How To Earn Bitcoin Shopping Online – Interview with Lolli CEO

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

what's up crypto gang welcome back to
another so if you guys are new here we
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chances on this special episode I sit
down with Alex Adelman the CEO and
founder of Lally comm Ollie lets you
earn a big point by shopping around
online with over 750 retail one of the
exclusive things that Alex lets us know
in the interview that you're about to
watch is that they just announced a
partnership with you're not
familiar with you may or may
not be living under a rock but they are
a massive organization it books a
substantial percentage of all travel
across the world as a quick disclaimer
this video is not sponsored but they are
doing a campaign on grow your base and I
cover projects that are doing campaigns
on grow your base because I want to
support the adoption and just generating
some buzz or these awesome companies
that are using it the platform so the
links to all of that will be in the
description below and if you guys have
not seen previous lolly videos on the
channel basically it is a Chrome
extension that when you go to a website
it just simply populates it and says you
can get this reward in Bitcoin when you
book on the website and it literally
just populates in your wallet when you
book using the website and the Chrome
extension is open and actively putting
the link to a previous video that I did
about the lolly demo and I'm gonna be
doing some follow-up videos in the near
future you can get up to 30% back in
rewards just in Bitcoin which is a
substantial amount of money if you're
booking through something like hotels
comm and you're booking a trip across
the world for example getting 30% back
is a big difference a lot of what I've
talked about in the channel in the past
is earning there was mining in the early
days it was very expensive to buy all
the rigs there is investing in 2017 and
really popped on the retail end of
things and not many people around the
world have the capital to put into an
asset class or an investment so that is
when this new urn concept is really
taking off that is part of why I helped
start to grow your base and that is why
I'm really passionate about things like
that are really help
people earn cryptocurrency so without
further ado let's dive into the
interview with Alex he's a fantastic guy
and Lolly is doing big things so let's
jump into it I'm here with Alex
Adelman the CEO of Lally are you doing
Alex awesome great to be here
cold cold so I wanted to go over briefly
you guys have seen on the channel in the
past and also on different types of
content that I've done around Lally the
overall mission but I wanted to hear
from you Alex and maybe just share how
you came up with Lally and the mission
around mud Lally is trying to do yes the
message the mission is very focused and
inseparable we want to make a bitcoin
more easily accessible to everybody and
and I think we have to be very focused
to start but eventually we want to be
the Bitcoin wallet that everybody knows
and loves and it just makes it easy to
get involved in Bitcoin without having
to buy it but more so earn it for free
as if it as an entry point into Bitcoin
it's with the central belief that right
now like mining is way too hard for most
people most people are never going
online investing is is just like very
it's a very small percent of the world
is at whatever even consider themselves
even a you know a an investor and so we
have to we took something that everybody
knows and does which was shop online and
travel and we created a way for people
to earn Bitcoin when they shop online at
their favorite stores and book travel
all across the world so yeah it's been a
really exciting road I mean you you are
super early big supporter and
appreciated like you're supportive for
the years and using it and everything so
yeah and really fun we've come a long
way since the early days I guess early
days nine months ago but it's been a
great ride so far and like our users are
loving this thing our merchants more
importantly actually more and more
merchants have come on board exciting
news today we announced with telecom to
expand travel to it's the third biggest
travel site in the world we already have
the first biggest with it which is
looking calm so a lot lots of exciting
things I think
we last talked nice-nice the telecom
that's big
so backtracking a little bit he said
nine months ago was when was that when
the site look live or was that when you
came up with the idea what was was the
kind of process when you guys started
was it an MVP or did you guys like
initially have the extension what was
the the process like yeah great question
so we started building this thing about
a year and a half ago and a lot of it
was you know we you know as you probably
remember we're building it with the same
team is that we built our own company
with so my previous company was going to
gone cosmic and we had a very similar
mission to Bitcoin which was how do we
democratize commerce give everyone in
the world the ability to buy and sell
anywhere and then about halfway into it
we all ended up learning about Bitcoin
and becoming pretty obsessed with it
because of its it sort of had the
democratization of Commerce directly
native to the currency and everyone in
the world can own Bitcoin freely and can
be their own bank so that that really
like interested us and we you know
stayed in touch with it over the years
and and stayed in the space and then our
company ended up getting acquired by
Ebates so Ebates if for those of you
that don't know it's the largest cash
back company in the US and they've built
incredible rewards network that gives
you cash from when you shop online in
the form of a rebate so we have been
working there for about a year before
you know the the CEO of hard ways and
then we ended up parting ways shortly
after that and and so we ended up
learning the ins and outs of that that
industry and learning how to build it
and I kept coming back to this issue
which was the biggest in my opinion the
biggest issue in Bitcoin which is the
distribution issue right now you're not
going to reach the entire world if
you're only going after miners and
investors so we thought that if we if
how do you take it to more people and
the best solution that we came was like
right under our nose the whole time
which was Ebates for Bitcoin so we
started this company called lolly calm
Rolly and we made a super easy way for
people that are Bitcoin
couple little or no chance that we had
known over the last seven years and we
had won their trust and and so yeah
we've been slowly bringing all of these
merchants back on the platform to give
people a Bitcoin when they shop at their
very simple model we partner with
merchants we say when our users come in
shop of your sites you give them a
kickback and in Bitcoin and then we send
the Bitcoin to your lolly wallet and and
everything else sort of like goes from
there so yeah really fun ride on that on
both the merchant front and the consumer
front that's awesome that's awesome and
I think that there's a something to be
said about user experience design around
that being the on-ramp for the next 100
million people and and the people that
have the slickest design prime example
being coin base where you know they just
made it extremely easy for people to buy
in and I think that was something that
you guys nailed early on was just keep
it simple
like there's no nothing too fancy about
it it's just a very simple model and I
think that that's that's a winning
strategy so that's a good segue into
team so how big are you guys now we're
about two guys based yeah so we're we're
nine people total we have two customer
service customer support I think you
know our users have come in they have
lots of questions a lot of our users
have never had Bitcoin before so we're
answering a lot of education questions
which is a core part of our business and
then you know we're building it with the
same team as last time on the
engineering frog product front business
development front but yet we're staying
really lean in building this thing you
know just even to get the early
partnerships we bootstrapped a lot of
this business to really test out proof
of concept and we just seem like a lot
of great traction so far so we have
supportive investors and just like an
incredible team a lot of us have been
working together for seven years now so
it just kind of feels good to get like
the band back together and bill I mean
it kind of it's it's strange it's a
different company and
we've grown up a lot over the years with
each other and it's it's just nice it
sort of like familiar like I don't feel
like I have to go relearn like or like
working a whole new team they're sort of
just as camaraderie we know we can
communicate really well and it works out
really well
Thanks nice and I guess the the last
section of this being technology so as
far as where you guys started and where
you are now what is probably the biggest
lesson as far as the the technology that
you guys use and what you're using now
is there any sort of tips or any kind of
things that you guys have found over the
the past I guess year and a half since
you guys have been building in I've
learned a lot from our from our users
you know we made a lot of like
assumptions about what we thought people
wanted but I mean one thing I've learned
over the years even with our last
company is just really learning how to
listen to the consumer so luckily like
our Twitter audience and in community is
just like so active and they like ask me
all the time for like new features and
so we try to triage them as best we can
try to keep everybody happy and bring on
the partners that people want to bring
on and then also bring like build out
the features so we just launched like a
brand new search page that is pretty
killer it has like categories sorting
that that was a huge feature that people
have been really liking and yet we've
we've you know made a more robust wallet
we have brought on some incredible
partners especially in the in the Travel
category and then in essentials as well
so you know everyone from like Walmart
to jet to overstock of all been like
incredible partners for us so far so I
think my biggest like learning which is
you know probably part learning from my
last company just listen to our customer
and make sure that we're building the
right things for what they want yeah
nice nice it's always a good sign when
customer curse and designing around them
is usually a winning strategy so hotels
common was announced today and then
that's exciting that's a mega
partnership was a long long time in the
we get them on board for like I guess
since you and I have talked probably
then that's a big one and how many
partners do you guys have currently so
we have over 750 merchants on the
platform right now and yeah we're gonna
into the past a thousand hopefully the
next few months so lots of lots of
different options I think a lot of our
users describe it as like lolly just
keeps popping up at these different
merchants do you like wind-up on page
and then always like hey you want to
earn Bitcoin so we're trying to get as
many merchants on the platform as
possible every merchant is like one step
for a Bitcoin adoption it's just another
reminder that bitcoin is here that you
can earn it and trying to give you as
many ways or like stock fats and bit
clean as possible
yeah and for everybody
new to crypto this statement that Alex
just said stacking sense is a coined
term and I'm basically just saying that
you guys coined the term because it has
been everywhere I've seen it all over
social media and I want to say that you
guys were the first person that I saw
that mentions that consents so do you
have full credit for claiming that term
no so our community made it I was it was
a mad Adele is the is the creator of
stacking stats and I think it came I'm
pretty sure the origin was after are
like we first met and I went on Mart
events podcast and ended up like jamming
with those guys they're they're great
and then they think with earning
bitcoins and they like coining the term
stacking of sacks and sort of the rest
is history so our community loves it
every time they earn they'll like post
stacking stats like hey just accents at
Walmart hey just accents at like
Priceline or so it's it's
sort of become this like mean and I
think it's really cool it trains this
like very interesting behavior and
ritual around Bitcoin to think of it not
just about in the form of price because
I think a lot of us like getting
involved because of the price because
it's interesting it's an investment but
we have to keep in mind that a lot of
people are
best furs and don't think about it as
investing but a lot of people do want
something that's scarce and people
understand scarcity and when you know
that there's only 21 million of these
things and that you have to stack them
all it becomes sort of this like fun
game of like you don't want to like we
have we have use doors right in and be
like oh no I forgot like I forgot to use
is like should I use lolly like should I
remember to use always so training that
behavior for people to pay attention a
Bitcoin not just for practice but also
for principles and the ideas behind
Bitcoin is really important yeah yeah
and there's something psychological
around the idea of earning you know
fifty thousand the number fifty thousand
SATs or satoshis over Oh point zero zero
zero zero zero you know five so the
ecology around seeing a larger number
immediately makes you feel more
accomplished than the a very small
denomination of Bitcoin so that's why
I've always enjoyed people that speak in
satoshis and like lightning wallets and
things like that but that's a good final
segue into what's coming so you said a
thousand in the next few months so
that's that's fantastic that's something
to look forward to what what's in the
pipeline that we can that we can expect
from lolly so to to rural things that
were really focused on right now is we
just started work on a mobile app really
excited for what that would be and a lot
of our users are shopping on mobile
already so you can technically use lolly
for mobile but it's not truly like
optimized for mobile in my opinion it's
not like like the optimal experience is
on web and a lot of why we did web is
because people look like pretty big
purchases on web and we wanted to be the
wallet that people trust to earn Bitcoin
and to hold that Bitcoin and there's
also like gmv like the the actual volume
is higher so that you have more leverage
with the merchants and when you have
leverage with the merchants you get
higher rates so when we go into mobile
we can have higher rates than our
competitors in the space or potential
competitors as you say so we start in
the web and then we're dropping
down into into mobile and is gonna be
really exciting experience I think think
about like earning Bitcoin every time
you take an uber or every time you fill
up for gas or every time that you go get
coffee in the morning making more
rituals daily rituals around Bitcoin and
stacking stats is again going to Train
just this like better behavior and also
I guess more affinity and attention to
Bitcoin and crypto as a whole yeah yeah
that's awesome
I'm mobile and that's gonna be big is
like an addition of mobile is we're
starting to look at expanding
internationally so part of our like our
partnerships with booking comm and
hotels comm is they are these you know
massive international travel partners
and I've been working really hard to
partner with merchants that we can
expand internationally with so if you
know when we see success in the US we
can then say we can leverage that to go
expand successfully to other countries
Canada Europe has been widely requested
South Africa Southeast Asia a lot of
different markets of South America has
been in high demand so we're getting
pulled in all these different directions
and you know we're a start-up where our
lean team so there's only so much we can
do but we are getting a lot of demand in
different places and so we do want to
expand internationally this year gone
gone and how many teammates you guys
have again nine nine guy yeah cool
yeah pretty small relative to what we're
doing at this point yes we're trying to
grow quickly but not too quickly and
like grow quickly on the user front but
not not over hire and stay stay nice and
lean ya know that's that's uh that's
good to know
and it's good talking to a successful
yeah the successful exit once before and
having that operator experience is super
super valuable but thanks so much for
sitting down with me today Alex this was
fun and users where where do you want
them to find you
whoa calm LOL oh i calm and then we're
super active on twitter trial ollie is
the is the handle
and we I mean I try to answer everything
if you have dm's if you like are you
know talking about stack and sad so like
comment up and retweet all that good
stuff so I'm like I love our community
it's kind of funny we were at the
Bitcoin conference right now and we have
a nice little booth and it's been really
cool to meet a lot of these people that
we've gotten over the last year and just
like new internet friends that have been
like these big supporters of lolly over
the last nine months and and so it's
been awesome like meet everybody in
person and like jam you know like not
just on Twitter so yeah I love our
community it's like a family so trying
to try this for a bit we're on the same
page just like how do we get Bitcoin to
as many people as possible and and
spread it to everyone so I think that
ethos attracts like a really awesome
person for sure for sure
cool thanks so much for sitting down
with me Alex thanks for having me that
is it for the interview with Alex from
lolly it's a super easy to use product
extremely good interface to allow anyone
to use it just as long as they have
chrome and they can download the
extension and shop around over 700
retailers it is a phenomenal product and
I'm really excited to see that they're
growing lolly making it safe simple and
fun for everyone to own an earn Bitcoin
it is a fantastic on-ramp for the masses
because there's not necessarily a big
chunk of cash that people need to
accumulate Bitcoin they can literally
just earn it by living their regular day
life buying things online so that is it
for this exclusive interview and one
thing I want to mention is that it will
be on the sound money podcast with a
link in the description below so don't
forget to go subscribe to that and I
will see you guys on the next episode of
our crypto

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