how to hang wallpapernow generally on our channel we are hereto help all kinds of homeowners do allkinds of projects whether it's

Renovation or remodeling or decoratingand so we're tackling this video becauseI think while paper is going to make aresurgence I might be wrong but thereare tons and tons of really awesomeprints out there that'll give you great

Texture in your room now in thisparticular project we're gonna bebuilding a custom walk-in closetdressing room okay so the idea here isthere's only a couple of exposed wallsthere's only a mirror on this side but

The wallpaper is going to be in behindall of the custom shelving and closethanging areas and I think it's going toadd a really cool dimension to theproject special once we get all the potlights in here and dialed in onto that

Those cabinets so we're gonna just jumpright in on the other corner and I'mgoing to show you how to get startedwe're gonna show you tips and tricks howto make it easy because wallpaperingtoday is made really easy gone are the

Days where you have the big bucket ofwater and you gotta soak your wallpaperto activate the glue now it is just somuch easier to do I'm going to show youall those tips and tricks so that youcan feel comfortable doing this at home

And dress up any room in your house sowallpapering nowadays is it really assimple as just having adhesive the rightcutting measuring tools and the rightplan for application so the old daysthey used to have the adhesive on the

Paper itself and you cut the length andthen you roll it up and then you dip itin water and you try to get it in therefor the right amount of time then you'dpull it out dripping water and glueeverywhere just slap it on the wall it

Was really quite a mess now one of thechanges that they've made in theindustry is generally all this stuff nowyou put the adhesive on the wall andthen you apply the paper and the truthis does that makes the application so

Much easier if you've ever tried thisbefore and you were disillusionedbecause of the the paper had the glue onit try it this wayand you're gonna notice a difference sobasically you get this white pasty glue

Okay and I've set it up in my paintroller tray and I've just got a little3/8 nap on there and we're gonna justpaint the wall with adhesive rightwe're not trying to be cheap with thiseither because this is one of these

Situations where less is more is not thecase all rightyou're gonna get about the width of aroller for every application loaded upthe secret is if you have lots ofadhesive on the wall it's a lot easier

To work with the paper and to be able tomove it around all right okay we're justgonna go through a little bit wider herenow there we go now right at the verytop I didn't have any adhesive becauseI'm using a roller so for that I got a

3-inch brush and I'm just gonna slap anddrag okay try to leave as much of thatadhesive as I can up there don't worryabout getting it on the ceiling or otherwalls it's water-based and we have asponge in a pail here so we're done with

Our paper we can go back and just cleanoff any of the extra residue now ifyou're new to this channel you might nothave seen one of these beforebut if you're not new to the channel youknow I love my laser lines okay so the

Idea here is in a lot of the instructionmanuals out there they'll tell you toget a big long ruler and a pencil anddraw a line on the wall but if you havea laser line you slap one up there putyour roll into the corner laser went off

The edge BAM there's your line resistthe temptation to start in the cornerbecause it's never going to be straightI'll show you that right here I'm in thecorner at the bottom I'm in the cornerat the top but look how much the wall is

Bowed and this is the danger if youstart using the edge of the wall here asyour guide you're in trouble so we'rejust going to throw a laser line righthere now if you're concerned about thisbecause you're gonna do the whole room

And you move your laser line in about aninch or so start off this line and thencome around the corner all right for uswe're actually installing differentshelving units here I'm not concernedabout the gap so I'm gonna make my life

Simple go right off the edge okay nowwe're ready to hang so we'll just goover the tools real quick so we need oneof theseplastic things this is just a flatterwhen you go in to buy your wallpaper

There's a whole section of tools andequipment you need a bucket of adhesiveand it's right there's wallpaperadhesive you're gonna want to get one ofthese little sponge things this is greatfor smoothing out all the bubbles and

Then it won't wrinkle the paper you'regonna need a straight edge like thisbecause when you're cutting wall paperyou don't want to do a freehand youalways want to have a metal edge holdingthe paper against the wall because what

Paper likes to tear a really nasty likeand then you need a straight littleknife like this I'm not using my age beknife today like normal this is a minithin alpha it's really sharp and reallylightweight and that's really good for

Getting into all the nooks and cranniescutting things perfect no all we do isget up on our ladder here and you'll seeI can drive this paper anywhere I wantto go well there's my laser line rightthere right I'm gonna start I'm gonna

Try to manipulate this design that goldline to be at the ceiling okayand there's my laser line to do did itdo know where we areall right there so what I want to do nowis come down here couple of feet okay

Hold this off and stretch this into theline okay so now that's my here's myedge okay and I'll run the paper to theleft if you need to manipulate it youjust peel it offokay there we go now we're going to take

Our straightedge run it right up inthere on the ceiling and we're going toslice right through okay just going torun this around a bit here to get rid ofthe bubbles in this area no no I get offmy ladder and so again we're gonna pull

This paper loosefind our laser line press it right tothe line all rightnow we're down near the bottom now inthis particular project I don't have anybaseboards down here if I did I would

Just set this on there run that downwith a baseboard edge okay and then I'lltake the knife and I would cut it at thebaseboard but for here I'm just gonnarun a mom on purpose and I'm gonnainstall the baseboards afterwards all

Rightalways smooth out all your bubbles therewe go now we're done with the laser wewon't need that again because we're justgonna follow that line all around theroom the only other thing we need is a

Bit of a wet sponge all right okaythat's just to get rid of all of theadhesive on the edge hurry oh okay nonext roll we're gonna do a few rows hereand I'm gonna show you how to cut aroundthe windows and kind of match up your

Joints again make sure you're plenty ofadhesive on the wall where you're makingyour joint that'll make your life a loteasier if you go to dry when you put thepaper on it just clings to the wall andyou can't slide it around at all and

Without that ability to manipulate theedge you're in a lot of trouble there wegoalright last step make sure we got lotsof adhesive at the ceiling here we gonow this is where it's fun because you

Can actually pull left or right and getthis the roll lined up right on the edgeokay so if I pull left or I pull right Imanipulate where my role is the key isto finish at the top right where youwant it okay and you want to smash up

Your reoccurring pattern here's thetrouble with that I'm going todemonstrate how difficult this can bethere's my pattern right there alrightnow what all this extra paper up heretomorrow how much I press this on while

You're working and smoothing things outit's gonna have a tendency to want tojust fall right off the wall of courseit's not doing it but I'm starting to gonow so before you go lift this up thebest plan is to find the reoccurring

Pattern measure it off and cut a littlebit of excess so it's a little biteasier to manage here we go now we'recoming back with this little tool okayyou want to get in behind and just lineup the pattern nice and tight because

We're not doing too much manipulationwe're not stretching the paper you'rejust putting it right where it needs togo here we gothat's a little bit loose you can see Ican just push it because I have lots of

Adhesive no we're gonna just come acrosshere now nice and gentle like workingthat paper in the right direction startto develop any kind of a crease we'lljust lift it offokay stretch your back out again all

Rightwork that into the ceiling you can startto see that this can get moving prettygood if you get proficient it really isone of those jobs you can do a wholeroom in just an afternoon especially if

You had a helper okay again we're justgoing to line up our car designokay so now we're gonna talk about goingaround obstaclesbump bump bomb versus again the rulewith obstacles is lots of adhesive

Having the ability to manipulate to peelit off and put it back on again stillget ahijon is keydon't worry about overlapping the glueon the old paper we're gonna be washingall of that off later okay now we're

Gonna get this all over the place herealright alright so this time we're gonnaidentify our pattern reoccur in herethat's my line there we go same thingjust gonna pull this up and put apattern in place first we're gonna rough

To meet this okay so here we go I've gotmy pattern in place now now the trickhere is you want to find that edge ofyour casing alrightokay you want to get it to a point whereyou cut this back to where the joint is

Yeah okay we want to finish our wholeseam first before we worry about all thedetails but you want to just get thatcut so that it's free to be appliedproperly if I left it connected I'mtrying to do this joint down here

Everything starts stretching on youthat's just gonna make a huge mess solast time our primary goal was theceiling right get that joint cut beforewe move forward now we just have to geteverything in position so we can

Identify where our casings arehere we go it's a little bit of surgeryright so I'm gonna work left to rightfall down this casinghere we are I'm gonna take this hereoh you bad boy

Very nicejust going to get my real line adjustedhere a little bit perfectokay back up to the topwe have here it is just a little bit dryat the time okay we would wash at the

Top theremake sure the trim is clean make surethe joints is clean it's all about thequality of the joint alright here we gonice alright so let's just go throughthis real quick

Lots of adhesive use it laser line bepatientmake sure all the bubbles are gonebefore you walk on you know likeanything in construction if you're happywith what you've just done then you can

Move on but don't move on until you'rehappy now the tools for this project Ithink all together$20 I mean it's disposable stuff not abig deal$20 and he said $20 of tools a couple

Hundred ollars for wallpaper and you'vegot a brand new room just a few hours ifyou're a DIY or and you're new to ourchannel then I'm gonna encourage you tosubscribe and then hit the bellnotification so that you get notified

Every time one of our videos comes outthat way we can help you out week afterweek after week to renovate your housealright listen we just want to talkabout this project here it's a customcloset walk-in dressing room it's gonna

Be absolutely gorgeous and to followalong this project gonna click thisplaylist right here we're gonna show youhow we did the flooring how we build thecabinets and brought this whole dressingrooms / walk-in closet together thanks

For joining us we'll see you in the nextvideo

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