How To Earn Bitcoin Realistically

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

what's going on everybody Alex back with
another cryptocurrency video today we're
going to talk about echo matter have an
increase your Bitcoin and cryptocurrency
r and it is how to make more money how
to multiply however you want to put it I
don't know more cryptocurrency it's what
everybody wants right everybody wants to
earn more cryptocurrency and there's all
of these oh that didn't work there's all
these okay that didn't work either
I do at the same time sorry guys alright
it worked so there's all these you know
different types of options out there you
got the you know the Bitcoin faucets you
got the you know Ponzi schemes you got
the trading right that's the best Ponzi
scheme in my opinion other options
mining you know how do you earn break
point for real and I'm gonna talk about
in this video like I'm gonna go over a
detail by detail how I'm my Bitcoin it's
gonna make a lot of you mad I'm just
gonna be honest I'm gonna be straight up
forward with you guys because you know a
lot of you think that you can just come
into this industry because it's one of
the most lucrative opportunities in the
world and think that you could just make
money off the bat right and that's just
not the case that is not the truth it's
getting dark over here this is real deal
by the way guys this is a real deal
cryptocurrency I was showing you meet
look I'm leaving work I got my tie on
real deal no ship it's 11:30 at night
just got off work look this
cryptocurrency stuff is not established
wow this is really bad lighting this
cryptocurrency stuff is not really
established yet you guys understand this
is like the internet before the internet
first came out so man bad parking so

when you go out there and you get into
this world be very careful because a lot
of people are gonna offer you dreams
they're gonna offer you pipe dreams let
me turn on my light I'm gonna be driving
with the light they're gonna be offering
you pipe dreams and there's a lot of
ways to lose money I would say that
there's more ways to lose money than to
earn money with cryptocurrency straight
up that's the realest thing I've ever
said but if you play your cards right
you can make a lot of money in this
industry okay
and the part that you guys are not gonna
want to hear is that there is really no
way to earn or double or triple your
cryptocurrency you know I know you're
not gonna want to hear it but I know
it's gonna save a lot of you guys
because there's too many scams out there
now I'll say the closest thing that I've
ever done to actually earning crypto is
affiliate marketing so that's not
necessarily anything new right that's
not like exclusive to cryptocurrency
affiliate marketing is marketing and
offering products and getting paid for
people to use your affiliate link right
that's as simple as that so when I tell
people you know get into cryptocurrency
I don't mean quit your job and try to
make money off crypto because you know
trading is far-fetched right so a lot of
people that's like the most popular and
the reason why I say it's like the
biggest Ponzi scheme is because I know
it's the biggest lie in my opinion it
gets the most people trapped right it's
because I will be honest with you guys
less than 1% I would say less than point
zero five percent of anyone can actually
successfully trade cryptocurrency and
what do I mean by successful what I mean
actually making more money than just
holding the coins right it's because if
you're not making more money than
holding the coins then it's you're
basically wasting your time because you
could be making more money doing nothing
so you know trading I'm not saying you
can't make money I'm not saying that I'm
just saying it has to be worth it to do
it and you have to do it for a very long
time you have to be very skilled you
know somebody comes out the bat telling
you they're making money in their first
year trading cryptocurrency that's a red
flag and everything I'm telling you here
applies to every financial market you
know you're not going to just come in
you know never playing basketball and be
able to compete with Jordan and that's
exactly what you're doing you're
competing with a financial market these
people are the Jordans of Finance like
they have a lot of money and for you to
think that you can beat them at their
own game it's just it's unrealistic and
in my opinion the biggest Ponzi scheme
right you cannot trade cryptocurrency
you could make a little bit of I'm not
man you're not gonna live off it was
what I'm trying to say you're not gonna
be able to do it consistently over the
long haul so that's that's I just want
to get that part out so all the fake you
know subscribers that adhere to make
money and you're not really trying to do
this not really trying to build their
future the right way and they're they're
into you know the quick money schemes on
you guys believe the video I'm not
making these videos for you I'm making
for the videos I really people are
really trying to put in that work right
so I'm gonna talk about how to really
earn cryptocurrency how do we really do
this well the truth is you get a job or
you create a business you create real
cash flow this is what I didn't
understand in the past and that's why I
lost the majority of my cryptocurrency
just trying to live off of it right I
learned this from experienced guys
three plus years of living off of
cryptocurrency after making a whole
bunch of money and then have nothing to
show for it cuz now I gotta go I mean
this is a great job don't get me wrong
it's basically another business I sell
health insurance so like none of its
guarantee 100% commission I have to buy
my own leads it's basically a business
so I'm not doubting my job but what I'm
saying guys is that develop a real skill
develop a real cash flow opportunity
cash flow is not the same as an
appreciating asset appreciating asset is
like the value of something increasing
cash flow is you being able to create
money out of thin air
so one cash flow option I have is like I
said the affiliate marketing another
cash flow option I have is the shilajit
sale so I created a white black label
product right so I created the shilajit
right and I sell it for a profit okay
that's a business right has nothing to
do cryptocurrency now I'm not saying you
can you can't make a business within
cryptocurrency that's my goal right
that's my overall goal but this market
is so early people are not interested in
it like that so you have to understand
if they understand it there's not a lot
of people that are entering into this
futuristic market so to make money
within it it's a little bit harder it's
not really that big of a market share so
creating a business right developing a
real skill whether that's marketing
whether that's talking to people whether
sales you know whatever it is and by the
way guys I always recommend the sales
job this is gonna build character it's
gonna build you know something that's
going to last forever persuasion and
talking to humans it is the best
impossible so coming back to the
subjects and getting a little off-topic
you can you are in cryptocurrency yes as
it as it passed
is it reasonable probably not you know
there is like you know interest earning
you know I got to do it like I'm talking
about stuff that you can live off right
there is interest earning apps where you
can earn 6% you know there is multi
leveling programs or multi-level
marketing programs break around money
now I was in one of them right but
realistically unless you build like a
big audience a big YouTube which is what
I'm trying to do you guys see this it's
going to be hard to do that try to be
hard to make it consistent reliable
income within cryptocurrency and that's
just the truth so your best bet is to
get some type of cashflow opportunity
which is a it's going to be a job or a
baby a business
investing that income into
cryptocurrency slowly and that's gonna
be the best way you can develop crypto
over time and that's just the truth
right just to go for a couple option you
know there's air drops out their air
drops not give you that much money you
know some people say you can arbitrage
which is basically you buy one crypto in
one exchange for this price and then you
sell it another I've lost thousands of
dollars trying to do that you know
mining okay so there you go that's
probably the most legitimate way but
it's a large you know startup startup
cost so if you don't have money you
can't really mind right so you know in
that case you probably should make a
business because you use your skill set
to make money right you can offer a
service business where you help somebody
do something without having to spend
money and make money that way so I mean
I'm just being realistic with you guys I
don't know what you want me to tell you
a lot of people are asking oh how
excited you make I made my money by
working a job saving up money and
investing it okay and then I made money
off of a miner which required an
investment and most of you guys are not
willing to put up an investment but you
know that's it for this video guys the
most legitimate way is to mine or
affiliate marketing something that's a
real business that's realistic that
requires real skills and develop that
cash flow so
best don't waste your time right I went
through for three years you know I was
making money here and there but it
wasn't consistent and reliable where
they ended up I had to spend my grip
though at times where I didn't want to
spend it that was just the truth so I
want to save you guys from falling in my
pitfalls so do me a favor like this
video if you like the fallenness content
hit subscribe ok hit that subscribe
button if you made it this far man
obviously liking what I'm saying
I'm gonna be talking about this stuff
all the time hit that subscribe but the
some constructive criticism if you
didn't like what I say you know come at
me with a response please show me
something I don't know about crypto
right I know some of you gotta come with
me adapts that's something I didn't
touch on dabs guys there Gamble's
that's just the truth unless you have a
lot of a lot of you someone's chillin
gaps are gaps those shilling dabs on the
internet it's because they're making
money off of you affiliate Commission
which is what I'm going back to
affiliate commissions that's their
moneymaker they're not making that much
money out of taps that's just the truth
but I'm rambling here guys like I always
say if you don't get with it
you will get enough I got you guys in
the next video thanks for watching now
I'm not trying to crash I gotta go

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