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published on July 2, 2020

when I was in college I called my

parents and said I'm getting headaches

looking at the board in calculus after I

went through all the tests my doctor

told me that I had 2015 vision I just

didn't understand calculus this is how

to find the right glasses frames for

your face I'm with a man who knows

la-based glasses designer Garrett Lite

we also have a panel of extreme

stylishness to prove that you are in

fact an expert we're going to play a

little game we're gonna have you find

the right glasses for each of these guys

look and then we're gonna see what they

think of how you do that's it you ready

for that No

so let's do it it's like everything with

style the first thing you got to do is

know yourself have a look in the mirror

so the general rule is you want to go

the opposite of what your face shape is

to sort of distract from those features

oval face shape people are in luck

for the most part they'll be able to

wear round frames square frames

rectangular frames oversized you want it

to fit just on the outside of your

cheekbones which define the area how

wide or how narrow a frame should be

right black too strong color for sure I

usually like a matte black because it

doesn't have that like extra glossy pop

to it a darker tortoise on lighter skin

and the lighter Taurus and darker skin

kind of wears once again that kind of

opposite thing crystals going to be a

little hard on Ferriss because crystal

would clear like a clear yeah but

there's like pink crystal and peach

crystals so like a pure pure crystal

would look the best not fair-skinned if

you really wanted a crystal frame

balance is the best way to put it like

if you're very effect from maybe do not

such a bold color I mean I'm always a

fan of thin glasses for comfortability

especially on optical I could wear my

glasses all day and it doesn't feel like

I'm wearing glasses

and imbalances middle-school you got to

kind of consider your whole outfit in

style and when it comes to sunglasses I

look for something subtle I chose these

frames for Josh because I feel like he's

got a nice original look and speaking to

not wanting to take away from his outfit

I feel like his accessories from the

earring to the necklace kind of help

give him that pop so he doesn't need to

go too crazy here I've always found it

really difficult to find glasses that

fit my face I have a couple of go twos

that I've been wearing for years I chose

a square matte black frame for Josh

maybe it's my fault for associated like

a beach lifestyle with Josh but I just

feel like a nice square frame is

something that suits that lifestyle

occasionally I try to go big and then I

look like an idiot but I do it anyway it

looks like a hand

so with Nick he's like a bit of a

chameleon so he's really fun I wanted to

do optical because you're always seeing

him in Sun so let's take a look at how

we can get him at an optical frame we

tried a bunch on they all looked really

good on him but not everybody can do

this and I wanted to pick this frame

before that it's just like a nice little

round delicate frame but it just still

looks maybe a little more like weird

president I chose to van Buuren frame

this is probably not a frame josh is

going to be wearing like six months

everyday because it's a little more

progressive but I just felt like it'd be

a nice addition to his collection and

it's still classic it's got a g15 lens

like a really slight mirror and a

tortoise windsor rim and the lens is

flat like that's cool through the flat

base line I'm into the I'm into the base

line yeah and I understand calculus what

I'm wearing on he's just his own icon

right here

thanks guys gentlemen if you have any

questions for us or forget it leave them

in the comments subscribe to the GQ

YouTube channel and we will see you next

time thank you

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