How To Grow Your Sales & Business Faster

by birtanpublished on September 14, 2020

The question is how do you grow your business bigger faster and cheaper how do you create exponential growth in the age of disruption this video is not for you if you haven't figured out what business that you should be in this video is not for you if you're doing

Less than a hundred thousand dollars a year in your business you can skip this video this video is for you if you're doing a few hundred thousand dollars a year and you want to break through that million dollar mark or you're doing a

Few million dollars a year but you can never break through that ten million dollar mark if that's the case then I think you'll find this video extremely valuable what I'm gonna walk you through it's a powerful framework that I share

With my high-level advisory board members called dragon 100 dragon 100 it's where I advise and consult with 7 and 8-figure entrepreneurs so I call this the dragon 100 path and there are nine stages stage

Number one you know what I call a dreamer you're doing between zero to forty thousand dollars a year now as a dreamer your primary question is how do I get started what do I need to do right what is that big idea what am I supposed

To focus on your problem is lack of direction you don't know what to focus on you don't know what you're supposed to do but your advantage and your opportunity is you've got nothing to lose guess you're starting from scratch

You haven't do anything yet so that's a great advantage a breakthrough question that you could ask yourself is where is the blue ocean where's the blue ocean where is that opportunity where's that neat in the marketplace right now that's

Not being fulfilled that I could be there that I could stand out that I could offer something that is completely different from everybody else where's that blue ocean stage number one dreamer stage number two from 40,000 to $100,000

A year you are now a founder the question that you ask yourself most of the time is how could I survive how could I pay the bills how can I just make enough right you're in that survival mode your

Challenge would be lack of capital you don't have enough capital sufficient capital to grow you don't have that yet you're still trying to make ends meet the opportunity that you have is you could fail fast and it doesn't cost you

A lot of money and you want to pivot fast fail fast and pivot fast you want to get to that Minimum Viable Product MVP as soon as possible you want to get it going a breakthrough question that you can ask

Yourself is who could be my mentor how could you find someone who's been there and done that and kind of show you the ropes so you don't have to pay a lot of thumbtacks so you don't have to figure out everything on your own because

That's very very costly stage 3 from $100,000 to $300,000 you are now a technician you're the doer in your business a lot of small businesses fonder this category self-employed professionals your focus a today is what

Do I need to do today what do I need to get done right what what fires do I need to put out very very common your problem is lack of leads you don't have that consistent lead flow that's coming in every single day you don't have a system

For that yet the opportunity that you have it's building a loyal customer base making sure that your clients and customers they're satisfied with your products or services that's the key that's what you need to focus on that's

The opportunity and a breakthrough question that you can ask yourself is how could I make their first profitable sell and unless and until you have a predictable way of bringing in customers to either business you don't have a

Business you have an expensive hobby when you can crack the code to making their first profitable sell that means now you can buy customers you can go under social media you can advertise you could acquire you can advertise and

Bring those customers in but that's a key question how do you acquire how do you make their first profitable sell when you can make the transition from the doer of your thing to a marketer of your

Thing you will see a jump in your income and that's when you transition to the next stage stage number four you're now a marketer from $300,000 to a million dollars a year a very powerful question to ask when you are a marketer is how

Could I sell more to my existing customer base what else do they need what snicks we have solved this problem for them what is the next problem what is the problem after what's the next thing that I could

Offer to them what are the things I could offer to them that should be your focus as a marketer if you want to break through the income ceiling and that's where most entrepreneurs are stuck even the good ones they're very good at

Marketing their thing but they don't understand what got you here won't get you there you don't know how to transition to stage 5 at stage 5 you're doing between a million to three million dollars a year you are now an operator

Now as an operator your primary question is how could I get more done because now you're running a business you've got a team kind of going maybe a small team you know you're busy right you're selling it's fine but then you're kind

Of stuck and you don't know what to do NIC's it's not like your startup but it's not that you're so big that there's a lot of profit left so from the outside you look pretty good you've got a you know a business that's doing a couple of

Million dollars but that's not enough that's not giving you the freedom that you want and you kind of you need to be stuck here so it's an operator your challenge is lack of team you don't have a competent team so the opportunity is

How do you attract competent people who share your vision why would they want to come and work for you and join your team that's a very important question to ask yourself and to be very very honest with yourself and if you don't want to be the

One that is doing all the work that's making all the decisions a key question you have to ask yourself is how do I apply process and procedure how to apply that in my business that's how you transition to stage six

Stage six from three million dollars to ten million dollars you are now a leader congratulations because modes entrepreneurs never get to this level now at this level you're asking yourself where can I find good people where can I

Find good people because you are growing you're in hyper growth mode right there are so many things to be done so many initiatives you don't have enough good people to perform or those tasks your challenge is lack of leadership because

No one taught you how to be a leader you don't know how to lead you are a good operator and as good as your operator that doesn't automatically make you a leader it's a very very different skill and yes leadership it is a skill set so

A very powerful question that you could ask is not where can I find good people it is this how can I create an environment so that good people we want to join our team to join our company you know you think about it in a different

Way how do you attract the people not just pursue but how to attract them and if you are good you will transition to the next stage a stage there very few entrepreneurs ever see that is stage seven a manager that's correct a manager

Is at a high level than a leader I know that's counterintuitive let me explain just stay with me from 10 million to 30 million dollars you are now a manager but now there's a problem now you've got a bigger team right your

Problem is lack of transparency because now you have more people and it would feel like how come you have more people but everything gets slower everything is not getting done as fast as when you had a smaller team because now it's not just

You you as a CEO now you have layers and layers of communication is not just you to one person as you to one person to the other person to the other person it's a different thing so a very powerful question to ask is this how can

I create more leaders you see a leader takes effective action they make effective decisions but a manager a good a great manager creates more leaders and that is what is gonna get you to that next level and that is stage

Number eight from 30 million to a hundred million there now you are an innovator very few people ever get here very very few chances are the question that you ask yourself every day is how can i empower my leadership team because

Now you have a leadership team but your biggest problem is not growth your problem is something else it's how could you sustain this business it's one thing to be successful and now you are successful but then how do you

Keep it going how do you stay successful the opportunity that you have is now it's time to bring on a CEO or a CEO to run your business a breakthrough question that you can ask yourself is this how can I stay in my

Zone of entrepreneurial genius so that you're creating you're innovating you're coming up with ideas and strategies but you have a leadership team you have a CEO o or Co running the day-to-day running their business so maybe you go

Out and start another business right maybe you start in our division now it's a different thing now to me you are true entrepreneur but there's one more stage and that stage number line and that is from a hundred million and beyond now

You are an acquire see you ask a very different question now you're asking what should I invest in you've already got the money your business is working the key is how do you convert that profit into investments and chances are

You are the calorie king or queen in your industry you are the the big 800-pound gorilla you are the leader in your industry if you're doing a hundred million dollars depends on your industry you're doing well you're doing good but

Now the question is not so much growth and growing more and more but it's what's my legacy what is my legacy so those are the nine stages within the Dragon one path common below where are you at now

And where you stuck and where do you want to be man's a force of nature he's improved you know arguably millions lives where they can provide themselves more money his materials are great

Excellent is at the top of his game everything he says has a purpose and everything he does is done with heart what I've seen from seafood a lot I didn't see it from anyone else you've done it he's been there and he still the

Way because of them like my revenue went 30% up I actually did like a clearer picture of how its run made my business I can feel it that he really truly do we wanna help

His students start taking hold of more advanced strategies on building our brand creating content leveling up our team in an environment where I could actually

Be around people that were going to support that encourage that and hold me to a higher standard dan is a great mentor to get you not only in the right frame of mind but then to give you the know-how the tools the

Skills to get there if you would just follow his advice go step by step according to his blueprint you will achieve results more than you can imagine

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