How to find PC Parts IN STOCK NOW!

published on August 2, 2020

Hey what's up guys jackman here with the toaster rose and we know right now with everything going on it is very hard to source certain pc parts so we're going to show you guys how we've been getting everything done here at the office and

Uh spoiler alert it's most likely going to involve used parts but there are some resources out there that you may be overlooking but before we get into this let's hear a word from today's sponsor

Us so in case you guys didn't know we don't just do youtube so youtube is obviously our main platform but we also have social medias like twitter instagram discord so check all those out

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You know hey just telling you guys so don't forget to check out all of the other things that we do we'd really appreciate some follows likes subscriptions etc so now that we talked about all our social media platforms

Let's show you how you can get some pc parts given everything going on in the world right now which is kind of difficult all right guys so we're gonna be focusing on a couple of websites here the main concept here is to show you

Some things you can get on websites that most people well utilize but sometimes overlook those being ebay aliexpress a website that we like to work with upcycle computerworks or ucw

And microcenter which is going to be one that not a lot of people have access to but we'll talk about that when we get there but first up we're gonna look on ebay which we actually have an upcoming build

Using this concept which jax will talk about real quick so obviously aside from the typical things you get on ebay so new and used graphics cards cpus motherboards basically any

Pc parts you could possibly want you can always find them in ebay from individual sellers and even businesses so what we're actually looking at right now though is actually cpu motherboard ram combos you can literally type that

In and look at what matt's scrolling through right now there is thousands of results of amd intel and just all kinds of crazy combos that

You know range from forty dollars all the way to probably a few thousand dollars so we actually just bought a z on combo that 16 gigs of ram a four core eight threaded zeon and a motherboard for like

And fifty dollars so we're getting ready to actually do a video on that and we were able to get it in like four days so highly recommend checking out ebay and a big issue that people are having right now is getting stock of

Stuff for new now it bui be more expensive but right now more expensive is better than it not being in stock so if you look at b450 boards right now there are people selling these b450

Boards for 80 bucks which is a little bit more than you normally should pay for this but the fact that you're getting them actually in stock and you can actually order them

That's better than having to wait around it's kind of the premium you're paying right now to get stuff like this uh you have a lot of other options too if you want to buy used you could buy some other boards to use

Some people have some other b450m boards that are being price hyped which is not great really don't like that people do this but it is what the market is right now and if you are really desperate to do an amd build which of

Course we love our amd builds here you have options like these that are ready to be shipped and you can get them within one to three days and ebay is a good option for that so aliexpress is a website that we don't

Use a ton because well it takes usually one to three months to get most of the stuff because it mainly is china stuff but that does mean super cheap knockoff parts and when i

Say super cheap i mean like you can be getting something like 12 core 24 threads for you know 100-ish dollars in some cases like you can get some really good cpu ram motherboard combos even full builds

From aliexpress for things like graphics cards and stuff like that though they really don't sell name brands they're gonna be like you know brands like corn and like knockoff electronics so i'd be careful with

Trying to get parts like that especially if you have access to amazon newegg micro center um in ebay you know avoid aliexpress for that type of stuff but if you want to do some really cheap xeon stuff check out

Aliexpress we will definitely leave links in the description down below to some of our favorite bundles that we have used before and for upcoming videos we will have

Those as well but there are a wide range of xeons you can go with and most of the motherboards are knockoff motherboards they're not super high quality but they do get the job done

In most use cases you might not do any crazy overclocking or anything but if you're doing a sub 500 r build some of these high core count xeons might be a really good option for you i love aliexpress it's a lot of fun

Getting some of the stuff in the mail whenever it does show up and if you are international this stuff might show up a lot faster so if you are somebody overseas who looks at our builds and like

I can't get that stuff here where i live aliexpress is a great resource for you and you might be able to get it a lot faster than we would here in the us so speaking of people in the us ucw upcycle computerworks is a really

Awesome kind of local company so they basically deal with anything from cpus to cpu motherboard ram combos to full pc bills or stupid cheap you guys have probably seen we've done a few builds with them where they basically

Send us a full build or they send us you know half of a build and i'm not kidding when i say this is probably some of the cheapest stuff you can get besides maybe ebay but even then they are very trusted sellers and their

Stuff always works and this is more of the upgrading a dell optiflex pre-boat route which is something we do a lot on our channel um given the situation in the world right now this might be your best option

If you want a temporary work pc or a gaming pc really easy to do we've done so many videos as jackson mentioned and this is from somebody who actually buys these pcs tests them and ships them out as opposed to going on ebay and

Buying these or like facebook market or anything like that you might have a little bit of concern there that it may not work this guy tests it has a warranty behind it and you'll get these computers in hand

In the us really quickly so definitely check out shopucwcom if you are interested this isn't the sponsor spot or anything they're just really awesome over there uh but yeah check those out they are a

Really good resource to consider so next up is micro center now they don't really have anything used so keep that in mind they might have some refurb stuff here and there but the best part about micro center is that you can go

In store to all different locations around the us and actually buy your pc parts and build your pc that day they also offer build services and pre-built so micro center is honestly an amazing

Company they actually sponsor a lot of our streams where we give away pcs even so honestly one of the coolest companies out there we wish we had one closer to us the closest ones like ohio for us but

Even then we will still drive two hours there just to pick up pc parts in person now as we mentioned micro center is not super accessible to everybody but if you are near a micro center

Within one to two hours it is definitely worth the drive i know people have reached out to us who are a fan of ours who have gone to microcenter during everything that's going on and we're able to pick up

Some really awesome deals so definitely check out microcenter if you haven't already and on all our pc builds that we've done with them um and it's another resource that you should definitely consider if it is

Close by another thing is they offer a lot of clearance deals and on top of that if you buy a compatible cpu and motherboard they typically always give you 20 to 25

Off just for doing that bundle so honestly even compared to amazon and newegg you're actually saving money just by going in person and buying stuff now one thing that you might want to stray away from and it might be very

Tempting is the pre-built market right now on amazon you're really not going to get any good deals like this guy right here very similar to a video that's done really well on our channel we basically

Told you not to buy this computer this is an i5 probably 2400 with a 650 for 500 500 not a great price skytech pcs ones that people want us to check out they are getting a little bit better than some of

These other ones they're not nearly straight up scams but they do have a really high markup um we are going to be checking out another pre-built on this website so be sure to subscribe if you want to check

Those out this website being amazon of course uh but yeah pre-builts are well there are one-off deals where it might be worth it but most of the time you're gonna be spending a massive premium and

That is something to definitely keep in mind when shopping around now one thing to keep in mind is obviously we were starting off with websites that you wouldn't really think of off the noggin first i feel

Like amazon's everybody's go to honestly amazon is probably where we get the most pc parts from amazon's a really great resource the only problem is because everybody gets their parts from there right now

A lot of parts are very scarce like if he looks up motherboards right now i'm scared because motherboards are not cheap on amazon typically or in stock at all or in stock so um we're also going to check out newegg

Because newegg actually has a lot of stuff in stock typically amazon is not but obviously always try amazon newegg first as long as they're in your region and everything and then

If you can't find what you want then check out ebay check out aliexpress you know check out ucw obviously microcenter can also be another first especially if there's one near you so see on newegg there tends to be more

Stock but be sure to click on it because we have notice where you actually click on the uh item you're looking at and it says it's on backorder this one's actually in stock right now that is a really good

Deal actually we really do like those motherboards so we'll go back here but it looks like stock is starting to get a little bit better which is promising but as this video kind of points out

There are other alternatives you can go with if for some reason you're having pretty much the worst possible time trying to get access to things like motherboards or cpus when we are building a new gaming pc in

2020 it's not great but if you do some deal hunting and have some patience maybe follow our deal page over on uh twitter toasty deals that will definitely give you access to some resources that

Could help you out uh you might be able to snag some stuff that you need for your next game and also the last two things that you could check out just to mention is craigslist and facebook marketplace

Those are really good places to get mainly only used hardware and full computer builds keep in mind though these are completely unregulated you could get stuff that doesn't work you can get stuff that's completely a

Rip-off like people will charge insane amounts for pre-builds especially old gaming pcs and stuff so just watch out for scammers and whatnot but we hope you guys enjoyed this little you

Know talking video where we just told you guys how to get some pc parts and how we've been managing to get through all this don't forget as we said towards the beginning of the video

Check out our social medias check out other two youtube channels also our twitchtv slash toasty rose don't forget to like comment and subscribe as well and we'll see you guys in the next one

Goodbye you

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